When Firaun Tried To Bribe Musa (AS)

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people, including a woman named musala, who talks about wanting to convince people to drink water and kill herself. She also talks about a man named Sayed who remembers a woman and says he remembers her. The group discusses various topics, including a woman named Sayed who says she wants to convince people to drink water and kill herself, a man named Sayed who says he remembers a woman and says he remembers her, and a woman named Sayed who says he wants to convince people to kill herself.
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So I hope you're quiet you see as you see the London on your mother you might be on your sisters you might be doing zulum on your sister in law on your brother in law, but

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So now musala salatu salam comes into the gathering of your own imagine for our needs like powerful

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his him his brother and one stick that's it.

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So he begins to speak

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to fare owed

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and he says to forgive them doubt water loss handle and then he also says arson mana buddy sorry. Is it same with us Mike burry is he

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now remember for our had the bunnies are in captivity, they were his slaves.

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Now Pharaoh is looking at this guy and he remembers him. Why does he remember him because he lived amongst for our for many years. He grew up in the house of your own.

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So he remembers him. And and he says alumno pika feanor when he

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said I love Nora be cofina when he did well with the foenum in America, sonny. He said hold on.

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Aren't you the same guy we nurtured we nurtured while you are a little baby.

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You see the world no Robbie

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comes into a rub. he regarded itself as hon Allah and Allah Bachmann Allah. Allah says hon al Amin.

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He said, do we nurture you bring you up whilst you were a little child a little baby. Once you the same one

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who lived in this palace for many years of your life? What did he mean? He said, We are the ones who nurtured you.

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Listen to this really important system. We are the ones who nurtured you.

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We are the ones who bought you up. You ate our food. You slept in our beds. We educated you.

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So he What's he doing? He's reminding

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musalla latos law for all his favors upon him.

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How do you have the audacity now to come and tell us to free your people? How do you come and tell me that I I should worship another Lord when I am the Lord and I am the one who raised you.

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So musala should have some listen to all his his jeep. And then musala salatu salam says Tilton Mattoon, the Manohar Alia and Baba nissar illa Illa Illa Allah

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He said you listen, listen to the statement of, of moose la salatu salam.

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He says, you know this favor that you're reminding me of?

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Till can Matata Mundo Hialeah, you know this favor that you are reminding me of?

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Do you want me to remember your favors upon me?

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Although you have enslaved my entire people?

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Do you understand what Allah is saying here?

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You understand what I'm saying? You remind me of your favours upon me but my people, my people you have enslaved all the glulam that you do. You want me to forget my people? Why for solely for one purpose, because you are good to me. And as long as I benefit because me I'm number one. Therefore I should forget everything else.

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See often what happens in many facets of life, for many facets of life, even at home, even at work. You see you being done. You see the woman being done, but you're quiet.

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You see your friends doing this dilemma? You're quiet, why?

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what you're thinking is I'm getting benefit. And if I speak out, I will lose my benefit.

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So I hope you're quiet. You see. You see the London on your mother you might be on your sisters you might be doing zulum on your sister in law on your brother in law, but

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Because he Exactly. He says

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Didn't we

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Raise you from amongst we raised you.

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We we gave you favors.

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So we remained quiet, solely solely. So we don't lose out.

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Let's go to wide and let's go outside your homes.

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You might have somebody

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who will sell out the community on every single step. Every single step this person will sell out the community.

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But he's good to you.

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He's good to you. Who cares about the rest of the community?

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Who cares about the rest of the people? As long as he's good to me?

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Who cares about the oma as long as he's good to me? Who cares about humanity as long as be number one can get some benefits.