Divorcing Truth From Reality

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should rely on me or phrase into law the Lord of the worlds.

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As we all know,

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our society is afflicted with a crisis of

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crisis crises

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that has culminated

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in the storming of our Capitol,

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and possibly could have led

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to the deaths

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of the Vice President and numerous members of Congress.

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Why do we say this is the culmination of a crisis of truth?

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Because those people

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who stormed the Capitol,

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were largely motivated by a lie

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that there was massive fraud in the last election.

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That led to the true Victor being denied victory.

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The court rejected that claim as false.

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The Electoral officials, including the electoral republican electoral officials in Georgia really rejected that claim as being false, everyone who examined it on his face, he accepted it as false. But people were convinced.

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This crisis of truth, were convinced as to its truth.

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And we saw one of the consequences of that. And we'll see others in coming days and weeks and months. Now, a lot of time to protect us all.

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Why do we say or one of the reasons

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for this crisis is divorcing truth from reality?

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This is an issue as Muslims we don't deal with because our scholars have clearly defined what knowledge is not as being the foundation for truth and No. And coddle jersey mama, papa

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Lenoir PR, that knowledge is an absolute conviction

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that I'm in agreement with reality.

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So we don't divorce true from reality.

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But in our country, there are movements both on the left and the right,

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whose existence is predicated on divorcing truth from reality.

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On the left, we have the increasing influence of post modernist thought,

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from post modernists, thought, queer theory, feminist theory, critical race theory, decolonization theory,

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at its root,

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all of those things, but post modernism in general at its root, is a divorcing of truth from reality.

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The post modernists say that truth is the product of a cultural regime.

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There is an objective truth but we can't wait we with great only cannot with great difficulty, but what we accept as truth is the product of cultural construct is a cultural construct. For example,

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they will say you Muslims your truth with a small team. There's no big t truth except their contentions. Your small t truth is a product of your culture, your culture contains the core.

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Your culture contains a belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Your culture contains what we describe defined earlier or a correspondence theory of truth. That truth corresponds with reality. But that's your culture and says, I don't accept the Quran. I don't believe in Allah.

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I don't

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accept the correspondence theory of truth, then I don't accept as true what you deem to be true.

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Even though it's rooted in reality,

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and then this articulates itself out into their society into our society.

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So they have their truth. You Muslims have a truth.

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We have our proof. This group has their truth this culture produces. It's true. And they're all a small team.

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We reject that. And we say that there's ultimate truth.

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On the right, the idea of alternative facts have been has been popularized, especially by the last presidential administration.

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So this idea of alternative facts, there might be a set of facts. But there's an alternative set of facts.

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And this is an impossibility.

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It's an impossibility because the opposites don't meet.

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It's either night, and there's an absence of light, particularly if there's no moon on that, on that night,

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or the daytime, we can say you think it's night.

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But my alternative fat is claims or posits that is today.

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The invalidity of that proposition is exposed as revealed

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by the impossibility of two opposites meaning and can't be in light and dark and dark simultaneously. My hand cannot be still and moving simultaneously. That involves the meaning of impact or the impossibility of two opposites meeting either still, or is moving, I can say, Well, my alternative factual universes is moving in and still no, we reject that.

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So this crisis is being fed and promulgated, both from the left and from the right.

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as Muslims, it is our responsibility.

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To address the truth increasing, you find Muslim jumping on one bandwagon bandwagon or the other, either to jump on the left bandwagon, and implicitly, not explicitly, but implicitly accept a different

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framework for understanding knowledge in reality, other than what we as Muslims have traditionally and historically held on to

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the show you'll find Muslims, enforcing and endorsing

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not only turn ative

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foundations for true

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but not turn ative morality that emanates that truth. And I'll come back to this at the end.

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the unity of truth and morality. So to illustrate that, you'll find many Muslims now, who would be very hesitant

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to call a prostitute, a prostitute says that's pejorative

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their sex workers

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because prostitute contains a moral value. So the reality of the situation is that this person has illicit sexual relations for pain.

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But we divorce any moral judgment from that? And we say, No, we can't judge her and it might be him.

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Because they're sex workers. This is how they make their living. So let's just leave the app as it is, and even divorce any moral judgment from it,

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as I say, will return the decision in conclusion.

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It is no accident.

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That as our society moves away from a firm belief in God, a belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala, that you see these ways of looking at truth and reality merging.

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is not an accident.

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It's no accident.

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For as we begin to divorce ourselves away from Allah subhanho wa Taala away from Almighty God, who is the ultimate truth we know as Muslim one of the names of Allah Subhana Allah, Almighty God is

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the truth, the source of truth, the ultimate reality.

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This is a name this is an attribute of Allah subhana wa Tada. When we move away from belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala then we lose our

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Our foundation to route us in truth and to, to accept that there is an ultimate arbiter to determine what is true.

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So we believe as one of our sources of knowledge revelation,

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as conveyed in the Quran,

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and the words of our hospice have Allahu alayhi wa sallam that express truths conveyed to us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. As the Quran involves the total speech of Allah, so those meanings,

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embody the total speech of the law. So they're an articulation of divine truth in the world. We move away from God. And this happens in other religions, they move away from the Scripture, they move away and develop confusion concerning truth.

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When this happens,

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we see the sort of perversity, we see the sort of immorality, we see the sort of a rejection of divine the informed etiquette in terms of how are we different given how we differ how we interact with each other.

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Again, this happens when the right traditionally known as the defenders of religion, but we've seen and this was illustrated by our past president,

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right wing beliefs and attitudes divorced from the religion, religious component. So the vulgarity, the incivility.

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The boorishness,

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not exemplified in one man exemplified by millions who following endorse one man

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becomes illustrative of even the right moving away from religion.

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Why is this significant? Consider the words of the prophets of Allah while he was send them.

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Hey, Paul Paul, in the set. Yeah, dealer Bureau. We're in a DLL, Jenna. We're in the Rogen layer. stokoe Hector, you taboo yup taboo. In the law, he said

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that truth leads to righteousness. And righteousness leads to paradise. And a person will continue to speak truthfully until they're recorded with the laws being truthful.

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We're in a teddy bear

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end. Look for your inner Fujiwara lady in a law. We're in a radula Lake he had looked up in the park that people had

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in the law he kept that and dishonesty lies leads to illicit behavior and illicit behavior leads to hell. And a person will continue to lie into the recorded with the law as being a liar.

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dishonor truth leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to paradise. But if you don't believe in Paradise, and you don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala then there's no check on your there's no ultimate moring to watch you in true.

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And to push you away from life was hell was not.

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So the secularization of our society is one of the root causes of the proliferation or dishonesty and lie

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is our responsibility amongst our responsibility is to be a community totally unequivocably, committed to truth and to truth telling.

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And to emphasizing the foundation of truth belief and Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's one of our responsibilities as Muslims not to jump on this bandwagon or that bandwagon. But to create our own bandwagon and ask the people who are committed remain committed to to the jump onto that bandwagon.

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If we succeed by the tofield, and the decree, the facilities facilitation and the decree of Allah we said hamdulillah and if we fail on to the lack of tofi, the lack of divine facilitation and the decree not being favorable for the two that we still say Alhamdulillah

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Because winning and losing success and failure are not with us. We are enjoined to do our best.

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Therefore, we are enjoined to do our best. Let me shake, you have nothing to do with the outcome of the affair.

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In conclusion,

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we said we'll return to this point,

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the connection between truth and morality.

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And they the fact that there's so much confusion we asked how do I even know the truth? I go online. There's so much confusion, so many contradicting ideas, so many mutually exclusive opinions being put forth. How do I even know the truth?

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We know the truth through Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We know the truth by committing ourselves to Allah we know the truth by living through and remembering Allah tala abundantly we know the truth by making sure our hearts are connected to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We know the two by putting ourselves and placing ourselves in the company of two foot people, both in the realm of reality and in the virtual realm. We can listen to television programs, and online whatever whoever there is a lie after lie after lie after lie after lie being told at every conceivable level, and expect to be truthful as marble and Edina can easily value Oh, I have to commend you, Holly, a person is on the religion of their companions that every

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one of you consider well the company they keep.

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So to conclude, consider

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the prayer that our Prophet taught us. Allah, Allah

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was a net What is it?

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Oh Allah, Almighty God show us the truth as the truth.

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So the truth comes through Allah subhana wa.

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And that's why it's important for us to make sure we're living a life that cultivates a conscious awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar.

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And then what is the moral ethical component come in? What is looking at back and bless us to follow it?

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You think the last president doesn't know that he lost.

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You really believe that?

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You believe many of those hypocrites, who stood up in Congress repeating that lie until they got religion when their lives were almost taken. Then they got religion and started speaking truthfully. Enough is enough. And out.

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They knew the whole time but they did not have the moral integrity to follow the truth. And so we pray Allah who

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were looking at that show us the truth is the truth and then give us the moral integrity to follow.

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Where everything is bought, in our opinion, what is up next?

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and show us false hood is falsehood and blesses to avoid, give us the moral integrity and the spiritual strength to avoid. Where does it come from? Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, you show us we can do it ourselves. It's too confusing. It's too much too many layers of darkness.

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But you are and you're just as you are as hot, you are the light and you are the truth. So show it to us and shine that light down upon us so that we can be paid for a confused and increasingly lost humanity. mela give us tofi Allah give us the seer mela gratis divine facilitation towards success. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make things easier because they're not always easy. May Allah tala bless us to be committed to the truth? A coworker we had he will

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam and the CEO of university so you didn't even know karate high up now Hamad and he was he was confused in Warhammer mana. We saw goon Island.

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Yeah. You had Nadine sogou and he was said he moved to sleep. Last Sunday was

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early he also he was cellular.

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What happens brothers and sisters with truth?

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jet and How cool

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was that all about till in about the the Canada's

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truth comes while two parishes foster by its very nature, is it doomed? Is it destined to perish Summa Laude Allah blesses to convey the truth to our words, our speech, our actions, our moral fiber