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Imam Zaid Shakir clarifies how to make an accurate assessment of what constitutes oppression, the consideration of justice, and not to separate the standards established by the divine law.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen appraising due to lower the load of all the words or phrases into a law was guided us this path and we would not have been able to guide ourselves had not Allah guided us operate His praises due to a law as was revealed the scripture unto His servant and he has made the crookedness there in.

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We start with the first part of Hadith could see an abbey there in rhodiola, Lion and Rasulullah sallallahu. What I did was send them an email your week here on grupy as the Virgin and who call URI birdie in the how long to vote nine and see what you have to be noco maharana falletto bottom. So it's related from Eddie lar from the Messenger of Allah, the blessings and peace, be upon them from those things that the Messenger of Allah relates from his Lord be mighty and majestic, that he said, All my servants, have forbidden oppression amongst myself, for myself for that forbidden oppression for myself, and I have made it between you forbidden, therefore, do not press one another.

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So we don't want to talk about this issue of volume or oppression of people doing that except to say one thing, and that is,

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in assessing what constitutes oppression and what doesn't constitute oppression, we cannot separate what we consider to be oppression, or what we consider to be just,

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we cannot separate our assessment, from the standards established by the Divine Law.

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Our first consideration is an Indian issue,

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not what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says about it, not what this or that worldly authority says about it, those are considerations possibly. But the first consideration is what the law and His Messenger say about it.

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And if Allah and His messenger said, such and such as just, there's no worldly authority to declare to be unjust, and if Allah and His messenger said such and such is unjust, or such and such, is immoral, there is no worldly authority to say that this just and that it is moral.

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And we'll leave it at that point. The point we want to make is that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he mentioned was messengers of Allah, and it will tell them that he has a particular characteristic, and that characteristic is that he is just the opposite of being unjust or oppressive. Wagner

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says, you're in bed to vote tonight, and let's see, all my servants, I've made oppression forbidden from bidding for myself. So a lot has a characteristic that he forbids himself from oppression. And then he says, Would you out to beno come maharana and I've made it forbidden amongst you filetto varnam therefore do not oppress one another. So the point is, a lot of Tyler has a characteristic and then he enjoins us to adopt that characteristic. And based on this, some of our scholars have written that you don't want to have to lock in law, adorn yourself with the character traits of the law with the caveat to the extent humanly possible. So law has the perfected degree of any

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characteristic a lot of Tyler as

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the knowing his knowledge is unrestricted or has knowledge of all things at all times. A lot has knowledge of what has been, what is and what will be. A lot has knowledge that is never

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is not qualified by forgetfulness is now qualified by access, we only know what we have access to.

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So we have access to the fact that one in one is too, but no one ever taught us that. So we grew up in some village in the middle of a jungle and no one there knew the basic, most fun

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two principles of mathematics.

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We might not know that in that particular format formulation, we might intuitive know, if I take one coconut and add another coconut, I have two coconuts. But in terms of the actual structure, one plus one equals two, we never know that, or two times two equals four. We if we didn't have, we know how that says, some people, they don't have access to the fact that in the Arabic language tree is shujaa.

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A very basic simple thing any Arabic speaker, from two years old on would take for granted. But how many people in this country who've never had access to Arabic never been exposed? To Arabic? No, have you come up you up to 100 people in Santa Clara central San Jose, and you guys 100 of them and they're not Muslim, they're not Arabic speakers. And they have a PhD in software engineering, and they work in this valley. And you say,

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what the sheduled on me, they start scratching their head.

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We only know we have access to Allah has access to all knowledge is knowledge is unqualified ours is qualified. So there are limitations to the extent to which we can adorn ourselves what we should try.

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We should try to be just people, we should try to avoid oppression, not starting with some issue

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involving people halfway around the world that's important.

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We should all be outraged over what's happening in Yemen, for example, is a disgrace to this religion

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is a disgrace to this religion, that people call themselves Muslim. And not seeing this side or that side. Every side says they're Muslim.

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And yeah, they're destroying their country. They're exposing their children to starvation. They're exposing their elderly people to premature deaths.

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And they all say that Muslims

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that's a disgrace and it should concern us. But our first concern should be right in our own homes.

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Justice to our children justice to our parents, just to to our wives justice to our husbands

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because that's where we can have the most powerful and profound impact in changing unjust situations. And that's what we use the letting go

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while we save the world.

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So we strive

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to learn the names and learn the attributes of a lawn if you look at most of the significant compilations concerning the names and attributes of the law.

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You remember

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and Moxon Esma

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or Moxon s net

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and Max in an estimate

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or alone, this alone should Jarrod tomorrow when he has a section in there on the mat and see facto law and all of them talk about this idea of hollow and hollow we have an Islam candle candle to enjoy yourself with this particular name involves this that or the other.

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So we should try to be as we said, we should try to be an adult. We should try to be just we should try to be rushed man Rahim we should try to be merciful

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and extend our mercy to everyone in our sphere of influence. A lot of Tyler's mercy encompasses over his creation.

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But our first he can touch those in our sphere of influence. Our mercy can touch our children.

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Our mercy can touch our spouses. Our mercy can touch our neighbors, our mercy can touch our co worker coworkers are mercy can touch our fellow citizens. And we just strive to make sure that we are right man and we are him to the extent humanly possible.

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We just got to make sure that we are a nanny

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or a man All right, hey man, many

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that we are sovereign, again to the limited extent humanly possible. And again, a lot of time that people might

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These are strange concepts. But I mentioned I gave you an example from hidey hole. See, I'll give you an example from Korean, hula, hula medical,

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tourism and Tasha

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Tasha Vianney can hire in the kind of condition condition. So a law says he has Moke he has dominion, he has sovereignty coming lahoma man, he can

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say, Oh Allah, The Possessor of all sovereign and dominion, but then he says he gives some of that to us. Put in McLennan, Tasha.

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So he says he gives dominion and authority to whomsoever He pleases. And so in that realm, when I was giving you a dominion, that Dominion might be your home, that Dominion might be the your your business, and your control and your authority over your employees. That dimension might be a class that you teach. And so you have to exercise that with justice. You have to exercise that looking for the best interest of your employees the best interest of your family members in the best interest

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of those who have authority over to to move Canada. And that's how we adorn ourselves with this quality of move.

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And medical kudos

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produce linguistic linguistic level posts, Heather vimana and taharah at the hora de Mendoza here to be pure and to be distance.

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So, alive dose is pure for any qualities characteristics of his creation,

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his beautiful many defects

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and is far removed from any likenesses in the equals.

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So we say 10 z will

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be minus taharah when NASA so we should try to be pure people and the law has

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a laws good impure and only accepts that which is good and pure. Some of us we hear about things that Muslims do and we scratch our head and we say what are they reading?

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What compilation are they reading?

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Of how do you spread the word compilation of hajizadeh reading

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I have a friend of mine who runs a a shelter

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for abused women not in this state not the shelter here in another state

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a family friend

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and she I talked to her yesterday or the day before yesterday and she said that Muslims are bringing their mothers and grandmothers 8687 years old and dropping them off at the steps of our shelter

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and the lead and won't even give a one penny to assist in taking care of them

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and these are those Muslims these are Muslims and look white people in this masala

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is the fact you don't believe me? I'll give you her number you don't call up so she can cry to you

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How could I do that?

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How could I do that? That's the tip of the iceberg

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Look how Muslims rip each other apart on social media

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we did the thing with CNN did little clip did 25 influential Muslims talking about some thing and the one the editor of that series said that he never saw a community whose members tear each other down like the Muslim tear each other down

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I'm not making it up you know I'm not making it up.

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We should be far removed from that

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so we go through these names of the law one one name so we get good news a salad a salad free from any defense a law celeb is not some of us we convert to Islam we start learning Arabic one of the first things we learn as cinema laico

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and then we learn to me is Peace be upon you which part is the

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Peace SLR Muslim peace there we start learning the names of Allah or a man or a Haim scratching our head and medic and full dose SLM. I know that one that's the East loves the peace. Allah Salaam sentiment minute minute Will you be one na s allows anyone who's safe and protected from any defects or imperfections. That's what a salami darussalam is called darussalam gender, because the imperfections of the world won't exist there. There's no death. That's an imperfection. There's no de disease. That's an imperfection in the world. There is no aging, that's an imperfection and the world and darussalam those defects won't exist. That's what's called darussalam.

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And so the the believer should try to be a person who doesn't allow himself or herself to be rendered defective by the defect of jealousy by the defect of cowardice by the defect of stinginess by the defect,

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of slender and backbiting and also someone who doesn't render their fellow Muslim defected. And this meaning salon, if we do a linguistically past tense, present tense muster, that's how we've learned Arabic selima yesterday, Salah

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so the route is setting up the verbal sentiment and our profits of the law while he was selling them when he defines a Muslim.

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He says as Muslim men said the man was the morning Middle Eastern he will end

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this is how we adorn ourselves with a salon this name the Muslim is the one the other Muslims are saved from their tongue in their head

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Yeah, the Muslims in Yemen, us Muslims the acting like Muslims or Somalia or Iraq or Syria

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or Afghanistan all these places where the Muslim is the one pulling the trigger

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say about the Americans and selling them the guns and the ammunition then we'll go back again the Muslims are stupid enough to spend their money in their treasure to make these fools and these killers and these murderers like Donald Trump rich the Muslims are the fool to stand in a room with their phone with a chart saying these weapons that you stupid Muslim by to kill the mother each other give us American jobs

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that's a disgrace to this religion

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Tell me afterwards you know people like to come up out brother and nice kebab but so give me the bud after Come on broaden my scope up but you know me called the Muslim stupid for spending billions of their dollars on your brothers and sisters are starving and living in sewage and their cities with poor infrastructure to buy these weapons to kill each other rather this not stupid. So Allah seven Bismillah Allahu Akbar the test name. Amani wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Bismillah. How Listen, Masha Allah, I'll take Edina in the sea. Ha.

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All right, men are a human medical could do such

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a movement and we're Haman. Razzies a Jabbar

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is one of the salami says when you move the cat Do you think no no that's no way Muslim can be multicast appear.

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There is a yes there is a proper to Hello

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bismi he can't be here. Yet our capital Anuradha.

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He arrogates himself she arrogates herself above the the the vile petty things I'm too good for that.

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Brother, did you see the post this guy was talking about you and the capital

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and erupt? I'm not going to respond to that. So he said probably he said Your head is so big and makes the Goodyear Blimp jealous.

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So I'm supposed to say well tell him his mother's still skinny. She got hula hoop in a tube in a trivial

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way. Well, you had to kept them on dannic

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that's how we adorn ourselves with the name and multi cap you were your capital hon.

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That is

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to have time for one more jump bar. Jabbar is a name that has been one way we look at the names of below to say there is merit in Japan as well as smell in Japan, there are names of a majesty

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nakahara Jabarin pumpkin at the meet,

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and there are names of beauty, men are hidden or aloof, as shockula for

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and Jafar is both.

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So in the in the sense of the one who is compares the power to compel

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and enforces will

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his jump bar and in the sense of the meaning of the word we say

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he mended the break. So a cast we call gembira. From this meaning, it protects the wound so it can heal.

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And so we should we should strive in those situations that requires to be firm, to have this quality of joab of majesty. But we should also strive in those situations where we have to heal the broken hearts we have to heal the wounded spirits and when the hill the the the the destroyed lens and destroy people and the destroyed homes and the destroyed fields. That's also just bar

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one men's

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we have to we have to strive and we'll end on this note to Hill we're hurting.

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And one of the reasons we tend to project our project harm onto others is a projection of our own pain

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is a projection of our own suffering is a projection of our own wounds.

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So we have to try to heal each other.

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We have to try to mend the brokenness that's out there.

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And that's what a jump bar means.

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A lot give us tofi Mela strengthen us mela elevate us time to help us know my time to help us we listen to fist in the lab you see helping assistance seeker first and foremost from a loss and what time y'all law help us to overcome your law help us to be better than what the world has made us. Y'all help us to heal the pain and the hurt and the suffering to mend the divisions to bridge the divides. Your long

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as you this

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was stuck

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with me minutes

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even more sitting

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sabena Have you been our karate our union 100 in solo la la la He will send them in the law How am

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I he was sending in a lot of muscle you send him a bad policy no Habibi, no karate I

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love it when you send them. Brothers and sisters we all lost. Tyler bless us May Allah tala help us know how to protect us a lot of time to strengthen us. Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us to be people who seek elevation who seek to be elevated through your power

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and not through our weakness. Approach problem were many of us were trying to elevate ourselves for our weakness, as opposed to seeking elevation through a lot higher power.

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So a lot Holly mentioned he is also

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called Fedoroff

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coffin a rocket, the one who debases and the one who elevates and the elevation

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Amazon book and his book marks it and

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he says that

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he has a section us It says what

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we had in this drawing neutral mark with this name, we discusses how the adorning yourself and then drawing near. It says we draw near to Allah raffia

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by doing those things, which invites a lot of Tyler's elevation.

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So there are two things in that regard. One is humility. A lot of times is the messenger of a loss of the love it was sent him that he says we're meant to Wanda, I had only learned he learned, rough alcova no one humbles themselves for the sake of Allah except that Allah elevates them.

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So that's the first. The second is holding fast to the Korean War. Plus, he will be happy that HIV and malaria for Roku does not die. It's just holding fast to the ground, something we should do anyway. But what is one of the consequences of that? I don't know the

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other Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and who call

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in the law had your fou beheaded kitabi aka women were yet to be occurring, that Allah elevates by means have this book out for some people and read the bases.

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So May Allah blesses to do those two things four stars,

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as means to elevate ourselves and to elevate our communities and to elevate our families and to elevate this humility, and holding and reading and reciting memorizing and studying the book of Allah within the limits of our situations in our resources, alone, feeling muslimeen