A Non-Muslim Girl who is Suffering from Psoriasis since Childhood wants to Know Why is God Punishing her

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Salam aleikum to everybody. My question to brothers akinetic is regarding Dawa, to a special Hindu friend of mine. She has been suffering from psoriasis vulgaris since childhood. And she does not understand why God is punishing or examining her for no fault of her own. And because of this, I have not been able to carry forward our because she she comes and stops on this regard. Can you give me a logical explanation? Question that while doing the auto non Muslim girl, she's suffering from psoriasis. And she doesn't know why God is punishing. What is the reason?

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Brother first thing should say when any calamity befalls on a person. It's either a punishment, or a test.

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When any good things happen to any person, it's either a reward or a test.

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Many people who are not Muslims, they're very rich.

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So there's no reward to the test for them. Similarly, for her, any calamity comes? It's either a punishment or a test. If she feels she had not done anything, then incentives for testing that does she have faith in God after having the disease?

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A good moment.

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There is a statement that says that I used to always complained, because I had no footwear I had no shoes, as to always complained, because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.

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were complaining when I bought no shirt, no shoes, when he saw a man with no feet, anger at their feet.

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Only thought I see the disease which is fine, nothing great. There are other people who have AIDS. Other people have major diseases, which are determined into life. So yes, it's not that. So therefore look at the people below you, then thank God that he has at least blessed me with this life. So tell her it's the test for her. She has only a small disease. There are people have multiple demo disease, cancer, terminal illness,

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AIDS, she should have thank God that she had no cancer

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through thank God that she doesn't have AIDS. Thank God that she doesn't have disease with the incurable.

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So this is a test for her hope that answers the question.