Zaid Shakir – Bay Area Vigil Against Islamophobia

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of the past, including the dehumanization of certain individuals and groups, and the importance of acceptance and diversity in society. They emphasize the need for unity and acceptance in society to avoid division. The speaker also mentions upcoming events and thanking their families for their contributions.
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in the name of God, Most Merciful, most compassionate. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen all praises due to Allah the Lord have

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City as my peace and blessings upon the Prophet Mohammed and all of the prophets and messengers of God.

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We know what happened in New Zealand, we were just reminded of the painful history of this country. How 500 nations were virtually exterminated.

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We know what happened in Paris when a gunman went into a theater and

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took almost 90 lives. We know what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, when Dylann Roof walked into a church took nine lives. You know what happened in Texas, when a gunman walked into a church, white church and took 26 lives. We know what happened in Pittsburgh when a gunman walked into that synagogue and talked, took 11 lives. You know what happened outside of Milwaukee when a gunman walked into the Sikh temple took over half a dozen lives. Now we know what happened in New Zealand and the common denominator. And all of those events and others we could stay here all night naming is that

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the victims were dehumanized before they were murdered.

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It's difficult to kill someone whose humanity one values.

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And so the white supremacy that was mentioned, or other diabolical ideological forces, they dehumanize the victims. We're here to say in our numbers, our variety, our diversity,

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religiously, ethnically, racially, that we

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stand for humanity, that we will not allow anyone to be dehumanized, that we will fight against dehumanizing ideologies, we will fight against dehumanizing media, we will fight against any force that denies any human being their God given right, to live, to grow, to mature and to reach their full human potential to blossom

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under God's sky. So brothers and sisters, as we leave here today, we should leave with conviction. And this is easy for us as Muslims, we're told in the Quran, that the human has been a noble, we'll look at Corona Benny Adams. And this, the ennoblement and the honor conferred upon the human precedes his or her race, ethnicity, color or creed, that we are all one human family. Some of us don't descend from this sort of creature and another from that sort of creature, as many races allege different origins. Now we all descend from a common parentage. We are all brothers and sisters, and humanity, we are all members of one family. And as we know it is time for this family

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to come together, unified to stand against any force that will attempt to divide us, we have our differences, but our differences should not be a source of division. Our differences should not be a source of hate, or differences as we Muslims or toe, those differences lead to our food. We're gonna come to Auburn, we'll come back to our food. Those differences should be a way that we recognize in each other, the beauty, the complimentary beauty that we provide to each other. We beautify each other. We're beautified by each other. And we are one beautiful family and I'm proud and I'm thankful that I'm here this evening to see the beauty of that family on full display.

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