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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the death of Guindy's brother and the importance of not giving negative information. They also talk about helping people with suffering and the use of negative experiences to increase chances of success. The speaker encourages people to be patient and take care of their sick and ill family members while receiving reward for their actions. They also mention a video of Guindy's son killing their mother and family and encourage people to take care of their sick and ill family members and receive a reward for their actions.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I'm sitting here with my brothers Dr. Mohamed salah, Moshe while Ibrahim. Today we want to ask you while Ibrahim about a brother who passed away recently, whose life is filled with lessons for all of us, brother Tamil as Guindy and he suffered the rare disease. Sure while Do you mind telling us about who is termed as Guindy what happened and let's talk about the way we learn lessons from the slides.

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So basically, a timer is a friend of ours from Egypt, he was very smart brother mashallah academic. And, and suddenly, with no any introduction, he suffered that rare disease called ALS, which basically something that attacks your nervous system, and gradually weaken all your muscles until you are left completely paralyzed, with exception of eyes, your eyes and eyes die, of course, with persons demise. And what amazes us about the story of brother time and may Allah have mercy upon his soul is that he never gave up. And he never left anyone without a smile, even though he was not able to communicate, except through an eye tracking device. But that's not all. He started writing

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articles and reflections on the Quran on the Prophet SAW sell them on lectures that he heard in the past, all through this painstaking eye tracking device, because you will stay with a letter, and then instead another letter and then you know, complete a sentence, no located process, but he was very patient, very dedicated his project of pondering over the Quran, have inspired hundreds of 1000s of people who were very touched by his story. And by his death, his patients and suffering, I happened to see him a couple of times he came and he attended my talks when he was in a wheelchair, and completely paralyzed and acknowledging his patience and steadfastness.

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We should also acknowledge

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the steadfastness and also form of his family, his wife, his kids, his larger family and his his parents and his friends. Subhan Allah, Allah bless them with very loyal friends that a few days ago, before I flew here,

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they visited me and we've decided already to create an endowment in his name, to continue his legacy and inspiring people. So it will be in sha Allah in the form of building I'm not sure with the attachment of some free clinics or subsidized services, school for Quran, ambulance, and funeral services in sha Allah. So pray for us.

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The thing storage, the thing that really I want to highlight or focus on in this unplug session is the not not the person himself Tammy, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive his sins and shortcoming in admitting to the highest version. But really, what are there lessons that we can deduce from this? Because I've been bound to a wheelchair for a year and that, for me was a big deal. You know, one important thing I know, you made me speak to brother Tom and I sent a few messages to him even after he passed away, we sent a message to his family the handle on Yes, I tell you, one big thing that was a major positive is he always looked at this condition he had as a gift from Allah. So to be a

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patient is one thing, but to look at it as a

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very high level. So when you have a sickness or a disease or anything negative look at it as a gift of Allah, if you can, that is the highest possible level. So many of us complain over the smallest thing. So they become bigger, because the complaint actually multiplies the situation, the negative situation, the biggest thing is when you look at it as such a positivity, you end up giving people hope, who need it, you know, in their own context, and you in their eyes would need it more, but you end up the opposite way. You go to him to give him a good comforting word, and you come out with greater comfort regarding your own scenario. So this is one lesson that I definitely picked up from

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brother Tommy that's why I have two things to elaborate upon. The first is people who are not being tested or not in a similar test, they might think this is undesirable. And this is beyond imagination. How could any person what a human being bear that and why would Allah do that to somebody who is super nice. So there is a Hadith in which interview so the Lord is telling us is that indeed Allah Azza wa Jalla Yun Zi will know not Allah Kadri Mona and when it means the divine help and assistance let it be patience, endurance, perseverance, you name it, pleasure acceptance, Allah cada remote in proportion with the need

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So somebody who's not been tested with a similar test might think this is crazy, I would lose my mind I would rather die. But when Allah this the person would this test, then he gives him the adequate patience. And all of that is a tailor made word. Yes, in order to work in order to reason into higher ranks, what do you mean? In Allah either had bad Danik tell us. Whenever Allah loves one of his servants, he will test them and try him. And he will increase the test prior to his death, so that he will meet Allah with zero cents. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said on the Day of Judgment, people who are healthy will see they didn't suffer much of any hardship in this life.

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Mashallah, they will believe us as well when they enter Jannah. And then they look up and they see the rank of those who have been tested. They would wish that in the life of this world, be with their bodies were clipped with clippers and cut into pieces, and that they would endure that patiently in order to achieve this status. There is nothing for a free from a robbery if fellow who are river woman, Sophia, poor fella who saw whatever is pleased in Allah is pleased with him. And that is sufficient, and whoever is upset with Allah and Allah is upset. And guess what? Guess what? I happen to have a little debate with an atheist, very intelligent engineer. And I asked him, Are

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you born atheists? They said, No, I belong to a practicing Catholic family. He is European. And then I said, so having said when my mother lost her little baby, so she and I decided to punish God. And we decided to ignore him and said, well, and after he decided to punish god, did this return your little sister to life? He said, No. I said, Well, you ended up only punishing yourself. Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was, by far the greatest man ever walk the earth. And He is the deer's and the most beloved to Allah and the most righteous of all. Think about it this way. I'm not gonna talk about how much he's been hurt by his enemies, or by the mafia kin and his struggle in spreading the

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deen and that our I would only bring to your attention one thing, how many children that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had seven? How many died in his life and he buried them six out of the seven is in someone who Allah loves Yes, because he loved them. He doesn't want anyone to occupy a part of his house. He doesn't mean that because he's the prophet. He didn't feel the pain of the no he cried.

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And he said in my heart is aching with pain. My eyes are shedding tears. But I would not say but what pleases Allah what pleases Allah is to say we all belong to Allah

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in Rajo, so, this is a message very crowded, that is advising us after his departure, as he was inspiring us during his life with his perseverance and patience, which is be patient. The road is huge. I mentioned I met another brother, he is still alive, but he for the last 15 years. He's totally paralyzed. He also has a dissolving disease in Dubai. His name is Brother Muhammad, and I usually go to visit him. He also speaks with this eye movement just like Sherif Ahmed Deedat Rahmatullah Allah, you know, the specific way of speaking with the movement of the eye, it takes very long, he told me, I wouldn't want it any other way. Oh, Allah, Allah who he says any other way.

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I am so happy. You know, he gave me caps, caps and T shirts, it is vitamin H. And he told me H is for happiness. From my bed. I want to be in happiness. That is Muhammad he is in the Russian Hospital in Dubai. May Allah cure him of Dracula? And may Allah have mercy on way and his family and may Allah bless them abundantly for their patience

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mashallah, you've been in the same position I really admire.

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Sister Fatima, Allah agreed the for helping and supporting us especially at the times of need. May Allah bless her and also her family so she

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was bound to a wheelchair and he has written a book called My wish my wheelchair genuine, the genuine backup of my wheelchair by while Ibrahim is worth a read I just want to say something before you promote my book please Yes sir. Good luck this already promote

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you know, I I was comforting myself by saying and I want you to comment on this movie as well. You

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Is that so long as I'm breathing, Allah subhanaw taala is keeping me alive for a reason, even though he took one thing from me took the ability or my mobility, but so long as I'm breathing and I'm alive, Allah subhanaw taala wanted me to do something better and function differently and that's why the book was written is that Allah Hi Ron, I just remember my mother may Allah give her she fat and warm, she's been sick and bedridden and suffering for the past 45 years, from one ICU to another from one hospital to another, even at home.

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You know, when I replace the nurse and a stay with her to flip, she cannot flip from one side to another, by herself a follower when he fell off the back of the horse and I was confined to bed for a couple of weeks. I used to call my kids and say help me to flip to the other side. I just realized what she's been through. And only do I keep her saying all the time. Who Allah grantee patients, you're a sub sub sub, it is a remedy. And may Allah reward her and give her she felt she and everyone who is suffering, by the way, Muslims or non Muslims may Allah give everyone who is sick and suffering, a quickshifter and a complete recovery as a prophet salaallah Salam pathless s Allah

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Now the marble Asha, love him and Yoshioka Shiva and Leia You are beautiful Sakana that you are that will not leave any sickness or means of suffering. I will give a shout out to those who are looking after the people who are unwell. Because there are a few categories of people some look at it as a burden. It's hard they can't wait for this person to die so they can be happy or they can wait. But a lot of the believing people they consider it an honor to take care of the sick and ill imagine to visit I always say to visit the sick and ill is such a big reward What about serving them? It's 20 million times higher putting

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visit is so high to visit yada tell me just to I didn't help you I just visited you. It is so high in reward. What about to help him? What about to nurse the person who is unwell? So all those who are looking after people who are unwell congratulations, Allah chose you. A great act of worship known as taking care of the sick and ill May Allah make it easy. And if you are looking after someone who is unwell, we pray that Allah grant him cure and give you also the sub to look after them pray for my mom so there is an honor the mother of our brother, Dr. Mohamed salah, shafa, Allahu Allah, Allah Masha Allah mafia, she found over the soccer mom mafia mafia, la Mushfiq Jimmy

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muslimin, Allahu Masha, Allah Masha, Allah Mushfiq Jaco he sees SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allah Allah bless you move to America

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thank you so the family to examine May Allah bless you and reward you. Charla May Allah

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be ready soon. I mean, I mean, here some like waffle over

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