Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #13 Your hands are stained with blood

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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee. That was early

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on do more ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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Abu Dhabi law you may not show up on your Ragini Bismillah your Walkman you're watching but I'm

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bringing it in call volume

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in say from Tara, woman semi Anna we had a fee

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in the Sadhak Hola. Hola Liam. So yes, we concluded on the note where Allah subhanho wa Taala dispatch a dinner Musa alayhis salat wa salam to Pharaoh to present the doubt of Allah to Pharaoh and say that our Musa had requested the presence of his brother Harun site in the reason that he was more articulate and eloquent, and Allah had approved the request of Satan or Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. And furthermore, Allah said unto ma wa Manitoba, Akuma Lavallee boon that you and those who follow you will be successful and victorious. We're in June Danna, Allah Houma la de Boone, surely the army of Allah subhanho wa Taala will always be victorious. Okay, verse 36, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala speaks about the arrogant reaction of Pharaoh and his people. When Satan Musa alayhis salam presented the miracles and the doubt before Pharaoh Fela magia. Musa be yeah Tina unit. So when Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam came and displayed and produced and presented. The clear, vivid, transparent manifest medical signs and symbols of profit would be for Pharaoh to say that I'm the Prophet of Allah Amina and I'm inviting you to the truth halacha illa Anta Zakka dia que la Rebecca for Daksha Are you interested in being guided to the truth, and to change and to reform and to better your life? For our whole area teleco brava Satana Musa alayhis salatu salam showed him and

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displayed before him the manifest miracles. So what was the arrogant response of Pharaoh Paloma ohada Illa Sahara matara. This is magic. This is fabrication This is a lie. Or Masami Anna Bihar Daffy Alba in a loline. And the truth be heard the truth be told, we never heard of anything like this in our ancestors. And that's a blatant lie, because they knew very well that prophets had come previously prophets had come previously.

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So Pharaoh chose to deny Pharaoh chose to deny. In fact chef Abu Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah Allah explains this whole context very beautifully, and I just want to share some of that reflections. So verse 36, Allah subhanaw taala says a dinner Musa and Harun Allah imam in Allah He a Salah to what the Salim have presented before Pharaoh and presented the Dawa, very briefly Allah speaks about it. And of course, in different verses in Surah to Shahara. In surah Taha and in other parts of the Quran, Allah has in great detail spoken about this dialogue, this discussion with Pharaoh, so he refused it and he says it is magic and this has been the nature of even the disbelievers of Makkah.

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You know, when when they realized how people were taking to the truth, initially, they accuse the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will react to the law of insanity. But then how do you reconcile if a person is willing to be less insane than so many intellectual people are following him and take into his teachings, then surely this is a reflection of your insanity. So then they would counter argue by saying, no, no, this is just witchcraft. This is sorcery is casting a spell on people. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When the disbelievers will be driven towards hell, yo man you own an Elan, daddy Johanna muda the now reality going to be hard to get the bone when they will be

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driven and hold towards hell. And then they would see the fire with their eyes what Oh, my God, Mona Gnar, and the center's would see the fire with the eye for one new a for a canoe under whom Milwaukee roja and they know with certainty that they are going to fall in it. Well, Amir G do and ha Mustafa and they will be no alternative to this year. At that time it would be asked to them say hello Nevada and to lactobacilli rune. Is this fire real or is this also magic? Well, everything you were told in this world was very thorough who Bell who was shot later. He's a poet. He's a fabricator. He's a magician. So is this fire also type of magic or is this real? And of course

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was now it will stay them in their eyes it will stare them in their eyes.

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So was it by Jabba Roman Jara at Musa what kind of you know when we're cambrin When SETNA Musa alayhis salam presented and follow these words of Casa sunnah be an amazing, amazing texts. So when say Musa alayhis salam presented, Pharaoh was, you know provoked and he became angry. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about him and then the Quran has been charade I'm just having a flash of that now in chapter two in Surah Baqarah that whatever the Allahu Allah, Allah that hula is that to be an estimate for hasta boo Jahannam when he stoled fear Allah because he was a very sweet talker, often has been sureit who was a monofin who would come in the gatherings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, and he would claim loyalty faithfulness act as though he's a believer. But this was all just a a presentation and it was a farce. It was superficial. Well either to Walla Walla has two meanings when he turns his back or to wll amor when he's given the reins and he's given authority, Seraphin or the UFC, the fee How are you Likkle Hertha, then he will cause corruption on the earth. And again, you know, the beauty of the Quran, how many times you would find a political party, when they are campaigning for a vote or for an election, then they would promise you the world yet were either to Allah when they assume authority sandfield or daily UFC, the FIA where you only can Hertha

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witness law, then it is just destruction, it is just dominance, it is just authority, way that clearly Allahu Allah, and when he was told fear Allah and Bekoff, or that Allah is that to be with me, then he would become enraged and provoked and he would become angry for hospital who Jahannam hell is adequate for him? Mentor kono AU has sharp had that Tacoma de Medici what that river need? What an audacity, Pharaoh is saying, You're a young man, you're addressing me in my court and you challenging me, unless the radical Olam, Allah the ill Takata. Now who Meenal battery, but hang on for a moment. You look familiar, are you not the very Musa who came as a toddler in the basket

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sailing in the River Nile? And it was my kindness upon you that we rescued you supposedly by the definition of Pharaoh, and we salvage the situation. And I'm not a beggar fina Walidah will epiphenomena armory Cassini and we'll follow up on that second Latif Altova intermedial, Catherine, but did not we raise you nurture you attend to you, and you know what you did, and you're very well aware of what you did. And that's exactly the description, we'll find. A letter can let him for a little while and terminal Catherine. Sometimes you make a reference to something which is understood by two people. You know what I'm talking about? Exactly. Yes, that precisely. That's what I'm

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alluding to, you know what you did? You know what you did, and he was referring to the aspect of the killing of that person. We'll find out the fact letter can Latif Altova intermedial, Catherine Satana, Musa alayhis salam, wa salam remain calm, composed and calculated. While I'm Jakob Musa and from this we learn a lot. When you are given the doubt of Allah. It takes a very matured, responsible, calculated, composed individual, because you got to brace yourself for some resistance, opposition, nasty comments, remarks. I mean, read the Quran the entire chapter surah know, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about our new Halleen Salam gave Dawa. Likewise Allah subhanaw taala speaks

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about in Surah Torah in Surah Ibrahim how for a do a do home fee of why he him wakanow In California Bhima or sintomi were in Luffy shack gimme Matador own and Isla de Marie, how the nation behind the Prophet they took their hands off they took the hands of the prophets and blocked the mouths of the prophets that don't speak this is how you know what hostile they weren't an uncouth they were qualifying to ha either were an admin of Berlin Mussolini CERAM said yes, that was a mistake that had to happen. And surely this occurred when I was an away one I mean of Berlin I was aware for Ferrara to mean Camilla massive to come and then I fled from your due to the fear of you and your

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people. So we're heavily rugby hokhmah and my ALLAH blessed me with Naboo and wisdom with alanine Middlemore Salim and Allah has made me from amongst the prophets

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so sometimes you invite a person towards good and he says oh well leave it my brother. I know your past man I know your past. You know stop stop quantifying yourself or stop you know inviting because I know your past.

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us. Well hang on brother. Yes, I do have a bus like we always say, there's a path to every saint and there's a future to every sinner. There's a future to every sinner. So yes, that was my path, but I've moved on. I'm not the person you knew. And I'm not the person I was, of course, Musa Islam was pure noble and chase right across the time. I'm not, you know, tying that up in any way bill at that should be, but say no, Musa alayhis salam said, Yes, that was a mistake that had to happen and I moved on. And Allah subhanho wa Taala had forgiven me and Allah has blessed me what Prophet would but listen to these words of Allah Abul Hassan Ali nadwi In a que if you're on the moon, normally a

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bit tarbiyah what I can learn from zero lumada waka to be a DECA working for an kanaka and Torah b&e, you have the audacity to claim that you nurtured me and you raised me and supposedly you were very kind to be. But why don't you look at the context and the backdrop of how I ended up in your palace? And what what time do you speak? What what tongue Do you speak, when your hands are soiled with blood? They are blemishes and blotches on your entire body. And today, we can apply that same analogy. You know how often a person wants to claim or a country wants to claim or a nation wants to claim or a political power wants to claim. You know what we've done this, we've rescued this, we've

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empowered this, we've provided this, but hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on. Let's not, you know, don't don't Don't Don't be so bold in your claims. Don't be so bold in your claims. You've exploited you've as you have exploited you've abused you've extorted. You have embezzled, you have killed you have murdered you have butchered and see the facts and see the figures in Nicola lamb tomorrow at furl, Lama al cottony on May 5, Neil will now work out to be ready. If you had not ordered the killing of children. My mom would have not put me in the basket and not put me in the River Nile and then I wouldn't have arrived at your palace. Well, hello, Harvey near Mattoon. Wow, you could apply

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this to the political world today. Well, I'll add the next button to add Bluetooth guru fie Giambi, little mica Wakasa. What he got to you have the audacity to claim a merit against a million demerits on your name? Do you still want to flesh the feather on your cap and say you are a hero? When there are 10s of 1000s who have died at the hands of your brutality and your abuse? Do you still champion yourself as you know what the watchdog or the protector or the guardian or the custodian of human rights?

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In Nicaragua, Malta Ghomi Kula homearama little Hamidi with the lob. You treated my nation like animals, sub humans, you exploited them. What couldn't the test do rooms natural Caleb, what couldn't take the Zoom Room so Allah dub, you inflicted, unleashed, abused, tortured, murdered, killed, massacred, butchered? And I said, Well, I was so kind to you. You know what you need to remember you need to realize and it was me that I rescued you for a O'Fallon lacquer. I mean, these words are just amazing. For a new fact Berlin lacquer is a cafe Alta triphala minhang was Alika Avon mean Jacqueline Wahaca in so how can you really claim any accomplishment or any feat or any virtue

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any virtue?

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When you have destroyed an entire nation ruya No Catella this Rena Alf, right it is mentioned that conservatively he killed 90,000 children and then you want to trumpet yourself for having rescued one child and that also not by choice but because you know what your wife had told you laptop to do? Whatever you can you met on the moon no ha Allah Yeah. But of any SR eel the Quran speaks and this is how he brings this text in and this verse in whatever you can now and is this any bounty any favor any privilege any virtue of yours? The moon no ha Allah Yeah, that you reminded me about an a bathtub any extra eel when you have enslave the entire nation? Well, I just hit a home while I'm

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here Jade Java

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for almost helpless. He was now speechless. So you said okay. Well, Omar, Abdullah Al Amin and this is combining different verses of the Quran regarding the download so verse 36, we still discussing it remember Allah says Musa came with a clear science conveyed it? Pharaohs just said it is magic. So Pharaoh said Omar Abdullah Al Amin. Okay, so what is Red Bull? I mean, yeah, again, the scholars say the adoption in the expression of Ma was inappropriate. It was actually woman Rob bull Alameen. And who is

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This Lord of all the words that you speaking and preaching about, but he said, and so what is this? This Lord? So what is this? What's this all about? Right? What is it Lala whom was Judo little Rama? And when it was told to the disbelievers prostrate before Ramadan, meaning Allah, God a woman Rama and they said what sort of man what is this all about? What you talking about? This is arrogance, and as to to limit Morona must we just bow and prostrate to someone that you are telling us? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent a companion to invite one prominent disbeliever and said, Bring him here tell him I am calling him.

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So he mocked and he said, What is the prophet of Allah? Is he something like an item or an object or a material or a metal is the art of gold or silver generation is in the cathedral in the 13th chapter of the Quran in surah two rod so Allah subhanho wa Taala released a thunderbolt on him, which struck his head and he fell into pieces. Well, you will say no Sawa Ripa, while your rossello Sahuarita for you sweep will be Hama Yasha. What will mujer de Luna Villa or who Masha de duel me how will your solo solaric So art is the plural of the word soccer cartoon. And Allah releases a thunderbolt and he strikes whomsoever He wishes and you still have the audacity to argue regarding

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to Hayden the Oneness of Allah. Tala Rob was somewhat he will order the one Albania Houma. So Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam said you want to know whose Allah He is the Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever it is beneath between it. Federal became more angry, and he tried to now incite the people in the gathering. So he said to them palaemon How the WHO Alatus Tommy rune, folks, ministers, courtiers,

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are you people listening to what he's saying? Look at the man What is he talking? What is he blurting? Well, reality will alert us to me rule. Well, I'm Dr. Musa al Kalam, but adorable Farah, button Sarnia. But Mussolini salat wa salam was protected by Allah, and he had the divine strength. So he did not buckle under pressure. He did not turn down. He said Carla Rob buco, nwaba ecoman Oh Alene the Allah I'm referring to is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is beneath it, Pharaoh it's your Lord. It's your father's Lord, your ancestors, Lord and every one of us. It is the same Allah that I'm referring to. What's that downloadable for your own? Well am yes, we're now

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federal is getting more angry. So you can imagine this one said no Musa alayhis salam is presenting the doubt. Pharaoh is retorting said, Now Musa al Islam is counter responding Pharaoh, Pharaoh is getting more provoked and incited and rage, and then he heard something nasty again. So Pharaoh says in Rasulullah common lady Ursula alaykum Lama Junoon this prophet referring so called who's been sent for all ik this man is insane will react to will tell him Satan or Musa and addressing this man is is insane. And this is what was said to all the prophets across the times my UCOL hola que la marca de la rue Salam in public and Surah Furqan Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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persevere, that which is been told to you was said to the prophets that preceded you, what are the Pharaoh knew and Yashoda Musa and hurdle mobile Bill Murray. So Pharaoh now tried to to try to change strategy. He tried to change strategy, you know, I don't have to tell you the forked tongue of a politician and the manipulation and the distortion. Lay Jambi else in at the hem, lay yummy oats in a team. It's got the gift of the gab how he can turn and switch how an interviewer can put an interviewee under pressure and how you can sensationalized a particular sentiment and run with it and create that whole hype around it if you want to drive a particular point. So Pharaoh now wanted

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to create and stir the people and divert the focus. So he said to Musa Okay, for my balloon coronial, Hula,

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hula, what's your take on the fate and the destiny and the final abode of those that preceded us? The thinking of Pharaoh was that Musa alayhis salam is going to say those that died before us, meaning his ancestors, etc. They all designed for hell. And if Musa and salaam will respond by saying, they are all in hell, then this will provoke all the ministers and the courtiers there. How dare you say my father is in hell? How dare you say my minister is in hell. But of course Musa alayhis salam was a newbie of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we learned so much wisdom from the diplomacy, the wisdom and the tactful nature of Musa alayhis salam. So let's wait and see. Pharaoh

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tries to divert, he throws a curveball and he says okay, okay, okay. I just want to ask you, you know what, for a moment let's put that all discussed.

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Turn on Allah on hold What's your take on the fate of those that preceded us let's wait and see how Y is calculated and amazing the response of Musa alayhis salam was