Abdul Wahab Saleem – Controlling the Tongue

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "has been unseen" and how it can be used to convey information. They also mention the use of "has been unseen" in media and the importance of not acknowledging "has been unseen" in one's behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be mindful of their behavior and not just for their own sake.
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So not enough sort of sentiment analysis to lead him to realize that he was senior Anna who care for omega solo LS et now

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a lot of melanoma and thrown out in front of

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the idea that I was doing today, or studying today rather, with a group of sisters,

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the if they were related to a very, very important subject that is relevant to sisters alike, and they're relevant to brothers alike, and they're relevant to families, and they're relevant to every single one of us. From those particular I want to just take one idea that really stands out. And really this particular idea, it's kind of like the crux of the entire story. And the story is a story of a very, very bad, clean allegation that was made against a very beloved mother from amongst the mothers of the believers for us.

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I shall do

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this bad clean, how was it received by the prophetic society? We're talking about people that are very clean, right?

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amongst them were, yes, hypocrites. They were there. But the majority of the people that were receiving this story were people that were pious people, but the nature of mankind is that we're ready to talk about whoever is before us. And even if they're not before us, we hear if somebody will talk about them as well. That's what happens all the time. And you hear of things in the media, you just hear of a person and you hear some nasty claims about them. And you know that media is 9020 90% is lies and 10% or 20%, or 80% 8020. Rather, 80% is lies, and 20% there's some truth to it as well. All right, but you don't we look past all of these things. And we just accept the news and

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start talking about some individual like we have certainty about the fact that this person really was the way you he's made out to be Allah subhana wa tada says in

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the unseen, ethical, what if ye, Marisa can be here in buena Hainan, WA who are in the lobby? Is there a condom? law says when you are receiving it, he's talking to all of us are also talking to that one particular individual who started the whole story. I don't want to talk about the story. But I just want to talk about the message.

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Allah says when you are all receiving this, if the owner will be unseen at home, you are receiving it with your tongues.

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Does anybody ever receive information with their tongue? Does that even occur? Have you ever heard of a person that receives information through their tongue, nobody receives information with their tongue, it just doesn't occur. And then note, when a law says when you are receiving, he says telephone. Originally, the verb is not Telecom, the verb is the telephone. Sometimes what a law does is delete some of the essential parts of the word to make it small and concise trying to get to a point that, that this is how fast it occurred, that I even have to make some adjustments in the word make it smaller, make it more concise than a commoner who

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originally started up on the one time is taken out over here because Allah is trying to say that this is how fast it occurred, that even when I'm talking about it, I'll have to talk a little bit faster. When you are receiving this news with your tongue, what does that mean? That means that when you're receiving it, it's occurring so fast, the whole process of you receiving information about people and then telling other people about this information that you have yet to verify. It's occurring so fast that alive they make an adjustment to the word number one, and Allah subhanho wa Taala said that the reception occurred with the tongue you didn't occur with the ears.

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When you receive information or occurs with the ears, the reception is with the ears. And after that you process this information, internalize it, and then start telling it to people, right. But Allah subhana wa Tada. He says that you are receiving it and you're doing it really, really fast. That's why I'm making this slight adjustment to the word for you for me to capture how fast you're doing it when you're receiving it and you're doing it so fast.

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You're doing it with your tongue as in one phase of your reception, internalization of the information and then giving it out to people as skipped out. You don't even think about this information, you don't process it. You don't verify it. You just talk, talk and talk and talk some more. This is how we are. And this is not what we want to be doing in Ramadan. This is not what we want to be doing in Ramadan. Because the prophets a lot of them said, Whoever does not leave the evil word and the action related to that evil word that Allah Subhana Allah doesn't have any reason for him to leave his foods and drinks. Ramadan, and fasting is about abstaining, protecting,

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withholding, not only from food, but also from backbiting. Also from slandering also from gossip I asked Allah subhana wa tada to give us that opiate to purify and cleanse our tongues. Also along with LSD, you know, early use of the ajmeri

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