UK Riots-The True Reality

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Still Pharaoh

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300 wide and he was

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progress. Sisters salaam aleikum, WA.

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And last week, I spoke

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the benefits of

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the benefits of fasting

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and how

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you will be amenable to binary and we'll see how to come up with a violent political line that

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the fasting has been prescribed upon you, so that you made a tank.

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And I spoke about

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the components of Matt, What is man made a

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man has two components, the animal side

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and the angelic side.

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Now, most proud, Allah has created the animals, a lot of the normal animals, a lot of creative the angels would totally worship Allah subhanaw taala all the time alone is no more angels in man alive place both these components, the animalistic and the angelic.

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For the animalistic manage to eat, he needs to drink, etc.

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And then we have the angelic side

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and the angelic side and manage to always be dominant over the animalistic side.

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And what is the gorilla and what is the nourishment for the angelic side?

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That is the vicar of one, that is Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said in the month of Ramadan, man sustenance increases the risk of man increases.

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Now frejus get fully

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tabled up fully in the month of Ramadan is the risk increases, but this is this how we generally understand risk as food as well. No, there's another risk with a promise a lot of salami speaking about in the month of Ramadan, and that is the risk and the sustenance and the nourishment for the soul.

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In the month of Ramadan, man fast, his Eman become stronger.

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He prays that around the salon is constantly in remembrance or last month otherwise he's fasting. So the lives of the soul.

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The soul gets stronger, the energetic side get stronger. And this is why it's very important that the energetic side is always dominant.

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Otherwise greed becomes dominant that animalistic side

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and other

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common desires become dominant. And this is why in the month of Ramadan, this is the ideal time to inculcate

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the spiritual, the energetic side. But for that you need an effort.

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For that you need effort in the month of Ramadan in Calcutta the whole day you found the hunger constantly remind you the last panel darlin, you open your eyes and you come to the machine, you start standing around the salon, then you wake up again for some food. This is how a man's day in the month of Ramadan is spent. What's happening, you're in developing the angelic side.

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And this is very important. As I said, If you don't, then the animalistic side will become dominant. When the last $1 speaks in the Quran, cut up for the husbands of Gaza.

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This verse is translated as what successful is He who has purified himself

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The word

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in the English language in the culture of the art is translated as successful. This is not an ad translation of the word, the word of Lucha actually means.

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And from it, it means has a far deeper meaning that successful from it is the word derivative for law, for law is a farmer, what does the father do for law, he, he, you know, plows the land, then he sews the seed and then through a sweat, his effort, his time, from the depths of the earth is brings for that which is a benefit for man.

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He makes the effort, now, man is made out of the soil, man has certain characteristics which are very similar to the soil. If a man does not work on the energetic,

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then the animalistic side becomes dominant like the land, if you do not plow and work on the land, then, then what happens, that land become barren, no benefit. All that land flows for things which is of no benefit for man, which are actually harmful for man.

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We metals, and this is man's nature as well. If you have not developed the angelic side, then what happened as a consequence is that the animalistic side becomes dominant. And this is where the laws of the heavens are successful is He who has worked on the inner who has made an effort on the inner who has fasted, who has suppressed his carnal desires. Why because he wants to add genic side to be dominant.

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And if that, if you do not do that, then the animalistic side becomes dominant. Greed,

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carnal desires, wanting what other people have. And did we just see this in the last few days?

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He saw this the riots, you saw the animalistic side becoming dominant

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greed. People were looting when they were total lawlessness. Why?

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Because that animalistic side because the angelic side was not worked on. So the animalistic side was dominant.

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It was dominant.

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And as a consequence, look at the fifth man that we saw, they give an argument for it, you must all heard it. They say, Oh, it was done because of the economic downturn. People were feeling the squeeze because of the cuts. If you are feeling the squeeze because of the cuts, then you wouldn't be raising JD sports and comment and Cody.

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You will be attacking government buildings and council buildings. But this was it. What was it? people found that opportunity. People want an opportunity to loot, the animalistic side was dominant. And you saw the lawlessness. You saw everybody in the world saw the Malaysian kid who was punched in the face. And then you had a guy who came and cuddle held him up. Maybe this was his angelic side. He helped him out. He was taking him that somebody came from behind that they opened his rucksack, all of a sudden that guy who was helping him so hold on, he might get something which I might not get. He leaves him and he goes towards the rucksack looking at it because the

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animalistic side is so many.

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And this is why the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is a time when we encounter the end Jedi

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the angelic otherwise this may have happened. People were beaten for no reason people's cars were attacked, burnt. It wasn't it wasn't just about you know, looting JD sports. It went a step further.

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burn the place down Foot Locker with burns in one stop. And that means you saw remember how many people's homes were burnt. Why these are

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Similar to people, you know, their homes, they live exactly the same people who have been they have homes, how would they have felt if their homes were burnt? Who, that doesn't even come into the equation. Why? Because the animalistic side is dominant. There is total disregard for other people's feelings. And this is why their respective brothers and sisters, it's important that in this month of Ramadan, we see this and we take a lesson from it.

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How if you allow the animalistic side to be dominant? And people have the way how they will, you know, run however, you would expect this in some third world country, not on the streets of Great Britain.

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This is it when there is no

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when there is no work on the soul that this is what happens. These were people so Pamela, you heard the Prime Minister Justin seven, seven, the board has been speaking about

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multiculturalism has failed British values. You know, first it started with immigration. Then they went on multiculturalism then Markel, she said, you know, a multicultural man that totally failed. I mean, German speaking about multiculturalism has failed and speaking but a mono culture. The last time the Germans spoke about a monoculture, they killed 6 million Jews. So it's very scary when they start speaking about a monoculture. And then you had

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Cameron jumping jump on the bandwagon.

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multiculturalism has failed, it's dead. Who were they singling out? They were singling out one community. And that was the Muslim community that they have integrated now to ask Cameron, that what you saw on the streets of Britain last week, was that multiculturalism successful?

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When you point your fingers at other communities, if there was any community, who sort of write it, who had no reason to write, it was the Muslims. You knock down our doors at four o'clock in the morning, you know, you you traumatize our children, we are the ones who get stopped at the airport for eight hours, we are the ones who get locked up for 28 days, you know, without any charge, you erode our civil liberties every day, there's something negative about the Muslims.

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And we are regarded as the failed community. Then if that's the case, that are these people who are writing successful, when will you start saying to them

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that you haven't integrated properly, that you are not loyal to the country that you have not adopted British values, or British values are nobody with a British value which they were propounding on the streets of Birmingham.

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When they went past his mother's or they went to the pub, just across the road.

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And they beat people at the light. And then they broke out broke Barton arms, pop some chairs and tables cause havoc are these British values.

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When you speak to the people, and they will say no, we've done this, because we were unhappy with the cuts. When the reporters say to them, if you don't like it here, go somewhere else. Never. This is solely reserved for the Muslims.

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Go somewhere else if you don't like it here,

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you see this, you know, British values. So when they speak about Muslim or integrating into British values, what do they speak about? They speak about forced marriages. forced marriages have nothing to do with Islam.

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They speak about the veil.

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Now Muslim women wear the veil. So if they live in this country, if they should dress like we do, when a woman wears a veil, she's not harming anybody. But when somebody looks

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and he burns down buildings, the war kind of bridges values Ollie's.

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Where is David Cameron gonna address these people?

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point out to them that these are not British values. When is he going to point to other communities? and say, Look, you haven't integrated properly, multiculturalism for your community has failed for the whites who are writing in Manchester, because you have not integrated properly into the community. No, this is solely reserved for the Muslims, British values is solely reserved for the Muslim Muslims. And everybody else will do whatever they wish. Except

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if you really want to see multiculturalism alive,

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you saw it in some Asian communities. You saw it on the streets of South Pole, where the six protected the masjid

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was the Muslim prayed throughout the salon in the masjid? If you really want to see multiculturalism alive,

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then you'd see on the streets of deadly road, were three brothers were martyred. What were these brothers doing? these brothers had come out of the machine.

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They were protecting people's property, who they didn't even know.

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They didn't even know the people and they were protecting their property. Why? Because they regarded a as an ethical, moral, national and Islamic duty to do this. So Pamela, who are these youngsters? They were British Muslims. They were Muslims. No policeman gave his life to protect the property. No politician gave his life to protect the property no BMP member? No, none of these tags from the EDL.

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gave their life to protect other people's property. Who are they? They were young Muslims, who were martyred in the month of Ramadan. sapan Allah.

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And Allah says in the bundle bernadina, coochie roofie services I am work, but

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do not regard those who have passed away in the eyes of your Lord. When you protect somebody's property, you're in the path of your Lord. You're in the path of your Lord, when you look after other people join the party a lot. But yeah, but they are alive by Allah. They are alive. And so on the left

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in the month of Ramadan, you come out to the masjid, you're protecting other people's properties, and you don't want

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your mounted.

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No, this is an honor. And then see how honorable the father was, after all this, and the family members of the other family? Well, what did they say the first thing they said we don't want.

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We don't want any, you know, any revenge. We don't want any violence, we just want to move on.

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Do we just want to move over our date

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and span the line. These were value these were true Muslim values. When they speak about British values in a whistle propound. Our Muslim values are Muslim value. What Muslim values are 100 in law that the vast majority of Muslims live in families where there is a father and the mother.

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They are brought up by their parents. We have respect for our parents, we don't speak back to our parents. We have respect for our elders. These are Muslim values, somewhere that lost in many of the British culture.

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When our parents get older, hit 80 we don't put them in an old age old people's home, we look after them, like they looked after. These are Islamic values.

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These are Islamic values. And if we show our true Islamic values, nobody can point a finger at us. But often we fail. And often there's a gender out there as well.

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So you saw the so Pamela the Father, you know, came out and the newspapers praised him.

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So I don't want any violence because what's gonna happen you're gonna attack some guy, some

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That guy on the street.

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And it is a black guy, and you're gonna make his mother mourn. What's the benefit of that? That's why the last time the last right, some innocent black guy got stuck.

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And you made his mother more, was there any benefit of that

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the bigger man is he who forgives for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, or whatever we do, we always remember that Allah is watching us, because the greatest sin

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of the ship is to kill another person. Why? Because he Allah gives life and only Allah has the right to take it. And the time is a lie. There was on the title of the book, amazing battles. So sorry, on the on the battle 100. The Muslims, they were starving, there was a large army that that part of the Arab peninsula had seen which attacked the Muslims. Oh, they were known as the army and the Confederates. Everybody had united against the Muslims. The Muslims have dug trenches, between them and the enemies. And there was this one guy, he was the warrior amongst the arrows. Our

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name was, and he was the warrior amongst the Arabs.

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And what he did, he managed with a group of people to jump over the trenches. And our They say he was equivalent to 100 men.

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When the women would want to put their children to sleep, they would say go to sleep, otherwise, our mother will come.

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And he came over the trenches. And he cut the legs off his horse, meaning that he's not going back. And then he shouted to the Muslims.

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He said, Oh, humble, I hear

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that your monitors will go into Jelena and ours will go into jahannam does any of your Muslims want to go into Jenna

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and from the Muslim ranks, nobody moved.

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They wouldn't move.

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And then our we had to love and all these men began to love.

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And then our and so

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the Muslims, Allah and His as soon

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as the alarms jumped up, but he said our message of Allah allow me to fight this tyrant. And the professor wants me to sit down and eat that, you know, this is

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this is the kind of respect that this man had.

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And then again, he insulted the Muslims. And then again earlier, the ally who stood up

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at this occasion, the province of Muslim stood up, and he gave me his sword. And he took off his turban, and he placed the on the head.

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And then the robe is a lot to celebrate his hand to the heavens. And he said, a lot of of you took that away from me Do not take any away from me today. And then marched out. And it was a battle like David versus Goliath. This was so and so this young man, 21 year old man standing in front of him. He looked at me, he said, couldn't the Muslims find anybody else other than you to fight me? And

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he said, I am the lowest from the Muslims, but you deserve nobody besides me.

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And then our asked him, he said, Who are you? He said,

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he said, your avatar was a friend of mine. I don't want to kill you. And the early Aladdin said, you may not want to kill me, but because you are ending. Soon, I want to take you down.

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And then earlier the alarm who said accept these conditions, and we don't have to fund and he said what are they? He said we will die there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad was a lot It was one of his messenger. And I will say if my neck was in the depths of jahannam, I still will not say these words. tyrant. attitude, ego.

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And then the alignment said then second thing is don't pack don't fight though attack the Muslims. And our love is referred to these people will say I ran away from a young boy.

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Then the alarm who said and let the battle stop

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Ideally allowed to send something to ama which enraged him out an attack on your lungs, the lungs, very simple. So Allah had this great armor whenever he would attack me. I would move all the way until he became tired, and then

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pounced upon it, honey, and you know what they say? The bigger they are, the harder they fought, and he dropped to the ground and took out this his dagger, and he was just about to kill it. He was gonna kill you could say the baddest man on the planet. The man after this earlier the alarm would have been the man you killed our narrative would

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the greatest warrior and what he was about to do it, I wanted to go out in style. So he spat in the face of

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any of the others stood up, and he walked to me. He had the opportunity to create a rep. But he was interested and I was stood up and he said, we're

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gonna kill you for the sake of Allah.

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But when you spat in my face it got personal. And Muslims don't do it for personal reasons. Today, what do we say bro is personal now. It was personal.

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It said Muslim, don't do it for a personal reason. But our issues humiliation, and he attacked the Lando and then took out the swords of the

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armor. And he ended up in the depths of jahannam.

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See, Muslims have been suppose

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it's easy enough for the youngsters to get in race. Three Muslims have, you know, be martyred. Let's go and kill some new human to kill. You wanna kill some innocent guy whose mother's gonna mourn? You're gonna take life which Allah gave, how are you going to stand on the day of judgment? And this is why, you know, we have a lot, you know, really

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can give a million talks.

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But he cannot.

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With his talks, he cannot do what these three youngsters did. And that was die protecting other people's properties. Because actions speak louder than words.

00:27:30--> 00:27:46

And then the father and their family, how they came out and they were courageous. We know all the time Muslims are being condemned, that Muslims are not loyal Muslim don't like the country. I asked you, these three youngsters who were martyred.

00:27:48--> 00:27:52

The three youngsters were martyred. They weren't policemen.

00:27:54--> 00:28:06

They weren't politicians. They weren't white. They weren't Christians. They weren't EDL they weren't BMP. They will Muslims, who came on to the machine who were born in Britain.

00:28:07--> 00:28:23

This is why, you know, no matter how we talk about the gifts, you know, you can never present the actions of what sacrifice and I don't even say sacrifice upon Allah. This is not a sacrifice. This is an investment for them in the hereafter.

00:28:24--> 00:29:13

This is an investment for the artist self sacrifice. Why could Allah say that that's abundant, that inner booty rupees would be like one, but after a year in developing yourself, to not regard those who have been martyred in the path of Allah, defending people's lands and properties and mice, but they are alive by Allah and Allah sustains and we make dua that loves love. I give these people the youngsters, their loved ones other giving dogs the last $1 make the grades are older than the album agenda, regardless of the garden of gentlemen, their last panel Adela make us realize, you know what is the purpose of life, sometimes upon the line is not nice to see. But sometimes a person dies and

00:29:13--> 00:29:15

people realize the value of life.

00:29:16--> 00:29:20

People die and people realize the value of life and maybe make special

00:29:21--> 00:29:43

give their families Jimmy and a loved $1 you can relate to with their children and their family in general to foreclose. And secondly, bravas wave operation on loads of roads mother also passed away we make quite a lot of ground regenda to propose a naked grave a garden from the garden. Jana