Khalid Yasin – Quraan In The Modern World

Khalid Yasin
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I'll do respected non Muslim guests,

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and students.

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We thank Almighty Allah for the opportunity to clarify issues and to have genuine dialogue

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and to be able to address matters that help people of different faiths and perspectives, to interact and to appreciate and to tolerate each other. And we pray that this evening's presentation will serve to put forward a proposition will serve to clarify the position that the core n has in this civilization that the Quran has in past civilizations that the Quran will play in the future of the world. We pray by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the hearts and minds of those who are not familiar with to call an those who have perhaps misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, we hope that at least minimally, that your hearts and minds are open, because if your hearts and minds are

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not open, you will not be able to receive even that which is intended.

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We would like to begin by saying

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that the title of our presentation this evening is the application of the core end and the modern society.

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We want to begin by saying that there is a pre pre notion that some self proclaimed non Muslim experts on Islam, people who just select themselves to appoint themselves and give people the impression because they are media representatives or because they are people who have some kind of academic degree people who have looked at Islam from the outside people who themselves have their own subjective historical feelings about Islam. Those even for some reason or another have a prejudicial or biased position about Islam. They have put forward their own propositions. And what prompted us to deliver this tonight was such a proposition they have put put forward the proposition

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that Islam and the Quran is retrogressive that Islam in the Quran is an aberration to modern society, that Islam and the Quran is invading and polluting Western civilization with retrogressive backwards, decadent types of ideas. So this is what they have put forward. And our respected countryman or human being Mr. Fred Niles and some of his clan, they have set forward this kind of premise, and they are intended to hold some kind of a gathering to, to further this kind of bigotry in the minds of people and to set people's minds with prejudice and, and with

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anti social feelings, and suspicion about Islam and about Muslims about the Quran. Well, when we heard they were doing that, although we have a very small voice, we don't have a newspaper, we don't have command of any type of media, or we're not high profile people. So we only had a very small voice. But what we said to him, Mr. Niles, if you yourself, who have this kind of position, if you will meet us, either on the steps of the Parliament, or the city hall, or inside where we can take a seat, we'd like to challenge you regarding this position. While Mr. Niles,

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he thought that he had a sitting duck in the water. So he said, Great, we'd love to do that. And so he set a date. And he set a time, but he himself said he wouldn't come. Well, I can understand that. Mr. Niles doesn't want to be embarrassed in case things don't work out the way he expected to do what God you don't want to be embarrassed. So he should send a surrogate, so that if that surrogate was embarrassed, he could say, well, that person didn't do the job I quite expected. But what we wanted was Mr. Niles, who we want is people like Mr. JOHN Cleary. Who we want is some of these other radio announcers.

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To sit back with their microphones and say different things like Mr. Alan Jones and people of that nature, these are the people that we want to see, we want to see them in the public. We want to, we want to challenge them to an open debate, and a very dignified and decent way, in a very professional atmosphere. This is what we want to do. Why? Because in history, when human beings come together with mutual respect, and in a neutral environment, with witnesses and objective feeling, and dignity, and they put forward they evidence, truth always finds a way to manifest itself.

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And we certainly feel that the Quran and that Islam, in its history, and its resources has enough foundation of truth, to be able to put forward in front of the entire world for object.

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Analysis. Thank you very much, brother.

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It's always good, we got help from the audience.

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So Mr. nirc, set up the date he said to surrogate or he appointed a surrogate to meet us and

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in the Parliament House to discuss the application of the COR n and modern society. But somehow another six days away from the date or seven days from the date, his surrogate wasn't able to meet the challenge. I would have thought that Mr. Niles says he's having a gathering of people to say the opposite tomorrow, tomorrow night, I would have thought that Mr. Niles would have jumped to the opportunity that he would have came from behind those car doors. And from behind those little booths, radio booths and places where they talk and shoot their arrows. I would have thought that Mr. Niles would have been glad to meet somebody who probably wouldn't have his level of public

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stature in the in his favorite place. I think he's a representative in the Parliament House, isn't he?

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But he didn't. So we felt that it's only proper, that we call some people from this society, people who may be able to come out. And just from a point of inquisitiveness, we thought it only proper to take the same title and come out and address some of the issues that we would have addressed had we got the opportunity to talk to Mr. nails are one of his surrogates. Of course, we realized that in that kind of setting the Parliament House, we would have only probably had 30 minutes to make an address 15 minutes to make a conclusion, and that we may not have been able to deal with things as we will this evening. So if you will be patient with me. What I will try to do first is put forward

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the premise of why we need to discuss this subject. And then after that, I'll discuss with you what I consider the analytical approach. And then at the end, you will make the determination for yourself as to whether the Koran has any legitimacy, and whether the Quran has any ability to find an application, whether there's even a need for the Quran to be present or to be applied in western civilization.

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Now, the self claimed non Muslim experts on Islam

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they all have something in common one, blatant ignorance about the Quran, blatant ignorance about Islam.

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They do know something about Muslims, I would agree to that. It doesn't take much to know about Muslims, go visit the 23 different Muslim countries and see how they are.

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Unfortunately, and I have to agree to us to a certain extent, I have visited 19 of the 23 countries where there are major Muslim populations. And I have to agree that I'm disappointed that Muslims as a result of culture, ethnicity, language, personalization, misunderstanding,

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extremism and other things. In many cases, they themselves have served the world

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the wrong portrait, a misconception sometimes it is Muslims themselves that are standing in the way it is Muslims themselves who are providing the

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misconstrue the wrong picture, the misconception, the distortions, it is Muslims. Therefore, if someone were to visit Muslim countries, if someone were to measure Islam by the Muslims, I would agree that in many cases, we would come up with the wrong formula. However, objectively, anyone that wants to examine a civilization or science, anyone that wants to examine they do not examine that civilization or that science by virtue of the people who call themselves particular names.

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For we will see that if we were to measure all the people in the West, whether they be Americans, whether they be British, whether they be Australians, whether they be New Zealanders, whether they beat people from

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Any other western country at all of the European Union, if we were to judge them,

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by virtue of what we see inside their societies, we may make the wrong judgment, we may not give them the credit that their civilization is due.

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So they have something in common one is blatant ignorance about the facts of the poor, and neither do they speak the Arabic language which the Quran was revealed and that language, none of them are neither. Neither Are they aware of the many sciences that a person must know in order to have a good understanding and analysis of the Quran.

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Another thing they have in common, is they distort the facts blatantly, they don't care about distorting the facts, they just care about commanding some place in the media, and filling the people's ears with trash. Because we Muslims, it is partially our fault. When they say what they say from their positions of media, we should be able to say from opposition's of media, that is not true. And here is the evidence. But unfortunately, we are working very slow. But the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation is working towards giving that balance so that we can talk man to man face to face eyeball to eyeball, and that we can enter the homes in the hearts and the minds of people.

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And we can say No, that's not true.

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We can correct the distortion of facts with the truth.

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Another thing they have in common is that they have a hatred that blinds their objectivity.

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Now any one of you know

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that if you have a hatred or hostility towards any human being,

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it blinds your objectivity towards their value and their true worth. So hatred should not be a guiding factor and it should not be an element when you are reviewing anyone from both sides.

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Another issue they have in common they are entrenched in their intolerance, providing no middle ground. That means that if you talk to them, you there's no compromise.

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There's no good in us. There's no good in the Quran. There's no good in the Muslim civilization. There's no need for Muslim just go away, you'll just go away. This is Australia. This is the UK, this is America. This is New Zealand, this is Europe, this is our country just go away.

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I want to remind them that it wasn't just wasn't too long ago when this was not called Australia.

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And there's a group of people that live here who here originally, who probably have the right to tell the Australia's just go away.

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This is our land.

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And we don't necessarily like your culture, your civilization that you have imposed upon us and taken from us by force just go away. But those people are weak. Unfortunately, they have been destabilized and they cannot tell the civilization that we call Australia to just go away.

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So the Australian civilization and the people who represented it spokesman's, they do not have a right to tell any citizens or visitors who are here

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who function according to law, who are civil in their attitudes, who put forward dignified propositions and lifestyles, who themselves are taxpayers, people who themselves are homeowners, property owners, businessmen, students, they do not have the right to take our religion and our values and say we should simply just go away.

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They have to provide what's called a middle ground. a middle ground means an area where two opposing views can come together and talk and see what level of compromise or what level of agreement can we make so that we can live together with appreciation and dignity.

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Another thing they have in common is that they have a refusal to recognize that Western civilization is experiencing apocalyptic dysfunction. Now, those of you who are students of sociology people, those of you who are students of psychology, you will understand that terminology. apocalyptic means to grave proportions, dysfunction, social psychological, immoral, dysfunction,

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and psychosis, meaning that psychosis means that it has reached a level that it has become psychotic,

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out of control. Therefore, what's the western civilization is in need, as it has had in the past reformation and a new morality? What did I say it is in need of

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And a new morality, here comes the Quran.

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This is the very presence. This is the very premise of the need of the Quran and modern civilization because that was the need of the Qur'an 1500 years ago and that is how the CT n brought forward a civilization that we are experiencing today. You might say to yourself, Well, how did the Quran bring forward a civilization that we're experiencing? Today? We're going to discuss that I'm going to qualify my statements. But keep this in mind. I'm saying to you that the basic thesis and answer whether the Quran can be applied in modern civilization, the basis of it is that the Quran is a book of Revelation. It is a book of inspiration, and is the book of legislation that if it is followed,

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it will reform the human being, it will reform the family, it will reform the society, it will reform the government, and it will reform the world.

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And it brings forward the idea of a new morality, because at the end of the day, right and wrong is determined by a sense of morality

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and to Quran such for the premise that Almighty God has set in a human being a fitrah a natural inclination towards what is right and wrong. And if that human being recognizes that God, they will be on the path of morality, and the Quran brings a new morality, which has been new, even 1500 years ago, it was new, and it is also new today.

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tonight's discussion,

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if you bear with me,

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is a refutation to the unjustified attacks on the reputation of Islam as a global faith

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it is put forward is putting forward the proposition that the Quran is a sacred revelation and scripture. It put forward the proposition that the Quran has in the past and will in the future, provide humanity with the progressive and dynamic source of addressing its most critical issues.

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It puts forward the proposition that the Quran can solve humanity's most obvious impending predicament. What is it self destruction and environmental collapse?

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So here we are not trying to put forward a proposition that has anything to do with culture has anything to do with Arabs or Asians or Africans or individuals or some particular ideological group? No, we're putting forth a proposition we believe the proposition of the Quran, the proposition of divine revelation, divine inspiration from Almighty God and the legislation that will save humanity from an impending predicament that anyone can see. You don't have to be a prophet to see that we are in a dangerous situation today. We are on the brink of self destruction and environmental collapse.

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Social statistics representing major countries in the western civilization, in order for me to qualify that last statement that I made, let me just go back to it for a moment, self destruction and environmental collapse. And whole idea I said that we are

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portions of apocalyptic dysfunction and psychosis. That's true. Let's move forward social statistics representing major countries in the Western world, Western civilization, because our, our, our,

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our critics, our self proclaimed critics, the people who perpetrate this kind of language against us, they are always talking about Western civilization, as if it is so glorious, so holier than thou, I mean, everybody should compare themselves we should assimilate, you know, we should we should, we should abide by we should this we should that no as citizens, we should obey the law.

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As people in the society we should participate. But we do not have to absorb all of the values of a society just because we are here. That is not true.

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Because there are some values which are no good. And we want to talk about some of them. There are some parts of the society Western civilization that has went haywire, the experiment is going wrong, and somebody has got to put it under control, someone has got to apply a massive damage control.

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And this is what we are putting forward the proposition to do. We're saying that as Muslims, not all of us, because all of us Muslims are not functional ourselves. But some of us

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who are aware, some of us who are sincere, some of us who are resourceful and guided some of us who are intellectually clear and strong and able to lead and hold responsibility and give the right example, some of us that understand Islam, and some of us that put forward the example in the paradigm of Islam.

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We can put forward a proposition.

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Why is there a need for it? Let's look at some of the statistics in the western civilization. appalling, disturbing statistics. Now these statistics are provided for you here. They have been extracted from a multiple source, including the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the UK home office, Scotland Yard, the Interpol agency, the Encyclopedia Britannica and some other sources. So those of you who would like to say, well, where are you getting all these statistics from? Those are the places you can get it from. And if you send us an email will send you the 40 or 50 different references that we have extracted these from

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one. Now these are issues that need to be addressed, because if they're not addressed, they are part of our impending doom and the collapse of our civilization.

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One, alcohol and nicotine addiction.

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Take a look at these figures. alcoholism is the world's number one health problem. I said number one,

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alcohol has destroyed the lives of taking the lives of consumed the lives of consumed the wealth of more human beings in the last 20 years than all the wars in the last 100 years.

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Let's deal with some of the statistics 40% of the United States population. And if you deal with the United States population, then you get an idea about the rest of Western civilization 40% of the United States population that is 285 million people abuse alcohol on a daily basis.

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40% that means it's probably like around 120 million people 66 point 7 billion was spent on alcohol is spent on alcohol per year in the USA. I said 66 point 7,000,000,005% of those who abuse alcohol will become alcoholics, that is 14 million people in America at least 40 million. Some statistics say that 10% of the population are alcoholics.

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17,000 alcohol related deaths in the US per year. If you add that up five times 17, that's five times seven is 35. And five times 10 is 85,000. That is more people died from alcohol in the last five years than died from the Korean War and the Vietnam War altogether.

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Smoking is the world's number two health problem. one and five smokers will die as a result of smoking. A person dies as a result of smoking every eight seconds.

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The three leading alcohol and cigarette producers in the world are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, the leaders of modern civilization.

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Let's deal with narcotics.

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Now you might get a little bit bent out of shape before we finish all of this. But I think that I got to build my case. If you are the jury, you got to give me a chance to build my case. Because I don't have a radio station. I don't have a television station. I don't have a newspaper, and tomorrow and all the rest of the time. The other people, the opponents, the perpetrators, those who are going to be saying what they saying they got plenty of time. I don't have much time. So I'm ask you to bear with me tonight because I give you my case.

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narcotics addition, addiction each year in the United States of America, 78 billion is spent on narcotics. So now you add that with the 66 66 million. Those of you who are in economics, you add these figures up for me and tell me what kind of economy we got, and why we pay so many taxes. From what I understand that most of us here in the UK and America, we spend 30% of our money on what

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taxes, isn't it? Well, I would wonder if we was to curb narcotics use if we was to curb nicotine and alcohol use, that's 150 or 60 billion. That's enough to support

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18 countries of the world.

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So let's keep moving

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78 billion spent on illegal drugs.

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There are 6.2 million drug related deaths in the United States each year I said 6.2 million deaths in the United States. So what about the rest of Europe? What about the rest of the Western civilization

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7.3 million Americans are currently addicted to the to an illicit drug.

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Let's talk about murder.

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Now this is the this is a Western civilization we're talking about now, we're not talking about third world, because some of our

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people that hurl these hostilities at us those accusers, they would want to say that we are terrorists, your Muslims are fanatics. Muslims are extremist. Muslims are blowing up, people are hijacking planes We are, we are war people. We're war mongers and we, you know, if you go to those countries there, you don't know what's gonna happen to you, they might just naturally kill you or whatever.

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Well, let's look at the statistics of murder.

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In Western civilization.

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34,000 people are murdered each year in the USA and Canada 34,000.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:53

I'm sorry, USA, Canada, UK, eu, Australia and Japan. That makes it a little bit better.

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Let's look at this the figures of *.

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A * occurs every two minutes. So if we are here for an hour and a half, that means during that period of time 45 women have been raped? We're talking about well, not in Bangkok, not in Thailand. Not in Saudi Arabia, not in Egypt, not in Afghanistan. Not in Palestine. We're talking about in the Western world.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:32

354,670 rapes occur each year in the Western world.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:41

Now you add that up that says that 1000 take place almost every single day. Is that correct?

00:26:44 --> 00:26:48

Suddenly, two out of every 100,000 women in the Western world will be raped.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:51

Suicide and euthanasia.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:36

One death every 40 seconds in the Western world as a result of suicide or assisted suicide. Let's go back to that 1.5 million people each year die as a result of suicide or assisted suicide. That's 1.5 million people who are living in the Western world that has all the trappings of success, and modernity and technology and science. And why would people I mean, they've got everything they need. I mean, we got microwaves, we got telephone, we got televisions, you know, we got we pay more for cats and dogs than we do human beings. Why would people commit suicide at a faster rate

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in this type of civilization than they would in Ethiopia than they would in Darfur

00:27:42 --> 00:27:45

than they would in some other places where they are deprived.

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There are 413,402 robberies in the Western world each year globally. That's about 1200 every single day. Let's talk about *,

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a new it's not really a new crime, but it's become a smooth crime.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:18

29% of sexual assault victims were assaulted by a family member 72% of sexual assault victims in the Western world are under 25 years of age.

00:28:20 --> 00:28:26

Of all the males in Australia, the ones more likely to be sexually assaulted were boys under 14 years of age.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:40

No other group of people in the Western world is more likely to be assaulted, or become a victim of sexual assault, then girls aged 10 to 19 years of age. Look at the statistics. Let's talk about this for a moment.

00:28:42 --> 00:28:52

We won't get into the details because we don't want to create any more embarrassment than there has already been. But let me just give you one outstanding statistic.

00:28:55 --> 00:29:08

From 1995 until the year 2005 4783 priests have been indicted for *

00:29:12 --> 00:29:14

of those amounts has been indicted.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:19

Only 1300 and some odd have been actually convicted.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:27

Of those that were convicted only 93 were moved out of the Catholic church

00:29:29 --> 00:29:36

or disbarred. They will allow to move to another parish and continue young semien planting their garden.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:55

There is a statistic that you can get just like I can get that says 14% 14% of the 50,000 priests in the world

00:29:57 --> 00:30:00

admit to being homosexuals and themselves have had

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

At least one incident of *.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:25

Now I don't say that Muslims don't do the same thing. I don't say that some moms in different places don't do the same thing. But the statistics do not say that there is no blatant evidence to say that I say that this is the established Catholic Church in the modern civilization today.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:31

So I want fairness, that when people start talking about terrorism,

00:30:32 --> 00:30:59

and I'll agree that some of the people that seem to be on some of those planes blowing themselves up, they seem to be kind of like, I don't know, you know, Middle Eastern, African, exotic, something, you know, I'll agree. But this is another form of terrorism that has been tolerated by a massive public trust institution. And I say that's a problem.

00:31:00 --> 00:31:14

The other thing is that we want to say about this is that there are two things that psychologists say are linked to this kind of crime. Do you know what they say it is? two issues. One is homosexuality, and the second one is celibacy.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:49

celibacy and homosexuality has contributed towards this *. So I think that the core n has the position to say to the church that we can pray together and we can talk together and we can come to grips together. But we would like to say that if you would stop if you would allow your priests to get married, and if you would allow them and if you would not tolerate homosexuality, probably you would eliminate to a great degree, this issue this horrific,

00:31:50 --> 00:31:54

an unspeakable act of * within the confines

00:31:56 --> 00:31:57

of the Catholic Church.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:00

Domestic Violence.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:09

Domestic Violence accounts for nearly a quarter of all recorded violent crimes in England and Wales.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:17

The Russian government estimates another verdict, you know, a giant of a civilization that has somewhat

00:32:18 --> 00:32:29

acquiesced and step back. For a while the Russian government estimate that 14,000 women were killed by their partners or relatives in 1999 alone.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:39

Yet the country still has no law specifically addressing domestic violence. I would think that the UN would have stepped in and did something about that they did not.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:46

One woman and nine is severely beaten by her male partner each year in western civilization.

00:32:47 --> 00:32:52

In 90% of domestic violence incidents, children were in the same or the next room

00:32:53 --> 00:33:11

child abductions. In 2001, a total of 840,279 persons adults and juveniles were reported missing to the police and log with the FBI National Crime Information Center. This represents the smallest number of missing person reports since 1992.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:51

The FBI estimates that 85 to 90% of missing persons are juveniles, thus, and approximately 725,000 cases or 2000 per day, the disappearance of a child was serious enough that a parent called the police and police made a report and entered into the NCIC database. It should be noted, however, that the vast majority of these cases are resolved within hours. According to National Incident studies of missing abducted runaway and thrown away children conducted in the United States Department of Justice and released in 1990, the largest number of missing children, runaways, followed by loss, injured or otherwise missing children, then family abductions, and finally, the

00:33:51 --> 00:34:01

smallest category, but one in which the child may be at the greater risk of injury or death, non family abductions, usually for the purposes of child prostitution.

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Other issues facing families, did you know that only one out of nine families in the western civilization, they eat breakfast together or they eat dinner together?

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Did you know that

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because breakfast and dinner is a place where the family the mother and the father usually impart their values where they are able to analyze were they able to evaluate was able to interact with their children was some type of quality time so if they don't eat breakfast together, and they don't eat dinner together, this means the breakfast table and the dinner table has been replaced by McDonald's, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

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That's progress for you. Have it your own way.

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compounded debt. Did you know that every child that is born in western

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civilization is born with an average of 19,000 pounds of debt when they come into this world.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:12

90,000 pounds less, how much is that 57,000

00:35:13 --> 00:35:17

Australian dollars. So when you add up the total national debt,

00:35:18 --> 00:35:28

and you divided by the number of people in that society, that's the debt that we share. Can you imagine that? That's why your taxes are what it is because we are paying off the national debt.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:31

You will probably see it like that.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:52

sociologist, we work things backwards. We call it forensic economy, economics, white collar crime. Did you know that white collar crime is more crime than all the economic crime in the world? Did you know that last year white collar crime in western civilization because that's where most of the white collar is the one?

00:35:54 --> 00:35:56

That means the business people, the smooth criminals?

00:35:58 --> 00:36:08

Did you know that they were responsible for pilfering and stealing $136 billion last year?

00:36:10 --> 00:36:26

And do you know that when they are caught only one out of 119 are caught and convicted? When they are caught and convicted? They're usually given a slap on the wrist to three years put their money away and offshore account when they get out. They write books and then celebrities.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:33

What about *?

00:36:36 --> 00:36:37

Now you'd like that image?

00:36:40 --> 00:37:09

Did you know that? Did you know that *? Did you know that * is a more tremendous revenue than baseball, football. Movies was the other big sport, basketball. Did you know that soccer, tennis, if you put all the major sports together and all the revenue that comes from it? Did you know that * is a greater revenue source than all of those together? That's Western civilization that has business for you.

00:37:11 --> 00:37:13

That's why when we call on our computers,

00:37:14 --> 00:37:21

our search engines and the people who control or whatever it is tell us that you know, don't pop up blockers, you got to buy five, four or five of them.

00:37:22 --> 00:37:30

For some reason, they just don't work because the people who control the *, they got the keys to break the pop up blockers.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:41

And they penetrate your home was that filth, in spite of the fact that you have built all kinds of firewalls and things to keep it out? You can't keep it out? Because they got more money than you and I

00:37:45 --> 00:37:55

collaboration and coordinated efforts of the USA the UN and its Western allies have contributed in the last since 1945. To now how many years is that?

00:37:56 --> 00:38:52

How many years is that? 60 years. So in the last 60 years, if if dropping bombs on citizens civilians, taking the lives destroying collateral damage, taking their lives and destroying the civilization, civilization of people and destabilizing them, if that itself is a part of what the definition of terrorism is, and has been there. Let's look at this statistic here. There's just one statistic, the number of civilians killed in conflict since 1945. The total number is 2700 2700. That should I guess that should be 22. I'm sorry, 2,700,200 2,700,200. Now, those are just figures, but you need to see them as faces, children, women, old people, families, you need to see them as

00:38:52 --> 00:39:06

real people, then you will understand the impact in 60 years of 2 million close to 3 million people whose lives were taken. And we're talking about civilians now. We're not talking about combatants.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:25

Now you get the statistics, right off the internet, also 15 million, also related injuries in the same conflicts. Now, who were the people that perpetrated these complex these conflicts who dropped the bombs who invaded those countries. This was not Afghanistan.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:28

This was not saddam.

00:39:30 --> 00:39:37

This was not the Palestinians. It's not Saudi Arabia. This wasn't Sudan. This wasn't Libya.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:40

Now, I know some of these people are a bit aggressive.

00:39:41 --> 00:39:52

But they were not the ones. This was the USA, the UN forces and its Western allies. They collaborated on this. This blood is on their hands.

00:39:55 --> 00:39:56

Let's talk about environmental pollution.

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

The greatest danger that we human beings are in today is as a result of industrial pollutants that have contributed towards global warming,

00:40:08 --> 00:40:21

the whole thing of the the elimination of the rain forest and pollution of the water systems, and whether they call that the hole, the black hole or what they call that

00:40:23 --> 00:40:30

ozone, the penetration of the ozone layer, this all this is real destabilizing our entire planet.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:45

And putting the danger of the human beings at risk our future, the last ice age was the result of a temperature rise of only nine degrees of Celsius. If we continue at the rate that we are polluting the environment.

00:40:47 --> 00:40:59

It is said that perhaps in the next 173 years, it could reach those kinds of levels. Experts are predicting a temperature rise of 10.4 degrees in the next century.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:34

The melting of ice caps could cause the oceans to rise by up to 30 feet wiping out every coastal city on Earth. The primary producers of greenhouse gases and contributing to global warming are in the Western countries of issues, exploitive economies, overcrowded prisons, homelessness, unemployment, chronic stress, nuclear proliferation, genetically modified foods, pandemic diseases like aids that itself was created in a laboratory. Don't you believe this lie about green monkeys.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:42

Age is a genetically designed disease.

00:41:43 --> 00:41:44

No doubt about that.

00:41:46 --> 00:41:51

And that's why the body systems do not have the antibodies to fight against it because it can't identify it.

00:41:53 --> 00:42:21

And now we have evidence of where the disease was put together, and under whose supervision Shame on those people. But they did it under something called population 2000. They said that the greatest danger to humanity to Western civilization in the world today was population overpopulation in the world. So they targeted India, Africa, South America, and other places in the world to depopulate by any means necessary.

00:42:22 --> 00:42:36

One of my presidents Dwight Eisenhower, he wrote he signed off on that bill, they've been working on that bill ever since. And he was one of the things that they use to perpetrate that. And since aids was launched, 73 million people have died.

00:42:42 --> 00:42:42


00:42:43 --> 00:42:45

Like that picture, don't you brothers.

00:42:47 --> 00:43:04

1 million women within the Western world work as prostitutes. 1% of all women in the United States will work as a prostitute at some point in the next four years. 75% of the women in prison were convicted of prostitution related offenses.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:06

same * marriage.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:14

homosexuals have between 20 to 106 partners every year.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:23

homosexuals make up 10% of the population of Western countries. Unbelievable. Now don't get attitude at me.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:41

These are not my statistics. These are statistics that reputed intellectuals, institutions that we rely upon for demographics like this university here. They produce these statistics

00:43:42 --> 00:43:47

that homosexuals make up 10% of the population of Western countries.

00:43:50 --> 00:43:55

73% of homosexual men have * with boys under the age of 19

00:43:56 --> 00:44:03

homosexual perpetrate perpetrators account for 33% of child molestation in the Western world each year.

00:44:04 --> 00:44:11

Four out of every 20 women in the United States experience or experiment with lesbian ism at least once.

00:44:13 --> 00:44:14


00:44:20 --> 00:44:31

124,000 abortions per day globally 1,370,000 1,370,000 per year in the United States alone.

00:44:33 --> 00:44:36

46 million per year globally.

00:44:38 --> 00:44:41

You want to see that again. Just look at those figures.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:46

In sophisticated Western civilization

00:44:47 --> 00:45:00

where everybody got two cars in every garage, everybody got two pots on the stove. Everybody got plenty of coats, everybody got plenty of shoes. Everybody got money. Everybody got blockbuster spin. Everybody goes

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

out to the restaurant. Everybody you don't send me that Johnny got a TV in his room, Susie got a TV in her room, mommy and daddy got a TV in their room. So why are we killing children?

00:45:11 --> 00:45:15

Why are we killing children at this rate? 46

00:45:17 --> 00:45:18

million per year

00:45:21 --> 00:45:29

1,370,000 per year in the United States alone 124,000 abortions per day? Can you believe that?

00:45:32 --> 00:45:37

The contribution of the Quran to modern civilization begins by addressing some of these problems.

00:45:39 --> 00:46:01

I will ask you the question, if some of these problems could be addressed by some kind of legislation, by some kind of inspiration, by some kind of injection by some kind of social reform, if some of these issues could be reduced, even 10%, would that be a good influence in our society, yes or no?

00:46:04 --> 00:46:05


00:46:07 --> 00:46:25

so I say that, if people cannot appreciate the Quran from an intellectual point of view, if they can appreciate the code, and from just a moral point of view, if they can appreciate it from an artistic point of view, from a point of literature, or civilization, let's look at it from a new morality point of view.

00:46:30 --> 00:46:35

One, the Quran has already contributed to the world in the past.

00:46:36 --> 00:46:40

And also we'll continue to do so in the field of medicine,

00:46:41 --> 00:47:19

in the field of astronomy, and the field of navigation, and the field of mathematics, and the field of geology and physics, sociology, ophthalmology, optometry, agriculture, algebra, alchemy. The university that we're sitting in the paradigm, it came from Islam came from the core and the state of the people. That is the idea of the state, the integrated state, serving as a central part for the world for the society. This idea comes from the core and

00:47:22 --> 00:47:24

the hospital, the modern hospital.

00:47:26 --> 00:47:27

The library,

00:47:28 --> 00:47:32

the municipal regulatory agency called is called the

00:47:34 --> 00:47:34

it's called

00:47:42 --> 00:47:51

the first municipal regulatory agency that we call the police force. The first police force in the world was by Oman, Qatar, the second Khalifa of Islam.

00:47:54 --> 00:47:55

The criminal justice system,

00:47:57 --> 00:47:57


00:47:58 --> 00:48:00

international trade,

00:48:01 --> 00:48:44

production of paper, the paper was invented in China, but it was taken from China by the Muslim traders from China back to the Muslim world, and then to Europe. So it was the Muslims themselves that produced paper, sophistication of language and literature, legislation and jurisprudence, the concept of public endowment, distribution, the idea of the of free central distribution of wealth, that means as a country makes its wealth, instead of taking it from the people it distributed, it makes the wealth and it distributes it to the people in the form of endowments. That is, in some countries in the world, education is free. In some cases, countries in the world, when you get

00:48:44 --> 00:49:15

married, you get a free house, some countries the world, hospitalization is free. In some countries in the world. The public services are free, because they are called endowments, the country is wealthy, and it gives it to the people to make the people themselves inherit and distribute this wealth. It doesn't take from the people and deplete the people and frustrate the people. This concept is an Islamic concept, a Quranic concept, protocols of war. The first protocols of war were given by the court and itself and by the prophet Mohammed. So a lot of Sammy said that enemies have rights,

00:49:16 --> 00:49:22

our enemies combatants in war, they have rights. We have to have protocols, we cannot just do whatever we want to do.

00:49:25 --> 00:49:37

The manumission of slaves, the first scripture in the world that said that slavery had to be gradually eliminated to Qur'an, the monumental slaves in the game force the formula to do so.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:48

The protection of the environment. The Quran is the first scripture that put forward the mandate that we have to protect the environment and that we even have to protect animals.

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

Energy, Agriculture and Water Conservation as a public resource. There's something in the Quran that was produced from the Quran or legislation that says the water

00:50:00 --> 00:50:32

The air and the energy cannot be owned by anyone. This is the Islamic, a Quranic law and you think about this people, the government has no right to give to anybody, the monopoly to own the energy to own the agriculture to control the water because whoever controls the agriculture whoever controls the energy and whoever controls the water controls the people and that's not fair. Is it? The Quran says no one can have a monopoly of this year.

00:50:35 --> 00:50:40

From the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said and Muslims we should listen to this all the

00:50:42 --> 00:50:43

time he says and I read

00:50:45 --> 00:50:46


00:50:47 --> 00:50:55

Brother Can you can you please can you read the you read the the Arabic as well after I read this inshallah, brother Could you please for us know that our brother

00:50:57 --> 00:50:57


00:50:59 --> 00:51:08

Allah subhanho wa Taala says, obey Allah and obey the messenger so Allah loves them. But if you turn away he is only responsible for the duty praise placed upon him.

00:51:09 --> 00:51:11

That is to convey convey a last message.

00:51:12 --> 00:51:14

If you obey Him, you shall be in the right

00:51:16 --> 00:51:50

category. If you obey Him you shall be on the right guidance the messengers duty is only to convey the message and a clear and a clear and open way. Now actually, that was not the correct idea that our brother put down I'm going to ask the brother to recite the correct sort of the 55th Can you can you see the brother month please This will alert the brother recite this is very important I have for us Muslims. And it's very important I am semi for how to call and set forward his own social predictions. Yes.

00:51:55 --> 00:51:58

Hey, Mina Shay Ponyo. De

00:51:59 --> 00:52:02

Bismillah Ma Ma. Ma.

00:52:05 --> 00:52:08

Ma Ma. Latina.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:14

Latina is Stephanie.

00:52:17 --> 00:52:18


00:52:27 --> 00:52:31

Voila, you met Kenan Deena

00:52:33 --> 00:52:33


00:52:35 --> 00:52:36


00:52:41 --> 00:52:42

Fie him.

00:52:45 --> 00:52:49

Yamato una Nina. Una de chez

00:52:56 --> 00:52:58


00:53:07 --> 00:53:36

The actual idea is so to know, the 24th surah, the 55th verse we had on the screen, the 54th verse so you can take the 54th but the 55th verse is what I want to read to you in English. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said in the Quran, and this, I'm addressing this specifically to the Muslims, but generally to the non Muslims also. So you can see the prophetic words that the Quran makes for itself. its role in society

00:53:37 --> 00:53:45

says Allah has promised those among you who believe and do righteous good deeds, that he will certainly grant them succession

00:53:47 --> 00:53:59

in the present and make them present rulers and the land, that is, he will grant them the ability, gradually to assume a portion of the rule of the land,

00:54:01 --> 00:54:21

as he granted it to those who came before them, and that he will grant them the authority to practice their religion, which he has chosen for them. That is Islam. And He will surely give them an exchange a safe security after their fear that the that the unbelievers put them in.

00:54:23 --> 00:54:59

He says, If you worship Me, and do not associate anything and worship with me, but who is whoever disbelieves after this, they are the fastest growing rebellious disobedient towards a loss upon North Ireland. Now here what Allah subhanaw taala basically is saying is that 1500 years ago or close to that when the Quran was revealed, the Arabs of that time were just nomadic tribes living in the desert. There were three major empires that existed at that time, the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Abyssinian Empire is that correct? Three major empires and they

00:55:00 --> 00:55:06

Were the rulers of the land at that time. The Prophet Mohammed peace and blessing upon him was just

00:55:08 --> 00:55:16

a Bedouin, just an Arab born among the Bedouins, a person with his sheep and with his goats.

00:55:17 --> 00:55:23

And those Bedouins walked among the deserts. And they went from Yemen, up to Iraq.

00:55:25 --> 00:55:29

They went from where we have now the Gulf countries,

00:55:30 --> 00:56:04

all the way back over to what is now Somalia, Sudan, that area, which was then still a part of EPA senior in their trade routes, but they themselves had no Empire. They had no security, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in this book, this could end 1500 years ago, that He has promised those among you at that time, who believe in do righteous deeds, that he will certainly grant them succession to the present rulership of the land. Well, I say to you that this Quran was revealed in the year 610 ad.

00:56:06 --> 00:56:39

In the year 657, ad, the Muslims occupied Rome, the Muslims occupied Persia, the Muslims occupied at the center, and the Muslims were the rulers of the world 60 years after this quote, was revealed. Did the Koran make that perfect? That that prophetic statement? It did? Was it because of terrorism? No, it wasn't. I say to you that 150 years after that, civilizations came up that the world has never seen before. And we are a product of that civilization. That means that if we were to look at this,

00:56:41 --> 00:56:52

if I was to give an analogy, if Western civilization is the fruit, then I say that the Renaissance is the trunk. And I say that Islam and the Quran is the roots.

00:56:53 --> 00:57:32

Islam and the Quran gave the roots to the Renaissance Renaissance, and the Renaissance gave the fruit to present day civilization. And if they don't appreciate it will see that the fruit will fall back to the ground where the roots are, and the roots will give it forth. Again, this is an analogy, if it happened at that time, the same one that sent this Court and the same one that created the human being the same one that created this world, the same one that has all the power, he has the power to do whatever he pleases, and this is the statement that he has made. But if we Muslims, if we don't deserve that, what makes us think that we should inherit that we have to come back to the

00:57:32 --> 00:57:50

Quran, we have to come back to the example of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing upon them. We have to come back to obedience to Allah, we have to come back to conformance we have to come back to the fear of Allah subhanaw taala, we have to come back to the sources of our Deen Otherwise, the court n remains for us a dead book.

00:57:52 --> 00:58:00

But by our faith, and by our obedience, we can bring this book back alive, and it will have the application in this day as it had in any other day.

00:58:01 --> 00:58:09

The Quran is a historically established and implemented scripture, it is the most historically and established and implement the scripture in all of history.

00:58:11 --> 00:58:16

It is a source of revelation inspiration to 1.6 billion people that is one quarter of humanity.

00:58:18 --> 00:58:58

for 1425 years of formal existence, it has served as a global government, a fountain of knowledge from where the modern universities draw their paradigm. And the very source of sciences that gave birth to modern technology. The Quran is the root source of the tree of European enlightenment called the Renaissance that resulted in the fruits of modern Western civilization we have to offer after the fact is undeniable and irrefutable, therefore, the greatest visible evidence of the feasibility of the resilience and the practicality of the Quranic source. And modern society is a modern civilization itself. That's the proof of it.

00:59:00 --> 00:59:45

I will stop at this point here and say to you, that I'm most appreciative to have had the opportunity to make this brief presentation. And I would also say to you that this kind of a presentation really requires a conference. And this kind of a subject requires a conference. We need to in Sydney, Australia, we need to in Australia, we need to in western civilization, in New York, in London, and in Kuala Lumpur and other places where our Western civilization has made its inroads and made it statement. We need to hold conferences on this issue, the application of the Quran in modern society so that we can be a bit more particular. We can go into a little bit more definition

00:59:45 --> 00:59:58

and discuss the problems and the solutions, the pros and the cons. And all we want to say as Muslims to those people who are the protagonist, all we want to say to them is that listen,

00:59:59 --> 01:00:00

just listen.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:00

To us,

01:00:01 --> 01:00:45

allow us the same voice, allow us the same place, give us the same respect. Go back in history a little while and think and then Humble yourselves for a moment that you might think that yes, the Muslims, they do have a contribution to the society, they do have legitimacy to be here just like we are. Yes, Islam is legitimate global faith. And it has a contribution in this society and other societies, both in history, both in the present and the future. And yes, because of the court, n is the source and inspiration of the Muslims and Islam. Yes, Islam doesn't have application in this society, as it would in any other society, because this society and every other society in western

01:00:45 --> 01:00:50

civilization is indebted to the court. And as I would be indebted to my mother,

01:00:52 --> 01:01:25

it wouldn't matter if my mother was a prostitute. It wouldn't matter what my mother was, because she gave birth to me, I would be indebted to her. And I say to the protagonists, that no matter what you see, some Muslims do this civilization is a child and a product of the canal, and you can never escape it. And if you are a child, or product or byproduct of something, or someone, you should revere it, you should respect it. minimally, you should say that it isn't natural, legitimate relationship. Thank you very much.

01:01:32 --> 01:02:17

So the question says, It is often divided by Muslims and non Muslims alike, that the statistics of pride, murder, suicide, etc, are not provided for Muslim countries and therefore, you're using Western statistics is boiled. As we cannot compare, well, I would respond, I will respond to the person to say to them, that the statistics of *, murder, homicide, drugs, alcohol, and some of these other things, * that I've just named me, among the among the many, among the major seven issues, if you check for yourself objectively, you will find that the statistics they're not even negligible. They're not even comparable in any way.

01:02:19 --> 01:02:23

Now, that just happens to be a matter of fact,

01:02:24 --> 01:03:03

that happens to be a matter of fact. So you check the World Health Organization, thank you very much. You check the World Health Organization, you check Amnesty International, you check the Encyclopedia Britannica, you check, I mean, if your students in this university, go to the library, if you pay taxes, you go to the public library, you check for yourself, if you got Google gaggle giggle or whatever you got on your computer, you check for yourself. I mean, I'm not I'm not quoting something from some hidden sources, some arbitrary sources, I'm quoting sources. And since we're talking about the application of the court and in western civilization, that's why I brought those

01:03:03 --> 01:03:25

statistics. If we were talking about the application of the Quran, and how it is applied in Muslim countries, I would have brought another set of statistics. So I say you can check that for yourselves. There wasn't a need for me to say that for the Muslim countries because I say to you, the comparables are negligible. They're not even comparable to the degree of on a scale of one to 10.

01:03:26 --> 01:04:12

The roots of modern civilization is in the Quran. Let me just drop back a few little screens for you. So that I can justify what I said to you. Because I built this based upon the premise that modern civilization owes and owes something to the end. So now, let's just look at this here. Modern medicine today. Modern medicine today owes a great deal of debt to the Muslims, astronomy, astronomy, the first ones that understood the configuration of the heavens, well, the Muslims navigation, the first ones that navigated the seas, were the Muslims. Okay, geology was was was first founded by Muslims, physics, sociology, even *, Dune is the father of modern sociology,

01:04:12 --> 01:04:54

ophthalmology, optometry, agriculture, algebra, alchemy, the University, the state of the people, I say that all of these are themselves, Virgin institutions, Virgin sciences, that themselves were not born nor germinated in western civilization, but born and germinated out of the Quran, and out of the Islamic civilization on the basis of that I say, Western civilization has built itself upon the Renaissance Renaissance was called the the use of enlightenment. And if they built themselves off of the years of enlightenment, who brought that enlightenment to them, it was the Muslims carrying the Quran. And so I say that the fruits of modern civilization finds its trunk in the enlightenment and

01:04:54 --> 01:04:59

finds its roots in the Quran. That was the analogy that I gave. And I think that that analogy is

01:05:00 --> 01:05:42

correct and accurate. You mentioned how the Quran has contributed to medicine, navigation etc. Can you provide specific examples? I give the same answer to the person who gave this here. I say to you that if you will go to the Encyclopedia Britannica and just look up, look up Encyclopedia Britannica. If you look up the history of algebra, look up the history of physics, the history of alchemy, the word alchemy comes from El Kheir mill, Al Campbell means the quintessence of all substances that was us chemistry, alchemy, if you look up algebra, who's the folk who came up the first formulation postulates of algebra, algebra, he was one, if you look up algorithms, this is

01:05:43 --> 01:06:01

how he was that his name, okay, if you look up the, if you look up the introduction of the of the of the zero, in order for us to compute, okay, the Muslims produce zero safer Muslims, even the numbers that we use today, they are called Arabic

01:06:02 --> 01:06:43

numerals. So I mean, we can give so many different examples to show that the roots of what we are using today is nothing other than the Quran, and the inspiration and the revelation and the legislation of the Quran itself. In fact, modern governments in the Western world today, they even build their capitals, put up their rotundus, they even structure their cities in ways that have been designed by the Muslims themselves. So I say that minimally, I'm not trying to say that Western civilization owes a debt to us, they should give us something, pay us something, give us some type of credit that we're not due, I'm saying at least, they should give credit where credit is due, you

01:06:43 --> 01:06:52

build something upon something. And when you build something upon something, give credit to it. If you went into a land where there was already some people and you say you discovered it,

01:06:53 --> 01:06:56

if you want to call yourself Australians, I think minimally,

01:06:57 --> 01:07:23

the citizens of Australia should share their wealth with the people who were the original inhabitants of this land, that is the show minimal amounts of respect, and to also show a bit of respect, in some way for coming to a place where people already work and then establishing yourself there. So I am just using this as a postulate and a premise to say, yes, the Quran does have application in modern society because it is as much a part of modern society as modern civilization itself.

01:07:24 --> 01:07:45

I say the same to the sister who said to the doctor who gave me this information, if you will come to go to our website or send me an email, I will send you Muslim more particulars and authoritative information on that subject. If you are a non Muslim, how do you learn more about Islam so that you can form an objective opinion without being

01:07:46 --> 01:08:17

influenced by sensationalism of media? Well, I say what you can do first is that you can yourself read the Quran. almost anyone today can read the Quran without even asking for it. You can go online and you can read the Quran. And compare the Quran with any other scripture. Read the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing upon him. I say that he is the most profound human being and the whole annals of all history. That's what I say. But you have to look that for yourself, I say, compare him to compare him to your prime minister.

01:08:23 --> 01:08:28

compare him to the father of this Australian civilization. compare him to George Bush.

01:08:29 --> 01:09:10

compare him to Protagoras. compare him to George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, compare him to himself, you want to compare him to compare him to Charles Darwin. compare him to whoever compare him to your father, your grandfather, whoever you love, compare them to the favorite football and it's your favorite singer. Compare the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon them, his habits, his behavior, his etiquettes, his values, his character, compare him in all those ways and compare that person whom you think to be a person that's worthy of human beings following his human example. And I say that, that's one of the ways that you will be able to examine Islam and appreciate Islam

01:09:11 --> 01:09:53

without media sensationalism. Read from the Quran, read it, you can get this quote and online. And even you click it, it'll turn its own pages without you touching the book at all. Just like that. They've got software like that, where you can read, you can read 10 verses, think about it, read another 10 verses, think about it, compare it, look at it from an objective point of view, is it Do you think that when you read it Do you feel Do you sense that it is from someone other than a human being? When you read it? Do you feel refreshed? Has it answered some moral issues for you? When you read it? Do you feel legislation? Do you feel that it is a source? Is it speaking like someone that

01:09:53 --> 01:10:00

has power that is able to rule does it speak like that? Does it speak like a man does it speak like a

01:10:00 --> 01:10:14

group of people, do you see some something in it that is contradictory in it. So I say, read the Quran, look at the life of the Prophet peace and blessings upon because those are the two sources of Islam. After that, I say, Look carefully among the Muslims,

01:10:16 --> 01:10:47

because we're just human beings, and we are not the best examples of Islam. But if you read the Quran with an open heart and open mind, and you look at the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace investing upon them, those are the two sources that attracted me to Islam. And these are the two sources that keep those who are born into Islam into Islam. And those are the two sources that's causing this phenomenon of 116,000 people in the western civilization that accepted Islam last year 79,000 people accepted Islam last year in America.

01:10:48 --> 01:11:16

31,000 accepted Islam in the UK, and the rest accepted Islam and Australia and other parts of the European countries. I said 116,000 people just like yourselves, person that may have asked that question, accepted Islam last year. And since September 11, that infamous, tragic tragic incident since that, since that, that incident, 262,000 people have accepted Islam and Western civilization

01:11:18 --> 01:11:54

262,000 as a tremendous number, that's a quarter million people that change their minds that change their direction, who read the Quran, whose lives were touched by the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon them, that change their whole direction in life, who may have decided to change their names because they thought that the Islamic name was better for them, who may have married into a Muslim family or who themselves was absorbed into a Muslim family or who now today, or going to a mosque instead of going to a church or synagogue or Buddhist temple or Hindu temple. They all for that matter. Maybe they were atheist before and today they do believe in God, maybe they found

01:11:54 --> 01:12:08

something in Islam, that they were looking for all their lives, we didn't know what was in the Quran, they didn't know they were looking for a person to follow. And they had no knowledge of the Prophet Muhammad peace investment upon these 216,000 people is a phenomenon because there are people just like you.

01:12:10 --> 01:12:49

And they're not just some poor people who were in the prison poor people in the prisons, just looking in the dark for anything they could read for. Now, these are the middle class people working people, graduates, sons and daughters of judges and senators and congressmen and sons and daughters of mayors of cities in America, of doctors and lawyers and educators and, and people who are engineers. These are the kinds of people that are accepting Islam. So I say if those people open up their hearts and open up their mind, and they discovered Islam, then I think that the next two years, probably that number is going to be opened up even more only allows the one that guides, we

01:12:49 --> 01:13:04

Muslims are not the ones that convert. We don't pray for conversions. We pray for ourselves. We pray for our families, we pray for our friends, but we offer the guidance, we share the guidance, but it's up to Allah to give the guidance for those who have open minds and open hearts.

01:13:08 --> 01:13:25

By the way, the person asked the question, if you would like some objective discussion about Islam, sometimes, you know if I was to say to you 1000 pull out of my pocket $100 bill, and I said do you listen? For every question that you ask, I'm gonna give you $100 bill.

01:13:27 --> 01:13:29

You would want to know, what's the catch?

01:13:30 --> 01:13:38

I said, there's no catch. I just want that question that you asked to come from your heart. Every question you ask come from your heart. And I answered, I'm gonna give you $100 bill.

01:13:39 --> 01:13:50

That would be very clear, a clear incentive, a clear methodology. While I say to you that just as quick as you could ask a question as quick as you could take $100

01:13:51 --> 01:14:02

your questions about Islam can be answered just that quick. This is not a difficult religion. It's not a sophisticated religion. This is not religion, intellectual ism, is not unreasonable. You got to do a whole lot of studying and jumping on flipped over backwards.

01:14:03 --> 01:14:05

This is a religion for the people in the street.

01:14:07 --> 01:14:22

This is religion for the people that's in jail. This religion for the people that's on the way out of here is getting ready to die. This is a religion of intellectuals is religion of the workers, religion of the men and women and children. Islam cannot be understood by a child. It cannot be understood by the press of the president of the country.

01:14:23 --> 01:14:28

So I say to you that if you'd like to sit down for lunch, we can have a macchiato together.

01:14:30 --> 01:15:00

If you have open heart and open mind, I say before that macchiato gets drank or cold, we can answer those questions. Because if you really want a drink, and if you are able to think and you got an open heart and open mind, doesn't take much for your heart to get filled up. Okay, so I'm on a cul de sac Salaam you did not mention one of the most evil social problems in the western civilization today of the epidemic catastrophic proportions, gambling. I didn't

01:15:00 --> 01:15:06

I mentioned about nine or 10 different parts of the evils because I didn't want to, would we call it overkill?

01:15:07 --> 01:15:12

Yeah, gambling and, and, and the issue of interest

01:15:13 --> 01:15:42

is probably one of the most evil things in the civilization. So if I missed some of those things, please don't fault me inshallah. I think it's fairly evident. I think I kind of some of the things I went through was a kind of graphic and overbearing Santa Monica, Monica Salaam, what about international trade, people performed trade before the Quran came out, right? How was international trade produced in the Quran, I say I didn't say it was produced, I say that it was stimulated. I'll give you one example.

01:15:44 --> 01:15:55

There was something called the Silk Road, that the Chinese, going from China over to Persia, was there from it was there from 3000 bc the Silk Road was there.

01:15:57 --> 01:16:41

But what happened when the end came was revealed, and in the eighth century, when Muslims started moving from Persia, over towards China, with their goods, and they came in contact with people along the Silk Road route, as a result of that Silk Road Traffic just because of that, and I just happened to be doing an essay working on an essay. And some, some new information came to me just on the basis of that two different civilizations, was produced by the Quran by the inspiration of the Quran, just by Muslims moving along the trade routes, to civilizations. So I say to you, if you just think, go back into the history from the eighth century, I'm sorry, from the eighth century, up to

01:16:41 --> 01:17:27

the 13th century, you will find that four civilizations was established through two trade of Muslims traveling from one point, just to another point, not armies, not armies, but just Muslim traders. And what's the distinction between those traders and the ones that came before it was that those traders they were carrying with them the revelation of the Quran, the inspiration of the Quran, and when they settled in a place, they settled, and they offered the Quran as a point as a source of reformation as a as a source of legislation, they married among those people, they offered the Quran to to resolve problems, people accepted that. And as a result of that we find today 63 million

01:17:27 --> 01:17:30

Muslims called the H e. UI, Healy,

01:17:32 --> 01:17:39

Chinese, because of Muslim traders, I say that the source of that inspiration was the Quran.

01:17:44 --> 01:18:05

Look up the go to Google and put the word called an an international trade and historical trade, put that title in. And then you can get that verification for yourself. I do a lot of my research that way also said age is an epidemic globally. You said that it was also an experiment to to curb population that is true.

01:18:06 --> 01:18:13

Is it true that it could or maybe be a form of destruction to humanity from God to homosexuals, I have no way of saying that.

01:18:15 --> 01:18:17

I just know that homosexuals carry the disease

01:18:18 --> 01:18:26

more prolifically than others. But I can't say that that was a curse from God on the homosexuals. I can't say that.

01:18:28 --> 01:18:30

And I want you to also know this, that

01:18:31 --> 01:18:42

today in Africa, where the majority of people are dying from AIDS 60% of the people that are dying from AIDS and that have AIDS in Africa, they did not contract aids through

01:18:43 --> 01:18:44


01:18:45 --> 01:18:50

protocol, sexual conduct, or through the use of drugs, they were born with AIDS.

01:18:51 --> 01:19:22

So the conspiracy goes a lot deeper than what you're thinking about, about homosexuality and drugs. It goes a lot deeper than that. And I would suggest that you study this phenomenon, so that you can understand the impact, the social impact, and the trauma and the tragedy of this disease, then you will understand when we talk about conspiracy, when you talk about it, you'll understand a little bit better. So in applying the Quran to today's society, do we take the literal or the purposive

01:19:23 --> 01:19:56

of the I don't know that word and fill that one before. Do we take the literal or the philosophical? Maybe she meant approach of this meaning? No, the Quran has different kinds of verses, those of their verses in the Quran that are called Kamat and verses that are called with a shabby hat there and these are verses that in themselves hukam that means rules, legislation come from it. And therefore Yes, we take it literal because these are things of regulation. Then there are verses that

01:19:57 --> 01:19:59

Allah subhanaw taala says what shamcey was

01:20:00 --> 01:20:01

Well, camara De La

01:20:02 --> 01:20:06

La La Liga yaksha was Santa Ana, while

01:20:08 --> 01:20:53

this is a shabby hut allows using Tom Thiel, he's using examples. So we don't take them exactly, but we take them on the basis of the way they have been said, and what they're making reference to. And they have Quranic sciences that lead us to understanding the Quran. But yes, some verses we do take them literal. For instance, whatever God says about himself, we don't try to explain it, because God is speaking. God knows best about what he says about his names and about himself. What God ordered us to do, we take it literal, because that's his instructions to us. But when God gives us an example, attempt feel, when he gives us a metaphor, we don't have to take that literally, because

01:20:53 --> 01:21:10

the structure of the instruction, the structure of the verse, the way in which it was given the way in which the prophet SAW some explained upon it, the science tells us how we respond to it. And that's why people who want to study the Quran, they should go to the people who themselves they are certified in the sciences of the Quran.

01:21:12 --> 01:21:13

and align those the best.

01:21:19 --> 01:22:09

One Islam productions and Islamic film studio established in Australia is dedicated to producing films for all Muslims, just some of the films by one Islam productions, children's programs, Islam for me, we remember Allah storytime and more educational films. Pray as you have seen me pray for the words Ramadan renewal of faith for documentaries. We at one Islam productions believe that Islam is precious and deserves to be presented in only the highest quality. Visit us at www dot one Islam dotnet for more information one Islam productions, a film production company run by Muslims form was yours.

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