Omar Suleiman – Prayers of the Pious – Episode 27 – You Took My Kids

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of children by the Prophet and how it affects everyone. They criticize the way the Prophet used the word war to encourage people to take responsibility for their children, and how they encourage people to have mercy on their children. They also mention the importance of having a strong desire for the future and being a good person.
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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah cats everyone. Welcome back to prayers of the pious.

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There's probably nothing more difficult that could happen to a person than losing a child.

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I've done a video on this some time ago with on weekly called the loss of a child. There's a project run by a beautiful family called children of Jenna. There are many efforts that are out there to try to help people that are coping with the loss of a child, because it truly does alter a person's life. And may Allah subhanaw taala comfort all those parents out there that have lost their children, a loss of hundreds and allow their children to drag them into gender and may last panatela grant them peace in this world agenda in the next alumna. I mean, it's a nightmare that none of us want. And it's a nightmare that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam went through six times the Prophet

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peace be upon him buried six of his seven children. How do you even have any emotional capacity after burying your wife and six of your seven children in your own lifetime with everything else that's going on? How do you still find it in you to smile at everyone and to still have so much to give to so many people around you? Amina bin Abdulaziz Kamala is also one of those men who lost three of his children

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even though he died barely reaching the age of 40 all muddled the line who died either 39 or 40 years old, barely reaching the age of 40 years old. And he makes this beautiful profounder out to a loss of Hannah Montana. He says Oh Allah, Allah humma in NACA kebab pasa Helen? Well, Abdul Malik, when was a Hema, Oh Allah, you took back the soul of Sal, Abdul Malik and Rosa, three of his children. And he says for them as the blucher in their hogben, he said, and that did not increase me in anything toward you except for love that only made me love you more, I only increased in growing my love for you. So what a female and decorilla rock bottom, and only more desirous of that what

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awaits me with you. Fuck widney like, via Mobley I'm what I'm afraid. So take back my soul, without me being negligent or careless.

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This is a tough one to come to terms with. So I don't even want to act like a hypocrite here.

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And I would be the first to admit that losing a child is my greatest nightmare. May Allah protect all of our children. But in this situation, what can we take from this man that went through so much and losing three of his children? Number one all model the lavon who did not claim that he wasn't hurt by the loss of those children. It's natural. The prophets lie some cried when his children passed away. So it did not claim that but almost all the Allahu taala and who instead said that that did not make me resent you Oh Allah. Okay, so it didn't grow me and resentment towards you. It only increased me in love towards you that what you took away from me only increased me in love towards

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you. And only made me desire the hereafter that which awaits me with you even more. So, take back my soul the way that you took back the souls of my children but let me not come back to you negligence, or in a way that's displeasing to you. If you have suffered from great pain, tried to convert that pain into pleasure in the hereafter. Do not pretend like the pain doesn't exist in this life it existed even with the profit slice on them and with a great man like all metal the amount of time but instead How do I take that pain and convert it into an ask for pleasure in the hereafter? May Allah protect our children? May Allah comfort the parents who have lost their children? may Allah

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have mercy on those children. May Allah gather those parents with their children Jonathan for the dose. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow all the tragedies that we face in this life only to increase us in love for him and the desire for the hereafter a lot, man I mean, just a little height and see you all next time in sha Allah said I'm already supplying a bit of cattle

Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects upon the righteous du’a of Umar ibn abd al-’Aziz after he suffered the loss of his children.

[ Day 27 Du’a ]

اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّكَ قَدْ قَبَضْتَ سَهْلاً، وَعَبْدَ المَلِكَ، وَمُزَاحِما، فَلَمْ أَزْدَدْ لَكَ إِلَّا حُبّاً، ولا فِيْمَا عِنْدَكَ إِلَّا رَغْبَةً فَاقْبِضْنِيْ إِلَيْكَ غَيْرَ مُضِيعٍ وَلا مُفْرِطٍ

“O Allah, you took back the soul of Sahl, AbdulMalik, and Muzahim, and it only made me love You more, and more desirous of what awaits with you, so take back my soul without me being negligent or careless.”

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