The Devils Departure

Bilal Assad


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Ramadan 2015 – The Devils Departure – Bilal Assad

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The shaitan's approach to sex is centered around forgiveness and a "whispers' during crisis, with a focus on preparing for the upcoming year. The season is long and people are trying to get their body ready for the season. The sh trading of Easter and the upcoming year are important events that are happening. Finding one's weakness is crucial to avoiding loss of loved ones.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, the devil's departure

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also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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that when Ramadan approaches, the eight doors of gender are open, the seven doors of Hellfire are closed, the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is bestowed the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala is released. And the shell Thien, the devils are locked up.

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All of this is out of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us

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and imagine that it was showering rain, which you're very used to imagine this rain, the drops of mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala and they choose the homes on which they will drop. Allah tala has mercy, forgiveness, his rewards will drop on certain people. And there are certain people who will be chosen for this Ramadan to feel the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala through it.

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Imagine this Ramadan as an intensive course. The prompts are send and save the Shelton are too soft photoshopped in they are imprisoned and chained up during Ramadan yet a lot of us we get temptations and whispers during Ramadan. Isn't that right? We still get whispers in Ramadan.

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The meaning of that is number one, the shaitan prepares allies before Ramadan comes so bad friends whose allotment that is mercy does not reach them. Remember the rain that falls on the homes? The rain that falls on the homes? Well, this type of a person's heart is so dark and so full of rust and has neglected the Quran and salad for so long during the year that not even the month of Ramadan or any plan or any Masjid can affect them anymore. This soul is not nurtured. So the shaitan uses these people to do what to influence the Muslims, the believers he leaves them behind during Ramadan. The other thing that shaitan does is he whispers to you and puts in doubts in your minds on top of your

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desires before Ramadan comes. A lot of people unfortunately today, they prepare for Ramadan.

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Exactly on the night on the eve of Ramadan. In the night when everybody's debating and arguing is Ramadan today or tomorrow. This group does it this way this group does it that way. And then there is a disunity that happens on the eve of Ramadan.

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So the shaitaan is there right up to the eve of Ramadan. And then the person begins to pass Ramadan and tries to do all the good deeds and then by the time Ramadan ends, it's like nothing happened. It's like as if it was a wave a sudden wave that came and went. It's not a leap. It's not a hurdle for them.

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But then there are people who prepare two months before Ramadan. Did you know hey the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informing us about the virtue of Raja.

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It's the second last month before Ramadan is the month before this one. Roger Rasul, Salah is the increase in fasting. So you need to train just before Ramadan so that you can get the best, the best out of Ramadan. My brother, he mentioned the beautiful story about the Sahaba from Somalia or send them when they used to prepare for Ramadan, it was six months in advance. And when Ramadan finished, they they stayed for six months after it worshiping Allah and making up to a loss of appetite to specifically have accepted the rewards of Ramadan. So it's a whole year round. It's not just one month.

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The shaitan knows this, and he is your enemy. And the shaitan knows that the month of Ramadan, they're going to be away. So they have to prepare to make you lose, they have to prepare to make you lose.

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So we prepare a little bit before it. If you are still able to increase in your fasting, and one line, one line, it has its enormous effect on you. By the time you reach Ramadan, you will be more prepared more than anyone else. And in fact, you'll be the type that will feel that secret mercy, which is bestowed upon an individual during Ramadan have an enormous energy that no one else can feel you'll find yourself being able to wake up in the middle of the night. without any problems. Your eyes will just open automatically at the time of support. And it's like you've slept all night. Your heart will continue pumping as though it is reading and we're lucky I know of people who are so

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used to their words repeating the Quran during Ramadan, that when they go to sleep and they wake up, they feel that the lips were dry as though they were reading the Quran all night.

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These are people who have prepared themselves you know, if you want to run up a hill a very steep hill

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is a flatland before it. You don't wait until you get to the edge of the hill and start running upwards. That's going to take tremendous effort. But you start running along pace beforehand on flatland, so that when you reach the highest steep at least you will get that extra strength to get you halfway there with ease, and only halfway you need to put the energy because Ramadan is an appeal and when you reach the top insha Allah, Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did say, that of the men for the men for the men for his nose be rubbed in dust three times. And the Sahaba said, Who yet also Allah, he said, Men Bella Ramadan, when a meal for low, whoever reaches Ramadan, and they

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haven't been forgiven. So there is no greater opportunity than the time of Ramadan for our forgiveness. Oh, you who has regretted their sins, oh, you who knows of secret sins that no one else knows about. And you and you cry in the night and you feel so guilty about you've given up almost hope. This is your time in sha Allah Allah, to get rid of this burden off your shoulders, and for it to replace in your heart, a sweetness sweetness, sweetness of happiness of a man that you've never felt before. Brothers and sisters in Islam, the shaitan comes directly from the front, directly from the back through his deception from the front through his allies and leaving a seed in your desires

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before Ramadan. And from the sides. The shaitan finds it difficult that the angels are there. My question is, and here is where the last panel Tyler and his love for you is really short. Why didn't at least mentioned from above and from the bottom? He said, I will come to them from the front the back Besides, but he didn't mention woman phoneclean woman?

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Have you ever thought about that? Woman faulting him? I'm indebted to him. And I will approach them from the above them from beneath him. Why didn't he say that? Because he knows that above you is a loss of planet who were dialer whose mercy descends upon you. And when you lift your arms up to one light into Allah does not allow any evil, any obstacle, any distraction between you calling upon your dear Lord, and the last pantalla responding to his beloved servant. It's a direct, direct connection.

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And Allah says in the Quran, and if my servants asked you about me on messenger of Allah, tell them I am close. I am very close. You know, like what a mother says to a child when a child wakes up in the night and it's very, an A child's very scared. See the nightmare, mom, dad, and they come close to them. And they say, Don't worry, I'm here. I'm close. I'm with you. You go to school, and they say Don't worry, I'm with you. Just remember your mom, remember your dad, you know, I'm with you. When a dear friend tells you wherever you go, just hold this remember, I'm with you. So last time I was telling you like the nurturing mother saying to its child, I am with you. For him near Kareem I

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am close, I will respond to the person who calls upon me when they call. So let them respond to my call. Let them respond to me. Because the way that I command you Allah is saying is the way to me is the way to me when Allah commands is something that prohibits that something he is actually drawing the line or the road for you in how to get close to him how to feel his presence somehow without either to the point where to the point where you continue to do the compulsory actions until you do the voluntary actions after that, until a law says I become your I which you see with your hearing which you hear with your leg which you walk with your hand which you touch with. And if you were to

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ask me for anything I will give you and if you seek refuge in me from anything, I will give you protection and there is nothing worse to me a loss is hated to me than the time when I have to take the soul of that person out. And he is feeling the pain while I hate to do so but only to bring him back to me.