Prem Mishra Accepts Islam after Dr ’s Speech

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My name is famed full name is Pei Mishra and I'm a non Muslim and my question with you sir, actually

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I want to accept Islam it's a it's a it's a my own questions it's a it's a it's not I'm in love with something it's my own questions it's a it's a professionally I want to accept these lumps but

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become a to miss like how to hold the hold the two Muslim guys or something so that's why I just want to know that.

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Brother if I heard your question correctly on to accept Islam and you want to know what is a true Muslim? Yes How to become a true Muslim how to become a true Muslim brother to become a true Muslim. Muslim means a person who submits his will to God. So if you submit your will to God, you become a Muslim, submitting your will to God means first you have to agree there is one God and then no one was the abortion besides Allah, then you have to believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger. And then

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if you read the Quran, as I mentioned my talk it is the last and final instruction manual for the human beings. So if you read the Quran and implement on the Quran, and follow the guidance, Allah has given you an abstain from thing which is prohibited, then you become a true practicing Muslim.

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And one more.

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So, does I have to change my Twitter identity? Like as a name? Is it compulsory is asking to change my name? Is it compulsory to change your name? If you become a Muslim? No, yes, it's not compulsory, if you want you can. So changing the name is not compulsory, unless your name involves the Sheikh.

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If your name does not involve any shake, any idol worship, etc. It's perfectly fine. Otherwise, you can continue with your old name. Or you can adopt a new name. But if you're proud to be a Muslim, I would advise that you adopt a Muslim name. So people will recognize you. Like how if you become a doctor, you put a cross sign

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to tell people you know you're a doctor, to similarly it's not compulsory, you should change your name. But if you change is preferable, people will know that you are a Muslim. So my question to you is that would you like to accept Islam now? Yes, sir. Do you believe there is one God? Yes. Do you believe that idol worship is privated? Yes, yes. Do you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger? Yes, sir. Is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? Sir? No, definitely. Is there any economic pressure? No. So is there any physical pressure

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because forcing anyone to accept Islam is prohibited in Islam? No one can force anyone to become a Muslim. Besides being vibrated in Islam, it is also prohibited in this country. Even in India, it is prohibited to force anyone to adopt any religion without free will. But if you want to accept Islam, no one can prevent you. And even the country cannot prevent you. So if you want to accept Islam, I will say in Arabic Can you repeat it brother Okay. Okay. So, I shadow

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, wa shadow

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and na and Muhammadan Abu rasuluh

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I bear witness can repeat, I bear witness, I think that that there is, there is no God, no God, but Allah, but Allah and and Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, please be upon His is the servant, the Servant and Messenger and messenger of Allah, Allah, Masha Allah Muslim brother, thank you.

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I will declare that if you can come on the stage and take a copy of the Quran so that you can be a better practicing Muslim I like to give a translation of the copy of the Quran or request of all India. If they can give some copies of the Quran your brother, can you come on the stage please?

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I'd like to give you a translation of the copy of the Quran. So that will help you to become a better practicing Muslim.

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My son

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de la jolla and repeat Allah subhanho wa Taala let me accept your efforts and may be under Jan nine shala