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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah will carry. While early he was Highbury. He woman's a bit of Ahmed Hassan II laomi deeN woebot Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Okay, inshallah we carrying on with Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, dispatching the army to fight the Moto Diem. So first one was the boycott of the Alana's dispatch Khalid bin Saeed, if you look at your maps, and the second one that he dispatched out of the US of the ALA Ando and now the third one was that he dispatched Khalid bin Walid or the Alonso Khalid bin Walid or the Allah and who now goes, firstly to deal with a false prophet. His name is Talia.

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Then he goes to Bogota, where there was a man called Maliki Manuela. And then finally highly been bullied or the Allah Allah goes to deal with a person who was out of the false prophets the strongest and MIT's amongst them was a little catch up.

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Now, let me give you a bit of background to Cardi B Willett Rhodiola. And why because Crowley been worried about the Alanna was very instrumental in the Hollyford of aboubaker. And also on top of the law, a lot of want both of them achieved was because of the endeavors and the brilliance of highly being rallied around the Allah and so how did we lead was from the Quraysh from the Qureshi belong to the clan of the bunny Mazuma.

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Now, curry was born 25 years before the hijab.

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Now what was the name of Zumba? So the Christ every clan had a special duty, what was the duty of the bunny Mazuma the duty of the bottom of Zuma was very important. They were generally in charge of warfare.

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So the military preparing for a battle. This is what the bunny Mazuma were in charge of. They would read the animals and they will prepare everything else the horses, the camels, etc. For warfare. Now, why was this very important? Very important because the Arabs would be fighting with each other for a very, very long period of time.

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And if the military was weak, they were honorable for other people to attack them. So he came from this clan the bunny Mazuma like generally the habit the Arabs had this habit of they would send their children was about babies to deliver the Bedouins or to live in the outskirts. Why? Because they believe the freshers did them good. They believe the language was pure, because Makkah was a very cosmopolitan place. And also they believe that the early life actually made them strong living with the Bedouins so clearly been worried or the Elana now goes and he comes back approximately at the age of five. And when he comes back,

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honey been worried from a from a very young age has this desire or that desire, that desire is to fight. That desire is to ride a horse, that desire is to be you know, on horseback all the time steady was not necessarily highly been the leader of the law whose favorite pastime it was to ride horses. Actually, there are historians mentioned that when the people could not tame a particular horse, they would give it to Harley bidwill Either the Allah Allah and Harley been bullied or the Allah and who would break the horse. So this was highly from a very, very young age. The historians mentioned

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the highly been bullied or the Allah and who could hold the sword in both hands, control the horse with his feet and fight equally well with both hands whilst riding the horse. There was only two people who could do this one was hardly been relieved and one was Zubaydah. awamori Allah and who from the Sahaba of the Alano you know why they said you better walk because the message of Allah made a special bois for a while she was a child and for his sword, and Allah subhanaw taala accepted that why in the last month, Allah gave them amazing ability.

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So what is it been really about the Allah who look like

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We've discussed how

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Abubakar Siddique or the Elana looked like. So what did Holly look like? Well, God is Pamela was a very large individual over six feet tall, broad shoulders, muscular lean, no fat on him. Whilst he was a child, he had smallpox. So the small pox actually left these marks upon his face.

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The generations mentioned that nobody ever saw the face of holly been bullied in battle, but they were already defeated.

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Nobody ever saw his face, but they were already defeated. Whoa, beaten, you know, hardened face. He had this roar of aura. As I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said I have been given roll out over people at the distance of a month travel. The Almighty deduce from that Allah subhanaw taala also gives his Olia the pious individuals this roll up, though but nobody better than rarely been really the Lord the Allah I know the general of this aroma. So have you been bullied or the Allah and who was tall individual?

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which family who was highly been bullied or the alarms family, Father, anybody tells me

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very good. We'll leave him alone with Leila. We'll leave him Oh, Leila was really the leader of the Amish. He was the richest amongst them. He was the wisest amongst them. Actually, when the first revelation descended to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, some claim profited. He was very upset. Why was he upset because he said, How is it that Mohammed has got prophethood and me and the leaders of Quraysh have not got prophethood said, If Prophet told should come, it should come to the lights on myself and like to Abu Massoud thermography, who was abou Masuda McAfee, he was the leader of the people of dive. He said, May or

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Obama's all deserve this. This man Mohammed is you know, he has no wealth. He has no leadership. How did he get this? An Ebola? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, what Carla will call Lola who Zilla ha the Quran Allah Raju Lin Mina Korea Taney a V.

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Okay, Allah says Lola Lucila Hodel Quran Allah Raja comunitaria Dini a zine? Why did Allah subhanaw taala not reveal this Quran upon a man from the two cities which cities the other speaking about the speaking about Makkah and speaking about by whoever is speaking about will leave them Alia here and Abu Massoud over there. So Allah subhanaw taala now replies, said a home yuck Simona Rama tropic Nanoka Sana bainham Aisha Tom Phil higher to Dunia. What a foreigner both of them folk about it. The Rajat, Allah says, do they distribute the Wrath of Allah? Do they distribute the Rachmat of your Lord, we distribute even their sustenance, their livelihood we give to them in this dunya

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and we raise whoever we wish above others in status. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Who are you to say that we should give an Ebola to now it's very interesting. What did they look at?

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Or did they look at, they looked at wealth, they looked at status. And they think that wealth and status because you are wealth and status, therefore you deserve everything in life. And this is generally unfortunately how Muslims look at things today. The chairman of an organization is often the richest person even though he may not have a deep concern. He has status in the deen of Allah subhanaw taala we choose those people who are the best of people,

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irrespective of their bank balances, irrespective of the status that they have within the community. We choose those who are the best individuals. So Allah subhanaw taala say a homie Simona rub Rama robic are they the one to distribute the ram of your load? No. Persona bainham ation of inherited dunya. We are the ones who distributed even they livelihood the wealth that they have is from Allah.

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And we give some people status over others and that is totally up to us. So this is a very fine principle. The message

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Do Allah Allah Allah Azza wa T.

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His mother and father passed away, the message of Allah had no wealth. He really had no status, but everybody in Makkah regarded him as Saudi Amin. So Allah looked at Saudi called Amin, and what they looked at was the bank balance. And for believers when we choose a person of prominence within our community, it should never be on the basis of his bank balance. It should be on the basis of the hail that that individual has.

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So we'll leave them Avira was so rich, so we're so rich that as long as the hajis would come to Mina, only will lead in them a leader would feed them. Nobody else had the right to feed the hajis beside will lead with Mr.

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Subhana Allah that's how rich he was.

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So they decided look, we need you go and convince this man Mohamed because he's causing chaos. So then we'll leave them Avira goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he speaks to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He starts giving him Dawa and then the prophets Allah recites the Quran, and the messenger Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah was the libre of size diverse in Allah and we are dealing with some right to the end of the verse. When the prophets Allah sort of finished has been taken aback by the eloquence of the Quran and we're leaving the movie USA used to Muhammad recite it again. So the Prophet Salah Salem recite it Okay,

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so then we'll read it remember Rita says his famous statement is Allah He in the hula Halawa were in the LA tawa were in Allahu La MathML we're in Isfahan la moda.

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We're and we're in the Whoa. Yeah. Louella yo la la. Well, ma Ollie Basha will eat the Molina says, What la he this word is Quran as a sweetness. It has an eloquence. Its top is exaltation

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is fruitful, and his route is bountiful, it will dominate and they will not be dominated upon

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and it is not the word of a human being. So now he goes back to his people, and he says this to

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Abuja Hall and everybody's shocked because we need him there Marina becomes a Muslim. Then the leader of Croatia become a Muslim.

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he so Abuja Hello now goes Abuja was very into a very sharp I would your child's name was I will,

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I will hacker means the father of wisdom. So when he didn't embrace Islam, the prophets Allah Islam call him abou John, the father of ignorance. It's very, very intelligent person. So he goes and he knocks on the door, he also belong to the Bernie Makhdoom Abuja Hall. So he goes to William O'Neal and he says, I'm concerned. I have a deep conditioner. What's this? He said, Uncle people are saying that you are inclining to the religion of Mohammed because you want his money you want to share in the nabooda

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Remember, Waleed was the richest man of thing. So for him, this was like, How dare anybody say this about me?

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So Abu Jihad said to rectify the situation, you will have to retake it to take back your statement and also says, you know, disparage Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So there this is where we leave him there. Maria was the man who concocted the statement for the prophets, Allah says that he's a magician. He gathered the people. And he said, listen, people are going to come for Hajj. And they are going to ask you about this man, Muhammad, they've heard about Muhammad, they're going to ask you about this man, Muhammad, you need to be unified in your response.

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All of you have to say the same thing. So they said to him, Okay, you're the wisest, you're the most intelligent, you tell us. So he said,

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Okay. What I say to you, is that you tell me first I want to hear your opinions. And then I'll tell you my opinion. So one of them said, he's my genome.

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He said, we have seen with genomes we have seen mad people we know a mad person. Muhammad, what he articulates, is not madness. Is it? Okay, we'll say that he's a poet is a nobody amongst you knows poetry better than I do. And poets better than I do, by Allah, what He says not poetry.

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Then they said, Okay, we'll say he's a magician. He said, I know magic better than all of you. Guaranteed. He's not magic magician. So they said, Okay, we've given our opinions. Now you tell us what you think.

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So we'll leave them availa said we know the aforementioned are not true, but what we will say that he's a magic magician that he divides a husband from the wife, a father from the son, a mother from the daughter. So he was the one who concocted the term magician for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know when he rejected the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala man this man was de witches. He was known as the rayhaan or Quraysh Rihanna or he means the flower of Quraysh there was nobody like him. But when he rejected the deen of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah reverses regarding the father of holly been bullied, Allah subhanaw taala says the journey woman Haluk to Wahida

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leave me to deal with the one I created myself. I created it all by myself. The other interpretation to this verse is this.

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Whether me woman halacha Wahida leave me to deal with the one that I created unique.

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Willie the memos ILA I created a unique, beautiful, handsome, articulate, nobody has articulated wealthy nobody as wealthy stated I gave this guy everything.

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The only woman Halak to Wahida the me to do the one that I created and then Allah speaks about everything Allah gave gave to me and what kind of individual he was. And then Allah says was stuck Bara work for Carla in the in her the Illa. Say, yo

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Allah says was stuck. Bara, he became ot

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after all I gave to him when my science came to him, he became an enemy of my science. But not only did he become an enemy on my side, he said regarding the province, Allah Allah Allah for Karla in her Illa Sarah,

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this magic, magic that's all it is. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks, Allah subhanaw taala say we will make your clients so rude. So rude is amounted in abasolo The Allah and who says that Allah will make the people of Jana, they will climb it with their faces.

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They will climbing upon their faces.

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And, And subhanAllah so this was the father of Khalid bin Walid, rather Allah and who

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his end enmity for the prophets, Allah Salam became so great, so great that now he eventually even offered his son to a Bhutan. He had a son called Amara not call it another son called Amara. So he said to he went to Bhutan, and he said, Look at Abu Talib, you know your nephew.

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Give us your nephew. And I will give you my son Amara, who nobody out of the youngsters of Quraysh equal with you raise my child as your child and give us your nephew and we'll deal with him what we want to say about Allah Subhanallah wasn't a believer, wasn't a believer, but he loved his nephew. So both are upset. What you want me to give you, my nephew, my son, so you can kill him? And you want me to raise your child feed him and raise your child? Is a one a deal is that? What kind of deal is that? So

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this was the father of highly been bullied a lot the alarm so you understand what kind of father highly been bullied or the Allah and who had.

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Now harlot we know that he was a military genius.

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But the question arises at the Battle of butter, when the Masuda key lost 70 of the men, many of the leaders they lost it. But

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70 were captured. There is no mention of holiday.

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We was Khalid Khalid wasn't in the battle, he was on the journey.

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So Khalid was not around to participate in the Battle of butter. Now what happened in the Battle of butter was obviously, many of the leaders of Quraysh were killed.

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Basically 70 were captured. So as most of you have said, Abu Sofia went to the degree of saying, they said I don't even want anybody to cry.

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Is a bottle of that anger.

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Keep that anger, don't cry. We will take our anger out on them next year.

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So every penny that they raised from their caravans in the next year, which was fifth

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1000 dinars every single penny was spent on the next battle which was the Battle of hot.

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Now Holly been really as I mentioned was, you know, the warrior amongst the Quraysh, one of the mightiest warriors amongst the Quraysh. So Hollywood either the Allah who was in charge of the cavalry, Khalid bin Walid was on the right wing at Ikoma was on the left wing. Now, a crema and Holly bit will lead had a very tight relationship. Not only was he his nephew, he was from the buddy Mazuma but they were very, very close as individual, the other close friend, that highly been with either the Allah and who had was among us, among us,

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who we dealt with in the last lesson. He was a very good friend of Harley been bullied on the Allah and who, now the battle commences the Battle of awkward commences Subhanallah the Muslims are less than a third of the number of the mazaraki number. Sure, Akina 3000, Muslims lost 700 But the Muslims begin to get the upper hand.

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So three times, Holly been worried now tries to come around to attack the Muslim from behind because you try to recovery. So he's on the right side, a Chroma is on the left side of the cavalry. Three times he comes to attack the Muslims but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had been bullied might have been a military genius but he compared nowhere with the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had put a group of 50 men under Abdullah bin Jovi or the Allah on who on a small hillock, and he said to them, under no circumstance under no circumstance, do you leave your position.

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So those 50 people are now there. And what happened the battle starts the Muslims are less than a third of the number but the Muslim start getting the upper hand. And slowly but surely, the Mushrikeen begin to move back and hardly been relieved now has tried three times to go around the hillock to attack the Muslim in the bank. But each time those arches with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had placed each time they repelled him

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until the Mushrikeen begin to run for their lives. Now a dispute breaks out amongst the 50 arches on the hillock. Sermon say that the mercy of Allah's command was only until you know the fighting now the machine Akina running away. Now we can come down others and know the promise Allah has made it clear that under no circumstance do you come of the hillock?

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When some of them saw the other collecting the booty they came off the hillock. Now Holly been relieved is watching. Next to him is there are been a pub. So you have the brother of Amara tab on the other side. There are next to Khalid bin Willie, and he notices that the Muslims have come off the hillock. So he says to Khalid they've come of the hillock with only 10 of them left. So now Khalid bin will lead Radi Allahu comes around. So he comes around the HELOC is only 10 People left, he kills all three they're all 10 are now martyred who remained upon the HELOC as a matter of law sort of the Allah and who wants to define the client have been relieved. He said he is a friend of

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death. He has the dash of a lion and the patients have a cat look he's watching. He's seeing his army being battered, killed. He doesn't move. He just watches watches. But when he gets his opportunity is like the dash of a lion. So he comes around and the Muslims have now put down their weapons, they collecting the booty, the machine are running. And all of a sudden there is a charge from behind them and they hate his shout. He shouts and a boo Salima and Abu Sulayman that was his Kunia how to be with Cooney and Abu Salah man, and then he begins to strike the Muslims and his cavalry. Now there's such confusion amongst the Muslims. Many of them put their weapons down the

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machinery key now who have run away. They hear

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that the chants have hardly been bullied and they come back. Now what happens is that Muslims are sandwiched

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then to make things even worse, they hear that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been martyred.

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Subhan Allah can you imagine this? The hey the Mercy of Allah Martin so some people leave the battlefield because they think you know was worth living the message of Allah is gone. The confusion, the disarray which has taken place, the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah Islam is going back at ekra ma sees the Messenger of Allah Allah lightsome Kuta false rumor. So he comes back and he blocks the path of the prophets Allah Allah Allah 30 Sahaba were around approximately around the prophets Allah so the only way that the masjid again we're gonna reach the prophets, Allah Islam were over the dead bodies of these 30 Sahaba raffia.

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So, eventually, in this battle, what happens is that 70 Muslims are martyred.

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Out of the 70 Subhanallah The amazing thing is that

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only three were Mahajan, the rest were all unsolved, unsolved at the forefront of the fight. Now, this, this after battle, in essence, in essence, you could say is a defeat for the Muslims in essence is not a defeat for the Muslims. Why? Because the butcher key didn't really achieve what they wanted to achieve, which was to eradicate the Muslims totally. But it was a setback for the Muslims. But why did the Muslims lose? Why did they lose is because of what they they earn by their own hands.

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The Messenger of Allah made it clear, don't come off the hillock, they came off the hillock. So look at the Subhanallah going against one command of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led to defeat. So when we look at the Muslim world today, and we see that issues are happening in the Muslim world, and we think, you know, why is it why are we being disgraced? Why the defeat, but then we look in our lives. On a personal level, on a micro level, on a macro level, how we feel go, the command of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this victory was turned into, you could say, a setback. But why? To teach you and I a lesson that if you want victory in this dunya and the

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hereafter, you must obey the quality of Allah subhanaw taala the only man listen to this, the only man to defeat an army

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in which the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was was Khalid bin Walid.

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The Messenger of Allah never had a setback like this in the army we should receive Allah so Allah, Allah Allah, and the truth is that there was no it was impossible for even Khalid.

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Although there were three times the number of the Muslims to beat or defeat the Muslims in which the prophets Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam was in if they had obey the command of the message of Allah so Allah

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so this is highly been Willie, it's 70 Sahaba Radom Allah Juma in were martyred. The Muslim weren't a huge number.

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And 70 of them were martyred. So we ask Allah subhana wa taala, to elevate the status of those who are martyred, that Allah subhanaw taala grant them genital dose shows here.

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When you have a great leader,

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a great leader, and the news comes that the leader has passed away.

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Why what what impact the absence of a great leader can have messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam the absence of this great leader what kind of impact that it can have on a group of people and the same thing today. When we lose our leaders when our leader ally, we don't appreciate it when they go, we appreciate we wish we had this person. It also shows what great leadership can also do on the other side, even if they're non Muslims. Carly bullied was on the other side. But he imbued this confidence imbued this courage, this vigor into the non Muslims. So even if you have a non Muslim leader, but the person has a concern, the person has a vigor, he can imbue amazing amount of courage

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within the people around them. So may Allah subhanaw taala makers, all leaders, Allah subhanaw taala makers amongst those who are encouraged by others and who encourage others. Baraka Luffy comes up from Allah Faiman Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah Zakum Allah Hayden for watching and please do not forget to watch the next episode at inshallah window Diwan was they will be plenty more history series coming very soon barnacle AFRICOM Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.