Can Devotion And Academic Inquiry Coexist- Habib Umar Bin Hafiz And

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down to call up for duniya

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ma boo Oh da to Rocco levy don't hear fee Maria the call

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for your model Hi Walla

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that Donia Fe Maria Hall Hill calling you

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furred don't fi, Maria the call it but you will pay Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah who have

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Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah who have murdered Rasul Allah or Yemeni are all on if he's dumb he really is Mo and Mohammed Dhulikhel Lima Yuto Yuto hola hola.

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Isla her in

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Allah Allah will have murdered on

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Yemen Juran journey shared equally

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Yemen E Lee Hill monster

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Oh Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will have murdered

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Yemen causa in on his thing he FICO only go on omen on in coin euro in DECA Jima Oh

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Allah Allah Isla in

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Allah Allah will have murdered

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insanity yet you

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are you

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also fina

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Medina moto hub Ania

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mean 30

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shoot Google

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Rob Bernal saw only

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gym and I Luffy hall you didn't call it speeding seat

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yeah he man been more on all

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I looked at my headache Allahumma and to Shasha Anwar al Huda will Hegyi go filoblu Aunty Jaya

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Piazza at MIT was hula and Isla ag Ma Yun again Andrew will be here to give when I say you do, Miss Aloha Aloha moto vegan Minto V Karina is Amin and he again IBL as well with that far behind Valois AutoSelect behind Shira when you are no sir Luca Salah handled Gulu we were well he shy me will Aroha What do you do with your mood in dunya? Well as your mother for handle malaria, we shall rule you will have heard your Kojima who want to buy the coffee Jimmy now regarding out our in our Monica and Amina baraka and again I beheld Bella Bella. We should rule but also the Helena behind Omorovicza has to do or be Norica usually have a full one as a Luca and taboo Sofia they will be

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gone and while he died, he will release to Gherardi will em you up to money. Nettie masala Mati Manal beleaguered or to see the Halawa, little more meaningful Momina drama Samina our Muslim at all, and you read to Rosa and to Africa, Julio Messiah, we're unto durian Hola. Hola, hi, Wantage Ron, Ron Jeremy. Now Halina, Betty Erica Jamie. Hi, Cherie. We're Berea Gary banya. MacGibbon Yeah, I love you, man. Yes, me. I get to hug them too big. Oh, who are you on? Kitchari good. caffine Remora beaming. So all you have Giardia hijas and the next era. Era Gabi washery Ogilvy malaba Wish you all the visual rude in a boring way them How can tarawih if Alana was too highly, which are you

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and you said he gets caffeine Yeah. Remora Beeman Swan he was GRE or Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen