Edris Khamissa – Tap into your potential – 21.02.2013

Edris Khamissa
AI: Summary © The American radio company New Horizons tool is a program that gives children a chance to contribute to the cause of Islam, and a workshop in Nigeria is also mentioned. The challenges faced by the population of Nigeria, including divorces and problems with children, are discussed, along with the need for creativity in education. The importance of creating schools and creating a natural environment for creativity is emphasized, along with the need for support in teaching and promoting creativity. The pandemic's negative impact on children, including their personal and professional lives, is also discussed, along with the potential for divorce to increase their chances of divorce.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome back to American radio, International. And we welcome our guest all the way today from Nigeria. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. This way.

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My beloved Mawlana no amounts of land between our oceans can divide us. This is what I hit the wall Allah, Allah, Allah bless you for connecting with me, physically and emotionally, and spiritually. I mean, I mean, I mean, it is very nice to hear you from across Africa. What are you doing in Nigeria? And tell us about your trip?

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Okay, I'm the law. Before I share my perspective. I would like you to seek a better outcome Khan Sima, who is alum de la a senior educational skills in any sector. In the UK, he will share with you some perspectives and then the city for about five or 10 minutes, then I'll take over right One moment.

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While we're talking

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about capital forever, Akram, how are you keeping,

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I'm fine, by the grace of Allah, and you know, the laws and the laws of all those wonderful people. So keep praying for me, I'm an old man now, but Alhamdulillah, he keeps me well, and have

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you are involved in education and hamdulillah. And as there is much work and contribution that you have made to the cause of education in the UK, perhaps you could share with us some of some of your projects that you are involved in and give us some advices Israel? Well, Melinda, I've spent my entire life in education when when I was a student, and then became a teacher, and in 1968, as a qualified teacher in England, and 11 or 13 years of teaching in schools before I became an inspector and eventually, senior inspector and a principal inspector. But I left that to take an exam in 1990s, in 1993.

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And 94, I was in South Africa in Cape Town, when the international board for education, research and resources was formulated. Because of the wonderful work that Muslim teachers are doing in South Africa. The time they asked us the question, that we are here for an international conference that we want to we don't want to hear yet more papers on psychology and the philosophy and so on. We want to know what to do in the classroom. So as teachers tell us how we can Islam, I think that's how it started. And I'm still involved in ever. And I'm chairman of the executive committee, but South Africa inspired me a great deal still does, in many ways. in UK, we have the Association of Muslim

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schools UK, which was developed, because some of your professional,

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you know, all the men who came over from South Africa

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and asked us a question, why haven't you got an association because of course, you had been there before. And we can't carry it on, we've got an annual conference on the 16th of March insha, Allah which they will be sponsoring. And together, we will be continuing the work of developing the best way to ensure that we respond to the needs of our future generations as Muslim, and also at the same time to do whatever we can

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for the non Muslim children, whenever Muslim teachers come across them in their classes. And the same way we are here in Nigeria today, we have been invited as part of a birth to contribute, first of all, to the New Horizons tool, which has taken some absolutely wonderful initiative,

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we can count at least 16 absolutely wonderful initiatives that they've taken. We're starting from giving a particular subject within the curriculum called Islamic perspective. That's how they started about 10 years ago. Now they've got 16 such initiatives within the curriculum. They're also doing the national curriculum in Nigeria. And they're inspiring us to do more and think creatively about how we move forward. And we today got a mix, which is the Association of Muslim schools here in Nigeria, their representatives, I don't know what you can hear their voices, they are in a workshop situation which we are leading. And we are asking them as to what they're doing in their

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own schools, and asking them to do even more, even more creative for the future generations. So we had a really good reason I here and join ourselves to the outdoors First of all, because we are trying to please a law to the best of our efforts. Secondly, because we are amongst Muslims who are active

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Creative, imaginative and so humble with it is Nigerian brothers and sisters who are educators are, you know, really give us a lot of inspiration. And they, whenever they invite us here, we love to come here because they are so wonderful and so responsive. And I'm sure there are people like that in South Africa, too. I haven't been there for a long time. But I know

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the other men

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that bomba duck rod and lots of other families that I got to know over the years, you know, they're also doing some wonderful work establishing their private schools as well as doing what they can to the Association of Schools and in South Africa. So we are living in a time where very, very exciting things are happening. So I hope that your listeners can take heart from the fact that people in the Ummah are actively involved and taking things forward, rather than sitting passively back and trying to

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feel sorry for themselves as victims of this globalist, you know, Islamophobia or whatever other, you know, phenomena.

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When they look at the world negatively, there's a lot to be pleased about, there's a lot to thank las panatela about, there's a lot that we can say should have been number one, and I hope that

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your listeners can contribute towards this development by getting on to our new website ever met dotnet so that we can establish that forum and continue to work and, and foster this connectivity, and make sure that we learn from each other exchange, if I said you could practice

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and hamdulillah Yes, the listeners and the general South African public is very much involved in the education of the children firsthand. You know, getting involved with helping the children helping the schools getting involved in school activities, and making sure that they are always trying to progress and improve on the education of the children inshallah, this project of yours. And this initiative will will play its use in view of mutual benefits in sha

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Allah as I hide your back to

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keep well for the academic

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ecosystem, it is right.

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Sitting in Nigeria in a conference, and it's interesting to speak to you and different occasions from different different parts of the world. You know, if only you could take us with us with you, it would be even better.

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That would be a joy.

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I'll tell you to join me.

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Tell us about Firstly, tell us what the purpose of your visit to Nigeria and then tell us a little bit about the country as well.

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Okay, and I'm the law. I came here on Saturday, we spent the night in Abuja, our host shake is a limo and the Food for the Soul and for the African country. My idea brother and friend of mine. They received us to the airport. And then on Sunday, we did a parenting program in Abuja. I mean marriage rather marriage and parenting in Abuja. And the locker room con Chima did a lovely presentation, and talk about his own relationship with his wife. So, so beautiful. And I did a presentation there. And there are two other presenters. And it was so well received. And one of the observations

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one of the observations that I have of Nigeria, it seems that polygamous marriages are very, very common. Yes. And also divorces sadly, very, very common, for example, in a particular community, in which we interact, and, and we deal with children, many of them Alhamdulillah, after my presentation, they allow them to speak to me on a one to one basis. And many of them come from broken homes, you know, and it's so, so sad to see those tears. And we'll talk about that in a moment. But as I was telling you, you know, we all have a particular notion of Nigeria, and the kind of negativity, but amongst the most beautiful people I've met, other Nigerians are very warm

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hearted, very spontaneous. And when you present to them, you are uninhibited. I tell people, I'm a very spontaneous person, and are saying shake me more when I come here. My spontaneity is unbridled. And whilst we are sitting here, they are about seven to eight groups. They are so actively involved in discussing this whole theme of our world about trade.

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guillotine classrooms, and we can talk about why is the need for creativity was creative enough? And we can talk about that.

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Tell us about Nigeria, the country itself.

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This is your first visit the Have you been there before

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my visit to Nigeria. I've been here many times. And I can tell you when you land in Lagos it can be very, very intimidating. It's a huge of populist crowds of people 1000s of people walking in the streets, the drive was a pretty cool shade. And

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and you find that the southern part of Nigeria, if we don't see a existing population, for the North is a Muslim population. He had differing responses in terms of what the population is. There's a feeling this sense of Nigeria made up of Muslims and 40% Christians and the population some people said yesterday neurobion lemo, the son of Shaykh lemo said the population is maybe about 150 million, but the loss of estimates being varying from 120 250 million people and the Nigerians themselves work very, very hard. They have their own challenges, challenges of traveling and did not have the kind of infrastructure that we have a bhoga is a well organize the city there are lots of

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developments there. And the Muslims themselves are well organized, Muslims are actively involved with our work involved with schools involved with social welfare organizations and many of their mind industry and many of them are longer in the making a significant contribution to the upliftment of the oma and you find that the what I find about the Nigerians per se, generally speaking, they have a lot of social etiquette, when they need to deal with dignity but give you a bit of a call from inshallah tomorrow, as being more shaky more inshallah, to the German market. And I remember going there once, you know, for Juma, it's unbelievable. You know, the way they greet you people

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look at you and take them all under the law is present the most highly respected Muslims, the whole of Nigeria is so

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concerned about

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development that first is concerned about the negativity that people have towards Islam, and rarely for less than three years really feel that Alhamdulillah as I said to him, You are a You are a gift to the whole mind.

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It is

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coming to our topic for today, Mashallah do your your your, your your whole conference sounds very interesting, this country sounds very intriguing and shall take us there one day.

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We are looking at the topic of creativity in our schools, and how that can be used to enhance the educational experience, what sort of creativity is necessary? What's the limits, etc, creativity, perhaps you can brief us a little on that.

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Here's an umbrella. You know what, what you got to understand. If you look at all

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the things upon each one of them. And if you look at specifically on a visa allows you to sell them in every situation. Alhamdulillah he responded in a very creative way. When they were warring tribes. He was very, very clean and the way he did things, you'll find this important. Now what happens sadly, in our schools, our schools are so geared towards, you know, academic excellence, so geared towards than writing a paper. So kids are merely asked in many schools to regurgitate the textbook and speak out in the examination. And as a result, I mean, statistically we know that 70% of what you learn at school is for what three months after school, and what is important in a

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society. Without changing landscape, the interior landscape, the king landscape or mom's the landscape, the external landscape, what is required is creativity. People who are creative, who are solution driven, who do not use the school only develop the mind they are more holistic in education. He does not mean a person that is academically bright. He needs to be successful in life. And this is what we need to do. It's about the kind of questions we can ask. For example, I remember sister Anita, our setup from lunch

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Angeles. She's a head of Islamic Studies Department, one of the schools there. And she asked this question, and I'm not sure if I said this. He asked him the question. Imagine you had a un observer at the Battle of Brother, what did you see? What a powerful question is? That is a very, very powerful question. It means basically, that you have to note what happened that love bother, you have to share what you saw, in that to show you a profound understanding. And this is what we need to do. We need to unleash the creativity of children, and every child is born creative. In fact, monana just for your information. Children, three and five, tested for the creativity, and 95% were

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regarded as geniuses. Then the same kids went between eight and 12, the percentage went down to about 32%. And when they tested them as adults, it went down to 2%. Because what happens, you know, as one person said, it was cooling system, educate kids out to creativity, we all want creative, you find children by nature, are very curious. I mean, one of the recurring questions they ask is why you tell them, we are giving daddy away to the mosque? Why are you going to pray to Allah? Why you pray to Allah? You give an answer. They say why, why why, why why why Allah is put the natural curiosity in our children. But what we do is circumscribed them, we stifle them. And as a result,

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that education, often schooling, really stifle the creativity. And as a result, they are people who can only follow up procedures. They are people who show no initiative, no leadership. And this is very, very important. So what we did, we did a whole presentation yesterday on creativity. And now we asked them three questions in which they are doing the workshop. The one is jot down all your ideas of creativity. The second question we asked him now, very important, is this. What are the challenges they will face in the schools regarding creativity? And thirdly, to jot down the solutions, you know?

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Okay, he's maybe got to take a little break. Right now. It's just continuing nine minutes before

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we can give you a small break, as well and in some cases, we'll be back just after that, and we'll continue with the program.

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Stay tuned to Alicia Conrad Islam International.

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is the light,

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light upon light, guys, but his light

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his knowledge, everything

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continue six minutes before 12 Welcome back to Idris camisa from Nigeria.

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Welcome back

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to wabarakatuhu to all our listeners Alhamdulillah.

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How is the conscience green currently

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making very, very well under the law we had on on Monday, we addressed the students on Monday, then the the school aplasia was the boarding school, they have nothing. We did that also, on Tuesday, the next was the teachers by about maybe 150. Understand the teachers today, the meeting stem yesterday 70 people, these are the principles for prices. And the heads of departments of schools, met them yesterday and meeting them today. And things very, very well. Alhamdulillah the people are very receptive. In fact, I'm really enjoying it. I mean, you know, we feel good about it, that we are talking about not a theoretical issue, but a real issue. And the people have embraced the idea. And

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now they're sitting down to look at how they're going to implement those ideas. When they do a report that now we would get them to speak. And then we'll help them out to overcome the challenges. because change is not an easy thing. Many people are reluctant to embrace change. And that is Alhamdulillah. It's something and you find an umbrella, many of them, many of them,

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you know, very, very bright, they very insightful, many of them, you know, people that are not afraid to express your opinion. They're not afraid to disagree. But they do it all, not in a confrontational way, but in a loving, humble way. So the conference has been going very, very well. And what we did, we showed them a PowerPoint at the beginning about how the world has changed radically around them. And we expect them if the world has changed radically around them, surely we need to relook at the way we teaching them, you know. And I just thought you know the latter part of our interview, I want to focus a bit on the impact of Eros on children shall also

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our listeners, SMS or WhatsApp, your questions on 08274, triple nine, double one, and we'll pass it on to his brainchild. And look forward to the next one. And I'm so glad you're doing that Alhamdulillah Allah bless our listeners, you're always are participating in enriching our own experiences. And somebody loved

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it is speaking about the issue of divorce and how that affects the children. In I've just heard of a case recently as well. There is in absolute

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distress where he's being denied access to the children as well. And

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this is a problem and obviously the people who suffer out of the whole thing, children.

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This is a reality. You know, I spoke yesterday

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about 16 or girls came to see me one by one. I mean to see this muscle in Ascension crying, when they speak about that a father is not is that the mother to leave, and some of them will not have access to the mother, then they got to deal with the stepmother. And you know what, this year, you know, if we want to indulge the pleasures of the dounia and that's our motivation, then you're not going to find much joy. It's very, very important to understand that kids get destroyed in the process. They are alone. And this girl was telling me I have brothers and sisters. But when I go home, my mother has not been I say all alone in the room. And you know all my

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stepmother scolds me. I mean, you know, I think we as parents need to be self aware. We must only think of the Lord is no other way out.

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If we had tried everything

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humanly possible. And many of us like to believe we delude ourselves, we think that our kids would come out unscathed. And statistically, kids that come from homes where there's been any abuse or any trauma of divorce, the children themselves have difficulty in managing relationships, they did not know how to disagree agreeably, they did not know how to have a discussion, they did not know how to respond to the concerns of the other. So we need to understand the real victims of a divorce

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or the children be destroyed. And then parents have divorced kids, they do not show love to each other, they just manipulate the kids for their own affection. But as a result, they may be scoring points, but they are not in any way, enhancing the dignity of the children.

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And it is, you know, I recently read also about the effects of divorce on the children. And we can never ever say that the divorce was amicable, The divorce was mutually agreed upon, and the parents went through a divorce, and it had no effect whatsoever on the children can never, ever be said, whatever the situation or consequences were, the divorce does definitely take its toll on

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a profound impact. As an effect, he affects them socially, he loses the self esteem, they lack confidence in themselves, you find it likely shun company, they feel very insecure, they feel the same thing will happen to them much later in life. This is the painful reality. And I can say with some conviction

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that most of the divorce have taken place. It is born out of sexiness is born out of inner things that could have been avoided, in a sense, and be and when couples have made every effort to reconcile, to forgive, inshallah the marriage can get strengthened. But of course, there are some things that do take place. That may be completely different, difficult. But when that happens, it's very important that the father and the mother or the United the way they talk to the children, to give them all the support in the world. Because the best single mother in the world can ever ever replace the presence of a biological father

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can never ever replace people who do not have a call children who do not have the presence of fathers around them, they are not the same, or children are not at the presence of mothers around them is very, very important that we understand that. It's very, very critical. Because you are denying them that kind of interaction, because Allah has made the man

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the woman is more nurturing. He's caring. The man is supposed to be decisive the amount of the hours and it is this dynamic partnership that can indeed make a huge difference.

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That is

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the basis of it. It is by it's now 18 minutes before 12 we have to take another break and with face samples as well, and perhaps we could we could conclude you're being a an international call and you've been having to return to your conference. inshallah pass just a few words of conclusion and advice inshallah we'll come

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out here

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Okay, it's just 170 minutes before to help Stay tuned to our massive unready slam international

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Welcome back

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so closure. Firstly I want to first thank Allah, that I have the opportunity of traveling learning from other people being enriched by this experience and rekindling my passion for what I do. And the conclusion what I want to say to people,

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to teachers involved in our schools and to copywriters, board members. Because to promote the whole idea of creativity, and a creative teacher can do things, beautiful things. It can rekindle the love for teaching a love for learning. When it comes to family matters. I think one has to be very circumspect before we divorce need to look at the impact on the children, but they are very few people who come out on skating and films much later in life they have regrets. So inshallah it's my earnest prayer and hope that we think about some happiness in our homes. I know you always say he doesn't our home doesn't have to be * on this earth. until you die Allah bless you look up de

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protect you. And you know what that cannot go without a God. He must look after your shisha bubbly now, since axelos havens

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Polycom phenomenon

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came it was it was funny speaking to us out of Nigeria this morning and interesting program the interesting conference that he's attending and inshallah has his Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us all the opportunity to practice on the good advices that was shared on the program this morning. Chicken Zeeland for joining us on elastic this morning from Juanita Santa Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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