What If Shaykh Zahir Could Turn Back The Clock

Zahir Mahmood


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Didn't want to ask you and ask this to the senior I'm sorry. Not to say that you're older anything, senior.

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Thank you.

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That is your advice.

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What advice would you give to yourself? 2020 years ago? My advice is so much what a lie he there was so much.

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I didn't want to ask you and ask this to the senior, I'm shocked that come here not to say that you're old or anything.

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That is your advice.

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What advice would you give to yourself? 2020 years ago, my advice is so much.

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So much wish, there's so many things I could have done improve myself. hamdulillah. You know, there's, I've traveled a considerable amount. I've seen a lot of places, I've stayed in different places, I met some amazing individuals, in my study days, through my talks, etc. There's so much things one I would have maybe study wise, I would have concentrated on certain things which would have assisted me in my Latin life. Yeah.

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Secondly, I would have

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maybe spent more time honestly, in the fitmo my parents,

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you know, Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, both my parents live with me, we are a big family. I'm the youngest of all my brothers. But you know,

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how, you know, time doesn't come back. You know, I I wish I I wish that

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I could have reset the clock, you know, and then my parents, my mom was passed away recently, my father passed a few years ago, I wish I will, could have been a better husband. You know, I'm a great husband. Now.

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What I'm saying is that, but that only comes with maturity, it wouldn't have come when I got married. But when you look back at it, you realize, you know what, there's so many things I could have done better. As a husband, as a son, as a brother, and they are the main main things about the deen Alhamdulillah. Obviously, those things, but as a human being, you know, I wish I could attend the clock and said, you know, what, these things which I I wasn't involved in with my family.

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Those are the things that I think were too cold. And, and time is the best teacher. So even if I reverse the clock, I mean, we say this hypothetical, isn't it? Yeah, it wouldn't have happened. But when I look back, I'm like, wow, I could have been a far better son. Could have been far better family member? I could have been far better husband.

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Yeah, exactly as good answer. It is. And, you know, I was just gonna say, actually, you know, you know, when someone passes away, normally, whatever their life was full of people always boil it down to maybe two or three qualities of that person that they were known for the United States, they'll say, not to the exclusion of other things. They'll say, he was a good son. Or he, you know, he was very generous. Yeah, you know, it doesn't mean that he was in a bad accident, but it was coming in. And these few qualities of what a person is known as defines them. And this point you're saying actually is true. Because sometimes, especially when you're young, and you have a zeal for the

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minute you want to do all these things, which aren't even a fart upon you for actually loving and looking after your parents isn't obligations, you know, and

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today, I want to say to the students, you know, this is an example where, you know, my father was very ill. And the local Imam came from Burma jammin machine, he knew my father, see, my father, and I had actually lived to suffer for that period. I said, you guys take I need to look after my father, my father. And he said to me, he said, You know, when your parents pass away, you always think you wish you could have done more.

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One lie. I was sitting there and I think you're not me.

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You're not me. You know, 80 to 100 lover, the grace of Elijah, stay with my father, do whatever you had dementia at the time. You know, when my father passed away,

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I wish I could have done that 100 times.

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You know, we go home today.

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We got our phones. We take our parents for granted. Those who are parents are alive. You don't talk to your parents. You got no time. You got to talk to people that you don't really need to talk to. You're on your phones. You got no time to speak to your wife. You're not done the children.

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And then a time comes when they're not there anymore. You think

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not only did I lose that connection with my parents with my, with my, you know, a wife with my children, I wish I could turn back the clock but you can't. There's no cutoff time

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last month

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i mean i mean I'll give you a parent's agenda.