Acts Recommended in Ramadhaan

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Could you Dr. Zakir to start the proceedings? simply tell our viewers what are the recommended acts during Ramadan and hamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah hi Benjamin Ahmed Billahi min ash shaytaan regime Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, rubbishy sadly, recently Emery, Wilder melissani f Coco Lee. Normally, all the acts that are recommended during the normal days are also recommended during the month of Ramadan, except those acts which break the fast.

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But there are specific acts which have been recommended by a prophet, especially to humans from them. And some acts are encouraged more during the month of Ramadan. And there are many of them. I'll try and list as many as I can, the first is having Soho

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we should not neglect. So, number two is having her as late as possible just before the break of dawn. Third is having an early iftaar as early as possible, just after sunset, the fourth is having dates and water when you break the fast 50s seeing the recommended doors after a break the first and

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the 16th that when you break the fast it is preferable you invite other people especially the poor people and the six inshallah be discussing tomorrow.

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The other thing which are going over the Prophet is number one, that we should do as many good deeds as possible during the month of Ramadan. Number two, we should be more generous in the month of Ramadan. Number three, that if someone tries to provoke you, you should not get angry when I should say I'm fasting and fasting. Number four, we should use the service that the to stick number five, that if possible to perform during the month of Ramadan. Number six should try and acquire as much knowledge as possible. read the Quran along with the translation left read the bodied

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comic books. Number seven, we have to attend as many Islamic programs as possible lectures, seminars to increase economic knowledge number eight,

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we should

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watch some programs may be on the video, watch Islamic cassettes, you are some audio tapes of scholars. So that we increase the knowledge number nine, we have to be happy taught that we should not look gloomy. Number 10 we should use this to look at other people. Number 11 we should be extra good to a family number 12 we should put

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that means ponder and think on it. And number 13 is that

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we should see to it that we try and forgive

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people is false. And there are other actually the Prophet also recommended which inshallah we'll be dealing in detail in the other days. For example, The Prophet said that we should specially Be careful that all our complicity Salah, which are often congregation, as soon as possible in the mosque, number two is we should offer as much as soon as Allah as much as now offer. Number three, we should supplicate as much as possible to Allah subhanaw taala number four, we should ask for forgiveness, because this is the month of forgiveness. Number five, we should decide as much as possible. And number six, we should offer therapy. Number seven, we should especially in the last 10

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days we should do camel number eight is we should do a calf

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last and is possible. And number nine we should give the heart If you have not given number 10 is that we should do our own self improvement as much as possible. Number 11 seeking pleasure to God number 12 is of the utmost importance and number 13 is down to the non Muslims. So these in short are the two topics which I have listed, which are especially recommended in the month of Ramadan. Some Han Allah, a lot of topics have you got to get through Dr. Zakir and I hope and I trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala that we can get as much benefit out to the viewers and to ourselves first and foremost as well.