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The speaker discusses the importance of remembinding oneself to focus on the love of Allah and not just on the words. They stress the need for a focus on the remorse of the Day of regret and remorse, and encourage viewers to partner with them to secure their sadaqa ma'am. The speaker also mentions the importance of learning from Kalam and being part of the Warahmatullahi W Darak.

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Today's topic is remembrance vicar of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The heart of the human being has the raw in it, Soul of the human being, and that soul needs nourishment. If you don't fuel that soul, think of it like a fire that isn't given the fuel that it needs, that light will slowly slowly dim out, such as a state of the roof of the human being that if you don't feed it, it gets very weak. And a sign of the roar getting very weak is that a person doesn't have the drive to do good. That when a person is called towards Salam, they are very lazy. When they're praying salaam, they're dragging their feet, they're not focused, they're distracted. When it comes to doing Tada of the Quran, it's such a big burden on them. In reality, all acts that

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are recommended by the Dean aren't a drag.

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In order to change this attitude, you must learn to do the kind of Allah subhanahu Matana with your tongue in mind in sync,

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that you're not just saying the words, there is virtue in that as well. So if that's where you are keeping going,

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and it's not just about using your heart to do vicar, but it's finding that place where you are now doing vicar call we will listen with your heart and tongue together and you weren't distracted by anything that you commit and focus yourself on the love of Allah subhana wa Tada the remembrance of Allah

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in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada and Surah has access to us in verse number 41 and 42 Yeah, you will know the law how the Quran cathedra was said behold Ibaka Tomasi Toamasina that all those who believe remember Allah

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abundantly. It's not just remember Allah, your soul needs a lot of fuel, you have to keep putting it in there, keep giving it and when you focus with your mind and your and your tongue and your heart all in one place. You're not just giving your heart low tear and low grade fuel you're giving it that 93 You're giving it the good stuff. And that's what the heart needs. As you do the Quran, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost says to us, the Quran cathedra that remember a lot abundantly and the second thing was somebody who who book Ratangarh sila, and exalt Him in the mornings and the evenings. That this is what your life should be. That every morning when you wake

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up, you start the day by remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada at night when you go to sleep. You remember Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout your day you ask yourself while you're going for a walk, or maybe while you're sitting on the swing at the park, or maybe while you're doing your homework or in the middle of a very intense task or you know, you're going for a run or lifting weights in that moment you ask yourself that have I forgotten a lot or it's Allah's remembrance with me?

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When you can surround yourself by the remembrance of Allah, and every act of yours connects you back to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. You enter into a constant state of remembrance. And that's where consciousness of Allah subhanahu wa taala comes into existence. This is now where you protect yourself from the attack of Shavon because the first thing Shavon does when he wants to trap a servant of Allah is that he drags them away from vicar from the remembrance of Allah.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the Day of Judgment with different names. Because there are so many aspects of the Day of Judgment. One of those names is Yeoman Hazara the day of regret and remorse. The Sahaba asked on Messenger of Allah, we understand why the disbelievers will have regret and remorse. But why will believers have regret and remorse to that and the recent Allamani was sent him said the believable will on the Day of Judgment, regret every moment that they did not spend the remembrance of Allah while they were alive in the dunya

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that's what thick it is. Thick it is the polish of the heart. Vic it is the essence of everything. The Quran is a thicker, it was a summary of the Prophet's life he spent his life in vicar

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so step your game up, push yourself, have time every day will you just sit down and do your tsp honey remember Subhan Allah 100 Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, you do Tilawat of the Quran they can visit

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require any particular language. It doesn't require a place or time it can be anything anywhere whenever you want. I pray that Allah Subhan him with Allah grants and still feel to utilize the moments of life that we have to remember him. Because once you commit to that, your life changes. You know that what we talked about at the beginning how worshipping Allah is a burden. It's no longer a burden. It becomes a joy, something you look forward to. May Allah bless us all with His love and allow us to be in his remembrance. Well said Allah, Allah, Allah says I'm Hamid said I'm on my way.

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Columbia is dedicated to the mission of making the knowledge of this beautiful religion of Islam, accessible to everyone. From the millions of people listening to the podcast, to the hundreds of 1000s of people watching these videos, to the 10s of 1000s of people that are taking online classes, and so much more work that Gollum is doing. We here at Cologne are committed to continuing this good work. And this is where you come in. We're asking you to partner with us to secure your sadaqa jariya of all the people that have benefited from Kalam continue to learn from Kalam and in sha Allah in the future will continue to learn and benefit from all the work that Kalam insha Allah will

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continue to do please go to support and donate generously. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh