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AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month of Guinea is emphasized, as it is the first step in achieving the veneer of the month. The need for a firm intention in one's heart to fast before the day of the month of celebrate is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving rewarding life. Travelers with temporary reasons may not be able to fast, but it is crucial for achieving full rewards and making peace with people. Pre-tracting activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol is also encouraged, and planning ahead for the night is emphasized. The importance of avoiding negative comments and making a strong message is also emphasized.
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Are the lamela sheetala Jim spiller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been more discerning Satan and criminal Allah Allah He also had remain my beloved brothers and sisters of Sudan while he while he or better care to have Nairobi datamine or cresswind to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna shadow Allah, you know had a lot we witnessed the administrator portion because Allah subhanaw taala was in our loving greetings salutations validate the beam Hermosillo or they will tell them to spice up your family to companions and all those who follow his friend until the end of time. I mean, what hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah this is the last Jamar Nila

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before the commencement of the month of Ramadan. Next week this time inshallah we will be the and we will be fasting during the walk the GEMA and ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us to reach the month of Ramadan and to achieve all of its benefits. This lecture inshallah just that last bit of reminders in the neediness so that we can get the maximum benefit of the month of Ramadan and we'll discuss a few issues and inshallah hopefully not too long, a lot of things to discuss. I've been getting a few questions about Ramadan and I just didn't mind on some of the thick aspects What brings you false? What do I do if I'm pregnant? All those kinds of questions we'll try to answer

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them Inshallah, in this short lecture, to begin, as we enter the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, with a fasting a month of Ramadan, of course, is an act of worship. Fasting is an act of worship. And the very first thing when that first begins, we know that in every act of worship, the very first thing is the veneer needs to be correct veneer or your intention must be correct, so that the foundation is right then everything will be right afterwards and foundation is wrong, the entire thing collapses. Now Nia isn't just that thing which we the intention to force, it is not just that I will be forcing tomorrow or in the month of Ramadan. And the thing that we say before the night

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ends, in other words, rather than near is the objective. And so before we begin the month of Ramadan, we must have a clear objective. Why are we fasting? What is the reason what is the outcome? The only way to know you're fasting is successful with a read is to know what we were planning on achieving before the month began. And Allah tells us what we supposed to achieve Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in this verse which we buy now all of us have it. Yeah, he will live in an AMA no quotevalet Museum. Oh, those of you will believe Allah has made forcing compulsory on new Kamakoti ballerina mean publikum as Allah made it compulsory and all the nations before every single Amobi

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for us, they have to fast La La Quinta con so that at the end of fasting, you can achieve Taqwa. You know many times you're asked what is the wisdom and the benefits of fasting there are many benefits of fasting. In another verse. Allah says Allah contest Quran that you may become appreciative of your blessings. But the most important objective of fasting is to attain Taqwa what is Taco taco is basically a strengthened relationship with Allah to grow closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And so by the month of Ramadan, we are supposed to become better people, the end of Ramadan, we supposed to be more aware and conscious of Allah subhanaw taala and through this process of denying the things that

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we love our food or drink our intimacy, because ALLAH SubhanA commanded us this means that we have placed our spirituality and our love for Allah above the love of anything else. And subhanAllah you're denying yourself have a sip of water because Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to do so that tells you truly, we don't just say Allahu Akbar Allah you are the greatest we don't just say it with our lips, we actually mean it and we live it and that is why every single Muslim that goes through the month of Ramadan even if you know we didn't have many hard times or didn't make too much throw away, if you foster the month sincerely, you know when you feel come to the end of the month of

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Ramadan, you feel different you know, you feel that closest to Allah subhanaw taala and that is taqwa. That is what our objective is. And so before we even begin the month of Ramadan, we make that Nia Allah allow us to force the month correctly, in a way that pleases us that we may attain Taqwa. May Allah subhanaw taala have a better sense of spirituality at the end of the month, also in the ayah Surah Baqarah of Iowan 25 Allah says, You look Mala you read a little bit more usara Allah wants to make it easy for you whether you need to become an author and he doesn't want to make it difficult. The point of fasting is not to torture your body. Allah wants you to be easy and not

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difficult when he took me in there but he wants you to complete the full month you have to keep the 30 days while it will come but Allah Allah Maha Delcom so that you may magnify and glorify Allah what He has given us. Parliamo Allah is saying that when you're done with a month of Ramadan, you make the time to be you know, at the eight when we will live II comes along walkabout on law, we praise Allah, we finished the man to Allah why are we why are we making tech better because Allah says what I have given you. You didn't do anything the month of Ramadan was a gift for you. It wasn't an obligation you gave to me. Rather it is a gift Allama you may praise Allah for what He has

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given you what Allah contest Quran and with at the end of the month, hopefully you will Allah means hopefully, meaning not everyone will achieve it but hopefully, that you will become appreciative of all the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and so well that Nia We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us a successful month of Ramadan, then we continue quickly the virtues of the month of Ramadan Subhanallah we can spend weeks talking about all the virtues and the

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bonuses and the blessings in the daily Subhan Allah there is no bonus there is no month in which you can get so many awards like the month of Ramadan and in our life you know context our life where we know we have a lot of sins, our deeds are not good enough. This is that one month which we can catch up. You know, medieval scholars say that this one month makes up for the other 11 months of the year that we're not done very well. But really one month of Ramadan that is done correctly, it can make up for a lifetime of mistakes, it can only fix a life that is ruined completely one Ramadan these 30 days can fix your entire life. For example, we know that there are multiple chances whatever false

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the promises is, whoever stands in Salah we were standing in a little corner. If you do there's so many avenues in which every single cent every lie you've told everything that you looked at that was haram, every mistake you've made in your life Allah can forgive every single sin in these 3030 days. And there is we know that there is one night was the reward litical either way, it is better than 83 years of reward your entire life you will not be equal to that one night of Salah that meaning the Hadith, the Allah's Francis the Faust is so big and so amazing. And the reward is so great that Owen doesn't even specify the reward that is the only act of worship where the only way to be rewarded

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Allah will personally give every word to every single fasting person, that one day of fasting is a barrier between you and Jahannam for 70 years, 70 years away from the fire of Jannah. And that one day of fasting in Ramadan is better than forcing the entire every single day of your life. The other Hadith we know that the doors of Jannah opened what does this mean? The analogy V Panelo. Economy make an analogy. It is like the bank saying that the doors of the bank are open you have 30 days to take as much money as much as you want. Allah subhanaw taala saying the rewards are open whoever wants Jana, it is the full Eva wants to get it there is no barrier between you and this is the month

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we will decrease will be finalized for the weather to Oslo accepted way to standing in taraweeh for example, will contact you entire night was in thoroughly. And so Subhanallah this is you so many opportunities and just to give a date to someone and he breaks his fast you get that same that full day of reward. I mean, we said one day is like 70 years being saved from Jana, you give one person a day then you break this false panela you get that reward without his reward being diminished. And so Allah has made this opportunity unlike any other opportunity and so you know, it should encourage us that we put our best foot forward and we try our best to get the maximum on the month of Ramadan

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that everything else should be secondary now that every bit of energy and all our focus should be out Allah I want to get every blessing and bounty that the essence methanol ball while going to us I mean, then when does the month begins panela as we know, the the man kickers, our scholars will go out and they will look for the moon once they see the moon of course the month will the month of Ramadan will begin and so we fast isn't a minute fast when the community fast we will fast when the whole community of in Cape Town boss and will break off also Southern Africa. And of course the day of Eid will keep it together. And certain questions with regards to with regards to fasting the the

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fixed side of things. So the near the near has to be the near means the intention to fast before the day begins or rather before Fajr becomes in before the walk of budget comes in. You must be sure in your heart that you will be fasting that day. And what do we mean? So if for example, the manticore saw the moon, and it's Ramadan, but you didn't know. And then you know 10 o'clock the morning you go to your friend and he says Slamet it's Ramadan Mubarak to you. And he says is Ramadan. Ozpin. I didn't even know I'm not fasting. But Alhamdulillah I didn't eat anything. So I'm just going to continue the day. No, this does not count you must the day of fasting. No punishment I knew was a

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mistake. But your Nia was not the so you need to have that near before Fajr in your heart that I'm fasting today for the month of Ramadan. Of course, as I said many times, there is no need to verbalize it. You don't have to say now way to solve it. That's not important. That's not required in the Sharia. But you need to have the firm intention in your heart I'm going to I'm going to foster now after fajr comes in something very interesting, on the days where you have the option not to force now certain people, they have the option not to force for example, someone who's traveling, if he's traveling, and you know, you know, 10 o'clock the morning, when once he is a traveler, he

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can break his fast. Now if he wants to fast that day, you must make that decision before Fajr. He needs to say even though I'm traveling, I rather want to fast, then he has to make the decision. He can't decide, well, I'm going to see. And if you know the traveling is easy. When I'm going to I'm going too fast. No, you must be sure you want to fast. And so be very careful with regards to that. And as I mentioned, some people are excused some people do not have to for some people have an exemption. Remember Allah Subhana Allah says he doesn't want to make it difficult. He wants to make it easy. And for some people, they have a legitimate reason not too fast. So who are these people

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that are excused? They are those who have a permanent excuse meaning they will never ever be able to fast and these people pay a fee. Do they pay a fee a person

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Some affiliate will say pay feed. Yeah, what does this mean? You basically feed someone that is hungry a meal, one meal, so one person one meal for each day that you must. So you need to feed 30 people, one meal, each one person 30 meals, whatever it might be. That is your explanation for not fasting the month of Ramadan, and who are the permanently excuse people, people that are too old to fasts, obviously, with time will only get older, and people who have an illness that is not curable. And I'll go on too far, but they have a disease that there is no expectation, it's not expected there'll be cured. So what they do is either they, you know, pay an amount to a masjid or two cents

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off. And then as figure you stipulate its figure, or even better Spanish who is better, you actually make some food and you give it to someone that is hungry, and they eat every meal is one day, you can do this upfront, you can say I'm going to feed 30 people, on day one, or every day, I'm going to feed someone else who at the end of the month, I'm going to pay the feeder for all 30 days, you can do as as you wish. As for the that's the one type of person they feed. Yeah, if they have a permanent excuse, as for those who have a temporary excuse with a temporary reason, for example, then they will only seek for a few days, or the lady who has a hate or hate comes and then he goes

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the person who's traveling he travels and then he will stop traveling for these people, they do not get to play video and so they will have to make the day of the month of Ramadan. So they will count for the days that I've missed because I was sick 345 days, then you will make those days up in the next year any you can choose a time which which is suitable to you. Now, in terms of the two people a traveler and a sick person who is a traveler. So once you become a traveler you can decide whether to foster or not once you have the status you are now a traveler once you I travel and you can decide should I fast or not fast. When does one become a traveler you become a traveler if you

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embark on a journey that is away from your your city or your home at least 85 kilometres so it must so the distance between your city and the destination should be 85 kilometres or more. And once you have come to you so if I'm going from Cape Town to Johannesburg, I'm a traveler because it's more than 85 kilometres. Once I arrive in Johannesburg, once you arrive at your destination, you must ask yourself, will I be staying in this destination for days or more? If the answer is yes, once you get to Joburg, you land in Joburg. So you ask yourself, was the journey more than 85 kilometres? If it's yes, okay, I was a traveler. Number two, once I arrive at my destination, am I still a traveler? If

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you're going to stay in that city, or that location for four days, or more than from the moment you arrive at your destination, you are no longer a traveler and you must fast. But if you're going to stay in Joburg for only three days, then the entire three days you I travel up again I repeat this once you are if you're staying in Joburg for seven days for a week, when you get to Joburg you ask yourself, will I be here more than four days? If the answer is yes, I will be here for more than four days. Then from the minute you land. You become a non traveler. You're not a traveler anymore. You are a resident for to Johannesburg, and you must fast when you don't wait off the four days and

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then you you know you from day one. But if you are going to be in Joburg for less than four days, then the entire three days or three and a half days. You're still regarded as a traveler you can decide if you want to fast or not fast. It doesn't matter if the travel is easy or difficult. Shalyah doesn't bother with that whether it's food or by plane or by car it doesn't matter. You decide once you're a traveler what to do. As for the other person who has a temporary excuse. This is a person who is sick and sickness means that if fasting will harm your health. You know if you are sick already and fasting will make the sickness worse or fasting will make the sickness

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prolonged or fasting will make you sick in a way where you know obviously fasting is uncomfortable some for some people you know you'll be hungry and you'll feel fatigue that is a sickness but if it will harm your health and a doctor tells you not to fast or you can assist this is not good for me. Then you are compelled not to fast then you should take the rocks or the allowance Allah has given you and don't force the date. And subsequently even if during the day you are healthy and then towards the middle part of the day you've really you know you fell over you're dehydrated and you need to you know drink something then you break your fall Subhanallah and then Allah has allowed

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that for you if you do not do that you are torturing your body is haram and then you make the day up in the next you know once the month of Ramadan is over you decide when you want to make the day up soon as possible and you make up those mistakes are fasting then very specifically with breastfeeding ladies and pregnant ladies now when when is pregnant, obviously fasting can be detrimental to your health or to the baby and so it is not recommended for the lady who is pregnant too fast and so she is like someone who has a temporary excuse for she does not fast and sometimes panela the whole month she will not fast but she should assess each day how she feels then also the

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breastfeeding lady. Similarly if a lady breastfeed and she fast now

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or it might not harm her if she Fox her milk might dry up and or it might be difficult on her to breastfeed and fast and she will assist each day someday she might feel I can fast and very sweet they were breastfeeding does not break your fast so you can breastfeed and force no problem. But if by fasting it will harm you or it will harm you it will stop you from producing milk you'll become dry then you may break your fast now what happens is you find ladies that are pregnant one year then they breastfeeding for another two years, then it's finally pregnant again. So for five years have gone by wishes missed five six Ramadan's. What does she do? Unfortunately, there is no failure that

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she can pay she needs to make up those days. And so you know, especially can she should try when she's healthy again, to make up those days, maybe once a week, she'll force one day. And so over a number of years, she will finish up that remainder is the cutoff. So say for example, Ramadan 2021. I was sick for three days and so I didn't foresee a problem with handiness and I have three days Oh to Allah is the ultimate when I should force them of course before I die. This has to be done because if you die and you have days Oh, it's a major sin. It's a diff that you Oh ALLAH soprano. It's one of the pillars of Islam. So you need to do it as soon as possible. But the Sharia allows

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you to decide when you want to so if you want to say you know I'm going to wait until it's holiday time which winter when the days are short, I'm going to force in those days you can do that. But remember if you delay it until even the next day if I delay until Ramadan 2022 So a whole year went by and I had no reason for delaying for so long then I need to make the day up plus I need to pay a video as some scholars have mentioned you play a video yet like a penalty for being so late again what is the video you feed one one hungry person one meal but you still have to walk fast today so remember you fast the day you make up the day that is owed plus you need to pay a PDF as a penalty

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for going over that that year. This is the view of the majority of the scholars and Panama Allah knows best. Again this will happen perhaps after the month of Ramadan we have the six days of show well we will be asked can we fast our days that we owe the Ramadan our sculpt and can we force the 60s show altogether? Fasting to with with one Mia. Majority of scholars have allowed it in the Shafi mode have you in Cape Town which is practice as permitted that you can join a sunnah a fasting with a followed fasting. Now next question, what breaks my fast what breaks my fast and what does not break my fast. So the things that break you're forced to eat deliberately or to drink deliberately

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meaning purposefully, or anything which is like eating or drinking. So for example, if you eat or drink of course, it's pretty fast. If it's done deliberately knowledgeable, or you take an injection or a drug or something and it's like eating because it nourishes your body, anything that nourishes your body, then this will be your forcing will force brakes. If you make yourself vomit deliberately so you've owned by accident, you force this fine, you continue fasting, you know, but if you vomit deliberately you force yourself to vomit. This breaks your fast if you sexually arouse yourself and you ejaculate. You know this deliberately in the day of Ramadan this will break your fast if you do

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cupping or you extract blood from blood is extracted from yourself deliberately again so obviously if you fell and you injured yourself and you bleed, that sort of problem, but if you have blood removed from your body deliberately this will break you fast. Now obviously people will ask what if I need to go for a blood test? Well, you will seek obviously if you're going for a blood test there's a reason why and you will seek and that's inshallah you will make the day up no problem. If you have six during the month of Ramadan during the day. Of course this is this breaks the day of fasting and for the lady if she's an inner height, which is bleeding instead of waiting then this of

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course will break the fall. So if I shall was fasting, I mean three o'clock the afternoon the she sees she has fallen out that day is spoiled. And then she will have to make their day up you know after Ramadan. Of course, the reward for her is still there is nobody wants to get out. So what happens if you break your fast deliberately you have no excuse you want sick you want to travel? You would no tea and you ate you know something during the day deliberately where you had intercourse during that. What do you do? Well, this is a major major. So remember you have violated a pillar of the pillars of Islam and your Islam and it becomes now it's really harmless to Islam. So it's a

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major sin, and you need to make sincere and strong Toba and you innocent Allah even even if Allah forgives you for that sin into something to think about then you want a one day of Ramadan is better than a lifetime of fasting if you foster the 100 years that you want to get for that will not be equal to let one day and that we will is probably lost, you know for the one who breaks is forced deliberately so it's really a serious mistake to break your fast and on top of it. So if you're broke, you're forced deliberately, then you need to make Toba you need to make a Stefan and you need to make up that day you need to force that one day outside of Ramadan. However, if you had you broke

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your fast because of six you slept with your wife. Where do we know we only once want to think about with a nun or

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Something that you're not medically committed Xena, almost primal protect us then not only do you have to make that one day up and Matoba you actually need to fast for 60 days consecutively in reality what you should do is you should you should buy and free a slave, but apparently that we don't have slaves anymore from that after that then plan B you need to for 60 consecutive days 60 days one after the other to pay for that day that you broke and if you can't do that, then that person you will feed 60 people as you feed the app for that one day for each day that you broke in Ramadan because of intercourse you need to for 60 days that's fine while some people May Allah guide

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them they you know broke multiple five or 10 days in Ramadan they slipped with with a partner during the month of Ramadan. So they need to do 600 days you know 60 times then 600 days of fasting Suhana just to get the kuffaar from Allah subhanaw taala The next thing that we mentioned that what things more contemporary stuff what things do not so those things break your fast eating deliberately ejaculating deliberately six nourishing your body menstruation those things break your fast vomiting deliberately What does not break your fast if you eat and drink and you know unconsciously you didn't realize you had you know you're a sip of water and you're not gonna I'm not I was fasting. Of

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course hamdulillah Allah has fed you and Allah has given you risk when you it was a mistake you just continue fasting your day is your day is fine even Pamela many times people come with many numerous questions in the books if someone comes in and says yeah Allah it's so much you know, I had a whole feast and when I realized I was fasting, no problem and hamdulillah your fasting is fine. If you vomit or you bleed accidentally this does not break your fast if you accidentally ejaculate for example you sleeping in the middle of the day you wake up in the you had a weird dream, no problem. You continue fasting cutting nails or here these this misconception that if I cut my nails or my

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hair during the day in Ramadan, my fasting is broken. No not at all. That don't get confused that is haram when you eat her arm you contact your nails and hair but fasting nothing to do with it. You can cut your nails and hate wearing perfume wearing perfume again only Haram is a problem but for fastening it does not break your force. Someone asks What about barfing, showering, brushing your teeth, all these things are permissible while fasting, but you need to take a lot of care that you do not swallow. So if you you know in the shower or you're swimming, and maybe obviously not advisable if you don't need to swim, you know, they don't swim during the month of Ramadan in the

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day and then Ramadan, bobbing, breathing, you have to bathe and of course brushing your teeth we do this and the professional use the miswak during the month of Ramadan, but of course we can take a lot of kg not to swallow even if you have the taste so when you brush your teeth with toothpaste for example, you'll get the taste but make a strong effort not to swallow any of that water or to face more controversial issues either UPS nose drops, ointments weldments in shallow does not break your fast you know increments do not break your fast eyedrops, do not break your fast either ear drops inshallah do not break your fast. But of course, these are all great areas. And if you can avoid

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them, you can use your drops and your increments before during the mic, this is better. But the majority view is that this is completely false because anything which enters the eye or the ear or the skin is not counted as eating does not count as eating. And so this does not count. However, anything which goes through the mouth and the nose, this is counted as eating, and therefore nose drops, you know asthma pumps, sprays, you know, these kinds of things. Very, very dangerous. And the majority of scholars have linked us this would break your fast. So be very careful with anything that goes through your nose or your mouth, any kind of sprays or drops through the mouth of the

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nose. But actually, of course of course smoking we all know of smoking, vaping hookah, all of that would break your fast Of course, if you do so during the day, in the month of Ramadan, injections. injections are of two types, there's a type that nourishes the body an injection that feeds the body, this kind of injection would break your falseness panela I know this vaccine is currently happening and people need to need to consider again if you can avoid these things during the day you have it at night it's better or if you can delay it, um, you need to make the judgment how serious it is, and you need to weigh the importance but of course a vaccination most likely will break your

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fast however, as I understand in perhaps a doctor can can clarify this if it counts as a nourishment, it from that perspective. But then there are also injections which have no nourishing factors, you know, this is like something which numbs you your skin. In this kind of case, this does not break your fast this does not break your fast. But of course, again best to avoid any kind of addictions. It's a great area, this to do these things outside of the day. Now when we enter the month of Ramadan, remember, the NIA is that we want to achieve the success and we want to do this properly. It's also not just about fasting, of course it's a month of worship. And fasting is not

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just about what you put in your body, of course it is what comes out of the body and ivsa Salam remember he says whoever does not give up evil speech or lies. He doesn't give up lying or evil speech and Allah is not in need of him giving up his food and drink. And so we should be very careful.

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about avoiding as the sun's during the month of Ramadan so it's not just about you know Subhan Allah if that we just hide out your food you drink your wife is haram for you during the day then how much more Haram is looking at haram going to websites of the Haram listening to things that are haram speaking things to the haram. So that added emphasis of not doing Haram is really the the key ingredient as well in terms of attaining with Taqwa that's during the day of course during the night as well but of course the night this is the the nights of Ramadan are the nights that are the best nights of the year for for Salah. And people ask a lot about keyamo Lail and tagit what's the

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difference? Any solid and off the mothership is Kia Mulan Kia Mala literally means Salah at night so any any Salah that is done basically off the sunset is Kia Malay, but are we of course as we know is that that Salah which will do after he was done is the tsunami so Salam, many massages are either going to have thrown away or not going to have throw away because of the pandemic we don't know. In fact it is better and it is better for us to make Salah at home for Tarawa for the main if you're able to you know be shy of course you're making the GEMA but we know any sunnah Salah whether it's tahajjud really started with it is best to do it at home, maybe you know getting the family

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together. And as a family you perform taraweeh either at rockers or 20 rockers or whatever is easiest for you to rocker as 25 rockers, 26 whatever it might be. You perform whatever is easiest for you. But it is good to do your thorough way you can at home if not then go to the masjid it's fine. Then of course there's a special chiamo layer which is the Kiambu Lail and the last third of the night which is called gadget. This is the best time of the night so the night the best time to make solar keyamo is the last third of the night before Fajr right maybe two from three o'clock the morning and off budget. This is the best time and the DUA that is the time when Allah subhanaw taala

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decisions in a manner which reflects his Majesty comes down and he asked who is here to make dua to ask for anything so I give them who wishes to be forgiven they censor me forgive them. And so this is in every single line not just normal one Allah subhanaw taala does that but of course in the month of Ramadan it's even more special. And then of course the last 10 nights of Ramadan one of those nights is limited other very well better than 1000 months. And so as best we can, we should really plan every single night we should do some type of calculation. Also of course is the month the Quran to do a lot to get more acquainted with the Quran whether it is reciting memorizing to

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intercede reading the English anything which makes you closer to the Quran. Let that be your objective. So those are the key ingredients from upon. And of course charity. If spamela If you have not paid us a cat for the year, then make sure you pay US Soccer. If you have any haram money you should stop now in the interest spoken about this many, many times panela you don't want to be the guy that you know you'll be forced is so beautiful and you'll Kiama lady so beautiful, but in the background you're interested in earning money, your investments, your Haram as you're standing in Ebola as you're fasting, Allah subhanaw taala is counting against you Yoruba, and we know that

00:27:59--> 00:28:33

hadith that the man will come and he's very sincere and he's desperate and he's you know, disheveled is all over and he's being online was really desperate is being Allah. But Allah says that his food is haram his money is haram is close to haram, his body's knowledge of haram how Allah except from this man. And this is one of the barriers to our Ybarra is when we have haram money, you know, to our name so we should get rid of these things before the month of Ramadan. Another thing which really prevents us from achieving the full reward of a good deal is when we have harmed someone we've wronged them. And so one of the first steps as we enter the month of Ramadan is to make peace

00:28:33--> 00:29:07

with people. If there's anyone that's upset you, you had an argument with your sister, you're an argument with a customer you're in argument with your boss, you know, make math make peace with that not be the thing, you know, span a lot your Jana is in this month of Ramadan. You don't want a pity argument to be the thing which blocks you from your agenda, you know, be the bigger person. So you know, I'm sorry, and Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah forgive and have mercy upon us. And so with these short advices and short words, we can perhaps talk more about psychiatry fitter as we get close to the month of Ramadan aitikaf. If it will even happen the CM ALLAH SubhanA granted, for

00:29:07--> 00:29:43

those who are able to do so, really, you know, there's certain rules attached to that. But in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala the blessings and little feet to fast quickly and properly to grant us the strength and the ability to fast in a way which pleases him, Allah grant us to achieve the full, full benefit and that he would have the month of Ramadan. Remember, it's never about the quantity Allah Subhana Allah doesn't look at if you did 1050 100 Hard times or 10 of the handle that occurs in our Ivana will never be enough to achieve the reward. You know, it will never be equal to the reward. The best we can do is to have a sincere Nia to be sincere. And so to find those quiet

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

moments in this month where we can just be alone with Allah subhanaw taala and, you know, thank you for all his blessings, thanking him for guiding us through this last panel. Just to think about context in South Africa. How many people are not Muslim and are not having the benefit like the month

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

comes and goes and they didn't even Faust one day for ALLAH SubhanA data and then how many people's criminal law that we know that passed away through through this pandemic? How much they would love to be too fast just one is analyzed we can ask the people the code if they could get one day of fasting what they would do what they would give them itself the dunya 10 times over just to receive the opportunities that we have and we know that we don't might not get another opportunity of death all around us. We don't know if we might get the opportunity again. So take this Ramadan as I will ask someone and we just need to do it correctly to attain Jana May Allah grant that for all of us

00:30:35--> 00:31:13

mama Karachi father those are sick, gentle for those who those who have passed away cool. We heard them a lovely says with Lisa Ramadan Sukla hails Allah say Muhammad Ali Yusuf Islam Celine. Well, hello, Ramadan. I mean, just one announcement in sha Allah, Majid Quran Islam Yeah, of course in the book app, and at our center at Impinj Street, we will be having Ramadan markets on Sunday, the Sunday the 11th of April, whenever we raise funds, insha Allah, it's part of our soup kitchen and our social welfare. So there's a lot of activities, so please support us. If you'd like to support any of our other projects, the book athletes, which we sell our online programs, or our orphan

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programs, whatever we're doing in sha Allah, if you wish to participate, please assist us with your time or with financial support, but at the very least make dua for us and malice and Allah grant all the goodness I mean circular was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.