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Shaykh Zahir Mahmood shares his thoughts on the Khabib vs McGregor fight that took place last week in the US


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The best MMA fighter in the world nobody touches you pound for pound and you said when I get home my father's gonna smash me.

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You know why but the man was in all of his spot values

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behind me salatu salam Ala Moana serene Milena Mohammed while he was high V woman Sorry, I'm back with the robot brothers, elders sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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You know, social media has this amazing, amazing ability to bring things to life, set things a place. And so Paula says last week, since the fight, it's amazing. You know, people have been talking about this issue. And really many, many things actually have kind of come to the fore. You know, Bravo's wise he thought what pacifists, you know, who had nothing to do with kind of fighting or the UFC while actually sending messages on WhatsApp on Facebook, regarding the fight. And it made me actually think about a couple of things. The couple of things actually were brought to light, which are really interesting. certain questions I was asked for answers is UFC tournaments had one

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brother actually sent me a text message.

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I have never seen the oma united behind one person. So how others are saying what, why are people so fixated on this person? It's not like if he fought the battle on whether he's getting a purse of $2 million.

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I know.

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He personally know. His dream two days before that he was morning corner. Exactly how the fight took place. So one of the other robots said sarcastically said, Why don't you tell us we could have gone to Paddy Power and put down a wager, really not a good idea. But Paddy currently doesn't have too much power. But these are certain thoughts which we're going through people's minds. And

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rightly, in all honesty, this is not like some people would like to make it a conflict between hearken back to you know, your heart on this side. On this side, this is not the day of bother. But there are certain things that we can actually learn from this and we can take home. And the most important is finance, to read to our values and where the Muslim values come from. Muslim values come from the teaching of the message of Allah will lie they will. So the problem is a lie he was

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regarding him a muscle How about a statement

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in the message of Allah is a sublime. COVID is a beautiful balance, beautiful principles. And then Allah, Allah says in the Quran, Quran say, Oh say oh message of Allah,

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Allah, only, if you love Allah, then follow me What are my precepts. So the only way that you can get close to Allah is to have the values the principle, the morals, of the message of a muscle alive he was, and you know, values is something that we in Britain, and in the West can often we often hear, oh, British values, these are British values. And sometimes you also hear and you actually see that the Islamic values icea various times with a value within the wider society. So the value of the believers come from the deen of Allah subhana wa. And one very, very important value

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is cajoling once.

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You know, when we went to school,

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if you are bullied, if somebody says something nasty about you, you will go to the teacher, the teacher will tell you one thing, she will say or he will say six and stones will break my bones but names won't hurt me.

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And really, this was a common phrase. This was a value which was instilled in us when we were children. It's true. You don't want to be too thin skinned because why become very difficult, but sticks and stones do break your bones. But names also hurt, may break reputations may break people's hearts, and this is why the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the head of the Muslim

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A Muslim is he

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is an honest and true Muslim is He who people are safeguarded from his resolve

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is very interested in a miserable loss a lot of what he said, Listen, Tom first and then he said, Hans, why, because the damage of the tongue is greater than the damage of the hat. You have a happy family. And you spread one false rumor about the husband, or the wife, and all that happiness is thrown out the window, all that happiness is lost. You have a brother and sister chaste.

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Never indulge in a relationship outside of marriage, when we were about the sister,

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her entire future may be finished. Why? Because this lady had honor and you destroyed upon that. So the damage of the tongue is actually worse than the damage of the hat.

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In Islamic law,

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if you say regarding somebody that you committed to you had a relationship outside of marriage, and you can't prove it.

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You know what your punishment will be 80 lashes

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Because you have destroyed the owner or you have endeavored to destroy the owner of another individual. Now, this value this principle may sound absurd when you live in a society where premarital sex is a law.

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But see, you have to have values, you have to have honor you don't have any values if it means nothing to you.

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And what really was interesting about this kind of conflict and this fight was brought to the fore to values which are the most valuable and deadbolts terrorists to the Muslims. It bought into the equation.

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Firstly, and secondly, your parents islamically there is no values which are more important than faith, your belief in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then secondly, your parents. And these were two things which were violated in this country and

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I was speaking about the pyramids, Allah. Allah sees that Allah prescribes Allah orders that you only worship here while the

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Sunnah sauna, and you are good to your parents. Then our last power policies is if one of your two parents grow old with you, or both of them grow old with you, maybe in the UK, but

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do not pay off to them.

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Do not review their

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own game and say to them noble worse. Now,

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the next verse is a lower your weeks, out of humility, of humility, out of Russia out of mercy for the end maker tomorrow for them, Oh Allah have mercy on my parents, like they had mercy upon me once I was a child.

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Look at this verse. Allah says, worship Me alone, one verse, that Allah goes, be good to parents, if they become owner, do not even say to them,

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Do not repeat them. Say to the local words, be humble in front of your parents.

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And make dua for that one verse regarding himself Allah, Allah and six commands regarding your parents, because this is a matar that parents have the deed to when Connor said regarding his father, your father was a traitor, and rightly so. He was upset and you shouldn't be upset because

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he doesn't get upset when you see in justices.

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When you see wrongs, you should feel upset. That's your short answer.

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The one who said to bill

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are you sort of a black woman

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he went to the mercy of Allah

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Hello. And the problem is on

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any complaint.

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In all honesty, you are black

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is black. What's the issue?

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What he said is not a lie.

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I didn't say that because he understood what he meant. He was insulting the person to hear the message of Allah. He was insulting his mother. So he called a Buddha. And he said,

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Your Honor man with john Lee, and you, john Lee, is those shapes, which have nothing to do with

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those which occurred before Islam

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to the Sahaba, they said, you know, his father was a who john and we know the message.

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He said he was the owner of this Omar

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he said to the Sahaba, he said, Don't Don't mention his father in an evil manner in front of ecola. He

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didn't want to hurt you at home through his father.

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So when he was insulted through his father, he had the right to be angry. This is Laila, Laila, the most precious people to you in this dunya Are your parents, and all I have to offer.

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This is about values. This entire talk is about her talk to the man

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in front of millions of people,

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millions of people watching this, what did he say? You're the baddest UFC fighter pound for pound in the world.

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The best MMA fighter in the world, nobody touches you pound for pound. And you say when I get home, my father's gonna smash me.

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You know why, but the man who's in all of his boss values.

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We reach the age of 16. I can handle myself, you know, oh, man, now, leave me to it.

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This was a man Boy, you understand why he was a man because he understood the Islamic teaching first appearance

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of honor for your parents. And because of his love for his father.

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His father would say to him, he could say in front of the entire dunya his father could say to me

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that I am gonna teach him worse and my punishment, we will be worse than what the UFC would give him. You know, was it a couple of words to us in front of our friends that we feel really embarrassed, we can show our face and if you don't wire values,

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its values, your value for your father, your value for your peers, and you will honor them. And let me tell you, if you have no value, no values, then you saw how to do better. If you have no value, then yourself.

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The second issue was

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religion. I was

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that the only religion in the eyes a lot is slump. There is no other salvific part Allah, Allah, Islam. The South would say Alhamdulillah

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All Praise be to Allah on the favor of Islam.

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And if this was the only favor that Allah gave us, nothing else, no fins on the dunya nothing It would have sufficed.

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He saw the religion being thrown into the mix.

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You saw when Connor offered him the whisky. What did he say to really interesting What did he say?

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He said to his whiskey, have a drink. He said I don't drink. He said why not? What What do you say? You probably mean he needed a drink. He was probing he wanted him to say Oh, my religion doesn't allow it. He didn't say that. But he already had it answered it. What did you call him? He called him a backwards

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see what does that mean?

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Now Islam become committed to the equation because as a Muslim, you don't drink your backwards see when dawn drunk, don't drink. It's actually a positive in his record. When a Muslim doesn't drink. Oh, this

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related to his backwardness, he must be battled. And this is info

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is not restricted just to Habib.

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He flooded and salted

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nearly 2 billion individuals who don't drink that your backwards.

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Because you don't drink that your religion is backwards because you don't drink. And see this is religious values. Why? Because see what the guy gave me

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heavy and then he congratulated Connor on his whiskey.

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Let's ask us off 99% of us will remain quiet. We wouldn't have said a word. Why see it posted on my back? What did he say?

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Hello. And they've given congratulations on the whiskey. And this is what youngsters go through day in day out

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with your parents and your 20

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year old brother yo virginity. You don't drink He must be backwards. You got a man

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who didn't have to say anything when you're a celebrity generally this isn't a to hold us in anything. But he he spoke because he believed

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and this is principles and this is banners. You know people asked me to shift Were you happy when he said yes, I was happy?

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I said I know it's a Bloodsport, what do you want me to be happy?

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And the title the message of

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the Romans and the Persians had a wall.

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The Romans were Christian and the Persians was the Russians, the Persians

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were happy, because these were people that they worship fire

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and allows

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your room the present times the Romans have been defeated. And then a lot of things later on.

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But time will come

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that the that the Christians that the Byzantines will defeat the Persians. And Allah subhanho wa Taala seems when he mentioned this your way the moon

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on that day they believe was will become happy

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that the Christian

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the Christian, what do you have? The Christian didn't believe in

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disbelieving armies fighting each other. But the Muslims were happy because these were people.

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They were closer. So I was actually happy because this fight is a bit more than just two people

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fighting and this was a struggle for fighting.

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Do I

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Do I agree with the fact that he jumped the cage?

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Not necessarily.

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I actually think that as a professional, you know, you shouldn't say he should have stayed composed.

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Can I understand as a believer can the Why? Because it's about values.

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Compete is exalted Your father is exalted your religion. And although you shouldn't have done it, because it could have impacted a lot of innocent people. But to their degree I can understand because I hold those values. I tell you something, which would really hurt me.

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And that is evolved to the point.

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So he had gone up to McGregor and shake shook his hand.

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Now you might be thinking, Well, what do you mean? Don't we have so many narration with the province on the line he was so forgave people transgress people, abused him, but the message of Allah

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forgave them. Yes, we do. But that's when it's limited to the person. If he had done that he would have normalized slavery, Muslims are getting away with it, slandering your father and getting away with it. So this this, if somebody transgresses your personal rights, and you forgive them and how they learn something good, but if the implications are wider, that is not as permitted. Why because you then normalize

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people calling Muslims backwards and he's always on the outside the ring in the reverse course is done as if he had actually done that would have really, really upset by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. He did it because he understood the why the implication of that action now

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Why don't say that MMA is permitted is Japanese? By no stretch of the imagination.

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Is MMA permitted. But

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did anybody ever say that boxing is a joke because Muhammad Ali box. Nobody said that. Why? Because Mohammed army was bigger than Foxy.

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This was a man when he passed away, everybody went for each other. They were all wanted to carry his janazah. He was a boxer, but he was bigger than boxing.

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He was bigger than boxing. And the time when it was not fashionable to be proud of the fact that Joe black, he stood up and he was

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at a time when it was not fashionable.

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To be Muslim, he was a Muslim, and he was proud of the fact that he was a Muslim. When they told him principle valuable, they told him, they took away his title.

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He jailed him, he went into bankruptcy, all this but the man's the man's still remain firm because the man has been.

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And this is the same I believe about Kirby to a degree in a time where it's not fashionable to be to be Muslim. There were, you know, Muslims that hide their identity where Islamic organizations will hide their identity. Oh, peace, oh, Islam. I've seen Islamic organizations have, you know, a vase where they were a rabbi. They were Christian Islamic organizations, but they don't have Islamic scholars.

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So are some of the fatwas that Allah give one more you make you cringe? Because they make you feel like second class citizens. And you have this guy.

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You have this guy who will come on stage and say Alhamdulillah he will say inshallah he was a martial law. He does so much of Vicar, I press conferences. I think I'm sitting in a Sufi.

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Why? Because he's proud. And you know, what that is imbues in many people pride of their religion, in a time where people are not proud to be Muslim, and are planning where people hide their identity. You have a young man who doesn't need to do it.

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He doesn't need to do it. But she does it. And really, this is a lesson for us brothers and sisters.

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That we should be proud of our Deen

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there is no greater neck mother the net more of this D.

00:22:52--> 00:23:03

There is no greater NEMA principle. You saw his Instagram message yesterday. He's ready to give his title in.

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He's ready to give that to keep your $2 million. I would say that too, will give you $2 million.

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Nobody really say that.

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But he's doing it on principle. And therefore I I no way say Oh, Habib is a wonderful last panel.

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You know, he's got a lot of criticism, his meeting with Putin. Now, the truth is, I don't know what was said in that meeting.

00:23:35--> 00:23:55

Yeah, we know that Connor brought it up. He lives in Russia. Maybe Maybe he said something to him. Maybe he said something we'll beneficent benefit to him. Allah knows only Allah subhanaw taala knows what he said to him. And therefore as a believer, I give my Muslim brother the benefit of the dot

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i even a benefit of the doubt. So in no way

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do I say

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that this guy is a valuable. I'm not telling you now take your pick rulings or copy. But why I say that this issue of values is greater than optimal.

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If you just keep it to the octagon if you believe that this fight between him

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and the corner was only limited to the octagon, then you missed the point. We can take many value from this, especially the West. No, be proud of your deed. You have this person, you know, around about six months ago, he actually shared one of my talks as more homophobia to dump in Russia.

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And online when I heard this, that somebody sent it to me that he shared one of your talks. I was shocked and I'll tell you why. I was shocked.

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Because I can guarantee you that 80% of Muslims in this country or in the West would never share that. It was a discussion between Lula Agnes bear and his brother.

00:25:13--> 00:25:16

At that time we had 3 million followers

00:25:17--> 00:25:24

vast majority most likely non Muslims and he shared it you know why he shared it? Because he was a believer.

00:25:25--> 00:25:29

That talk is one of the most most emotional talk that his

00:25:30--> 00:25:41

his mother says to him he said I'm scared when I died he said fight fight like a man. And he said what when I die they raise the capital because you know what? You know what she said to me? She said oh my son

00:25:42--> 00:25:46

as long as she doesn't feel the pain when his skin

00:25:47--> 00:26:00

and when he meets his what his arm he says when you're wearing the armor for those who desire what you desire, don't wear this, take it off. And he said, I want to get into control you he shared this video

00:26:01--> 00:26:15

I asked you only Muslims here will actually share them with you how a Muslim in the West will share that video. Now why and within as this is where we need to know regained.

00:26:16--> 00:26:22

We need to regain our confidence as believed our values our values.

00:26:24--> 00:26:51

our parents and our Deen are the most important things to us, our community, our brotherhood, look at the man's loyalty. For his brother is ready for his brother He doesn't need to do it for his brother and his brother blood brother, a brother the dean is ready to give through him his title. He's ready to give a purse 2 million pound purse basically on principle

00:26:52--> 00:27:08

and brothers and sisters. You know as believers, we are meant to be people of principle. So again, I reiterate the statement. I am no way making giant MMA. I am not saying that this man is a warrior last month alone, alone alone alone.

00:27:10--> 00:27:12

And I finish off with a statement of the loneliness

00:27:18--> 00:27:29

just in those who are dead. You want to follow the soul of anybody who won't really want to trust in anybody trusting those who are dead because they are the only people safe

00:27:30--> 00:28:00

don't sustain me. Don't trust in any scholar because tomorrow they can fall into fitness. Don't trust me. But what we see today we can take benefit from it. We take the good we leave the bath Mrs. Powell Bella preservers Bella Swan dominions former strong Melody Makers people principal maker people of value because if you have low values if you have no integrity bola in the eyes of people you have no respect particular victims of New Haven salaam aleikum wa