Zakir Naik – A Hindu Asks , Why is Polygamy Allowed in Islam

Zakir Naik
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I have a question regarding polygamy.

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One of my Muslim friend, and very close friend of mine, just want to share an experience of that. We once traveled in his bike and when in fact, we have traveled many times when he was traveling his bike sitting at the back, a group of girls passed by. Suddenly, I had a momentary glance. It wasn't intentional, though. Then he told me that I'm a harami. I told him, dude, I just had a look unintentionally just passed by I had a look unintentionally. Then he said, okay, it's fine. If it's fine, you had a look, unintentionally, but don't do it again. I said, Okay, so I won't do it. Then after a few days, I was just thinking about something and suddenly struck me to ask him about

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polygamy. Then I asked him, dude, how many wives you're allowed to marry? He said, like, you can marry four wives. Then I told him, like, how can you marry the second girl in the first place? Because you already already married one girl. Even if there is if it is allowed, it's actually a sin. Because the first girl might not like it. She may shake, shake her head as well. Okay, you go marry the second girl. But I don't think so that she liked it. So I just told him that this is in fact, most sin that you're doing. I didn't compare myself to him. I just told him that this listen. But then he told all our humans so we can marry. So it's not a problem. So also, one more point is

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that when a lady does does the same thing, we call her some amoral terms. And so my question is that when a man does this, I feel it is bad, and I shouldn't do it. So I just want to know, like, how are we going to substantiate it?

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Well, just a very good question. A very common question. Regarding polygamy. Before he posed the question. He said that he will be on a bike with one friend and unintentionally give a glance and his friend use foul language. What do your friend called you was wrong. Point number one. What do your friend called you and use foul language is wrong? It's an Islamic, okay, so actually, he didn't mean it's fine. If you didn't mean it, you forgive him or hamdulillah good matchup between friends, no problem, I am giving this ambiguity what he called he was wrong. He cannot use foul language. But you forgive me forgive you. No problem, friendship. Alhamdulillah mela for you, both of you. coming

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to me in question. When you asked him that, how can a man marry more than one wife? He wasn't able to reply to logically, I'll give you an answer logically. Point number one. Quran is the only religious book on the face of the earth, which says marry only one. There is no other religious book on the face of the earth which says marry only one accept the Quran. If you read the Hindu scriptures, what's your background without you? endora

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if read the Hindu scriptures, if you read Rama and the father of Shri Ram, King Dasha, how many wives did you have? Your three wives? If read Mahabharata, Shri Krishna, how many wives yet? How many? Four? I mean, more than one that's it, sir. How many more than when it leaves? You know? Yeah, how many 410 1000 10,000 yet? 16,100. A device? How many

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years that

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induce did the right thing? Oh, no, even I'm not saying that is the right I'm coming to the answer. After I finish the answer come to logical so I never said that. You're saying Hindu did right. Yeah. I'm telling you Krishna had 16,108 wives. And even after yet 16,108 wives, do you know who are the other?

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Have you heard the name? Radha? Yes. His wife? Yeah. My wife. Actually not, but not actually not. Even though yet 16,100. My brother was in his wife. What was she we can discuss later on time doesn't permit us. But she was not the wife.

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How many wives yet 16,100. wives. If you read the Bible,

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Abraham upon to the Bible at three miles. Solomon had 700 wives. So according to the Christian scripture, Jewish scriptures, Hindu scriptures, you can marry as many as you wish. There is no upper limit. 110 20,000 16,000 no problem. But actually, I think it's not

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mentioned that people should marry I think it is doing it. I'm not sure. I'm just asking you again. Brother. Have you heard man, Sir, listen to my full answer then allow you to speak. Yeah. Okay. If you interrupt in between, when you ask the question, Did I interrupt? No, no, I'm sorry. So please go ahead. I told you it in here, man. So there is not a single religious scripture on the face of the earth besides the Quran, which says Marian Newman gave me a statement from any Hindu scripture which they marry anyone can you get better? No, sir.

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No, I'm saying it's also not even that it says you can marry as many as you wish. When your Lord when your father of Shri Ram King is marrying three, Shri Krishna marrying 16,108. What according to Vishnu sutra, chapter number 24, was number one, a Brahmin can marry four wives. How many

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For, I'm quoting scripture,

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quoting scripture, if you don't know your scripture, Is it my fault? No, I'm not saying about that. So my question is suppose it is given that people can do this it doesn't mean that they shouldn't do this and either ways, right brother, there is not a single religious scripture beside the Quran which says marry only one No, I accept that you can marry for Who are you to object? No, my point is my point is that when you told like, okay, Krishna married so and so what I'm saying is, it isn't given in the Bhagavad Gita as he told in Quran that they should marry only one person and maybe that they use that as a loophole. But my question again comes back to you so you mean to say that it is

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allowed or it is not allowed? It is right or wrong allowed in Hindu scriptures, Christian scriptures, as well as the Jewish scriptures. If you don't understand English, the problem is in you, not in me. And coming back to polygamy, which I have not completed my answer. Okay. So yeah.

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The problem is, you're too impatient. No. Please.

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Let me complete my full answer. I'll give you time to sketch. And then I'll ask you everything. What do you say is wrong with Islamic convenience inshallah? Yeah, okay. Even if you stayed in the morning. Sorry. Even you have to stay to the morning una. Yeah. Okay. If you have to stay to the morning. Sure. So yeah, if the police does not give permission, we'll go in the room and talk Great, so fine. So thanks a lot. So please go Yes, but you come to me, okay. And we'll talk till you get convinced. Each and every misconception here about Islam is not a myth. It's not a misconception is just without telling you. It's a misconception. Okay, so yeah.

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So notice the Scripture, all the religions, they say can marry as many as you wish. There is no upper limit. It is later on the Jewish rabbi Ganesha Ben Yehuda. He passed the cyanide in 960 C, to 10 130. c that Jews should marry and live on till as late as 1950. The Jewish people living in Muslim communities known as f Radek, they have to marry more than one. It is later on in 1950, that the Chief Rabbi of Israel, he passed a side note that Jews should marry only one. It is a Christian church, which has put an upper limit that a Christian should marry only one. According to the Bible, you can marry as many as you wish, when Abraham could have three wives and never said it is a sin.

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When Solomon Grace 700 wives, it never said it is a sin. So who are you and me to object when the messengers of marriage in many ways, it is an example we should follow? That means the other scriptures are encouraging. You marry as many as you wish. If you can't understand the language of the Scriptures, the problem is you're not in me. In the Hindu scriptures, you can marry as many as you wish. It is the Indian government, which passed a rule in 1954. And the Hindu special Marriage Act, that Hindu should marry only one, as far as the scripture says, Get married as many as you wish. If you read woman in Islam, a government report, which gave us statistics on page number 6667.

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The percentage of Indians who married more than one wife, polygamous marriages, between 1951 1961 Muslims did 4.31% polygamous marriages, Hindus 5.0 and six. In India, more Hindus are marrying more than one woman than Muslims. Though the Indian government gives permission for Muslims to marry to the Hindu it is not allowed. Imagine if the government is permission to marry more than one by what is the percentage be? I don't know.

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Now coming to the logical aspect, what does Islam say?

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As I mentioned, the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number three, married woman of her choice in twos, threes, or fours. But if you can't do justice, marry only one. This statement, marry only one is only given in the Quran and know the scripture that says married woman have a choice in twos, threes are false. But if you can't do justice marry only one. So marrying more than one wife in Islam is not compulsory, it is optional. But if you marry more than one wife, and if you can't do justice between them, then you're in trouble.

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Let's try and analyze what are the logical reasons why Islam allows a man to have more than one wife? I understand your question and you're neither following Hindu religion. Neither Christian neither Muslim correct. I just think that love is God's love is God what is love is important for us. Yeah, if you don't know the definition of love

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of God. First I'll talk about polygamy then we'll talk about love. Yeah, sure, sure.

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logical reason why slam permits a man by more than one wife, by nature, male and female about in equal proportion.

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But when you ask any pediatrician, or doctor of the children, he will tell you

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The female * is the strongest * medically as compared to male *. So, in children age group itself, there are more deaths among male children as compared to female children. So in pediatric age itself, there are more females as compared to males. As life goes on, that take place due to was due to accidents due to alcoholism, drug addiction, more males are dying, more men are dying as compared to females and women. So today in the world, there are more women in the world as compared to men. In fewer third world countries including India, the female population is less than the male population because of female infanticide. According to a BBC report, that came in the program

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assignment, the topic was at a die a British reporter by the name of Emily Beck, and it says that every day in India, more than 3000 fetuses are being aborted after the independent the females if you multiply this by 365, the number of days more than 1 million fetuses are being aborted every year in India after the fact that the females and according to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report, and rajastan many females have been killed. According to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report out of every 10 female born alive for up to this date of your time and nine out of 10 females born alive for up to this

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and there are billboards in Dagestan and your spend 500 rupees

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amniocentesis ultrasonography and defy the * you're carrying in your womb and say 500,000 rupees indicating spent find it to peace, do ultrasonography if it is a girl about her and say five lakh rupees, few like in upbringing and balance in dowry bellbirds

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if you stop this evil practice in India, of female feticide and female infanticide, even in India, the female population would become more than the male population. India is one of the few countries third world country where the female population is less than the male population because of female infanticide and female feticide. If you stop this practice, even in India, the female population will be more the rest of the world I'll give the statistics. In New York alone, there are 1 million females more than males. In USA alone, there are 7.8 million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are 5 million females more than males and UK alone, there are 4 million females more

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than males. In Russia alone, there are 9 million females more than males can God alone knows how many millions of females are more than male throughout the world. Suppose I agree with your ideology. One man should have only one woman. If I didn't say that's a complete man, sir.

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I think you have a problem. No, no, sir. Actually, do you understand English? No, I understand it, sir. When I give you the chance we can speak.

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And after that we can speak alone.

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And then I'll let you speak.

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If I agree with your ideology, or people like you who says you should marry only one wife, before marrying second wife, that girl may feel bad.

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If I agree with you, then suppose your sister happens to live in USA. And my sister used to live in USA and the market is saturated. Every man has found a woman for himself. Yet there will be 7.8 million females who will not find husband and it's about your sister happens to be one of the 7.8 million females who have not found the husband or my sister happens to be one of the 7.8 million females in USA we have not found a husband. The only option remaining for her is that she either marries a man who already has the wife or become public property. public property. Such a harsh word, brother, it is the most sophisticated word I can use

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in America having mistresses come in.

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According to American statistics, an American man on average has eight different sexual partners before he sat down with one how many eight semesters or methods amended. Average is eight. And after marrying how many sexual partners at the time six not mentioned. Eight.

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Having mysteries in America is common. Man 1020 having more than one wife doesn't go down the throat.

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When you are a mistress, when a woman is a mistress, she gets no rights. She's degraded. She's dishonored. When a woman becomes the second wife of a husband. She gets the honor. She gets the rights. And she's dealt with honor and with grace. I agree with your question whether that no woman would like to share the gospel. I agree with you. I agree with you totally. No woman under normal circumstances would like to share that man but the Islamic Sharia says let a small loss take place to prevent a big loss. A good pious Muslim woman who knows the world scenario would not mind sharing

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Her husband saw that the other woman do not become public property, she's ready to sacrifice. The unselfish like you.

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Any Muslim woman who's pious, who knows the world scenario, even though she will not like she would not mind sharing a husband to prevent the other woman from becoming public property.

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That is the reason Islam has permitted. It is not compulsory for a man to have more than one wife has permitted some men to have more than one wife to protect the modesty of the woman. We don't believe in prostitution. We don't believe in that. It is with legal right? This is what God has made. This is the status of the world, there are more women than men. What solution do you have?

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Now, brother? I'm asking the question. If your sister, brother, I'm asking, you know,

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if your sister and my sister happens to live in America, and the market is saturated, and they happen to be one of the 7.8 million females who have not found a husband, what would you prefer? Would you prefer her marrying a man who already has a wife and getting honored grace, her rights and all or becoming public property? What would you prefer? Obviously, she can marry so but given the fact that the first way is accept that, but would you prefer your sister marrying a man who already has a wife or becoming public property? not actually the first one, but again, only if the first girl accepts it? So if she accepted what you would prefer, obviously married? Correct, rather than

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becoming public property towards the problem.

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I'm asking the question, would you prefer marrying a man who already has a wife or public property? You said marrying a man who already has a wife Carrie, the first one agrees or not agree the second if she agrees is preferable, good Alhamdulillah.

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But natural in the Islamic philosophy, as I said, a good woman would not mind

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her husband marrying a second wife, because she knows the world scenario. So this is how Islam has a solution for the excess woman that we have in this world knows the religion.

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They don't prevent.

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They are silent. Islam gives the option the other religion the law, but the society does not allow.

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Or there's no other religion, which prohibits a man from having more than one wife. So Islam is a religion which says don't marry unless you can do justice. If you can't do justice, then marry only one. So this is the reason why Polly Genie has been allowed in Islam. hope this answers your question. You have any argument on this question on polygamy for your other questions? You can come to the room on top there, inshallah all your questions in the morning. I'll reply. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thank you.

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