Zaid Shakir – Eid Al-Adha – 2017

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the formation of the OMA (the powerful self), the importance of showing courage in worshiping God, and the need for a message to convey the culture of God. The speakers emphasize the need for courage and faith in God to overcome racism and achieve a peace in the world, and the importance of being mindful of God and strong in one's faith to build a safe and saner world. The group discusses the creative power of God and the need for people to be strong in their faith to help others, while also emphasizing the importance of being a people of mercy and love and a people of mercy and love society.
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Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu

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Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. And nettle handily. hinda hemorrhoidal who wanna start you know who Ernesto Fiero? Let's talk Pharaoh who want to relay he went to Raghu bIllahi min for Rotarian fusina ministry RTR Marina de la HuFa la muda La La wa made good deal fella had yella Why should one

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law who do luxury Kayla Rashad who and say you then Mohammed and Abdullah who are rasuluh Yeah, you hello hello Taku I have got to karate hardcore to karate he will tumble

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to muesli moon yeah Yohannes otaku rock the combo lady halacha Coleman NAFSA Wahida wahala common Huzzah. Jaha or betheme in humeri Jalan Kathiawar oh one is

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what Taku lady Tez Runa V he was our harm in Allah how can i La Cumbre ki baat

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Are you Khaled in amla taco la lot how Paulo colons do that your solution locum locum or your few locum? Dono welcome, while mejor que la hora Sula who felt affairs Fosun all the man and thereby do not stop al Hadith Kiki taboo law or higher oil had he had you Mohammed in Sallalahu. It he was selling them was short rumored to have a coulomb that certain berawa coolabah datain Bala Wakulla dolla, 10 phenom Allahu

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, well Allah Hill ham. We extol the greatness of Allah.

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And we praise Allah Almighty God for His blessings and bounties and graces, which he is bestowed upon us.

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We are commemorating through the Hajj

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that this gathering commemorates the culmination of the life and times of our great spiritual patriarch Ibrahim or Abraham alayhis salam, peace upon Him.

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Abraham was a giant, a giant who story and whose lives many aspects of it are mentioned in the Quran. We want to mention a few things from what our Lord relates about or from concerning Abraham Alayhis Salam. Allah to Allah mentions in the Quran in Ibrahima can Mobtown ponytail Lilla honey fell while I'm yaku min and Mushrikeen that Abraham was in Oma. For now for the purposes of translation we will say, a nation unto himself,

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a very literal translation.

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He was strictly devoted, or strictly and dutiful to his Lord carnita Willem Hanifa

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Connie tendon dilla he was deeply devoted to God, strictly committed to monotheism and he was not amongst the idolaters So Abraham or Abraham planted the seed of monotheism deeply into the soil of the human garden so that we can flourish under the shade of the gifts that monotheism has given to humanity. We just want to focus on the OMA in the Ibrahima can metal Tawny tending dilla the Ibrahim was in Omaha and Omaha. Many meanings one he was a leader, OMA and Imam are from the same route Alif mi meme,

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le A M M. Imam. Uma Ibrahim was a leader and to be a leader at the point in time that he lived on about

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says people there was not a single person saying, let in a handle Allah there is no god but God, there was not a single person that he knew who was saying La ilaha illa Allah. So he had to call them

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to monotheism, here to call them to the purity of the worship of the oneness and the one God, the oneness of God and the worship of that one unique God.

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It took courage brothers and sisters. It took courage. And courage is a quality that is especially prevalent amongst young people. Young people have nothing to lose. So it's fitting that Abraham he first displayed his courage as a young man. So when his people, they went away and returned and found that the idols of stone and rocks and other material things that they made and they worship those things that they made with their very own hands. Ibrahim destroyed them except the largest one amongst them. And when he inquired, they inquired, he said, the largest one he did it, to just show them how imbecilic

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their belief fall was. Anyway our Lord relation the Quran

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concern concerning this episode is related in many places Palu man father Heather be early Hatena in the whole amount of body mean, they said Who has done this to our idols? Verily his an oppressor

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Carlos Amir Maranatha, taking your call whom you call Lulu who Ibrahim. They said we heard a young man fat hen, Samira, Samira Anna 13, young coral, whom we heard a young man conspiring against them. He's called Abraham. So as a young man, he smashed the idols. We asked all of our young people here, both young and age, and young at heart, so that includes everyone. The ones who aren't young and age are still young at heart.

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How much courage do we have to dedicate to smashing the idols that we find all around us? And perhaps the greatest idol in our day and time is the idol of the self. The worship of the self, as one documentarian describe the 20th century, the century of the self, the century that gave birth to all of these atheistic movements, where people reject the worship of God, and substitute that innate need to worship something with the worship of the self, with the worship of the clothes with the worship of money taste of the dinar, you Abdullah dear Hamid Abdul Hamid Isa, Rwanda is the worshipper of money and the worship of clothing, the worship of the of the self, brothers and

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sisters, we must smash these idols, the idol of materialism, the idol of militarism, the idol of the self, we must smash these idols brothers and sisters so that our future generations can have the opportunity to get in touch with themselves. And oma in the Ibrahima candle maternal Connie tele and OMA is also a repository of moral virtue.

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So an OMA might contain a person known for their courage of his brothers. So courageous, are a person who is known for their generosity or their sister, she is so generous of person that's known for their fidelity. That person there's so faithful, Ibrahim or Abraham combined with him and in himself, the qualities that were penalized in many separate and disparate individuals. The challenge for us brothers and sisters in a day and time when morals and ethics are being belittled, when people take pride in being being vulgar, when people take pride in being stingy, when altruism by the followers of the likes of iron Rand is ridiculed. As a human weakness, we are the people who

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must stand up and demonstrate that it is a human virtue is a human virtue that provides us the foundation to build a better world for ourselves and for our future generations. For that better world will only come

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into being brothers and sisters, when we are caring people, and we are sharing people and we are loving people, and we are merciful people, and we are generous people, and we are brave and courageous people, we are faithful people. We are loyal people. That is the foundation for the betterment of our world. And that is opposite of so many are claiming, as the great Egyptian poet I've met shortly reminded us in the moment

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that we're in the habit of lacO, whom they have, who that nations are none other than the moral systems that support them. And when their morality goes, they will soon follow. We are the people who will join hands with others, just as Ibrahim Abraham is the patriarch of our Muslim community, but he's also the patriarch of the Christian community and the Jewish community. And this is a reminder of how important it is for us to join hands with all those like minded individuals who see the virtue of monotheism who see the virtue of sound moral and ethics, to join hands with them, to provide a bulwark against the forces of immorality, to broad provide a fortress to defend humanity,

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against the assaults of the barbarians of incivility, against the barbarians of war against the barbarians of division against the barbarians, who would have humanity suffer for their own selfish gain. May Allah bless us to be courageous, like Abraham alayhis salam, peace upon him. And in concluding the first part of the goodbye, we remind you of the words of the poet simple words of profound import, concerning the youth for young courageous person. He said, listen, fatter, men, Carla Khanna, Abby, why that can affect him and Carla hair and her there that a courageous young person is in one who says my forefathers did this in that. So as Muslims, we shouldn't be people. So

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Muslims, we build the Alhambra. We built the Taj Mahal. We built the comforter Sofra we built the Masjid Al Aqsa, we built the Red Mosque, we built the Blue Mosque, we built the green mosque, know, a courageous one young person is served as one who stands up and says Here I am here to enter that and I'm going to build something in my day and my time with my skill and my ability and my dedication. Listen, feta men holla can Abby well I can Alfetta manakala and there I'm Coolio Holly Heather was stopped for Allah li Walakum wa he said meaning your Comstock for law

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along the border wall, borrow wall Akbar along

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borrow borrow along Akbar

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Hill ham

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in hola hola Mila a character who's rude Island navy. Yeah, you had lady in ermine who suddenly he was selling the Motorcity in Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Allah say you didn't know Habibi or Solina or karate or union. Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam. Brothers and sisters. This is our day.

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Our country is calling out to us.

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The world is calling out to us.

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Amongst the great great virtues that Ibrahim

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is the virtue of

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brotherhood and sisterhood

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is the virtue of looking at the human being, and judging the human being, to paraphrase the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Not based on the color of their skin, but by the content based on the content of their character.

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Ibrahim married Hotjar was from Egypt,

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a woman of African descent

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alayhi salam, and she was the mother of a smile.

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Sarah was the mother of his hoc or Isaac, brothers and sisters.

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Ibrahim or Abraham displayed tremendous courage

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throughout his life, and tremendous confidence in God.

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Justice when he left his wife and small child, and that barren forsaken valley,

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in the scorching Arabian sun, he had confidence that God will provide for them and God did provide. He had the courage to follow his conviction. He had the courage to follow the ways that God instructed him.

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Brothers and sisters,

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we need courage. As we go forth, and our lives with our lives in this day and time, we need courage in the face of resurgent racism.

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To say that No,

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racism has no validity with us, because we were all created as brothers and sisters from a single parent. And if we go set of parents rather, and if we go back far enough, that set of parents is Adam and Eve, Adam, when Adam and Eve, all of us rather were black, rather white, whether we're red, brown, yellow, polka dot purple, whatever, if we are human being we are the children of Adam, and Adam, was created from the soil couldn't come in Adam, Adam, Adam movement to rob all of you are the descendants of Adam and Adam is from the earth.

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That is our message to our nation, as racial racial tensions and racial prejudice and bigotry threatens to cast us back 50 years of further into the past. We must be the people say no, we are going forward. And we're going for it with an Abrahamic vision. We're going forward with Mohammed in vision. And that vision, as our Prophet told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace and blessings of God upon him in Allah Hello a young guru in a canoe become in Hola Hola, Yong. Gu Ella swari comm where and when he comes, Well, I can Yong Boo. Boo, we can call movie. Come on, Eddie come, the Almighty God doesn't look at your physical forms. God doesn't care if you're black or white. God

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doesn't care if you're brown or yellow. God doesn't care if you're red, or any shade or any mixture, a combination of all of those. God doesn't care if you're rich or poor. God doesn't look at your skin color. God doesn't look at your hair texture. God doesn't look at your eye color. God doesn't look at your hate. God doesn't look at your way.

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God doesn't look at your bank account. God doesn't look at your stock portfolio. God doesn't look at what you have or don't have. God looks at your hearts and he looks at your deeds. So our challenge is to make sure that our hearts are pure and that our deeds are sound that is our message to our country and makes amongst other things our Lord tells us in the Quran as we've mentioned previously in part

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and yeah, you have nurse addressing humanity. All of us regardless of our religions, our colors our Creed's your or your head nurse in a HELOC, Nachman Decker. In other words, you are now coming to Reuben Welcome back in Lolita out of who in karamo come and Allah has come in Allah Allah even heavier Oh humanity. Verily We have created you from a single couple of male and female. And then we made you a net into nations and tribes in order that you may recognize in each other the creative power of God, not that you may hate and despise and look down on one another. We look up to each other. We look up to each other

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As a creation of our Lord, we look up to each other as the crown of God's creation. We look up to each other as an individual. Each and every one of us, regardless of who we are, who's been ennoble by our Lord was karamba, Benny Adam, we look up to each other as dignified, noble human beings. This is our message. This is our calling in this day, and in this time, and the most noble of you, and in that karamo and Allah He at the car come the most noble of you're the one who's most mindful of God. Brothers and sisters, may we be blessed like Abraham to be mindful of God. When we wait, may we be blessed to be courageous people. When may we be blessed? Like Abraham to be people who understand we

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have a mission. We have a mission to bring to humanity. We have a message to bring to humanity, that we're not just feathers floating in the breeze, whichever way the breeze blows, there we go. If the breeze of this intellectual fad blows, there we go. We're communist at the breeze of this intellectual fad go or philosophical fad comes, there we go. We're deconstruction. All this if the breeze or this of that internet, intellectual fad goes, there we go blowing like a feather in the wind. No, we are rocks and the face of the tsunami. We are rocks in the face of the tsunami. We are strong people who stand firm, firm upon our principles firm upon our belief firm upon our confidence

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that we have something great to offer to our nation to our communities. And that we will stand firm against those who will try to define us in ways that contradict the beautiful message that we have to convey. Brothers and sisters Let us raise our hands in prayer.

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Allah Muhammad fueling Muslim in all Muslim ads. Well, I mean II know what moved me in at and I hear Him in whom well I'm wet. Robin Allah juicy Kulu BANA by the head Atana what happened learner who Kurama in can tell Rob benef regarding a sovereign wealth separate aka them and won't stolen Island Homolka theory Rob BANA providing a sovereign wealth apadana water with Ben I mostly mean Allahu Minh and slo Cal Houda. What to ha Well, luckily, you know when I first when Mark FIRA Allah him MK simlar Nam and has Shetty cometa Ruby he bein in our bay in a mile seek women Tati karma to Balu gonna be her Jana tech Wamena ERP NEMA your whole wind wind in my saw a bit dunya when that year in

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the summer in webstore. You know, what

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was your al Holywell determine which one Alamo water man won't SORNA alarm and Adana wallet Hola. So you bet enough Edie Nina wala T Janet dunya Akbar Raha Amina Wollenberg are in MENA wala to solat eyeliner, be the novena manly or half Okay, well, your hamona Yeah hamara Hamid WAF one wolf your learner water hammer and mill and found shorter now I look at your Allah Almighty God we asked you that you make this gathering of ours a gathering that's filled in enveloped by Your mercy and our departure from it one that goes under your protective grace. We ask you, your Allah that you bless us to be people of courage that you bless us to be people of wisdom, that you bless us to be people

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of restraint that you bless us to be people of compassion that you bless us to be people of mercy that you bless it to be people are understanding people have empathy and people have sympathy. You're Allah, we ask You that You bless us to make a positive contribution to our communities, to our neighborhoods, to our cities, to our states, to our country to our world. Yeah, Allah. Ya Allah, we ask that you have been you your mercy and your gentleness and veloped that people have been afflicted in Texas and other regions by the storm that has been sent to test them. May they remain steadfast in their faith. May the hands of compassion be extended from those who are blessed to have

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the resources to assist their fellow human beings. May they extend their hand of mercy to them, may they extend the hand of a

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Sisters to them, may they extend the hand of love and concern and dedication to them. May we all be blessed to contribute to a safer and saner world. May we bless this stand in the face of the provocation of the provocative tourists who would divide us who would instill hatred in our hearts towards each other, who would seek to to undermine the messages of peace and goodwill that all of our religious communities teach. May those messages shine like the welcome Sun after a storm of the of the, that brings darkness that brings destruction of hatred and envy and bigotry and all of the negative characteristics may those clouds of negativity be dispelled and dispersed and broken up and

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driven away by the son of truth, by the son of compassion, by the son of understanding by the son of brotherhood, and the son of sister and the son of charity, and the son of mercy and the son of love? May we be those sons that shine upon the world, just as the Son of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shone upon this world and instilled us with a virtual virtuous example. May we follow that example? When he when may we be those that our Prophet represented? Yes, you had nobody in our sin naccache He don't want to invest your own money, the euro, where Daniel Allah, he beats me he was urogen Munira when we may we be those who are witnesses, witnesses through our character witnesses

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through our virtue witnesses through our devotion, witnesses through our dedication to God, when we may we be those who give guide Glad Tidings to people, that things don't have to be the way they are, that things can be better when we decide to make them better. May we be Warners, that if our greed and the corruption and the incivility and the hatreds that are being stoked, and the divisions if those kindled and allowed to fester, they will tear us apart, we have to warn against those things. The warn against those things, we have to be those who call to the Word of God would die in in Allah He beaten the heat, who call to the web that was your Roger Munira, and like Abraham, and

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like all of the prophets like Moses, and David, and Jesus, Mohammed, all of the messengers of God, they were shining lights, in a world that sometimes can be dark, in the absence of the prophets. May we be blessed to be those shining lights, who knows illuminate the path for each other, and we illuminate the path for those who are astray illuminate the path of hope for those who have given up hope, illuminate the path of Mercy who those who just see a lack of Mercy all around them May May we be those sons, when we be May we be those shining lamps, when we may we be those fires of warmth, and light that light the way for others and that provide the fuel to light the wicks of every candle

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that may be dipped into our light. Allah

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baro baro Akbar

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in law law, oh Lord Akbar bottle.

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Ball wedding hand Ella who borrow all borrow borrow

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law, a law law Akbar. Ready. Hill ham. Oh Lord, I can Borrow. Borrow law Akbar

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Illa Illa Allah, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, when he Hellhammer a Mubarak Kula arm went on the hair. We want to remind everyone go to the ICNIRP relief booth. They're collecting power to bring relief for those who have suffered at the hands of hurricane Harvey. Those who were forced to evacuate those who are in shelters help ignore relief to help those who are suffering brothers and sisters in Mubarak Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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