Zahir Mahmood – The Conquest of Jerusalem – Part 03

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The Patriarch Omaralef and the Patriarch Omar discuss upcoming meetings with the Patriarch and the president. They also mention a former member of the Church who had 17 patches and was riding a mount. The Church is now with its garden and waiting for its return. They discuss the return of the Jesus Christ and the return of the Jesus mommy, as well as the return of the Jesus clerk. The history and culture of the Church of Jesus and its responsibility to fulfill the prophecy of the Messenger of Jesus is also discussed, including the return of the Jesus Christ, the Jesus mommy, and the Jesus Christ. The transcript describes the chaos and chaos of Islam in the United States, including accusations of bribery, fraud, and false accusations.
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Nowhere will lie I say nowhere in the world

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is there a greater disgrace for the 2 billion Muslims, then Jerusalem?

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Nowhere in the world

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surrounded by Muslims, a place biggest whales.

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Mr. Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ZD mursaleen bolena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Serbia home bassani Liu Mateen robot respective brothers elders, sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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inshallah, hopefully Today we will finish off covering Amara la Pavarotti Alon whose conquest of Jerusalem. Now, if you recall, in the last session, we reached approximately where all of the allaahu reached jabya. And then he met the Sahaba of the Allah at home. And then it was time to go and meet the patriarch, the patriarch said that he would only give the key to Ramadi Allahu anhu, and he would give it to nobody besides Omar Abdullah and so now I'm going to Lila and who

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decides to leave for jabya sorry for a laksa.

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Now, Omar was Omar, he had traveled all the way from Medina, wearing these clothes which had 17 patches on.

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So it's time to meet the patriarch. So the other Sahaba of the unknown said O'Meara more meaning you come from so far, all the way from Medina. And these people, they have a pump and lavish lifestyle. What we don't want to happen is that all your travel has been wasted because they see you and they say this is not a leader.

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So they say, Oh miramont we need for why don't you just for the meeting, change your clothes, and then after the meeting, you can go back to your old clothes.

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So the duration in some regions is mentioned that one of the unlined who now went into the tent.

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He took off his old coat clothes with 17 patches. And now he wore these new clothes. And now he's going to so he comes out of the tent, he takes a few steps. And he turns to the Sahaba of the alarm. And he said remember, could not go home and as he learned as an allowable Islam. So do you remember that there was a time that we were a base nation,

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that we were nobodies? That Allah subhanho wa Taala honor this through Islam? Where will we be if we teach the relief, the teachings of Islam, the region mentioned that out of the Atlanta women back into the tent, he took off his clothes, new clothes, and wore his clothes which had 17 patches. And then he went to meet the patriarch. While like this is amazing. History remembers that man who had 17 patches on his clothes. And history has forgotten those who will pump and lavish clothes because history remembers those people who are people okay, and good.

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1400 years later, we sit in Birmingham today. And we remember a man who had 17 patches on his clothes. Imagine if you met a person outside who had 17 patches on his clothes, how you and I would view that person. But this was amirul mumineen or the Allahu

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anhu. Now he leaves jabya

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and he's going now with his garden and they reach the outskirts of Jerusalem. And everybody is waiting to see this man Amira mommy nomorobo kebab, the most powerful man on the face of this earth. So what are the Allahu is now with his heart him. And if I remember rightly, I remembered I mentioned that they had two mounts.

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One was a nice amount and one was not that nice amount that they took with them. Just two people traveled all the way from Medina, all the way to Jerusalem. So when they reach me,

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Jerusalem, it's the turn of the holiday to ride the nice mount.

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So what are the olara Newsies

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You ride this mountain? And he said O'Meara momineen Look, there's 1000s of people out there waiting to meet you. They want to see you.

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They don't waiting for me. People will say, you the Hasidim are riding the nice mount and the most powerful man on the face of this earth. ameerul momineen. Hopper is riding not such a nice mount and Amaro the adult dog, is that the term is your turn.

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And then he said, honor is given to those who fulfill their promises. So imagine, look, oh my god, Allah and the most powerful man on the face of this earth.

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1000s of people are waiting for him at the gates of Jerusalem. And Omar of the Allahu anhu goes goes with the Mount, which is an inferior amount. But the truth is that Omar Romain ameerul, momineen and the heart dem remain the heart.

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It didn't make an eye out a difference. Why? Because he Allah is the one who gives a PSA.

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Allah is the one who gives honor and allies The one who takes away honor. So then out of the a lot I know.

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He reaches the walls of Jerusalem. Now Jerusalem is very interesting. Why? Because Jerusalem is very similar to how it was in the early times. Until today, you have the Barbie Amara, where Amaro the Allahu anhu entered Jerusalem, you still have that door still there. It's known as the Barbie Rama. So the patriarchy now waiting for omoto blah, blah, blah, the olara No.

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And then him and Amara, the Allahu they have an agreement that they create a pact and I'm going to read the pact we use a very famous pact is one of the unique packs, because in that time, religious freedom did not really exist. The conquest conquered, and they did exactly what they wished, and those who were conquered, was subdued, and they really had no rights. So out of the Allahu anhu. Now he sits with the patriarch, and they agree on this pact. So I will read that back to you.

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On what are the Allahu stops it in the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. This is the assurance of safety which the servant of God, armor the Commander of the Faithful has given to the people of Jerusalem.

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He has given them an assurance of safety for themselves for their property, the churches acrosses, the sick and the healthy of the city, and for all the rituals, rituals, which belong to the religion.

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The churches will not be inhabited by Muslims and will not be destroyed. Neither they nor the land on which they stand nor their crosses, nor their property will be damaged.

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They will not be forcibly converted. No Jew will live with them in Jerusalem, here's a clause that they will not be forcefully converted. No, we'll live with the in Jerusalem, any Jew. Now this was a condition which was placed by the Christians before they drew a pact with

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Allah, actually, before Omar on the line who

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became the Ameen no Jew was actually even allowed into Jerusalem. So the Christian said, Well, we will sign this pact and we will give you the key on one condition that you do not allow the Jews to live in Jerusalem. Were on one or the other Andrew did is that he allowed the Jews to come and visit where before the advent of Islam before the Muslims conquered, they were not even allowed to visit Jerusalem. So Omar on the line who said this, and then the treaty carries on the people of Jerusalem must pay the tax taxes, like the people of other cities and must expel the Byzantines and Robert Byzantines were those Romans who ruled but the Christians could stay.

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Those of the people of Jerusalem who want to leave with the Byzantines take their property and abandon the churches and crosses will be safe until they reach the places of refuge. So if anybody wanted to leave that you're free to leave, the villages may remain in the city if they wish, but must pay taxes like the citizens. Those who wish may go with the Byzantines and those who wish may return to their families. Nothing is to be taken from them before the harvest is reaped. And then out of the line of finishing the packed off

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If they pay their taxes according to their obligations, then the condition laid out in this letter under the covenant of God, meaning we would regard it we will fulfill it.

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And the responsibility of is profit of the Halles and of the faithful. So this is the first covenant, the first pact. Really this was very unique. Why was it very unique? Because until then, when you conquered a place you did whatever you wanted, but omen of the land no actually gave them entire freedoms that they could keep their churches that they could worship exactly how they wish, along this day, pay the taxes. This was signed by Harley bullied out of the US and maravilla de London of the monument Oh for the alarm.

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They finish signing the pact. The patriarch now gives the key to remember the alarm, and then the Patreon begins to cry.

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So Amaro the alarm, who says to the Patreon, what are you crying for? He said, this is how it works. Sometimes some days, the upper hand is for you someday, the upper hand is for us.

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So the Patreon says that's not why I'm crying. I'm crying. Because as long as the Muslims have a leader like you, they will never be defeated. Said I know one day we win one day you win. But as long as the Muslims have a leader like you, they will never be defeated.

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And then on one of the new he enters

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you remember the prophecy of the blessing of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the province en la la la wa sallam said, Pray to rockets in masjidul Aqsa

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and if you cannot pray to the gods The machine will accept that at least that oil to be burned in the land to the machine laksa and that time machine oxa was not even in the hands of the Muslims. So what is the brother is a Muslim say pray two rakaat in machine luxa the first man

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in the history of Islam to pray to or cops in Masjid Al Aqsa was

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no man before him. He was the man who fulfilled the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the first rocket he prayed to to swat and did the surgery of Tao the laser of Salaam eco Tao la salatu salam was in that vicinity in the second block up on the line to recite his two little extra with Allah subhanaw taala speaks about taking the province of Allah Allah was a lump from

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the harem to masjidul Aqsa. So Pamela, my brothers sisters remember this. We are in and we have an opportunity where we live we have an opportunity. It's very easy for us to go and fulfill the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam to travel to Moscow lochsa to 300 pounds that's all it costs. You go there for our flight ease go and pray to lock onto machine locks

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and if you cannot pray to the castle machine locks are the province of mama Allah Salam said that said oil to be burned in the land. You know what the LMR say? What does it mean? Said oil to be burned in the lanten they say that it means that you do something to help mushy laksa look at some hamama you do something to help Mashallah. Mashallah Aqsa is the third holiest place where the believers those who are living around machines today are fulfilling the follow to fire on behalf of the Muslims.

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You hear sometimes Oh no, I don't really want to go to Mashallah.

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You know, it's too much problems there. So Pamela, you want other people to protect your third most holiest site and you don't want to go on a four hour flight. You don't want to spend four hours at the airport La ilaha illAllah Omar,

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the only place in is 10 and a half years as the Halle the only place that Omar ever traveled outside Medina was to collect the keys of musty lochsa

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unless it was for Hutch nowhere else

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so what are the Allahu prays the Torah cards

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and then Omar himself now he begins to clean the machine. So you know where the Dome of the Rock you see the Dome of the Rock? Yeah, actually the Dome of the Rock many of us believe that the Dome of the Rock is masjidul actor know, the entire compound is masjidul AXA, that's just a part of it. Now, this place the Dome of the Rock was the dirtiest place and must be locked away because the Christian

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believe that this was the place where they had sacrificed easily salatu salam. So what they would do is that they made it a rubbish tip to the degree that the generation mentioned that women after they would finish their periods,

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they would send their rags to be flown in the, in the in the Dome of the Rock. So over the Allahu anhu now he begins to clean it. So he starts cleaning it the Sahaba of the Allah and emcee him cleaning it, and they begin to assist him and Amato the Allahu takes all the rubbish from there.

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Then comes the time for Salah, the forest, Allah says pray to the gods, now it's time for Salah. So all of the Allahu looks around and who does he see? He says blood

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below the Allah and he sees Bilaal and he says, Oh below, give the done.

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Below, give the alarm.

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And below the line disease is ameerul momineen. After the demise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I don't get that done anymore. I can't be to give.

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So Omar or the Allahu insists.

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So Bilal stands up La ilaha illa Allah, and he says allow us to get a lower quality.

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Then ratio mentioned that those Sahaba who had embraced Islam and their beds were black and now had 10 gray out of old age. Every single one of them were drenched with tears, because they bow back the time of the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Omer roseola who cried so much. He cried so much that they had to console ameerul momineen Amato, the Allahu anhu This is how much the new cried

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and look at this honor. Look at this honor Allah gave to build up

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from being a slave.

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You become a more than of the profits and losses of your Vinny Medina. On Thursday Makkah on the conquest of Makkah is conquered.

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The happiest day in the life of the muhajir on the coming home. The brothers and Muslims are Bilaal, you give the done, but not only you give the alarm below, you climb on to the GABA stand on the GABA itself, the most holiest roof for the Muslims and the Muslims and

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then years later,

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comes the conquest of Al Aqsa, who gives the other than on the conquest of UCLA that once upon a time slave who Allah took out of the slavery of man and placed him under the slavery of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So, Amara de la now leads the Salah now majilis Omar is leading the Salah.

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So he stands up straight In the softs. hollyburn Walid is in the SOF sharabi libnah Hashanah, more than Nigel jable Aveda Tableau Java, and hundreds of other Sahaba the alarm can they be a nicer Salah than this? yes actually bought another nicer salon this when Milan would give a done in Medina

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and then the province and lots of them would come out of the house of eyeshadow of the Alon ha and he would stand on the masala on this agenda and he would turn around and say straighten yourself

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abubaker armor of man ie the ashrama Bashara the people of butter, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam are the alarm Can you imagine that Salaam

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Let me tell you about the Salah even better than that. Let's go back to a Luxor when Allah Subhana Allah dsrip ab de Leyland minella Masjid al haram Isla de la casa que is that being who took his sleeve, the Messenger of Allah from Masjid al haram to Masha laksa. Now imagine this Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam turns around and he says straight in your sauce. It's not Abu Bakar and Omar Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, its use of his uniqueness is Moosa is yaku Allah Himself salatu salam, can they be any other Salam never, never has there been a Salah recorded which is more more barbaric than the Salah that the prophets Allah Solomon led in masjidul, AXA 124,000 and br la

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Surat slurp, you go to mushy laksa

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literally any way that you will do such that A Nabhi would have done since then that place

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if there was no

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Under virtue of musharaka, that would suffice that you would have the honor of walking in the same place where all the slots Islam, from Adam to Muhammad, Allah him salatu salam walked, no other word virtue, to the purpose of Allah, Allah, Allah now he finishes his Salah.

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Sorry. He finishes his saw. So imagine this, this is a G. So Roman now finishes his Salah, and he turns around and he begins to cry.

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And there's no minimum meaning Why are you crying for this is a joyous occasion. This is one occasion you have fulfilled the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah, you have taken the masjid created by Solomon la salatu salam. And this was amazing when you think about Omar because Omar of the lung had his finger on the pulse. Amaro the alarm said, I know you don't need to tell me that. But what concerns me

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is that the words of the prophets Allah salam, when he climbed on the pulpit, and he said, it is not sheer luck

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that I pray for you. But is that Allah subhanho wa Taala opens the dunya for you. And you compete in the dunya like those who competed before you and the dunya destroys you like it destroyed those before you over knew that the Muslim were the dominant power and normally when you become dominant, because everything which goes up comes down. This is a symbol of Allah subhanaw taala and our knew that the Muslim would have dominant power and this is what concern and what are the aleinu so what are the Amanda said I know this

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but what concerns me is that the dewdney Allah has opened the dunya is when folded in front of you, but it will destroy us like it destroyed those who came before us. And then Oman or the alarm finishes Allah and then the patriarch wanted to take Ramadan the alarm around Jerusalem so right next to Mashallah

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is the main Church of Christian then where they believe that East la salud Islam is buried. So he's taking all of the alarm around and his Salah time.

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Salah time comes so he says ameerul momineen Don't worry you can pray Salah in the church have a motto the alarm is a no LOOK AT THE LOOK AT THE Hickman Oman

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is a no Is it because if I pray Salah here

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later Muslims will say that our ameerul momineen prayed Salah here therefore this belongs to us. So omalos he left the church and he prayed outside and today we're almost prayed you have the machine Omar is still there.

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And this is amazing. See the son of Omar

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come many centuries later. The time of Salahuddin You are the crusades, the longest battle in history to a last in over 200 years. So they said to Salahuddin is no Salah howdy Look, this is not gonna finish. We know a way of finishing this. All you have to do is destroy this church. Because the Christians believe that Isa is buried here. You destroy the church, it's finished. We don't have an issue anymore. The Christian will stop coming here. And it's not our aqeedah aqeedah is that Jesus is taken to the heavens, la salatu salam

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ala Hadid say

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said I can't do that. They said why not? He said because a man greater than me

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took Jerusalem and he didn't do it so I can't do it.

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speak about Omar this was the wisdom Omar of your love. I'm now praying here because subsequent generation will say you know the the slightly Millie ones the slightly hardcore one was it now amirul mumineen braid hair. This belongs to us.

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And an omen of the Amanda stays a few days in Jerusalem. And he leaves and before Amaro the Amanda leaves, he says amazing thing one line. He says, Oh Muslims, let me advise you.

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So let me advise you. He said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has fulfilled his promise to you meaning that he said that he would give you Jerusalem he gave you Jerusalem and he has made you inheritors in the earth. So remain in the state of sugar.

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For as long as you remain in the state of sugar, Allah will grant you his papers.

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And he said never be ungrateful and listen to the words. So never be ungrateful.

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For when a person begins to sin,

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he begins to become ungrateful to Allah. And if he does not do Toba to Allah

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Have what Allah, then Allah removes the honor Allah gave him and Allah places upon his shoulders his enemies. La ilaha illa Allah that's it. Three or four sentences. That's all he said

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that Allah is fulfill his promise remain the state of sugar.

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And if you stop selling, then you no longer in the state of sugar and if that happens, you don't do Toba. Then Allah will take your honor away from you, and He will place upon you, your enemies and your enemies will.

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Nowhere what a lie, I say nowhere in the world.

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Is there a greater disgrace for the 2 billion Muslims, then Jerusalem?

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Nowhere in the world

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certainly surrounded by Muslims, a place bigger as Wales.

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Look how Allah

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has removed the honor and place the enemies upon our shoulders.

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And it's a collective shame. It's not a shame for the Palestinians actually for the Palestinians far less than anybody else, because they're holding the fort.

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It's a bigger shame for everybody else from the Muslim ummah.

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This is the conquest of

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aleksa. By

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the alarm I think I covered about three parts in this.

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We make dua that Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of ameerul momineen on our behalf.

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We make dua that lost power of Allah given us an iota of the finger and the concern that I meet them what we need hat we make dawn that Allah subhanaw taala keep us united in this dunya and he reunited in general to those parts of Luffy from salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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