Heart Matters #11 Being True To Oneself The Concept of Sidq

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AI: Summary © The heart is linked to loss and life, and the importance of learning from actions and intentions is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to study behavior and use it to influence others' behavior, while also acknowledging the danger of double intention and fear of success. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing one's sincerity and practicing sincerity in social security rewards.
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smaller hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While the early he was talking to a woman with a Hammerberg we were discussing the station or the concept of its loss. And today we're going to do a parallel a similar concept which is also mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah and it involves the purification of the heart. And that is the concept of slug slug. Allah subhana wa Tada says, Allah can let you know sada who would like a woman would own the people who have said, these are the people that have Taqwa. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says on that on the Day of Judgment, Al Yama, young Pharaoh saw the cleaner street or home today. Those that were truthful of course simply means

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to be truthful to yourself, those that had slid their soup who will benefit them. And Allah subhana wa Tada commands the believers are you who believe Kuno ma saw the theme be with the people of Slidell what is pseudo? And how is it different from a class. Of course, Sudak has two meanings to it. And both of them are related to one another, you have the slip of the tongue. And last year, a series that we did about the clock of the movement, I had a whole day about suits to speak the truth. But this year series is about the heart and I'm also doing three why. Because there is another meaning of civic and that is to be truthful in your heart. And of course when you're

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truthful in the heart, you're going to be truthful from the tongue as well. So what is so slick is that your outer and inner are conformed with one another, your outer and inner matchup. This is what suit is, therefore, to speak the truth Your tongue is matching up with what you know and what your heart believes there is a correlation and to believe the truth and act upon it, your heart is acting upon suit. What is the relationship between sleep and loss? Obviously, the two overlap you cannot have one without the other right? Because when you have said you're going to have a class when you have a class you're going to have soon our scholars say there is a small difference Sudak it occurs

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in your heart and you unify your intention. You make your intention inside of you pure and effortless. You unify the entity whom you want to please if losses external, is uncertain, because internal is lost, you are unifying the goal is to worship Allah. So are you unifying the being whom you want to please that's a class Sudak you are being true to yourself. In class you are being true to Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course the two come together because when you are truthful to yourself, when you have said well that is going to lead to a class so the two are linked together and therefore ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala praises the people of soup as being second only to the prophets

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would I come Allah the Allahu Allah human and their Bina will suit the Athena wish you had that you saw their hand, Abu Bakr is the Civic and that is why see that is the highest category after prophecy. When you are absolutely sincere in your heart, your heart believes firmly and you act in accordance with that belief that is suited and of course this leads to a class as we said so we began in the last lecture how does one achieve a class we're going to continue a little bit so going across are correlated as we said, how does one achieve suit across a number of things can be said of the things we said last time is to think about your journey towards the hero your cover your hisab

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the Day of Judgment standing in front of Allah subhana wa Tada of the matters that brings about a class as well is to have a good knowledge of Allah's names and attributes to study Allah's names and attributes to understand Allah is Samir Allah is Basia. Allah is Karim Allah is Al Halima rove to know who Allah is, will automatically bring about sue the loss of the heart of the ways to increase sleep. And last is to study the good deeds and the rewards for the good deeds. Because a lot of times when we do good deeds, and we don't know the reward, it's easy for shaytaan to corrupt our intention, but when we know the reward when we know what Allah is gonna give us, when we know the

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equivalent, if I do this, Allah will reward me in this manner, then we incentivize ourselves with the proper incentives. So learning the incentives that Allah is going to give us actually brings about a loss and this is actually hinted at in the famous Hadith you've all memorized by now because it's dealing with Ramadan, Whoever fasts Ramadan, Iman was the second word. What is what is it? This means? He knows the reward and he's expecting the reward, man, camara Bhavana Iman, what is it?

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bin mon Camila COVID Iman what is seven? Why is this have always been brought in ISAB means you're expecting your hisab you want the result from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Subhana Allah simply by knowing what you're going to get simply by knowing the rewards of the good deeds automatically it increases your loss. And that's why it's so important to study your hidden brings about a loss. Why do you pray the five prayers? What are the blessings of the Salah? Why, why do you pray the Sunnah and what are the blessings of the Sunnah? Why do you pray that often? Why do you do do will do why when you study the why when you study the blessings automatically, it will impact your IQ loss of

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the ways we bring about loss as well is to be with the people of his loss and Sue. And that's why we mentioned the verse you already know it to Allah, we're Kuno ma saw the pain or you who believe have taqwa and associate with the people of civic, spirituality is absorbed via osmosis. Spirituality is absorbed how so? When you're in the company of the righteous, it will rub off on you. When you're in the company of the old era of the Saudi hate of the Saudi clean. When you always associate with people of piety, it will rub off on you in a positive manner. So of the ways we attained Civil War Kuno Masada clean, be with the people of Sudan, and of the ways we attained through and of the ways

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we perfect our slip is that we know the dangers of the opposite. And that is showing off being a hypocrite being double face not doing it sincerely. And when you studied the dangers of the app, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do you know the disease that I am most terrified for my OMA about? Do you know the disease? I am the most terrified. They said what oh messenger of Allah. He said the disease of showing off a Ria, the disease of showing off it terrifies me that my OMA might go down this path and the other Hadith he said, Do you know what is more dangerous to the ALMA den, the John himself, it is the disease of showing off and are prophets of Allah who either he was

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setting them said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said, I am the least in need of having a partner. So whoever does a good deed, to please

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to please me and somebody else, so you please Allah and you want to please your friend, you please Allah and you want to impress the crowd. Allah says, I shall leave him to the one he associated with me and he shall get no reward from me. So when you have a double intention, when you have a double intention to please Allah, and to please someone else, that double intention nullifies any sincerity, the issue with sincerity and that's why it's so dangerous. There is no such thing as 99% Sincere sincerity, it is one or zero binary sincerity you either have it or you don't. And that's why it is so terrifying. So when you study the dangers of being insincere, it is in fact one of the

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signs of being a hypocrite. Why the AMO illustrata Call Musala you are our own and us when they standard to pray, they are lazy. They only want to show off to the people. Allah describes them without fail. King Abdullah would obey Minister LWL Allah describes them. They're not standing for Allah, they're standing to show off. So when you studied the dangers of showing off, then this automatically will bring about a fear of it and you're going to be more sincere. And one final point about silica beautiful Quranic reality. Allah mentions a number of things about Sudak. So Allah mentions Nahum Cardamone silica and ended up in Kedah Massoud the foot of silk, the foot of silk but

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this has caught them when you put yourself forward. This is Adam, at the mercy of Allah talks about they shall have the foot of the foot of sooth means they're going to have something that they've sent forward. That's good deeds. In other words, Allah calls good deeds, cada masuk, you've sent it forward. And Ibrahim alayhis salam asks Allah Lisanna superclean I want the tongue of truth which I leave listeners with. So the Quran mentions the foothold of soup. The Quran mentions the tongue of soup, and then the Prophet system is asked in the Quran to make a special drop will corroborate the Hilde Moodle hada sukrin, wa Krishna, Raja sukrin, O Allah, allow me to enter through the doors of

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civil and to exit through the doors of civil so we have the foothold of silk, the tongue of said the entering of silk, the exiting of silk. What does all this mean? If you don't call him says so the one who has the foothold of silk and the one who has the tang of silk and the one who enters and exits anywhere he goes with silk, they shall get the reward what is the reward? Allah subhana wa Tada says free market ideas little cleaner in the American market whether they shall be in thrones of Sudan in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah calls the thrones Allah calls the reward

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towards the sofas of Jana. Allah calls the MCI the silicon. Allah calls the thrones that the believes it will be given. Allah calls them the MCI, the Mikado is the the sofa and the throne, you're going to be sitting on the thrones of silk. So Ibaka em says, Whoever made his heart full of civil and his tongue was sick and his entering and exiting was sick. Allah will bless him with the throne of civil where is the throne of civil fee America this little thing in them, we can make whatever it is in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala who is all powerful that throne will be blessed when we have slipped in our hearts and our tongues and our our actions and our interactions. So

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strive to purify your intention. Make sure you do everything sincerely for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada and Allah shall bless you in this world and the next will continue tomorrow. It was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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