Zahir Mahmood – The Abu Bakr Series #28

Zahir Mahmood
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala was fully healed Karim. While early he was heavy woman Sabine son Illa Yama Dinobot Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Okay welcome back mashallah after the exams to another episode of Abu Bakr, sad about the Allah and who

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we finished off speaking about the sea lemma, and how he killed one of the Sahaba Ravi Allahu Anhu. Now let me go back to now what we initially started, which was about the false female Prophet Suja Suja was originally going to attack Medina, and then she decided, she said, I had a dream and revelation that now I should go and attack, Musa Ulema. So now she goes to attack Musa Univa, so they lay siege to msa lemma was now at the very same time, Abu Bakr the Allah and who had already sent a caravan of the Allahu Anhu to go and deal with Messiah but not to fight him just to keep him at bay. Why it's so hard to believe there'll be Allah and we'll finish off with Talia and then he

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will come and he will go and fight masala so it crema is waiting there and at the set and shortly after this shujaa comes with her army. Now who is your job? Firstly, she job belongs to a tribe called the Bonita loop. The Bonita who was a chai which predominantly they were Arab, but they were predominantly Christians. So from her mother's side, she lived with a bonito. And then on her father's side she belonged to a tribe called the bunny or boo. And remember the bunny or both because we will speak about them later on. So mother's side, the Bonita loop and the father side the bunny, your Bush she herself was Christian.

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But when she claimed prophethood the vast majority of her Christian tribe actually followed her as well. And also, but he had a boo also followed her and the leader of Bernie your boo, a man called Malik him in the way Isla remember his name because we will come back to later on Malik benowa also followed her. So she had a large army. So she marches now to a Muslim I was.

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So Macedo now sends her a message. Why have you come for why? Because we're saying if I knew that, if he engaged in a battle with her that would leave him open to a Chroma and the Muslims attacking him. So Muslim I was very cunning, very smart. So Mozilla sent her a message. And he said, Why have you come for? So she said, I've come to fight the False Prophet. So she's come to fight the False Prophet. So Was anyone said to her, come to me

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and come with

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none of your army so we can discuss.

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So she goes to the for Tomasa with 14 men.

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And Macedo says Who do you know those men?

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Leave them outside? I am sure me and you to profits can discuss, and we can come to some agreement. So she leaves her army outside. And she goes and she has a discussion with Mercedes, Mercedes bought the place in a beautiful tent for her really adorned beautiful, and then he welcomes her. So they now hear you have a male Prophet and the female prophet, and let's begin to discuss now. So Maceda one says to her, Tell me about your revelations. So she says no, a woman shouldn't start, a male should start. So Maceda gets ready. And he starts mentioning some of his revelation. So one of his revelations, and many revelations of of you could say many of his poetry or many of his sayings have

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been recorded by the historians. So the here he says, that God has revealed to him, Do you not see your Lord, how we deal with pregnant women. He extracts a living being from between the belly and the intestines. So now when she listened to this, she says to more, more more. So then he comes out with this next revelation. He says, He has revealed to me

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that he created woman a receptacle and create a man as her mate to enter her and

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leave her at his pressure. And then a little lab is bought forth. So he's he has a relationship with the why a woman and then a little lab comm for her this was kind of his his revelation. And he had many of these things. You know, he he would say things like recorded and FIU woman feel warmer agricultural field, her to me who thought we were vulnerable concede this field. What is field what is an elephant, Wilma addre command field, and what will actually make you realize what an elephant is here to move the wheel, its trunk is long, well done, as you can see, and his tail is short. So he had all these GBG revelations that he would recite.

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So she says to her, he said, Listen, you and me together, we will eat up the entire Arab nations. No, no Arab will be able to find you admit. So she gets quite impressed and she gets taken in by him.

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Until eventually, she actually forgoes her own prophethood and she says, I believe in you as a prophet.

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And he and as I said, was called he was available was well known for his and would have not asked met him before the author of the Allah and who became a Muslim. So he said, you know that man Mohammed?

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What did he say? So I'm the author of the Allah who recited for him Surah to us while us in Santa Fe course. And he says, and this is possibility even before he actually claimed prophethood he said, I also get these inspirations.

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I get these inspirations. So he began to recite His revelation. So I'm gonna have the author of the Allah and who as we mentioned, was very intelligent. He laughed. He said Wallah, he in Nikola Tesla were in the Wallahi in Nikola Tesla in the atom, and Nick comes up he said Wallah he you know that I know your Elia Wallahi in Nikita Nikita lab in the lab and Nikica zap is a wala you know, that I know you are nothing but Elia

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but this was Musa Ulema, Mercedes my so he now he gets a job

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and he marries job.

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So she phone goes up, profited. He marries her, she stayed with him for three days. And then she goes back to her people who are still camped there waiting for her after three days. And she says to them, I have now found the truth.

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And I believe in Messiah and I am his wife. So they say to her, you're his wife. So what did he give you as a Muharram? Because that was the custom. You didn't marry without giving him a huddle. So she says, Oh, he never gave me no Ma. He never gave me any wedding gift. So they say you know you've been duped go back.

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So she goes now back to will say to buy and she says where's my ma Do you didn't give me any Mahara? Maha Mustela Maya says Go and tell your people mercy limit the Messenger of Allah says that Mohammed made five solid follow up on you. I have dropped your morning and your last prayer. So Fajr and Isha has been forgiven for you. And that is my Mahara to you. So even if Maha were cheap, you know, he came in nothing. So he reduced

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the people obviously realized that she had been out duped and I hope people so they decided to leave. So they went back while they were going back, Harley been bullied or the Allah and who met the army and he routed the tail end of the army.

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But he didn't take too much time he didn't go off the shujaa The reason was because Abu Bakr the Allah Andrew had told him go and deal with Mustela metal cuz up

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shujaa Later on, went to her mother's tribe, the Bonita loop, and then later on, she became Muslim, true believer. And she died on Imani died on Islam. So Subhanallah she died on the deen of Allah subhanaw taala there's a really another very, very interesting individual.

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And he was also from Bernie Hanifa and he was one of the leaders of Bernie Hanifa and his name was Virgil and for

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Rajon, and for Rajala. anaphor was when the bunny Hanifa came to accept Islam on the ninth year of Hegira and they went all back he didn't go back

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So he stayed in Medina and he studied in Medina. He memorized large portions of the Quran in the aroma of the Allah and Muhammad says we're gonna have a little walk D and then we're kind of out on my feet and I think Allah Allah Yamama isn't this guy was the best one from the delegation. Why? Because he stayed behind. He studied the Quran by obey niqab and while the nibble or the Allah Allah Houma

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Rafi been called, he sees that this man or doll he would with a man of wushu and he will recite the Quran profusely.

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So he stays behind. Then Musa Lima called for prophethood so the problem is Allah Allah wa salam was still alive at that time. So the messenger of Allah Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal, who would be the best person to deal with mesothelioma, not John.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sins have a job.

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But before sending Rajat, let me tell you about a story which are both arrayed on the alarming rates. It will raise the alarm on rates that we were a group of us was sitting in together and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went by, and he said one of you in this group,

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he will be in the fire of jahannam. And his molar teeth will be the size of the mountain of offered.

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So Abu Huraira said that I was also at a gathering I was concerned.

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He said, Until every single person who was in that gathering died besides me, and Rajab, that's it.

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And I was concerned that I might be the very person who will be the fire Jahannam and his molar teeth will be the side of the mountain of old

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until the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Rajala, to deal with the false prophet of Bani Hanifa, ma Salem Al Kitab. So he goes,

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am I doing this he stayed in the company of the prophets, Allah, Allah alayhi salam, he learned Quran from the best reciters that this ummah has ever had.

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And he goes back to his people, and will say what takes him to the side and MSA lemma says to him, Listen,

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tell them I am a true prophet.

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And half my wealth will be for you and I will keep the other half. So Rajala sold out, sold out, sold out. So the Job said to the people, I've just come from Medina. And Mohammed just told me that will say your mind is a true prophet. So many of the Bani Hadith, although the vast majority already believed in him, but some of them had their doubts. When he a company of the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah, who remained in Medina now came and said that look, I heard these is head, Muhammad said that will say never is a true prophet. Everybody now flocked to believing in Messiah.

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Many of the tribes around now began to believe in Messiah. So you can now imagine, so he would say Macedo say to the child, you know, you spent time with Muhammad, what does he do? So he said to him, you know, how does he he if they if there's water is like, not sweet in a well, he puts his saliva and the water becomes fresh.

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So he placed the slaver the narration and mentioned that the weld became bitter. He said that he would do damage to children, he had all historian mentioned, all the children that he did technique never had teeth. Now, when you take the date, you chew it, and then you put it in the child's mouth. They say that they would bring the children for Baraka, for him to rub his hand over their heads is that they will never have hair growing on their head may give males and females. So this will even his own people, in all honesty, didn't really believe in Him. Many of them didn't believe in him. So there was a man called Baja, he came to him and he asked him to tell me.

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He said, Are you a prophet from Allah? I said, Yes. He said, what's the angel that comes to silver man, so told me

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that did does he come in that day or does he come in the night? He comes at nighttime. He said to him, I swear by Allah Muhammad is a true prophet, and you are a false prophet. But a Prophet from our goal is more beloved, a false prophet from our comb is more beloved from a true prophet from another poem, because he was from their people. You know, one of the more Alvin's he was once giving the Avant. So they changed the name of the prophets Allah Muhammad to Musa in Burma. So he's given the Adan Allah Akbar Al

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Last month, when he reached his testimony that they is I'd be testimony that Mustela Ma is the messenger of Allah. He said, I bear testimony that Mercedes thinks that he is the messenger of Allah. So even his own people, many of them knew that he was a false prophet, but he was from them. They compared his revelation with the revelation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they realized that this revelation ain't the real revelation.

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From his Sharia, what was his Sharia, he made alcohol halal?

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If you married and you had a son,

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you would have to remain in celibacy

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until our son died, and then you could have a relationship again with your wife or remarry. So if you had a son

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and after having the sun, you could no longer now you have to live a life of celibacy unless the son died.

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And then you could renew your

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you could either get married again or if you were still married, you could carry on having a relationship with your wife. He will come to the Shetty as that he he. He bought.

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Now, a Chroma is there. He's waiting for Harley Ben Walid Radi Allahu Anhu and it karma

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haze the news the holiday defeat Italy and he defeated Salma. But Abu Bakr the Alana told economy do not engage and no under no circumstances do not engage and then highly been bullied through the Allah Allah who also went to fight another person molecule in the WETA, which we will discuss later. So it can Emma is waiting there. Who is a coma? Subhan Allah, who was a chroma a chroma was the son of no other that Bucha had a Bucha * as a messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he was the fear out of this ummah.

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The fear out of this ummah was Abuja held on every occasion he was the most ardent enemy of the Muslims.

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When Islam came and the Muslims took Maccha, economic ran away. One he was concerned obviously about his life because he was an enemy of the Muslims on the Battlelog offered, had he been bullied on the Allah and who was on one flank cavalry and Ikoma was on the other flank. So he leaves so when he leaves, he catches the boat to go to a faraway land. Now this was a Jeep believe that the Mushrikeen had the visionary key, I had that belief that if you were ever on the sea, and then you were afflicted, with any mercy, but you don't call any, you don't call any idols, you call only to Allah subhanaw taala that's it, because the masjid again believed in Allah subhanaw taala so he's on this

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journey on the boat, and all of a sudden they have lifted by storm and everybody forgets a lot forgets Oza they are only remembering Allah. And it occurred to this is a cheap belief.

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If and see in times of difficulty, you remember only Allah that online is only remember Allah. So now Ikoma then decides he decides to come back. So he comes back to Makkah, so this is the son of Abu Jihad an enemy but the prophet is Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam welcomed him. And he said Mohammed Mohammed ya keep Mahabharata in a welcome to the muhajir who is riding because you came riding and then sometimes you know people obviously would remember they were Muslim. They will remember Abuja Halina and not very nice way. So one day he came in, he complained to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophets Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said do not remember the

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dead in a bad way because you inconvenience and hurt those who are living and what you say doesn't even reach those who are dead.

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So you're inconveniencing and hurting their family you still alive and as what the dead they did. You know they're, they've reached what they have set forward and this is why the prophets Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said, Do not swear and curse the dead because they have reached what they have sent forth. What Allah has kept for them, they have reached

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also harmala

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It could have passed away on the 50th year of hijra, and inshallah we will do that when we do the life of power of the Allah or at the Battle of your MOOC. And Imam Shafi Rahmatullah RLA says he was a great Muslim after embrace

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seek Islam as he was exceptional Muslim and inshallah throughout we will discuss the life or Ikoma about the Allah and now Ikoma clear instructions were, do not engage will say lemma

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he can't resist the temptation. It was saying about the worst of all the false prophet. He's been waiting there hardly been worried hasn't come shujaa has left. And then he goes and he fights and we'll see what happens. He gets defeated.

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His army gets defeated, they get routed, the news reaches Abu Bakr about the Allah on Abu Bakr is very angry.

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So he sent him a letter and he says, Listen, I don't want to see your face. Don't you come back to Medina.

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The instructions were, do not engage said go to Oman, he goes to Oman. Then comes another Sahabi you know the Allah on who he may we shall be? Or the Allah Allah when are the eminent Sahaba of the Allah on whom he was also as a hobby you fought in the Battle of brother, and one of the most eminent Sahaba

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he comes to the army, exactly the same instructions were given to him Do not engage the army of Mercy lemma.

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He can't resist the temptation II.

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So he goes and now he engages the army of Mercy lemma, and is army's also defeated.

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And this is the proximately the time that Khalid bin Walid rod the Allah new reaches

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Where do you regret today he finds the army of Sharabi is being routed. But before we bring Harley Ben will either have the Alon who further battle with machinima I want to cover one more topic which is a topic of great importance and that is a topic of Caribbean with either the Allah Allah and the killing of Maliki min away Iraq. So have you been relieved that of the Allah no after dealing with Do you remember the name of the first prophet soldiers Prophet that he dealt with

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Palais Ha, good, delay ha. So after dealing with delay, ha Fabian will either the Alon who goes to a place called Baba and they is with a Benny year boo the child every year boo which shujaa also belong to lived.

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So when he reaches Bata, the leader of the bunny or Boo is a man called Malik in in a way that he is Kunia was Abu Hamza Allah.

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He was married to a woman called Leila Binti Sana and

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and she was known for her beauty. The Arabs knew Leila went to Santa Ana for her beauty and also Mulligan Greenaway era was a mighty warrior. He was a poet very articulate a true leader.

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But what happened is that he embraced Islam on the 90 of hijab but then after that, when she job because she's always remember from the airport as well. When she claimed prophethood he joined shujaa And He also decided to attack Medina which

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and he went with also to Mercedes about to attack Mercedes. But when she got duped by Mercedes, then he left aside and he went back to Bhutan. Now, his role in the time of the province of Allah Allah He was alone was that he would collect collect the taxes from that area, there's a cop from the area and he would send it to Medina.

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Now what happened obviously is that with the province Allah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away, he stopped, not only all the taxes that he had gathered, he gave him back to the people there's a cloud to the people, he said, he's dead. And we no longer need to send our taxes to Medina and a separation dimensioned that we are relieved of this man regarded the prophets Allah Allah Allah He was solo.

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Now this issue is quite a controversial issue. What happens to malignant away Allah because some actually use this incident to besmirch highly been bullied or the hola Otto it's an endeavor to defame how they've been bullied or the Hola. So have you been bullied or the Alana goes to Bhutan?

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And the general process was that you would wait if you heard the other but there were still Muslims and if you didn't hear the advance, then you would give them the options and then if need be, you would attack so according to some, like Abu Qatada about the Allah on who he says that they had a

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other said that no Alon was actually given.

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So they go they capture mulignan away EULA and his bow to hardly been released or the Allah I knew and then a discussion begins. So have you been carried him on either on the Allah No, ask him.

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There's a cart. Why did you not give this card?

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Why did you refuse? So Monica even in a way law says, I don't think your companion commanded with you with that. Referring to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he used the word. Roger loco was Sahiba your companion, your your man. So Caliban will either have the Alonso said to so don't you regard him as your Nabhi Jensen. Don't you regard him as your newbie? And then he's kind of been with either the Allah I don't know, the discussion went on. And he said a few things that Caliban will either the Alana said to him, he said I will have your neck I will have you executed. He said I don't think your companion commanded you with that.

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So then Harlequin will either have the Allah I know had him executed because he thought he was an apostate.

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Okay, Edna Holika. The historian uses some additional word sentences in this story. He says that Malik vinuela said we believe in the salon but we don't accept this cart. So have you been relieved about the Allah and who said Do you not know that Salah and Zach got accepted together because if you look at throughout the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about establishing the prayer giving this account etc. Then Malik Beaton Wayra said, Is that what your companion commanded you with you see, he keeps using the word, your companion. Now if you were a believer, you wouldn't use the word your companion. You would say, you know, the prophets Allah Allah, Allah He was elope. So he been

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what are you? What are the Alana came to the conclusion that, you know, he wasn't a believer, so that this discussion goes on. And then he says, I will have you executed and then again he says, Did your companion command you with that? So now he's he is killed in some narrations is historical relations. It's mentioned that it was a cold day and hardly been relieved of the alarm who said warm them up because it's cold. But in the dialect of the buddy Kwinana warm them up met kill them.

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So some of them were executed as a consequence. And by the time they came maligna Wayra, Molly benowa was also executed. Now Abu Qatada or the Allah who was upset. So he went all the way to Medina to complain about what had happened to Abu Bakr syndicate of the ALLAH and he will he was very unhappy. He felt that that might have been the way either was killed and justly okay.

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So, Omar of the Allah Allah when he heard that complaint, Omar was Omar, Omar Abdullah said the college should be removed. So we woke up the Allah and who said I will not share the sword of Allah, which the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam had achieved I will not put him back in the sheath. But Abubakar, Allah, Allah didn't stop there. Then he called Harley been bullied. Okay, he called. He heard his side of the story. And he came to the conclusion that had he been bullied at most made a mistake, but it wasn't intentional. Now, see, the thing with this story is if you say if you say that Abu Bakr heard the story, and he still took his site without you know, taking things

00:29:12 --> 00:29:23

into consideration, so the blame doesn't just go to Caliban will eat but it's also extend to Abu Bakr Siddiq, Allah Viola, isn't it? Because Abu Bakr knew that he killed him intentionally, but he didn't do anything about it. But he

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but not only that, he actually goes even to Omar la Khattab why? Because when Omar became Ameerul Momineen he didn't develop cadmium when he demoted him at the latter end of his California but not at the beginning of his California.

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So if if Ahmad he really believed that highly bidwill Either the Alana was wrong, then he should have demoted him.

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there was a dispute. There's a dispute regarding if the Athan was heard, or that was not heard. Also, the undulations which mentioned that, Ashley, Molly been away

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

Eli had the duff played when he heard the message of Allah passed away.

00:30:05 --> 00:30:14

So also the fact that he's you use words like saw him become Roger LUCAM in football Bulldogs, which is a historical book.

00:30:15 --> 00:30:19

He is mentioned that not only did Malik bin the way you

00:30:20 --> 00:30:37

do all these things, but he also He also fought against the Muslims, okay and is established as well, that he was going with your jaw, he believed that your job was a false prophet, not only that he was going with her to actually attack Medina.

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the most we can say on this issue is the Abu Bakr Siddiq of the Allah and who most that he thought was that carried been relieved of the Allah and who made a mistake. And you can't say more than that. Why? Because even in the time of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah He was a lump. Khalid bin Walid also ended up mistakenly killing a group of people from the Bani Jima and when the poor is Allah Salama heard about this, so basically, they said,

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when he came to them, so instead of saying a slum now we have believed they said, a sadhana Yeah, or Savannah, we will survive now we have turned away. Now what they meant we have turned away from the religion of our forefathers who embraced Islam. He understood Suvarna meant good word. So be you will be used for the prophets, Allah Salam as well. Yeah. So he understood that they had turned away from Islam and going back towards Cofer.

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So he killed them. So when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about this, the Messenger of Allah said other burry on mimma for alcohol it I am free for what holidays

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and then the prophets of Allah and he was ALLAH percent blood money to the people to the buddy dessima woke him. He said blood money, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't have hardly been willing to execute it. Why? Because he understood that this was a mistake made by Khalid bin Walid he didn't even have Khalid bin Walid Shiite, he didn't even have been demoted, because he understood that this was a mistake. So even in the time of the Prophet is Allah Allah Allah, he was a lab we have had a similar incident at a time where the former is Allah, Allah and he was telling me one of the battles

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Osama bin Zayed was about to strike one of the machines so it is in the battle. He's about to strike one of the machinery keep and the machinery gives it La Ilaha illa Allah

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and Osama bin Zayed still kills him.

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So when they came back and they told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what had happened? So the messenger of Allah got very angry and caught Osama Hirasawa you killed a man who recited La Ilaha illa Allah in the battlefield, Solomon is at the mercy of Allah he only did it to save his neck.

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And the rest of you Allah said, Shakta Kalba

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Did you open up his heart to find out what was in his heart? And then the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah with some repeated, you kill the man who recited La Ilaha illa Allah and He repeated it again and again and again. And he was so angry that Osama bin Zayed or the Allah who was the beloved of the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah, Allah says, I wish I hadn't embraced Islam until that day.

00:33:42 --> 00:34:04

Seeing the anger of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where the woman salAllahu alayhi wa sallam didn't have Him executed. He didn't have him demoted because he understood that this was a mistake. When Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verse Walter coolamon, Allah la cama Salama less than what minute

00:34:05 --> 00:34:24

do not say to that person who gives you salaam that you are not a believer. So what happened is that the Muslim are going to find a group of people and they met, so a group of people and they all right away besides one, so this one gives them Salam. So the Muslim thought this guy is only doing it to save his neck. So what did they do? They killed him.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:48

They killed him because there's all these companions running away. They thought he must be amongst them, but he gave them set up and they said this guy is only doing it to save his neck so they killed him. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed the words of Allah the coolamon elkus aleikum wa salaam less than one minute do not say regarding that person who gives you salaam less than one minute you are not a believer. You don't know what that is in that person's heart.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:53

So the verb is Allah Allah alayhi salam now said blood money for the

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

he sent blood money for the person who was killed when the prophets Allah Allah Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

As Salam didn't have those who killed them killed, why because they were down to place. You gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now with all this

00:35:11 --> 00:35:13

happened, you know,

00:35:14 --> 00:35:54

he played the duff. He said, Allah Julio, commissar Haibo, calm. He believed in shujaa He stopped giving them the GOP, and all the other things, and they're finally been relieved or the Allah and who has this discussion with him with all these things going on. Now, who do you give the benefit of doubt have been bullied who was eminent Sahabi safe Allah MASU? Or do you give the Adiga the benefit of doubt to a person who had done all this obviously you get to kind of be the leader of the Allah and who, but this is a issue which those who are the enemies of Holloman will either or the Allah and who like to make you know, like to make a real issue out of this non issue.

00:35:56 --> 00:36:09

So, we would say that there are three possibilities where Caliban will either have the Allah Allah killed him, one was that he didn't give us a cut, okay. Secondly, they believe in Suja or thirdly, they killed him wrongly.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:34

One of these three reasons and all of these three reasons would be, you know, at least if it was easy give Zuccotti regarded as poor state if you believe this guy, I regard him as apostate or the third one I killed the mistakingly you know, he did his own ha ha then he came to maybe a wrong conclusion. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best.

00:36:35 --> 00:36:44

They say they also say that we could hardly be willing to rock the alarm later on, according to some generations, married his wife. Okay.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:09

So they say that Holloman will only kill him because he wanted to marry his wife, you know, hardly been bullied or the alarm in record as saying that, you know, going in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala on a frosty cold night is more beloved to me than a new bride, or somebody given me glad tidings that I've had a child

00:37:10 --> 00:37:32

the going in the path of Allah subhanaw taala that was the priority of holly bit bullied Radi Allahu Anhu you know, if you put this allegation on her living really then our beloved people who have a a demented and perverted mind will also like some people have done have made, you know, have slandered the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:37:33 --> 00:38:19

When he married when he they took Haber, and he married who gave me the leader of the Jews daughter, Sophia or the Allah Aha. They said, look, he only did it because he wanted to marry his daughter now Billa. So it's sometimes in people's minds, because they have perverted minds. As for the marriage with Leila, the accusation obviously, as I mentioned, is that that he married her because he killed her husband, Malik Newman era because you want it to Marissa Imnaha yet famous story Nikhil dune. Both of them don't even mention this part of the reason why because they didn't regard it as authentic. So they didn't even

00:38:20 --> 00:38:24

mentioned this. And even though the narration mentioned that he married her, after

00:38:26 --> 00:38:28

we married after that was the issue.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:37

You know, there's no narration which mentioned that she didn't want to marry him, that she was against him marrying him. So Al Hamdulillah.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:10

And we may Allah subhanaw will leave it today in sha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala give us a correct understanding of the deen of Allah Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala elevate the Sahaba of the Allah and whom may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward them for the efforts in his deed Bartok Allah legal Allah Haven Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Zakum Allah Haden for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode and inshallah with your wars they will be plenty more history series coming very soon Baraka Luffy come salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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