Yasir Qadhi – The Stories of The Prophets #15 – The Story of Adam Pt. 3 – The Blowing of The Soul Into Adam

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and creation of Adam as a god, including his death and the "has been blown into" stages of his creation. The "has been blow into" stages of his creation are unique to Islam, and the "has been blow into" stages of his creation are the ultimate goal of Islam. The "has been blow into" stages of his creation are the ultimate goal of Islam, and the "has been blow into" stages of his creation are the ultimate goal of Islam. The "has been blow into" stages of his creation are the ultimate goal of Islam, and the "has been blow into" stages of his creation are the ultimate goal of Islam.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who either early he was a busy woman who had a hammer, but we are still doing our series of the Prophet Adam alayhis salam, our father or the mother his Salam. And we now move on to the next

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lesson or episode, and today we're going to talk about the blowing of the roof into our father, the mighty his Salaam. Now, one point before we move on is that as with a lot of these stories, in the Quran, we are not certain about chronology, we're not 100% certain one exactly things happened versus other things. So for example, we haven't yet mentioned that Allah announced to the angels that he is going to place a halifa on Earth, we do not know whether this announcement was made after the road has blown into Adam before the rule has blown into Adam, even before the the body of Adam was formed, we do not know so we will talk about that inshallah, in a future lecture and episode,

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but just to clarify, because I'm getting some comments and feedback that

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the fact of the matter is, we are not 100% certain of every chronological aspect, so we're just putting together the story or the narrative as best as we can. And in the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows the details and it doesn't really change the morals that we that we extract from the story. Now last lecture I had mentioned a very beautiful Hadith is assigned Muslim, in which the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who was setting them said, Lama so what Allah who Adam afield agenda after Allah subhana wa tada fashioned Adam in Jenna taraka who Masha Allah one year turca, who he left Adam, as long as Allah intended to leave Adam. So when the body of Adam was fashioned, and remember,

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the body of Adam was fashioned, with the clay of this earth with a demon out with the top soil of this earth, Allah Subhana Allah then left the body of Adam without the root. So this is pre corpse, we cannot call it a course because a corpse is the dead body, this is not even alive body so that it become a dead body, but it is the outer shell the kernel of Adam, and Allah left him there for a long period of time for a period that we will not understand. It's beyond our human comprehension. For gyla a belief you'll see for be here, William buruma, who he believes would go and sneak at him peek at him go around him, he believes would wonder what is this creation for them phylum? a dwarf,

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when a police discovered that Adam was hollow from the inside, out of an alcoholic, Allah Tamar, like he believes knew that Allah had created a creation that could not control itself a creation that would not be able to be firmed when he was hollow from the inside. He believed he understood that he was not going to be firm in his resolve, and at least felt that if another version of the Hadith we learned that he believes would enter an exit from the body of Adam, in one version literally enter from the mouth and exit from the back. So coming in and out in and out of the of the body. And he believes understood, or at least at least got the impression we should say that he has

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power over this creation, that he could control this creation. So at least felt an arrogance that if I am able to come in and out at will, then I can control. And I can whisper so we see the beginnings of the arrogance of beliefs, even before the announcement was made, who is Adam? And what is the purpose of Adam, so he believes already began to feel something and felt superior to Adam. And an important point here that this is not an endorsement that's a belief can control Adam, not at all, rather the profitsystem is telling us that he believes assumed at least thought that he could control them. This is not a statement that police can control Adam rather we know from the Quran

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that the shell team can only Westwater they can whisper to us. So a police felt that because Adam had a hollow structure from the inside. And also one can add a little bit here that because he believes was created from a fire or I call it a type of energy, let's say energy meaning in the physical in the physics sense of energy, right? That's what I might look

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Truth About the gin, I hope clarified or explained what I mean by this is that when Allah says a smokeless fire, we can understand it in our world as some part of the energy spectrum that he believes is beyond what what we can see. And his essence is what is called a smokeless fire. So the fact that it believes could enter Adam and exit Adam, and he believes understood that Adam could not enter him and exit him or as Allah says in the Quran, in who Yakumo, who will walk up to him and hate Toronto home, he believes and his tribe can see you from a dimension where you cannot see them. So in one aspect, there is no question that he believes and the jinn have a characteristic that is

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superior than ours that's in one aspect, and that is the characteristic to enter an exit into our dimension, a beliefs can and his tribe the jinn can appear in front of us and disappear if they wish, they are shapeless, they are a matter they are non metric, excuse me. So please felt that if I have this power, and Adam does not, then I can control him. And despite the fact that Allah had not yet made the announcement of Adam, that he believes did not know who Adam was, still, if this understood that this is a special creation. And we know this from a hadith in the Muslim era, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hello hello to other other women to rob Machado

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who clean and that Allah created Adam from to rob from dried Stan, then from clay from Metallica, who then he left him until he became hammer Emma Stone, then Allah, so water who made a shape out of him, then through Metallica, who he left him until he believes would pass by, and he believes would say, laughter the whole Dr. Marina alvim you, whoever you are, you have been created for a great matter. Allah has created you for something that is great because I see what's going on. And this is not the standard creation. And by the way, this shows us very clearly that the creation of Adam is an atypical creation. It is not like the creation of the other creations. And that is why he

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believes understood that this new creation of a law is different from all of the other creations out there. In a future lecture, we will discuss briefly, it's not really the long time to discuss, nor is it my forte or area of experience. We'll discuss briefly some thoughts about the theory of evolution, and archaeological evidence about the timeline of human beings and Homo sapiens. And what we can do with our timeline of our Adamic story in the Quran. And that's going to be some some ruminations and thoughts. Allah knows in the end of the day, what the truth is, in this regard. But one thing is certain, one thing is certain, the creation of man is not like the creation of all the

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other species. And this really causes us to think that there must be more to the story than what the scientists are telling us. And that's knowledge that we know from our scripture from our Hadeeth, from the Koran that even at least understands that this is an atypical creation. So Allah created the body of Biblis of Adam, and Allah left the body of Adam for a period of time, during that period of time, the other creations that were in that realm, and this is the angels and the jinn are seeing Adams body. And they understand that Adam has a higher purpose. Perhaps at this point in time again, we're just assuming Allah made the announcement who Adam was, or perhaps after the roof was blown

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in, nonetheless, today, we're going to talk a little bit more about the concept of being blown into atom. So once the body is formed, what was the next stage that happened? This is the very, very unique and blesseds stage that transforms the lifeless body of Adam, and the body that was made out of clean and clay into an actual living, breathing, conscious sentient human being. And perhaps at that point in time, perhaps, as the roof comes in, you know, all of the organs and all of the blood and all of this is coming again, all of this in milazzo gel, and neither will it change our understanding of reality. But perhaps before this, it was just the outer shell and the shape, and

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then the roof comes in. And with the coming of the room, we get the normal human that we understand the flesh and the blood and the bones and the and the and the capillaries and all of the organs. Perhaps it was though, that as it is going in, it then brings this lifeless form into an actual body and the blowing of the room is one of the greatest blessings that Allah gifted to Adam directly. Allah says in the Quran in surah sodre 7240. That's a way to

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Who won a trophy he made a rule. He fought Carla who said you then when I fashion him, and I blow my room into him, when in fact tofi Hema Roshi and I blow my room into him, then fall down into prostration. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that I shall blow my room into Adam. So Allah ascribes the ruler to himself. And in a very long Hadith in Sahih, Muslim, when the people go from Prophet to Prophet on the Day of Judgment, you know, the Hadith, we've done it in so many series, I did it in the bottles off, and I did it in the the status of the profits, I did it in the syrup, and I did it in Akiyama. This is a heavy that is central to our theology, and it occurs in almost every

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chapter of theology. It's a very long Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. And the beginning portion of it is that on the Day of Judgment, the people are going to go find an intercessor between them and Allah, and they're going to first go to Adam it his Salaam. Now listen to the phrase, mankind will say to Adam, that you are the father of our of us and you are Adam, whom Allah created with his own hands, and the law blew his roof into you. So mankind will praise Adam and mankind will affirm facts about Adam that are unique to him. What is unique about Adam, Allah shaped you with his own two hands, we talked in the last lecture what that means, and then Allah blew his room into you. This is

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something that is unique to Adam it his setup, the only creation that Allah blew the roof into Adam directly, Allah azzawajal ascribes the act to himself. So we affirm this act without thinking how this occurred. As for the rest of us, the roof is blown in by the angel and not by Allah xojo directly. So the Adams row was blown in By Allah, and the angels come and blow Blow my room and you're into yourself and this is proven in the habit of ministry, or the Allahu taala and that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that your

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your your embryo or your you know, your your, your bodies are coagulated if you like in the wombs of your mother's 40 days, it is not 40 days, I love the 40 days model. So there's that stage of 120 days, and then the angel comes down and blows the roof into you. And the angel asks male or female, good or bad, this or that. So the angel blows the roof. Now this is a key point here. We become alive if you like, right? When we are in the mother of the wombs of our mother, our life is created on this earth. Allah subhana wa tada brings our life into existence. Before we are born, we cannot we're not conscious of it. We're not aware of it, but our actual life is created when our room is

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blown into the embryonic stage when we are in the wombs of our mothers Now, most scholars say 120 days if you listen to another lecture that I have given with Dr. Hatem and hedges online, you can listen to our q&a. Perhaps another interpretation is that at 40 days, so we have two ways of interpreting the Hadith at 40 days, the angel comes and blows the roof into that embryo, the embryonic.

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If you like a pre child, if you like the embryonic stage of 40 days, this is when the roof is blown in according to some of our modern scholars point to being who blows that roof the angel and who blew the roof into admati his Salam Allah azza wa jal directly, we learned this as well in another Hadith inside berhadiah sign Muslim, that our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who was sending them said that them and Moosa met Adam and moose and met in the barossa. In the you know, in a world that is not our world, moose and other more obviously not chronologically in the same timeframe, but in the barossa they met. And Moosa said, Are you Our Father, Adam? And Adam said yes. And Moses said, Are

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you the one whom Allah shaped with his hands? Adam said yes. Are you the one whom Allah blew through into? Adam said yes. Are you the one who entered agenda and lived in general? Adam said, Yes. So then Moses said Then why did you eat of the tree and causes to be expelled and go to this earth right, so moose is irritated at our father Adam, and then Adam responds back we're going to talk about this Hadeeth it's an entire insha Allah lecture we'll be giving about this Hadith, the hadith of Adam and nooses conversation or small debate or argument, if you like, and we'll talk about that. inshallah. We'll talk about that. But the key phrase, Moosa says to Adam, are you the one whom Allah

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blew his rule into? An Adam says yes, so from all of

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These evidences It is very clear, that of the privileges that are unique to Adam it has set up. And only Adam in all of mankind has this blessing is that Adam was brought to life by Allah directly blowing the row into Adam's lifeless form. And the question arises, what exactly is this, this this entity known as the rule? And this is where we get to the mystery of the soul of the rule. What exactly is the rule? And we're all aware of the verse in the Quran, which is a student of Israel. Well, yes, aluna can you rule they ask you about the soul? What is the soul? All your rowhill mean? Emily, Robbie, tell them the rule is from the commands and the mysteries if you like of Allah

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subhana wa Tada. It is from the affairs that deal with Allah subhanho wa Taala, warmer at two minutes in me in La calida. And you have not been given anything of knowledge except a very small amount. Now, the fact that Allah concludes this verse, affirming our ignorance indicates that we shall never know much about the rule, we shall never, Allah says, You know nothing of knowledge, except a small bit. So what do we know of the rule? Very little, we know that it is a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that it is shapeless, that it is not a physical structure, that it enters the body and exits the body, and that there are stages of the body and the role and I went over this

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in my series about the bodies of you can go back and they talked about the multiple stages of the body, and that the room was created. For us before the body was created. As for Adam, it has Salaam we do not know, but it is likely it is likely that the room was created after the body. As for us, our bodies are created in the wombs of our mothers, our parents, you know the conception occurs and the embryo is there, the body is there. But the rule pre existing, the rule of me and you and all of us was created at the beginning of the creation, the rule, our rules were created at the beginning of the creation. As for the rule of Adam alayhis salaam, it appears and again we are assuming

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because the chronology is not explicit, it appears that Allah first created the body of Adam, and there was no rule. And the body laid there for a long period of time. And then Allah created the rule and blew the rule into the mid his setup. Now, this leads us to a very, very important point. And I need you all to especially pay attention to this because there is a huge misunderstanding that is actually a theological deviancy It is actually a dangerous deviancy that unfortunately, some Muslims have absorbed from the popular culture. This is not to belief of any mainstream

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Islamic school, any mainstream sector that we are familiar with, this is not interpretation. What is this? The notion of the rule being divine, the notion that, and in English, we hear this the Spirit of God is in all of us. The Spirit of God resides in all of us, and God blew his spirit into us. And there is this notion that every human has a spark of divinity in him or her. Now, this notion is completely an Islamic 110%. it contradicts the Quran and the Sunnah, and the unanimous consensus of our scholars, and it is a heretical belief. This is based on a complete misunderstanding of Allah saying that he blew his roof into Adam, Allah says, someone have to clean my room, that I blow my

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room into Adam, my rule, the rule of law, does not mean that the rule is an attribute of a law, you see, not to get too complicated. Let's just say there are multiple types of attribution. There are multiple types of attribution for our purposes for this lecture. Let's just say there's two actually there's more but let's just say there's two primary ones. The first is when Allah attributes an adjective to himself, the knowledge of Allah in Milan, the hearing of a law, the forgiveness of Allah, when Allah attributes an adjective or a verb or a noun to himself, that is a concept. This is an attribute of a law, it is eternal. It is not distinct from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is an

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eternal characteristic that characterizes Allah. So when Allah says my hearing my seeing my forgiveness,

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My knowledge my speech, we say these are sifat attributes of Allah, they are eternal and they are not created and they are not distinct from Allah. Rather all of these attributes are Allah's attributes and we use them to describe Allah and they are not distinct from Allah. However, when Allah attributes a separate existence and a physical entity to himself, for example, Allah says my house Baitullah, Allah says Mayra su Rasulullah right? When it comes to comb thermodyne Satya, Allah says now cultural law, the camel of Allah, obviously, the Campbell of Allah, the house of Allah, the Messenger of Allah. These are not attributes they're not divine. Rather, Allah is saying these

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entities I have honored them by claiming them as my own. The House of Allah is the Kaaba, it is not divine, it is not

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giving elements of divinity, the house of Allah is a blessing land. And it is a blessing structure, because Allah has taken direct ownership and said this belongs to me. And what that does, is that it gives the house of Allah, a status and a blessing and an honor that no other house has. So when Allah says this is my house, Allah is ascribing it in order to give it honor, it doesn't become divine, the house is not divide. The cabinet is not divided. It is a blessing because a loaded blessing but it's not divided. Now, when Allah says rule, rule law, when Allah says the facto female rule a my rule, which of the two is it, all of the scholars of Islam and all of the Fidel can all of

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the groups they said, Allah created a soul distinct from him. And the law then ascribed the soul to himself to honor it. This is my rule. Not that it is an extension of Allah, I would have been no, it is a distinct creation, Allah created Adams rule. And Allah praised this rule of his creation by saying, This is my rule. Allah honored it. And Allah honored it by ascribing it to himself. And then Allah blue in a way that he knows we're not going to think we don't think about how and what does it mean blue, Allah blew that created rule into the body of the mighty Salaam, one of the great scholars of our past on motorways he died 294 his role, he said, There is no difference of opinion

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amongst all of the Muslims, that the rule that is in Adam and the children of Adam, and the rule that is in Jesus, because what did God say to Miriam that the rule will be blowing, blowing in and he said his rule Allah right. And so ERISA is called the rule of Allah subhana wa Tada. And by the way, one point here, one can say that

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a unique characteristic of Risa is that gibreel blue drew into the womb of Mary. And so Judy,

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Risa has been honored that gibreel came and jabril blew the room in but the point being that a mother with the same Adam's root, and the root of all of mankind, and the rule of Jesus is a creation of Allah and by Allah, He created the rule. And he made the rule and he initiated meaning he brought it out of nothing.

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And then he attributed the rule to himself, as he attributed other created objects to himself, okay. Now, this is in contrast to many mystical interpretations of many faith traditions, there are deists, and there are spiritualists. And there was an ancient interpretation known as Gnosticism gn o s t, ici, SM, SM, you can look this up Gnosticism. So very, very ancient philosophy that has permeated through certain understanding of Christianity. And yes, even some understandings of Islam have been affected by by this Gnosticism and some of the initial twelver Shia as well, with those that are known as the whole art movements. These are not the mainstream, these are some of the hulak

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movements, they were also affected by that gnostic element. And so we did have small pockets of people believing that

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all of mankind has a spark of divinity because they interpreted the root of Allah as being an attribute of Allah. And the Gnostic Christians did believe this that all of mankind is inherently divine. There's a spark as we said of divinity and this is not something that we believe so the notion therefore of Allah honoring Adam, by creating

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A very unique creation known as the rule, and it is of the mysteries of Allah. And we're never going to understand what the law is. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, then blowing that rule directly, Allah took charge of this issue of blowing the roof directly into Adam, this is something that is confirmed in our or on Andy sooner. Now, before I move on to the next issue, that just a side point here that some Muslim scientists who are trying to reconcile the theory of evolution and Darwinism with the Adamic story with the story of creation, they have an interpretation, which I am not convinced by at all, but I'm just putting it out there that there are people who say this, they have

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an interpretation that

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the protohumans If you like, you know, the species that existed before us. So the Homo erectus, if you like, and let's say the CRO Magnon, and others that existed before us, that they were evolving over a period of many, many, you know, millions of years, until finally at one point in time, Allah subhanaw taala created creation that is us, but it's not yet Adam. And then Allah chose one of these creations so they believe in biological evolution completely, which I do not believe in as I will come to, I do not believe in evolution of Homo sapiens, I don't believe in evolution of that we are a part of the the great chain, rather, I believe, Allah created us and brought us down to this

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earth, like the Quran. And Sunnah, says, I will talk a little a little bit about that later on. But my point being these Muslim scientists, they have proposed a theory. And that is that out of these creations that were completely human like, and they look like humans, and they walking like humans, but they're not yet humans, Allah chose one. And he called this creation, Adam, and Allah blew this room into this creation on earth. And so out of all of these, you know, Homo sapiens that existed, and we're walking and talking, what not one of them became Adam, by the blowing of the roof. Now, this is a very ingenious theory, it would solve a lot of biological problems, no question about

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that. But it contradicts the entire explicit narrative of the Quran and Sunnah. And there's clearly a type of forcing this picture to to fit another narrative. And so I'm not convinced by but you should be aware that there is this interpretation. And one of the things that this group does is they say that there's a difference between insaan and Bashar. And this is a theory that, you know, was began being propagated a generation ago and has gained some traction. And I'm not convinced by this simply because there doesn't it goes against all of these ayat and a hadith of Allah fashioning with his hands and Allah xojo causing the angels to bow down. And Allah is always just sending them

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down to this earth. It seems a very different narrative than what the scientists say. And in the end, Allah subhana wa tada knows best, but it doesn't seem plausible in light of our scriptures. Another interesting idea that we should be aware of, is the famous Hadith in Timothy, that Abu hurayrah asked to the Prophet sallallahu it he was setting them that your rasulillah When were you decreed to be a prophet? When was your Prophethood decreed by Allah? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, there will be no rule he will clean while Adam was still in between the rule and the clay. Now this heavy has two separate concepts that we can derive. The first of them is

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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his prophethood was decreed even before the creation by the way, this does not mean he existed before the creation of Ohara did not did not ask him the hula, when were you created? aborted? I asked him, when was your Prophethood decreed? When was your Prophethood decreed? When was your status and your mom decreed? And the Prophet system gave him a response that indicates even before there was a creation, but that Allah already I was already in the books, my name, my status, my mom was already there. And so what are the movie No, Rohit, what what thing, so this notion of Allah, other being eternal, it can be derived. The other notion, which is what we are interested in, for

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our purposes in this class in this series of lectures, is that Adam was not yet Adam, when the row handle pain were separated. And that's why the profitsystem said, When Adam was still in between the roof and the thing, Adam became Adam, when the body and the soul came into one. That's when Adam was formed. That's why the phrasing goes while Adam was still in between he wasn't yet Adam. Adam had not yet been formed. So for a period of time, the clay was there and the roof was there, and the two were not combined. Then Allah blew the roof into Adam, and then

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Adam comes and he becomes Adam. So this is the clear blessing as I said that Allah mentions in the Quran. And in fact the phrase nofima ruhi occurs twice in the Quran and it is found in multiple ahaadeeth. Allah blows the roar into Adam. Now, the next point that we're going to mention is the point when did this blowing occur? When did this blowing occur?

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The blowing occurred what we know for a fact without a shadow of a doubt is that it occurred on Friday. This is something that is mentioned in at least half a dozen a Heidi, this means, by the way, that

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if this blowing occurred on Friday, this means as we shall come to very clearly that the world already existed, and it is going around the sun. And there is a cycle of night and day. And it also means that Allah azza wa jal had a divine calendar that had the days of the week already there. And that these days of the week that we are now living in this glow throughout the entire world, Friday is Friday. And we believe that this is something that goes back to the beginning of time, this cyclical changing of the weeks, and that the weeks are seven days, and that the month has 29 or 30 days, and there are 12 months of the year. This is something that Allah subhana wa tada has decreed

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from before the creation of Adam. And so when Adam is created, in a laws, other the calendar is already operating, the calendar is already operating. And therefore, when Allah blows the door into Adam, it is intentionally done on the holiest of days to make it even more holier, and that is the day of Friday. So we learn from the heady days not in the Koran, but there are half a dozen, a hadith that mentioned the blessings of Friday and Friday being associated with Adam alayhis salam on multiple counts. So let's go over some of these hadith of them. In Sahih Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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for human thought it is chumps yomo Juma that the best day that the sun rises is Friday, fi holed up by Adam, Wolfie he would hit a Jana, we're fee regimen. On Friday, Adam was created. And on Friday, he entered Jenna. And on Friday he was expelled with from genda. Notice Friday and Adam are linked together so many things happening to Adam on a Friday. And another Hadith and Abu signos narrated that the prophets of the law while he was sent him said that the best of your days is Friday. on it, Adam was created and on it he died. And on it, the trumpet of the day of judgment will be blown and on it is the sort of or the loud noise that is precursor to the trumpet. And in the Hadith in Abu

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Dhabi, there's well the prophets of Allah who it who was sending him said on Friday, Adam repented to Allah. And Allah accepted his repentance on Friday, tea body that Allah accepted the repentance of Adam. And in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah xojo created Adam, after also on Friday, in the last of the creation amongst the last of the creation, in the last seconds. Now the Hadith says sad But sir, doesn't mean our it means seconds or you know, time of the hours of Friday, between also and mockery between ourselves. And you know, the sunset. This Hadith indicates that, and this is very interesting for us when we talk about evolution

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when we talk about the reality of this world, that the Prophet system is saying, the introduction of Adam occurred at the very end of the creation, which means hundreds and 1000s and millions of years have gone by. And right at the very end, Adam comes in the last seconds of after also before the sunsets that's when Adam is introduced. Meaning here, that in the grand scale of things, mankind will not be occupying earth for the bulk of Earth's existence. And this is in complete conformity with modern science, our galaxies and this planet that we are on. They go back billions of years, billions of years. And the existence of human beings does not even go back, you know,

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more than a few 100,000

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At the very Max, if you want to make it the very Max, a few 100,000 might be a lot, but when you compare it to many billions, it is nothing. And therefore, this Hadeeth fits in perfectly that human beings are coming onto the scene at the very, very tail end of a long process. And in fact, we just have a small amount of time left. And this is also in conformity as well, by the way, with what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, of the proximity of the Day of Judgment. So, combining all of these Hadith, we can summarize that Friday and Adam are associated together. And Friday is Friday and Friday is blessing and Friday has Baraka because of its association with our father Adam. In

00:35:47 --> 00:36:29

fact, we can derive seven things that happened on Friday. Number one, the completion of the body of Adam occurred on Friday that the sweet happened on Friday. Number two, the soul was blown on another Friday because again, the body was completed. It stayed for a long period of time, like the Hadith says Masha Allah that Allah left it for as long as Allah wanted, then the soul was blown in on a Friday, then incidents happen then either was caused to enter Jenna on a Friday. So he is caused to enter Jun on a Friday. Then he was expelled from Jana and taken to this earth on Friday. So his entry to Earth is Friday. So entry to Jen is Friday, an entry to this earth is on Friday. And then

00:36:29 --> 00:37:15

on a Friday, we don't know exactly is it the same day that he came to this earth or later Friday that his except his repentance was accepted. His repentance was accepted on a Friday. And then Adam died on a much later Friday, he was on this earth for more than 100 years. We don't know exactly how long we'll get to those reports in that regard, and Adam died on the Friday, and then the seven things. So that's number six, the seven thing and all of us shall be resurrected back on a Friday as well. So Friday is blessing because of its association with Adam alayhis salam, and so many of our genesis of our early history of our creation story. It goes back to our father Adam and the

00:37:15 --> 00:38:02

blessings of Friday. So we talked about when Adam was created. And now one final point in our lecture for today. Where was Adam created? So we talked about the creation, the clean and the roof. We talked about the day, which is a Friday. Now let's finish off today's lecture by talking a little bit about what are the opinions of their odema? About Where was he created? Obviously, by where we don't mean the exact spot? We mean, overall, was he created on earth? Was the soul blown over here? Was it blown somewhere else or whatnot. So there are a few opinions about this issue. The first of these opinions, the first of these opinions was that Adam was created on earth. He was created on

00:38:03 --> 00:38:50

earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala fashioned him on earth. And Allah blew the roof into Adam on Earth. That is one opinion. And this has been attributed to Eben Abbas or the Allahu taala. And but even our boss has multiple opinions attributed to him, and also some modern scholars as well. They claim that Adam was created on earth And oh, by the way, this is going to be a little bit of a confusing topic because it is linked to another topic. So please don't get confused here. The first topic where was Adam created? We're doing that right now. The next topic, which Jenna did Adam occupy? Was it a Jenna on earth? Or was it the Jenna that we shall inshallah tada enter after the

00:38:50 --> 00:39:38

day of judgment? And there's a controversy over that issue as well. That which genda did Adam occupy? Because a lot of scholars, even in the past, they said, Adam was not in the agenda of the righteous. rather he was in a garden, a garden, not the garden, not Jenna, not the agenda that is paradise, but a garden. So two different issues. Where was Adam created? And which gender did Adam live in? And obviously, the two controversies are linked to one another, because the group that says, Adam never entered that to Jenna, the paradise would obviously say, Adam was not created in Jenna. And Adam was created outside of Jen, you understand this point, right? So the two

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

controversies exist, and they are somewhat interrelated. Now, not fully interrelated, because you can believe them was created outside Jen and then told to enter agenda. So that position is there, but the opposite cannot exist. Nobody can say that. You know, Adam did not occupy the agenda, and yet he was created in gender. So there's a bit of an overlap in the controversy. So

00:40:00 --> 00:40:54

The first opinion he was created on earth, and the roof was blown in on earth. And this group says that the evidences for this are very clear that Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Ninja, I don't fit all the halifa I am putting a halifa on this earth, I'm putting a Khalifa on this earth, and the Oran never mentions. The Quran never mentions that Adam came up into Jenna, it mentions he came into earth. And so most of this group presupposes that Adam never entered the gen of Paradise, that when Allah says, we said to Adam, enter Jannah Allah means a garden, not that gender. So there is this notion there. Now, this is a minority opinion that Adam was created on this earth. And some of these

00:40:54 --> 00:41:38

odema are famous for them. And there's also some Buddha who said he was created on earth, and was born in on earth. And then he was taken up to the heavens. And another group says, he was created on Earth, body wise, and then he was taken up to the heavens, and it was in the heavens, where the roof was blown in, meaning that the body was fashion on earth, and the roof was blown up in the heavens. And this is the position of the famous Indian scholar, Medallia Korea, and others. So they have that interpretation over there. Yet another opinion, which is probably the opinion that is the most common in the minds of the people and also amongst our scholarly community is that Allah created

00:41:38 --> 00:42:28

Adam, and a lot fashioned Adam and Allah blew the roof into Adam, somewhere up there in the summer in the heavens. And then Allah said, enter v Jenna, the actual gender. And this notion is derived from the Koran derived, it's not explicit that Allah says to Adam, oni Adam ozcan, Anto was ojochal gender. So we said to Adam, you and your wife live over here. And this interpretation as well is based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he said, and on Friday, he entered Jenna, which means he was outside Jen, and he entered Jenna, which means he must have been created outside of gender. And the evidence is also over here that the angels were asked to

00:42:28 --> 00:43:13

Prostrate to Adam. And this prostration seems to have occurred outside of gender. And then Adam is told enter gender. This position is the position that has been narrated by a number of the early scholars of Islam and the Tabby rune, such as a will Nobre and authoritativeness aid. And also it is the position of a mama show Connie, and other scholars of our tradition, who said that Adam was created in a heavenly place. And then Adam was told to enter the gender of Paradise, right? So this interpretation seems to be the ironic one, I would say. And if you read the Koran, and you kind of see where it's coming from, it seems that this is because that's the whole point we said to the

00:43:13 --> 00:44:03

angels about on to Adam, then we said, Oh, Adam, you and your wife, you know, live in Jen, the third interpretation, the third group of interpreters. So again, the first one actually has subcategories. But the all centered around the fact that Adam was created on this earth. The second is that Adam was created somewhere in the heavens, but not in gender. And the third is that Adam was created inside Jana, and his room was blown inside Jana, and this is the interpretation of many of our scholars as well, including Ibn Munda, including Emmanuel, Cora, Toby, and they actually do have a hiatus I must have that already quoted, like 2030 minutes ago, the hadith of a police walking around

00:44:03 --> 00:44:51

Adam, and in it the Hadith says one Allah fashioned Adam in Jenna, the masala Adam a few Phil Jenna. So the Hadith seems to indicate that the swier or the fashioning took place inside of Jenna and this group says this hadith is absolutely explicit. as well. Some of the earlier tab your own side image obeyed and what not. They also held the position that the roof was blown inside of the garden of Jen and that the first thing that Adam saw, this is what they say. The first is not Heidi, this is scholars of the tab Bureau and and the temperature everyone the second third generation, the first things that Adam saw were the fruits of gender so as soon as other opened his eyes, he sees the

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

fruits. If the first thing he sees are the fruits of gender, this means he is inside. Jen. Now, this third opinion

00:45:00 --> 00:45:53

To be honest, it seems also quite, quite solid and valid. And that is because the Hadith does say when Allah fashioned Adam in Jannah. And as for the statement that was originally Malacca this to do the item, when we said to the angels to bow down to Adam, it is not necessary that it took place outside of Genoa it could have happened inside Jen. And as for the statement that we're at the Moscone Center was ojochal, Jen, we said, Oh, Adam, you and your wife live in Jenna. It says, live and not enter. And therefore it is as if Adam is coming into existence, and he sees Jenna. And he's there, then Allah grants him the divine permission. It's like if somebody wanted to give to, you

00:45:53 --> 00:46:24

know, a house, let's say, Michelle, it's about a column Allah have such generous friends and relatives to us. So he invites a person into the house and the person to see then the man says, Here are the keys, the house is yours. Okay, so to say, the house is yours live in this house, it doesn't mean that he's entering the house at that point in time. So this third group of scholars, they also have their strong evidences. And in the end of the day, both the second and the third opinion, they seem to be the ones that one of these two is valid. And really, it's just,

00:46:25 --> 00:47:06

it's just a trivial issue. There's no there's no substantive difference whether you say he was outside of class to enter, however, the Hadeeth the other Hadith says that, on Friday, he entered Jen, and on Friday, he was expelled from Jenna, it does kind of seem to indicate that there was an entering and there was an exiting. And so Allah knows best to any between the second and the third opinion, one of these two is right, we have explicit Hadeeth for both of them. And Allah knows best. And at the end of the day, there's no it's not anything of substantive difference, whether you know, he was created outside or inside, but it's just something to know for our for our interests sake.

00:47:06 --> 00:47:53

And so we now conclude by then mentioning, the the next controversy shall we'll talk about that in our next in our next lecture shallow to address the issue of the announcement of Adam's creation. Now, as I said, at the beginning of today's lecture, we are not 100% certain when that announcement took place. However, perhaps the most logical and the most sensible, in light of all of the evidences is that the announcement was made before the rule was blown into Adam, and the corpse was there, not the corpse, but the body of Adam was there. And it was at that point in time that Allah subhana wa tada made the divine announcement with old Nadine melodica, that with all the rabuka they

00:47:53 --> 00:48:40

made it in Ninja and all the Khalifa that Allah said to the angels, I am creating a new creation, and he shall be on earth and he shall be the halifa Indeed, for Java califa. And also Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in the hollow commercial among clean, I am about to create a Bashar, I'm going to create a bunch of his origin is seen for either so way to one o'clock to feed him he wrote a once I have fashioned him and blown my room into him, then fuck outta who said you then then prostrate to him. Now, this again, you can derive from these verses that Allah made the announcement even before the fashioning, and even before anything had occurred. But then it police did not know the status of

00:48:40 --> 00:49:18

Adam, and the police seeing the body, the lifeless body, and the announcement, at least heard it because he's with the angels. So Allah knows best. And this is what I'm leaning towards, based on my reading of the evidences, but it's a trivial matter, it seems to me and Allah knows best that this announcement of the creation of Adam was made after the lifeless body of Adam had been there for a period of time and the angels have seen it, and a release has seen it and their curiosity is piqued, then before the ROI is blown in Allah says, this is a new creation, and its origin asleep, you know this, and I'm going to blow life into him. He's now going to be walking and talking. He's going to

00:49:18 --> 00:49:31

be sneezing and coughing, you're going to see an entity that is that is what that is able to communicate with you. So I'm telling you from now that I want you to bow down to him after the room is blown into him and therefore that was when

00:49:32 --> 00:49:48

what happened happen with the police and whatnot. So then we'll we'll get to that story shall load data and other details in sha Allah in our next lecture. This brings us to the conclusion of today's lecture, inshallah we'll continue next week with Elijah Allah, with that Solomonic Muhammad sallahu wa barakato.

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