Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #399 – Minute with a Muslim- The Ups and Downs of Life

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the various causes of people feeling either ups and downs or spiritual downs or spiritual issues, such as bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder, and lack of trust in Allah'sorkorkorks. They also discuss the importance of patient the development of a relationship with a law, and how it should be measured. The speaker emphasizes the need for patient the development of a relationship with a faith to avoid damaging one's life.
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So some some things

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are medical issues and some things are spiritual issues.

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Right, like,

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some people feel ups and downs

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in a way that we would expect people feel ups and downs, right.

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And then some people feel ups and downs in ways that are more intense than the average experience.

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Sometimes, there are medical reasons for that. Sometimes there's bipolar disorder. And there's other sorts of things where it has to do with the chemistry of your body. Right, and that person should get therapy or get medication or whatever that they have to do.

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Then there's other situations where it's a spiritual issue,

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where there is a lack of trust in Allah subhanaw taala, that affects how someone is experiencing those ups and downs.

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So when you trust the law, and when you really trusting a lot comes back to knowing who Allah is. Right? Because if you know that Allah is Allah dude, he's the most loving, he loves you the most more than anything else in this world. Allah loves you more than your parents, more than your children more than anybody.

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You know that Allah is at Halleen, that he's the slowest to anger. He's eligible for the most forgiving, all these sorts of things. If you understand who Allah is, then

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it should give you some equanimity. It should give you

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something of an even keel.

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When it comes to life's ups and downs, and that's not going to say that you're not going to feel ups and downs, the Prophet Muhammad SAW they said on felt ups and downs, right? He had times where he cried, and his children died, his sons died when they were babies. He had times when he was rejected, and he was upset, and his people he was upset at being rejected because he knew that he was a messenger. He knew that he had miracles, He knew that this was from Allah, and he couldn't get people, certain people to see the light.

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You know, he had the, the the year of sadness, they say, right, 10 years after the mission started where his uncle who thought of died and the and his wife Khadija died, right? They call it the year of sadness. So the prophesy son of Messiah. And then there were other times where he laughed so hard that you'd see his teeth, his molars, you know, like, so ups and downs are part of life, but what you want is, you want to be able to ride out the ups and downs and sort of

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in a reasonable way, right, in a sort of way where it's not causing you to sin.

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It's not causing you to doubt,

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Allah's love for you, that shows that you don't know who Allah is

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enough or in the right way or, or it hasn't penetrated your heart maybe, you know, in an intellect, intellectual way. Maybe you've read something and you

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understand up here, but you're not understanding down here.

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Right? The Prophet SAW I said, on one time, he was passing by, I think it was a graveyard. And there was a woman who was

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like, wailing, because one of her relatives had passed away. And he said to her, said, Be patient.

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And she didn't realize it was the powerful house I saw and she snapped at it. She said, You don't know what I'm going through, you know, something very, very relatable to like what we would say.

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And then the prophesy said, I'm didn't push her, he just left and he went back. But But then later, she realized who she had said that too. And she felt she said she felt bad. So she went to apologize, and she said, Listen, if I had known it was you, I wouldn't have said those words.

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And the prophesy said, um, you know, he was like, trying to communicate to her, that's not the point. He was like, you know, he didn't say this. But he but the idea behind it is that you shouldn't be patient just because it's me. So what he said to her was, patience is at the beginning of a calamity.

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Right? So when something happens to you, it exposes you.

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You're you're you're knowledgeable law, you're kind of whole worldview, how much you've internalized

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your relationship to a law and a law is activity in this world.

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It's like a reservoir. It's like a it's like you're putting into the bank you're putting into the bank you're putting into the bank, and then something happens and it tests you and it shows you how much you saved up.

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You know, have you been developing that relationship? Have you been trying to mold your outlook on life, so that you kind of understand what this whole

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A world is like this things come in this things come in, it's a test. You lost this, you fail at that. This thing's not going your way. Allah has just thrown you test test test. Do you realize that you're in a game? Or do you think that it's all just it's going to just ruin your life? Right. So, you know,

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regretfully, we live in a time where a lot of people, they minimize the medical aspect. They want to make everything into an issue of faith. And that's not true. We can't do that there are some people who have medical issues when it comes to experiencing the ups and downs of life in an extremely intense way. But we also can't go to the other extreme and make it seem like it has nothing to do with faith at all. No, it also does have to do with faith lost pounds Allah knows best

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