Ibraheem Menk – How Do I Concentrate In Prayer

Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The customer is experiencing a problem with their connection and is wondering how long it takes to regain it. They describe a problem that occurs during theiriva or even after their summer vacation. The representative suggests that it is a result of distraction and comes from the use of devil as a distraction.
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Salam Alaikum Sheikh Ali Khan, salam ala

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Akima. Sit down ask you a few questions. Sure. No worries. I

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had a question to ask you, which I was a little bit embarrassed about. So the question was recently during my salah, I feel like I've lost that connection. And I'm just wondering if it's something that's normal, and how do I go about regaining that connection and finding crucial within my salah. I think the problem you're describing is quite common. A lot of people suffer as well. But there are a few remedies to this that are short term, easy, quick fixes that you can employ. And there's some that are a bit more long term. So, you know, the Prophet SAW Selim tells us that either through Taylor Salam or son, we're solid, what do when you get up to the Salah, then perform the salah of

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one who is bidding farewell. So they leaving work and leaving the veneer that's the last. So if you think of that, it's literally your last salah, and your grave is right next to you. And once you finished and completed that trail, you're going down, you're being loaded into your grave, you're going to each of us can take a few moments before your summer to picture the stream. Imagine this and your solar will change completely. I think

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it's self explanatory, to explain why your solar will change, you know, this is the thing that's going to benefit me with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Secondly, in your Salah, when you reach a point where you know you're distracted and you start to think of holes and your family or your prisons, etc, or the conversation you just had with the person before you entered into that salah. Then the prophets of salaam distributors to say our order will then show your partner for him will meet Fulani yesterday he felt that he should have a slight spitting sound that that emits from that is emitted from his mouth

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towards his left and that literally dispelled or expelled the devil that comes in bothers you. So there's a specific devil that is employed to come and wandering you during your Salah is nameless kins at 400 So that's his job comes they're constantly tries to worry you and distract you and pull you to that which is you know, has nothing to do with your Salah. So I think if you employ a few methods like these, your Salah changes

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