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AI: Summary © The Quran is a source of prophecy and has potential for harm. Some people, including those against religion, become depressed and unhappy as actions that do not meetLogans' standards result in racism and boogering. The world needs to avoid the current "has been there" mentality and center on the consciousness.
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Did you know that the Quran predicted prophesize these things happening? They get depressed and they don't want to live anymore. And in the end, they take their own life snot just heard this news, this Quran burner in the picture. It's a Quran burner that is living in Norway. Yesterday, in the age of 42. He passed away. This picture on the screen is from the 26th of November, when he was trying to destroy our Dawa stands in Oslo in Norway, they get depressed and they don't want to live anymore. And in the end, they take their own lives and then there's another one some breaking news on him too. Is there a some of the chats between Swedish Danish politician Rasmus peladon and young boys on

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the internet. The convicted racist politician who is notorious for his so called cron burning tours and anti Islam hate spends extensive time on social media platform discord, chatting with young boys about sexually explicit topics.

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to family members, meeting normal live, although polygon has been charged with 14 offenses in the past, including racism, defamation and traffic laws, his online chats did not elicit any action under Danish law. Now this is some scary stuff like anti Muslim extremists Koran burner Rammus collodion, he engaged liquidities engaging with with children with young men. But Paula Dawn often stays up late at nights and talks to young boys

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over email, and I call it the quickness to want to store some data who lives

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in memory. Normally, this predator, this guy's a predator. And this is the kind of person that's out there that's on the loose, and he's representing a whole country, it seems like in the country, just letting it letting it slide. Now before I get into how the Quran had predicted prophesized these things, and how to prevent these things from happening, because we don't want people taking their lives because the Quran is a source of mercy and Rama as we call it for the whole of mankind. So it's up to you, will you take it? Or will you reject it? And then what will happen? What will be the consequences of that? We'll touch upon that in a moment. Well, let's start with the Koran burning.

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And some of these abuses that are going on today against the Muslims, this provocations these provocations that are happening, God Almighty Allah is telling us for the believers, you will surely be tested in your possessions and yourselves. And you will surely hear from those who are given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with God, Almighty, Allah, much abuse. But if you are patient, and you fear Allah, indeed, that is the matters worthy of determination. So this is nothing new during the time of Prophet Muhammad, his companions and throughout history, you have had such people doing such evil, despicable things. Now on the flip side, when you look at places

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like Norway, and Sweden, where these things are happening, and you have in these places, some of the highest level of suicide why, and this is the direct result, we'll look into the Quran but God Almighty Allah is saying, the direct result of that deep depression, when you don't have purpose in life, you don't live for something beyond your desires. That's why you see people like this doing some of the most heinous evil things, they're miserable, they're unhappy, they can't have they don't have peace and contentment or life, that the pressure keeps building up building up. And then what happens they end up like this person did, they get depressed, and they don't want to live anymore,

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and in the end, taking his own life, but the Quran is there to save you from that deep depression. The Quran is there God Almighty Allah wants mercy for you. That's why Prophet Mohammed was sent as a mercy to all mankind. But this is the consequent and this what was predicted prophesized in the Quran that would happen let's get into this verse from the verbatim Word of God Almighty, Allah the Quran. In the Quran, Allah is saying that and whoever turns away from my remembrance, indeed, he will have a depressed life. And I will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind, he will say, My Lord, why have you raised me blind, while I was once able to see, now Allah will say that our signs

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not come to you, and you forgot them, you turned away, you forgot them.

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And that's why this day you will be forgotten.

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This is a clear illustration of what happens when you turn away from your Creator when you turn away from the signs that are coming to you from God Almighty Allah and you become a staunch opponent of the Quran, the verbatim Word of God revealed to us and humanity as a guidance. So instead of reading the book, looking for guidance to see, is there something in there that can benefit me? Is there anything in there that I can take from I'm already depressed? I'm already doing all these heinous acts that are just compounding the depression. And then what happens? There's no peace, there's no happiness. There's no tranquility, but the book is saying is saying, Look, if you follow it, you're

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going to have as a loss

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As truly in the remembrance of Allah, truly were in the remembrance of God to hearts find rest. Now what are the signs that God Almighty Allah is talking about? I want to share this with you this is in the Quran is full of the signs for someone who is sincere, who wants to know, what's my purpose in life? Why have I been created? Where am I going when I died? The Quran is lucid in this, there is no ambiguity to it, who your Creator is, what your purpose is, where you're going when you die. And these signs, and I'm gonna share one of them with you, if you're someone who likes milk, because milk, if it's raw, if it's organic, if it's grass fed animals that are giving you this milk, it does

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a body good. Now look at this sign that is in the Quran, it's just one of them just giving you an example. Because if you want the development of the human embryo sign, it's there the mountains acting as peg staplers, and for the earth, it's there, the orbiting planets and galaxies, the unique miracle of the fingerprint, the barrier between the two C's, I mean, it the list goes on with an on with all of them, the countless signs that are in there for a person to think Hold on a man living in a desert who couldn't read or write, there's no way that he could have known these things. It isn't possible. And this is what convinced me you know, if a person is sincere, and they're looking

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at it, and they're adding it up, and they're like, hold on, one thing is right, let's say he guessed that the other thing oh, he copied it from the Greeks from this one. But what about all the inaccuracies that they had? What about all the things that they got wrong? No, he just, he just somehow left all that out. It doesn't make any sense. So everything is 100% accurate. And this is just one of those that I want to share with you. Check this one out. Amazing. We're in

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era No, Steve

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Murphy, Mooney, Haman, they need help, you

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know, Ben and Holly.

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Alicia dB. And these are those signs that God Almighty Allah just throws out there for you to think, How was that possible? Who could have known that other than the one who created the cow, the One who created who's giving you the food, who's giving you the milk, who's giving you the who's nourishing you each and every day, but we neglect the nourishment for the heart for the soul. And what happens you turn away from your creator, you become a Koran burner, and you can go ahead and burn all of the books, you can go ahead and get rid of them all but you can never get rid of the Quran. Because this isn't the hearts and minds. This is something that is memorized by millions living today and will

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continue to be preserved will continue to be memorized will continue to expand and grow and there is nothing that you can do to stop it because this is another prophecy a prediction. So you can either be on the side, the winning side, or you can be on the side that will end up taking you to the Hellfire because that fire that you're using to burn the Quran at the end. God Almighty is also talking about the fire that's going to burn this is another miracle in the Quran. That those skins that will be roasted in the Hellfire that will be replaced with fresh skins look at that, because there are pain receptors in the skin and when they go out and you don't feel the pain but God

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Almighty Allah is saying in the Quran, that who replaced them with fresh skins why you want to go ahead and be in the hellfire. Why do you want your skins to be replaced with fresh skin so they can bear Why do you want that? Be sincere. Islam is a mercy for all of mankind. We don't want people taking their lives we want good for mankind. It's like if you're drowning in the ocean and somebody's trying to extend their hand peacefully to pull you out and you're giving the man that middle finger you're cursing him cursing his mother, you What are you doing? Do you need the help? You're on drugs, you're an alcohol. You're you've turned into a predator. You're doing all these

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evil, disgusting immoral things because you don't have guidance. You don't have a blueprint for life. You fall you fallen down a dark hole but there's still hope there's still hope. And the Quran is that hope so don't burn the koran read the Quran. Now you might say how do I get a copy of this book, the Quran? will go ahead and walk into a mosque. Ask connect with a Muslim. Go and ask your questions. If you're here in the United States, go ahead and visit the deen We'll send you one as a gift. We'll send you one as a gift. Make the human connection. Connect with your fellow Muslims. Ask those questions, seek and you shall find and ask the creditor heavens and earth for

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guidance and He will guide you if you're sincere. And if you really want to know but if you're someone who's just adamant about projecting all this hate that you have in your heart, you're not looking for a solution. You're not looking for that peace and contentment. You're going to end up soaking in your own misery. You're going to end up just compounding your heart with more depression upon depression.

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And we see the result of that. So you decide at the end of the day there's a full description in the Quran of paradise and Islam is very clear Lucy Liu clear so we strive for to get to Jana, would you rather be there that you live for eternity you never die, no more depression everything that your heart desires you will have in paradise and you had avoid the Hellfire just take some fire try to burn yourself if you're trying to burn before you try to burn up trying to bring yourself and imagine being thrown into the depths of the Hellfire that Hellfire is 70 times more hotter than the fire in this life. Why would you want to risk that? Why would you want to do that? And all the

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evidence is there the signs are there that this Quran is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth read it ask for the guidance and you will be amazed like so many people have who have been sincere and have put this the cron to the test hopefully these words have been of some encouragement described if you haven't already hit that notification bell we'll see you next time here in the D show until then Peace be with you as salam alikoum

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we're here with

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you are your suicide everything here

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niggly I know

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been have

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been held pitched

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heavily on Edelman now a heavy

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Muslims around here it's pretty huge and like this place the location that you opened and basically it's for further south from the other other big massage. And everyone I know a lot of people that are used to come like my cousin was nine minutes from here. Another uncle of mine lives about five to 10 minutes from here, this area, the Masjid I'm doing that opened up in an area that it's much needed and this size, this

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the center this center is much needed for this area. And the idea of this center is needed for the whole state because we don't have anything like that in the whole state. That was center where it's gonna basically nurture and basically educate and it's going to basically spread this meme

Signs of the Quran

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