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Abdullah Oduro
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14 men came from the eastern province of Saudi Arabia during the time of the Prophet sallallahu. It was sudden them

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and they were the tribe known as Abdullah ace. Now they all embraced Islam and they came to finally meet the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him. When they arrived to Medina, they saw him and they rushed towards him, except one men. As judge of the case better known as Mundo his name was Monday but they call them a stretch because of he had shed Jay had like a wound on his face or on his head.

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He stayed back and he tied his camel or his writing vehicle, change into his tooth, the ABA some of the scholars mentioned, and then approach the Messenger of Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon seeing this, he told him something, he said, in the Latika hospital saying, you have boom Allahu wa rasuluh. He said that there are two characteristics that I see that I see in you Oh Ashridge that Allah and His Messenger love.

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And those characteristics are those two are gentleness and deliberation.

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Now the promise of the law and it was said, I'm told him this, and then he asked him the question, he said, Yes, Lola

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at the haluk ob Hema, oh jevelin Allahu Allah Hema, he said, O Messenger of Allah. Was I naturally given this?

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Or was it something that I've earned or something that I practice and I've obtained this characteristics in this behavior over time? The prophets of Allah who I deal with sentences said, but Allahu Jebel, aka Allah Hema, he said rather it was Allah subhana wa tada that gave you these characteristics basically, you naturally have them. It is something that is not what they say montesa that you've earned over time, and obtaining but it is something that you were born with.

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And then I said, said

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Alhamdulillah, a lady Jabulani, may you have Bula, who wore a suit, okay, my God. He said, All praises to all praises to Allah, for the one that has created me upon these two characteristics that Allah and His Messenger love. So we want to take a couple of things from here in regards to the whole of the manners. Firstly, we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised them upon two characteristics that he possesses. And knowing that whether it is something that you naturally have, or something that you've obtained, it is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is a Mina that Allah has given you him bestowed upon you. And knowing that, with this men, it is something

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that the Muslims should try to be intentional, when using or activating such as gentleness.

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Gentle, being someone that is has hidden and the scholars mentioned him is they prohibit themselves from others from exhibiting anger. They prohibit themselves, or it's a person naturally does not get angry easily. And they do not exhibit the results of anger from yelling from screaming from, from from from backbiting, even. And then they have today you feel more, they are not hasty. They don't come to conclusions. You know, many times on social media, we feel we have to respond immediately. We have to respond with the anger. But are we people that take our time, observe the situation. And do not rush

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is a loss of kind of what data said hold on insano minocin, that mankind was created, to be hasty, always rushing, feeling that they have to do something immediately. And Subhanallah the society kind of influences us to be individuals that want to rush and do things quickly, without pondering and thinking over the wise thing to do.

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So we see here Firstly, that Allah Subhana Allah blesses, blessed a schedge and blesses you with those aspects of hope that you may be gifted with. And there's also those that work hard to obtain truthfulness, chastity, honesty, you were not that before, but Allah Subhana Allah blessed you with it. And that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Malema and that alone will help move it to Harlem that verily knowledge is with study consistent, steady and barely the deliberation

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or the excuse me, the gentleness is with consistently practicing actions of gentleness being

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Gentle. So this is something that if one makes the effort, they will obtain it in the lifetime. So that's the second thing to realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala may create this person and give this person a certain characteristic and may not give it to you. Amen. Malik Rahim Allah to Allah was asked because the people that had during his time were asking why he didn't go out and fight.

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And he was always someone in the masjid teaching the people.

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And he made a beautiful, beautiful statement, where he said, Verily, Allah subhana wa Taala distributes the good actions and deeds just as he distributes and gives the risk the provisions to people.

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And he continues on when he talks about this. And he Rahim, Allah subhana wa, Allah mentioned, there are some people that may do action such as fasting, but they have not been blessed with the actions of prayer or there may be people that are blessed in doing continuous and extra prayers, but they are not of those that fasting is not their thing they did they weren't, they weren't gifted with continuous fasting. And there may be people that are gifted with charity, but they not be gifted may not be gifted with fasting. And he continues for him Oh, hello, Tada. And then he says, I do not think

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that what I am doing is lesser value than what you are doing. But I am pleased with what Allah Subhana Allah has given me. So I am pleased with that door that he has opened for me. And I hope that there is the best for you and me realizing that est Rahim, Allah Tada. Realizing that whatever God has given you as a gift, make sure that you are intentional with it. Meaning that you do it, showing gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. And if there's something you want to obtain from this whole look, from this good manners, this character, be continuous with it, and ask Allah to bless you with it being intentional, upon being a person of good manners. And lastly, when we see that

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with someone that we want to obtain, we cannot let the hazard or the envy into our hearts, to where we despise that person, to the degree that we want it to be relinquished and taken away from them.

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And we take it. For instance, the person prays a lot. We don't want them to be an individual that is continuously in prayer because we hear the praise from people about that individual. Rather, we want that praise, which it's a Hamdulillah, the one that has blessed him with that and look at what we have an Escalade to bless us with the same or look at what we have naturally from being truthful or being a person that always smiles and people like for you to be around

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and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to increase you when that characteristic. So this hadith is something that is a reminder for us and realizing that although Allah created you with certain beautiful actions of holyoake of manners, there may be some that you may be deficient in being pleased with each one of those knowing that it is a blessing from Allah, always leaving the room for improvement. So May Allah Subhana Allah bless us with the lofty lofty manners and increases in making the effort at all times. Santa Monica Rahmatullah.

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