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You will Bearcat we welcome you to the sum to this prayer and we'd love to hear from you, ma'am.

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In the name of Almighty God,

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the Most Merciful, the most compassionate

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but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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All praises due to Almighty God,

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the Most Merciful, the most compassionate

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or subtle Allahu Annecy. Dino Mohammed Laila early he was so happy he was said

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Peace and blessings upon His messenger, Mohammed and all of the prophets and messengers of Almighty God.

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This is how we open our prayers as Muslims by invoking the mercy and the compassion

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of Almighty God. The first

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formal prophetic tradition that the student receives from their teacher is called a hadith the prophetic tradition. An animal cell cell that goes back within unbroken chain.

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Bill Olia to the Prophet Mohammed as the first Hadith prophetic saying that the students received and that is a prayer for mercy. raha moon the merciful people Rahim Omar ohana, Yahoo, Moroccan, the All Merciful, will show mercy unto them.

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Your humble woman shall be merciful to those on Earth, your hemcon Memphis,

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the one and Heaven will be merciful. On to you.

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So our prayer is

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that we are all blessed to be more civil servants. That we're all blessed to respect the humanity of each other.

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And to remove ourselves as a human family.

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Beyond the lack of mercy, the lack of compassion that led to the tragic passing

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of our dear sister riona Taylor.

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May we

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challenge ourselves? And may we invoke the power

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of an all powerful Almighty God

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to assist us as we challenge ourselves, to remove to remove any vestiges of insincerity from our hearts,

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any vestiges of a lack of compassion from our hearts, may our hearts run over with mercy flood over with mercy and May those flood waters of mercy touch all of our fellow human beings, regardless of where they might stand, in terms of the various sides of our ideological, political, sociological divides, may all have their hearts, all of our hearts be touched by the mercy that emanates from those hearts. You have the power

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we are acknowledging all powerful God Allah Kadir

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the all powerful and we invoke your power, oh God,

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to make us merciful

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and to make those who are sometimes mercy less to touch their hearts, for it's going to take all of us got

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to transcend to move beyond this nagging problem of racial injustice that is plaguing this republic since its founding.

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And the recent events Unfortunately, they are not novel. They're not unprecedented. They are just x when mission points on the desperate need that we have to move beyond this situation that torments and tortures and undermines the potential of this country. We asked you Yeah, we asked you, your Allah Almighty God,

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that you bless us to remove all of the excuses that we make or that we allow, both within ourselves and within others.

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To prevent us from coming together and working tireless as our dear sister Linda and all of those who are on the

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frontline putting their bodies putting their careers putting their lives in many instances online, on the line rather, to see that justice is done, for those who have been robbed of any semblance of justice, to see that a voice is given by those whose voices, when they're not ignored all together oftentimes distort it distorted to present an image of someone a caricature of someone who the many, many victims of these senseless killings are not. We see this time and time again may though all of those excuses be removed. We asked you, oh God, one of whose names your name one of your names is justice, and

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but justice is absolute. Your justice knows no limits. Your justice is not restrained or distorted by anything in your creation. So from your pure and absolute justice, rain down justice Fabiana, Taylor ran down justice for her family, ran down justice for her community for our community, ran down justice upon this country. We asked, Oh, God, the just the most just that her family, that her precious mother knows justice, that her precious community knows justice, and that those who will come after her after her can point to her case and say that this is where justice took a right turn, a righteous turn. This is where justice came to reflect the perfect justice of Almighty God, despite

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the human imperfections that we all possess. This is the case that proved to be a turning point. And we can point to this, these hours, these days of prayer, as a plead this pleading to our Lord, as a moment when that direction change. When Almighty God heard our plea, when he heard our cry when he heard our when he acknowledged our helplessness and impose his power, interjected his power, interjected His justice into the situation, and that justice touched our hearts. Just as the mercy emanated from our hearts and the justice in our hearts began to become a mighty cry. It came together across the echo and the echo. you communicate and across the faith lines and the faith

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divides it join the people of one faith with the people of another faith and join the people of all faiths with the people of no faith. And all the people came together and they raised a mighty cry for justice. And we look back and we said it was the plea that was raised from the hearts of the servants of God, that be that served as a milestone as a marking point that delineated a change before be between what was and what is, please empower us or our Lord, empower us in this country and power all the people of this country, give power and hear the prayer and the plea when the the the the symbolic and the real acts of resistance emanating from our athletes, and remove the hatred

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remove in sensitivity from the hearts of those people who stood up and booed. Those athletes who stand for the flag, then booed them because they said they're kneeling and disrespecting the disrespecting the flag even when the flag wasn't the issue. The flag had nothing to do with the issue. But they said they're disrespecting our flag when they're by kneeling down. So when they stood up yesterday, and then linked their arms together, and the people in the stand they started booing them, and let us see, oh god that the problem isn't standing or kneeling. The problem is the disease in the hearts of Far too many people in this country we ask that you remove that disease

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from the hearts of those people remove the disease from our hearts, purify our hearts so that our prayers are pure. I will call them to you as pure and as your justice is pure when we call from those purifying hearts, wearing your justice down. And they Briana Tell me when briona Taylor made her tragic killing. Prove

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A a defining moment in this ongoing quest for justice, for those who are formerly unjustly and slave for those who were formerly, and currently in many instances, in many ways, still suffering from Jim Crow, from those who are denied the benefits systematically of the GI bills to empower those returning GIS, with educational benefits denied to our community, with housing benefit the motor, and that propels so many into economic stability systematically not denied to our GIS, and all of the other in justices that we know of them, those we don't even know of that are operating behind the shadows, remove all of those institutional barriers in the justice system, and our economic

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system and our political system so that we may know your mercy. We may know your compassion, and we may know your justice. Oh God, we thank you for this opportunity. And we pray that you strengthen us to do our part be a great or small to add our voices and strength to those who are standing on the frontlines there in Louisville. Unless and elsewhere are some Allahu Allah say you Dino Mohammed Laila early he was saying you were selling their mean, and mean and Peace and blessings upon our messenger Mohammed and all the prophets of God. Amin, amin, Amin.