Advise for Muslims in Haram relationships on Valentines Day

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The first sin that's facing the people today, the 14th of February, is celebrating Valentine's Day.

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This is a pagan day. It's a day of shake. As we said. It's a pagan holiday. It's about the celebration of the pagans, of the gods. It's a major sin this day a lot, but it's about the Schoodic. Any today in which boyfriends and girlfriends meet, and they practice Zadar, and alcohol, how long parties will how long I'm chatting, and how long conversations all of this is going to be happening today. Allahu Akbar. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, those that are Muslim, I have a message for you. A message to my single Brothers and Sisters in Islam that are involved in how warm relationships I know. Perhaps today when you wake up or as you woke up today.

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Perhaps the first person you want to see on this day is your boyfriend, or is your girlfriend. But trust me, if this haram relationship continues going, they will be the last person you want to see on the Day of Judgment, Allahu Akbar. They're probably the first person you want to see today. But they are going to be the last person you want to see on the Day of Judgment due to how much sins they would have brought upon you Laquan. And so the brother and the sister the brother would say, But brother share and I can't live without her. I love her. My brother, my brother in Islam, I ask you who deserves your complete love? Allah or her? My sister in Islam who deserves your complete

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love him this boyfriend of yours? or Allah subhanho wa Taala who deserves your heart? Who deserves all your love? Allah azza wa jal or him or her most definitely Allah subhanho Medina. And so if Allah azza wa jal deserves all your love, you must prefer that which Allah soldier loves, over that which you desire and you love and Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, when the Quran was Xena it no who can affair Asia was a Sevilla do not approach a Xena do not come me Xena, in this area Allah sosial Forbid not only the action of Xena itself, the illegal sexual intercourse. That's not what only Allah azza wa jal made forbidden in this area. He said Do not approach a Xena do not come me Zillow.

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So what that means is anything that leads to a Zillow becomes home,

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looking at each other lustfully that becomes haram. This is why in Islam, we are commanded to lower our gaze, so chatting with a non maharam with their boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever you've called him and called her chatting, gazing with lost sending pictures to each other.

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uploading pictures on Instagram, or on whatever it is on social media on this day, with all this makeup and whatever it is, all of this is a road that leads to a zener if you knew the seriousness of the Zener you will see the seriousness of every matter that leads to it. And if you do not see the seriousness of Xena in your life, then every matter that leads to it, you will not see them as a big deal.

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Chatting, meeting, texting all of this to a non maharam in obviously the sexual manner and whatever it is, all of this is impermissible, all of it is haram. Why? Because it leads to Xena. You can immerse for Allah subhanho wa Taala is upon us. He wants to divert us away from this path altogether. So he didn't just see a Xena is haram. He said to me, he said my sleeves everything that leads to It is haram. Then he said in the whole can affair Asia. Zina is fair Asia. It's a shameless act. It's an immoral act was a sebelah. And what a horrible path it is. You see Allah azza wa jal called a Xena a path because a person doesn't just meet with a boy or a girl. And instantly they're

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committing Zina love. There's a path. There's a method there's a road. When do you bit by bit you keep reeling yourself into this hole until we finally fall into the media. How on earth are we there? So my brothers and sisters in Islam, you should prefer Allah sturgeons love over

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Your desire Allah for anyone in Haram, Allah azza wa jal made a sinner and made this relationship of Bife boyfriend and girlfriend haram. Leave it, break it let go of this haram relationship for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said Mantella Kashi Lilla a woman who loves her a min if you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah would replace it with something better. And this Hadith also includes if you leave off something haram for the sake of Allah, Allah would replace it and give you something way better and much better for you and for your Eman and for your faith and for your relationship with Allah. Muhammad, do you believe? Do you

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believe the promise of rasool Allah so Allah Allah you will send them or not? Allah, Allah He when you leave something for the sake of Allah, it is only then that you will taste the sweetness of a man

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Subhan Allah, my brother in Islam, listen, listen to me carefully. Allah He if you really loved her, this girlfriend of yours if you really loved her, leave her.

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Leave her. Because through your actions, through your chatting and messaging and meeting up with her, and your fake promises to her, you are exposing her to the anger and the punishment of Allah. How can you claim that you really love her? It's fake love. It is fake love. The reality is, you don't love her. You actually love yourself. You want to fulfill a desire that's within you. So you do anything to get to this girlfriend of yours, and you to my D Muslim sister. If you really love him, this so called boyfriend of yours, if you really love him, then leave him, leave him break it off. Because your actions when you chat to him, and message him and meet up with him, and give him

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your fake promises or whatever it is, and dress up in front of him and make up in front of him in front of a non maharam that you call your boyfriend. Then you have exposed him at the same time also exposed yourself to Allah's Anger and his punishment. How can you claim that you love him? If you've exposed him to Allah's punishment, because you've reeled him to you.

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You really don't love him. You actually love yourself. There's a desire that inside you, and you want to fulfill this desire. So you happen to find this boyfriend that will fulfill it for you. So in essence, you don't love him, you actually loved yourself, and you're using him for a desire that's inside you. And all this I'm speaking about when it's a haram relationship. This is the actual story of what's happening. Allahu Akbar, if you truly loved him, you will stop talking to him, you will stop meeting up with him. Because each time you meet up with him, you are exposing him to the anger and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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If he's if he dies tomorrow, and he's punished in his grave, you are the cause? Now, would you be happy if you come on the day of judgment, and the so called boyfriend of yours began begins to point the finger at you and say Allah, she was the cause of it. She called me she would chat with me, she would beg me to meet with her. Hello, obviously, it's not acceptable for him to give such an excuse, because everyone is responsible for his own actions. But why my sister? Why would you put yourself in a position that people would blame you and point fingers at you? And seem to you my brother in Islam? If she dies tomorrow, and she's punished in her grave? You are the cause of this? Would you

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be happy? Would you be happy with that? And would you be happy? If she comes on the day of judgment and begins to point her fingers at you? Yeah, Allah it was him. He is the one who continuously would chat with me and call me and message me non stop. He wouldn't stop. He came over and he picked me up and he got me this and he got me that.

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Hello. Obviously at the same time, it's an unacceptable excuse from her because everyone is responsible for his sin. But why? Why would you put yourself in a position that people will point fingers at you on the Day of Judgment? Is this something you really want to see on the Day of Judgment? My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, those that are in Haram relationships, if you love each other, and you claimed that it's genuine, then be afraid of the punishment of Allah social for each other. Be afraid for each other's Eman and your relationship with Allah. There's no Baraka in Haram relationship. There's no satisfaction in a haram relationship. And the man gets damaged your

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relationship with Allah gets ruined your Salah becomes ruined. Your Alma bond becomes ruined. This sacred month of Russia becomes ruined and every day

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Have your life is ruined. And in the back of your head, you're seeing and you're convincing yourself Shala one day the opportunity is going to come I'm going to change. But little do people know that your time is way shorter than what you think in your mind. This opportunity you think that's going to come in the day you're going to repent and the day you're going to wear the job and the day you're going to become upright. And the day you're going to break off these relationships. One law he most of these dreams never come and they never fulfilled and a person dies way before them. Don't allow the shape arm to trick you into full you make your move now now make your move with an

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intention it starts with the heart. I will break these haram relationships and I will focus on loving Allah surgeon and loving the commands of Allah and fulfilling the commands of Allah and respecting and honoring that which Allah made secret and honored which is the month of Raja begin now a beautiful start. Lord walkabout Be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, be careful. Each and every single one of us has two angels one on the left and one on the right.

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Be careful when you stand with her when you stand with your girlfriend. Or you my sister when you stand with your boyfriend. Which Angel do you think is recording this moment? The one on the left or the one on the right which one is recording this moment? Be careful my brothers and sisters, the earth that you're standing on the earth that you standing on as you meet up with your boyfriend girlfriend? Is it going to witness for you on the Day of Judgment? Or is it going to witness against you on the Day of Judgment? Be careful what you do with your hands to your boyfriend or girlfriend? What do you do with your mouth to this boyfriend or girlfriend? Be careful? Allah subhanahu wa

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Dionysus and Yo man, Timo Allah for him. What to eliminate ad Motorshow Shalom Bhima Kenya M N O

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Allah azza wa jal, he says on that day, we will seal the amounts and their hands and their feet will begin to talk

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concerning that which you used to do, because a person on the Day of Judgment becomes in denial of his sins. He won't accept what Allah is telling him of what he did of sins. So he wants a witness for his sins. He says, No, I want a witness. Allah bring me a witness that can witness to what I did have since at that moment, Allah would seal his mouth, and his own hand will begin to witness against him, and his own feet will begin to witness against him and his tongue, the shadow, Shadow Alzira, to whom their tongue you will witness against you what you used to speak to this boyfriend and girlfriend of yours, the limbs will begin to talk. And it is at that moment, as the person

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begins to listen to his limbs testifying and witnessing against him. And he becomes worried and terrified and in a state of shock. unbelievable moment.

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He says what call Lou Lou De Lima Shahid, tomar. Elena,

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they would say to their skin to their limbs, why did you witness against us? Why? You know what your limbs would say back in response Corlew Umbach, on on law and levy on Buck Akula shake, they will see Allah, Allah allowed us to speak. And we are the creation of Allah. Your hand doesn't belong to it belongs to Allah. So Allah gives it permission to speak the truth. Your hand will witness against you what you did to your boyfriend, or what you did to your girlfriend. Fear Allah so as you can or whatever you do have the Haram how how can you do on haram after ye I up like this? Do you believe in the ayat of the Quran are my brothers and sisters in Islam, as harsh as you may think the sounds

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except that it is injected with a lot of mercy and a lot of gentleness and a lot of compassion. You know why? Because you're still alive. And we all need reminders. We all need to remind each other all of us and and I do not pick on anyone at all. I don't know everyone's got a different circumstance. But I need to deliver the message. So you're aware so you know what you're doing, and what the sins you do, how are they going to act and react against you on the Day of Judgment? You need to be aware of this. Don't come on the day of judgment and say, Oh Allah, no one told us no one informed us and my job is to inform you. This isn't. I don't control your situation. I cannot break

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or force you to break your relationship. You do what you want. There are Maluma * done. Allah says do what they want.

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On any if I if I force something upon you it's not accepted because forced email is not accepted by Allah, your Eman and you leaving of evil and sin and breaking out on relationships must be genuine it must come out from your heart. No one can do anything about this except you remember my brothers and sisters in Islam, those haram relationships that boyfriend and girlfriend when you meet each other, both of you have four angels witnessing this moment. For angels altogether to on you and to on her. They are witnessing this moment. They are watching what do you do and they are recording and above all, Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching Allah azza wa jal he says Allah Mia Allambie and

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Allah Hi Allah. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, he reminds us Didn't you know that Allah social continuously seas

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dealing you know, and Allah azza wa jal called this aim, he called it knowledge LM Yalom Allah He V ultimate knowledge and the biggest and the greatest knowledge you will ever possess in your mind, in your heart and in your soul, is the knowledge that Allah azza wa jal watches over you 24/7 of the day, if you that's what you need. If you have that piece of knowledge in your heart, and it's awakened, every moment of your life, this is the only knowledge you need in it, nothing else. The whole matter what makes us fall in sin and evil, other than the fact that we forget Allah is watching us. If we were always conscious of the fact that Allah is over his watchful over us, no one

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would fall into sin. You would take any,

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any it'll it'll take you you'll think twice before you do something haram.

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Allah azza wa jal, he says your star food I mean a nurse. When a star food I mean Allah Oahu, Maui home, Allah azza wa jal he speaks about the people's attitude. He says your stuff una mina Ness. You tried to hide and conceal your Sim from people. My brother, when you meet up with this girlfriend of yours, you tried to conceal this from your parents. You tried to conceal this from her father, from her mother from her brothers and her sisters and her aunties and uncles. You tried to conceal it from them, you try to conceal it from your own parents, your staff food, I mean a nurse Allah says well as the food I mean Allah Wahoo mount home they feed the people and they do not fear Allah while

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Allah is with them. Allah can see you Allah knows what you're doing. Allah he's every single word you're speaking to her and whatever you my sister speaking to him all this in a haram yes the phone I mean a nurse when a star food I mean Allah. Wha hoo mom luck but if you be tuned in LA oh boy mineral code