What Allah Decides for you on Laylatul Qadr

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, there are two scenes on Leila to cover that are profound and engage the angels in a way that they are not engaged at any other time of the year. And I want you to picture these two scenes. The first scene is the scene of hope, the scene of traffic, where you literally have angels transferring between the heavens and the earth, descending upon the various massages descending upon the various homes, descending upon every individual that is engaged in a state of Vicodin a state of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and taking those names back up to Allah subhana wa Tada. And if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is not a single

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space, in general, in the heavens, of four fingers, except that there is an angel that is standing or bowing or prostrating to Allah subhanho to Allah and they haven't are creaking from the amount of melodica the amount of angels, the scene of the angels going back and forth between the heavens and the earth is a profound scene, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those whose deeds are recorded by God it has Salaam and taken back up to our rub to our Lord and sustainer and Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with us Allahumma Amin, and then you have the other side of it, which doesn't include a transfer between the heavens and the earth, but as the melodica the angels in the

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heavens amongst themselves, and this is what we have from the narrations of the writing of the decree, the Akhdar the different decrees that are made that night, if you could hear the pens and the scrolls that the Prophet SAW Allah Hardy was someone was talking about, as Allah Subhana Allah decrees for each and every single person, what is to come for that year. And that comes from a low hanging fruit from his preserved Preserved Tablets of Hannah what to add to the melodica and the angels collecting those scrolls amongst themselves. It's quite a scene. And subhanAllah if you think about, you know, some of the noisy busy scenes when something first opens and the worldly sense,

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right, the minute the stock market opens and the people rushing to open the doors of their businesses after fajr you know, in places where they praise a lot and then they begin their day of work and just the noise of the shops opening up if you've been in Medina, Salah Aloha, right like just all the noise of the busyness getting started.

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And think of the heavens as the Ark dar the decrees are being transferred from Angel to Angel and the writing is taking place and in those writings is everything that has to do with you for the year to come.

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Everything that has to do with you for the year to come. Allah subhanaw taala says in Anza now houfy Leila T Mobile raka in couldn't win dream. Fi ha yo, Rocco Kulu Amarin Hakeem. I'm Ramona andina in Hakuna mursaleen Rama Turman, Radhika inna who was a mirror in my last printer I says that indeed we have sent it down on a blessed night, referring to the Quran. For we always warn give people sufficient admonishment. And on that night, that bless at night, every single matter is ordained by a command from us and we have always sent messengers as a mercy from your Lord. He alone is truly the All Hearing and the All Knowing in Nyanza. Now he laid it in Mubaraka we have sent it on a

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blessed night in Tanzania who feel a little cuddle The Night of Decree. And so the first thing that you take from that is if it is a Mubarak night, a blessed night then be engaged in what is Mubaraka be engaged in blessed deeds and nothing else. And be Mubaraka be someone who is blessed to everyone and everything around you on that night. As their Sid has Salam says Medina Nemo Bara can Aina Quint Allah made me bless it wherever I am bring baraka to every place and every environment that you are in, in those nights, as you are seeking the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And what makes it so special that Allah subhanaw taala chose to send this book on this night, as their ultimate mansion,

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Allah has the greatest cover the greatest estimation. And he sent the greatest book with the greatest angel to the greatest prophet, the prophet with the greatest cover. And in that book, The Greatest cuddle and in the month with the greatest cuddle, it is a night of power, a Night of Decree a night of blessing. And subhanAllah that idea of the decree taking place is the one that I just want us to spend a few minutes with today, but in the nahi, Tana, the decree itself,

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every single precise matter is ordained. There are different types of writings in which the decree takes place. We have a local food which is with Allah subhanaw taala

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alone. And then you have the writings of the angels and you have the writing of the human being when they're in the womb. And you have the daily writings that take place. And when it comes to all of these different things, all of them can be adjusted, except for Allah and my food because aloha and my food the preserved tabulate of Allah subhanaw taala takes into consideration all of the changes that would happen already, that so and so would make do out on this point, so and so would make a change in their life on this point. And so the records of the angels are adjusted accordingly. And the adjustments are already recorded in the preserve tablet, of the All Knowing and the all wise,

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but of the mercy of these adjustments taking place on natives and other is that Allah subhanaw taala chose that the Night of Decree would come down on the night that the believers would be engaged in worship.

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Even a person who's genuine who's generally distant from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, do you think that they're going to be sitting on that night that they're going to be disobedient on that night, even people that generally don't come to the massages of Allah subhanaw taala are engaged in the massages on that night. They're trying to engage in some sort of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. And so as they said, look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he chose the decree to come down when you are in the best state that you could possibly be when you're in the best state of everybody. And so the decree is most likely to be in your favor. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam for example, when he said that I like to fast on Mondays and Thursdays because the deeds are taken up to Allah subhanaw taala the deeds ascend the decree descends and he wanted to be in a state of riba when that is happening sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in Ramadan, you are fasting, you are praying, you are reading Quran and that shows you that your Lord wants to send you Rama decrees for you mercy is giving you the best opportunity for yourself. Fee how you frog Coco Lu Amarin Hakeem as even as even Katha Rahim Allah to Allah says a fee little Kado you've salamin a low Hilmar fully ill Cata battery I'm Rosanna when I Hakuna fie hominid journey. What Arzak one Iacono V. Three Ha, we're

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currently he Jalla wa Ala Hakeem a more comme la Ubud de Loup wala, UVA, he said, Rahim Allah to Allah that what comes down on that night

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is everything that will happen of that year in terms of the recording of your sustenance, what you're going to gain that year. So as you're doing your accounting for the year, and you're making all sorts of your strategic decisions of what you want to earn that year. Just as Allah subhanaw taala decrees every drop of rain that will fall Allah subhanaw taala on that night decrease every single penny that will go into your account, your risk, your sustenance is decreed what will happen in terms of your lifespan, the events of the year that will come in our bustle the Allah Tada and Homer, he says Dr. Bowman, oh mill Kitab fee later till cada my Hakuna for sanity min mo tinware

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Hyah. What is thin Mamata? Hartselle, Hajj Subhan. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Tala and whom I said that on that night, who's going to pass away that year comes down. You know, imagine a person that's waiting to see the results of something you've, you've tried to, you know, pass an exam, you've tried to get on a team, you've tried to match somewhere you you're waiting for the results to come out. We've all had that feeling where you're clicking on something to see if your name is going to be there. Imagine that there are scrolls that are printed on that night.

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And there are the names of the people that will die that year. And it could be very well that our names are written in those scrolls and Subhanallah there's one way that even our boss will be a lot of times I know my extensive she says even hedge he says yeah hudgell Fulani, a hydrophone and Allah writes down on that night the scrolls have had you wait for the visas you wait for the quotas from you know from from the government of Saudi Arabia you wait for the visas to come you wait for this you wait for that. The results come out tonight or whatever night Allah subhanaw taala has decreed a little harder to read so make the new year for Hajj. O Allah grant us hedgebrook O Allah grant us an

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accepted Hajj, let our names be on those printed records. But then he gives the scene and I'm going to end with this in sha Allah, Allah Allah.

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He said about the Allahu Taala and who in Nicola Tato verdura yam she Fil A sua wakad. Walker is mobile Phil note.

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This is such a powerful statement shakes you to the core. He said you'll see a man walking around in the marketplace. And at that moment, right Subhanallah the decree just came down and his name appeared on the scrolls of those who will die this year.

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So Subhanallah we're sitting in this message and we pray that we are in a state of a bada engaged in a bada you're sitting there

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A person sitting there, we're eating some food together, you might be going home coming back, planning the rest of your night planning the rest of your day. And at that moment, an angel just received a scroll that has your name for passing away that year.

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And that's why as you are in the end of Ramadan, one of the most blessed things that you could be asking for is historically a good ending. We're not a people who make your art for long lives just for the sake of living long. We are people who make your art for Allah subhanaw taala to take us from this life when it is best for us when we're in the best state of Eman and just as Allah azza wa jal prepares you and sets you up to be in the best state of practice and faith in the end of Ramadan. Allah azza wa jal also gives you a trajectory to be in the best place at the end of your life. And so as you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to decree in favor for you this list this thing

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that you always wanted, perhaps you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for a child, perhaps you're asking Allah for a spouse a job, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala to open this door for you and open that door for you. Make sure that you're also asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to facilitate your exit from this door into the next round, in the best of ways, because there is no risk that will be decreed that is more precious than a good ending. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a good ending to the song Milan and may Allah subhanaw taala decree for us personally Tom a good ending from this life and grant us Alpha dosa, Ireland the companionship of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam and the righteous company Allah Allah I mean Okorocha we had stuff for Lalibela companies that was mean for stuff we don't know how to hope for him.

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while he was happy he will Manuela La Nina will not be not well Muslim. Meanwhile Muslim out here even on Walmart, in the customer on Caribbean Mooji Buddha Allah Allahu Allah and our Hamner wa for a novella to as Dibner Robin alumna and Fuson our inland Jaffa Lonato Hamlet an akuna minal ha Celine Allahumma inner CAFO and to hibel alpha five one long in the caribou 12345 for an alarm in the Capital One to hibel alpha for Anna Allahumma indica Alpha One Kareem and Rahim on to Hibbeler alpha, far for Ana. Allah Most fiddly while Idina horrible Hamama Kimata buena si la Obinna hablando I mean as far as you know the reality in our Kurata Aryan

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Jana Linwood, subpoena Imam, Allah and also this one and most other Athena female shadek is auditing la vida de la Monica Vitamina Vitamina wife isn't always one and then veniam Sadie mean rebelled Allah and Allah here I'm gonna do a lesson where you type in horrible way inherited fascia when when Carrie will ever come when I look into the Coronavirus Corolla has croquembouche kuruva and in their mouth is it lecan What are the Corolla he Akbar? Allahu Jana toss in our own walk in the Salah.