Zahir Mahmood – The Beloved of The MOST Beloved The Prophet’s Marriage to Khadijah

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallam wa banner and the importance of finding a good partner in difficult situations is discussed. The struggles of women finding love in the face of difficult situations and the misperceptions of the Prophet sallam wa banner are also discussed. The return of Islam to America and the return of Muslims to their native countries are also highlighted. The history of Islam includes the return of holy month and the return of men and women to their new roles as mothers and father. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah Hello Bella Alameen wa salatu salam ala seydel McSally Maulana Muhammad. While early he was Herbie he were meant to be a homeboy Hassan in the laomi Dino about the specter of brothers elders, Sister Islam or liquid Abdullah.

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Today I'm going to inshallah speak about a very special marriage.

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The marriage between the province Allah, Allah, Allah He was alone and the job of the Allah anha. And we will be going over certain pertinent points regarding this Blissett marriage. Now, at times,

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people ask,

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why would

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a woman who was very rich,

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Khadija was so rich amongst the people of Quraysh, there are some times when they would send the caravan for trade, half would be hers.

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So why would she marry a man like the prophets Allah Allah, Allah He was alone, who had nothing. Financially he had nothing.

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Why would the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his charisma with his looks with you know everything about him young man marry a woman who was 25 years his senior.

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the criteria

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written by Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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that Allah subhanaw taala Allah young guru, Allah so welcome, what Sam,

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that Allah doesn't look at your

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features. Allah doesn't look at your bodies. Because Allah is the One who gave you the features. Allah is the One who gave you the bodies. Well again, young guru in Kullu become Why am Alikum but Allah looks at your hearts and your actions. That is the criteria by which Allah subhanaw taala judges, it doesn't look at your wealth. It doesn't look at your bank balance it could Allah do want to give you the risk. It doesn't look at your future because he made you he looks at your actions. It looks at the tenderness of your heart, what kind of individual i So Khadija, the Allah on her before she married the prophets, Allah Salam was known as boy Hara oppa Yep.

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That was her lockup boy hit I want the Yerba pure one.

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clean one. And the problem is Allah Salah was known as before he was granted prophethood. Assad the economy.

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The action was good, and the hearts were clean.

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And this is why

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if you have a good spouse, a good partner, they will be with you through thick and thin.

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If they have a good heart if they have good actions, if they fear Allah,

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they will be with you through thick and thin.

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Listen, look at this. The first revelation two cents. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in the Gaudi Hera

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dribbler in the sense

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he squeezes the province Allah Salam three times and then he makes him read. The Mercy of Allah is not clear what really happened.

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So he goes, where

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does he go to his uncle?

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Hamza was alive. Abu Talib was alive.

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He doesn't go there. Does he go to Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Alonso his best friend isn't though there? Where does he go? He goes to his wife. Because Allah says Letus guru la ha man find solace by his wife.

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man finds comfort but in his wife

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Have you ever noticed that often women are very good they can be quite emotional.

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But in your most difficult time when you are finding it difficult you're rock your woman you think our How did that happen?

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She's your rock.

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So he goes to who he goes to collegiate or the Alana, his wife. So he goes to Khadija and he said cushy to Allah, fearing for my life. That may Loon is a Maloney messenger of Allah was trembling, shivering.

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And she gives him a cloth and then she asks him what happened.

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What happened?

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He tells her what happened. What did

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She said, here, right? That's what happens to guys who hang around in caves, leaving their family. That's what happens when you chill it out in case for us to be here at home.

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What did she say?

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See what are the worst spouses are these

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then when the other spouse has a difficult time, they want to rub it in.

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They want to take advantage. They want to stick the booted when they're on the ground. These are the worst of spouses.

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You know, you come back from home work.

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And you say to your wife, I've got a terrible headache. She's go you don't know what headache I've got.

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You come home and the wife has been struggling with the children. She said I had a torrid time ain't listening. You say you don't know what Tori Tom, I had I work. You ain't listening. You could say the exact same thing in 20 minutes in an hour. And it will resonate but why do you have to sit there and then because you ain't listening. Listen to the woman who was listening.

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She had prepared a talk regarding the life

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of the prophet Sallallahu sallam said, Allah Allah is Zika obita In Nicola Kossel Rahim what? Miracle Allah what taxable Mardu she said, by Allah. Allah will never forsake a man like you. Allah will never forsake you. How can Allah forsake a man who reconciles ties,

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who helps those who are Nobodies, taxable ma do

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the triple ma do meet Adam who are nobodies was zeros in society, what Allah and he carries the burden of those who have heavy burdens.

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And this is why Khadija the Allah, Allah was special. In the eyes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm going to ask her the Allah Allah who once asked

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the verse Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam.

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He said, O Messenger of Allah, who is the most beloved person to you?

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He said, Aisha.

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He said, No, I'm not asking about the women who are out to the manage the most beloved to you. Is it a boo Ha, it is Abu Bakr, he said her father.

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Her father is the most beloved person to me. They expressed his love

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for his wife, somehow now today, we have this warped perception of Vera ray that

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we take it from our customers got nothing to do with Dean and is often used. Let me make this clear. It's often used as to be the missus. And the women folk down. I'm very good at Monday, what you have here at month, your mortgage on Monday, the Messenger of Allah, you will hear that Monday the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, you will hear his Monday Allah and he will soon.

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So he says a boo ha.

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He says her father.

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Look at the words that I share of the Allah Allah. I just as out of all the wives of the prophets, Allah Salam, the one I was most jealous of was Khadija.

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All the others were alive and there was only one who had passed away that was Khadija

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the amount of time the Messenger of Allah would mention. She said I would I would be jealous offer.

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Say one day, there's a knock on the door. As a messenger of Allah recognize that it was Hala, the sister of Khadija. And the Mercy of Allah says Allah Maha Allah, Allah and let it be holla.

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I said as the Allah Allah says, The day that my data got the better of me.

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And I said to the message of Allah said, O Messenger of Allah, when will you stop remembering this old woman of, of Gray's Hamra should clean, meaning I shed red red gums means that she was so old that her teeth had fallen out.

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Today, Allah has given you better than our message of Allah.

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The prophets Allah Salam got angry, and he said, Oh hood, oh Aisha. Allah never gave me better than Khadija. When everybody disbelieved in me, she believed in me. When everybody showed me, she took me in.

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When everybody deprived me she assisted me with her wealth, and she's the only one that have children with she was passed away.

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But this is the love that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had for her because the prophets Allah Salam never forgot her

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Sonne remember this. Good people.

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Never forget the axon of good other people.

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If you are a person who forget the axon of your parents, you got a problem.

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If you are a person who forgets the SR, of the, of the people who have done good to them, you're not a good person. I should have the Allah Allah says that the Mercy of Allah, every time he would go somewhere, he would make dua for Khadija.

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He will say blessings upon her. Is a long after she had passed away the prophets Allah when he would sacrifice an animal he would give it to the family of Khadija of the Allah on ha never he forgot he Jersey Allah Aha.

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Why? I'm telling you why. Because she was with him through thick and thin.

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for better and worse, for hardship and Eve she was well on his site.

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You know the DUA were Allah subhanaw taala c'est la buena habla and I mean as wodgina will react in a Kurata union with the Kenai mama, oh Allah.

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Grant us from our spouses. That which is the coolest of our eyes and from our children. offspring that which is the coolest of our either makers, their moms of the mata ki.

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I swear when the prophets Allah Salam looked at this woman who was 15 years senior.

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He couldn't take his eyes off her, not necessarily because she was beautiful, but because of the love that he had for this woman. She stuck with him through thick and thin. When the Mercy of Allah and the people of Grace were boycotted, the Bani Hashim were boycotted.

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They said to Khadija you don't have to stay with the province. Allah says they stay there for two years in that valley, sometimes they would have to eat leave to survive. She was way over 60 years old. The historian mentioned it was that toll on her body in the valley, which really ended her life

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which this lender ended her life. And the province Allah Allah Allah was the look

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was dead. And she said, Wherever my husband is, I will be with my husband. I will not leave the sight of my husband. Imagine

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you're over 60 years old. You have to live in a valley. Sometimes you have lives to survive.

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But this is why the journal the alarm has status is what it is.

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One day Jabra ELLs salatu salam came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he said Khadija is about to enter the room.

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Give her the salam of her Lord, Allah sends her he salaams and give her my salaams imagine somebody sends us Salam somebody prominent we get so happy Allah Tala her grub sends her her salaams

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and then tell her that Allah has prepared for a house in Jana, we should made a room with some pills, and there will be no loud noise there and there will be no tiredness there. I was thinking why this condition or no tiredness, you know why? Because if you tire yourself in this dunya for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you will have a terminal abode of Iran and Raha and rest.

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Khadija the Alana was a woman who tide us out for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah says Allah has prepared for a boat where there will be no tiredness,

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no tiredness, when she passed away, only one watt of his wives that the prophets Allah Salam lowered into her grave was Khadija or the Allah Allah? No other Why is it recorded that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lowered into her grave besides Khadija the Allah Allah

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Because it was the son

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this was a woman at the mercy of Allah spent his life with

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it his most difficult moment she was with him and the Messenger of Allah never forgot people's

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he never forgot people

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if you don't care forget the essence of your parents I'm telling you the problem with you

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because you're a metal be

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your number one noble you don't care

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whether brothers Allah some life shows us that he never, never forgot that Sano Khadija of the Allah Aha. After the Battle of brother.

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One of the captives at the Battle of butter was the son in law of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the husband of Xena.

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So the rule is Allah Salam said they will have to pay his

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ransom as well.

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So as a number of the Alana now from Makkah sends the ransom zeyneb The Muslimah. Her husband is a disbeliever he's fighting against the Muslims.

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And she sent some expensive all the expensive items she has, she sends them so she can ransom her husband. And the problem is Allah, Allah Allah, Allah opens the bundle.

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And he looks inside it. And he sees this necklace, which belong to a beloved wife Khadija of the Allah Aha.

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And she had given it to Xena

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at a wedding and the prophets of Allah Allah, Allah began to cry.

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He began to cry in the remembrance

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of Khadija or the Allah Aha. The woman who was there for him through thick and thin

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you know Subhanallah look how many wives the prophets Allah Salam had

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none of whom ever complained about him.

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And I know you think he bro shakes heavy on us brothers today only the only brothers here that's why

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maybe if there was some sisters in front of many sisters, because you know, we have to be careful nowadays. People identify as all sorts

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but this is the reality. Honestly, let me make this clear. The reason that many of our sisters are messed up today is because the boys messed up before they messed up.

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There was a time no good no it No girl would have no sister would have a boyfriend. Boy he started having boyfriends that the girls thought they'd do it.

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No girls went to shisha lounges until you went to shisha lounges. No girls were to disclose until you guys went to this coach. No Go to * and wait and drugs until you guys had it.

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We opened our and prayer doors

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and our St. Paul sisters are bad sisters your problem? True. I'm not denying it.

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But who's to blame?

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Who started the rut?

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried

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when he saw the necklace of Khadija or the Allah Aha. You know Subhan Allah Fatima ka Maginnis for Maginnis Fatima aka the Muslim. It's now the time that the Muslims are returning back after 10 years. 13 years of persecution in Makkah, then 10 years in Medina driven out of your homes. And now you're coming back as victors. You're victorious today. All the Quraysh just kneel down in front of Muslim none of them fight the Muslims. And they asked the message of Allah have Mercy of Allah we going into Makkah your home place. Where do you want to live? What do you want to make your home? Is it a wreck me attempt by the grave of Khadija.

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And then they enter Ibaka

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and everybody's there.

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The machine Akina, they're the Muslims or they're the most happiest day in the life of the Muslims. They've taken over the Halimeda back home. And the message of Allah is with the Sahaba of the alarm. Imagine how much work he had to do. And in the distance, he sees this old lady.

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And he leaves everybody. And he walks up to this old lady, and he takes off his cloak. And he places his cloak for this old lady. Everybody's watching what's going on here? Who is this old lady and MSU Allah sits with her on the happiest day of the Sahaba of the alum for a very, very long time and he just speaks to her.

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And then he gets up when he comes back. And I shadow the Allah Allah has no mercy of Allah who was the old lady, the Messenger of Allah said it was a friend of Khadija. And we will remembering details of Khadija Rosie Allah Aha. And then from there the Messenger of Allah and to gender to more Allah to the grave or Khadija are the Allah Allah.

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And he goes to the grave of the Will Allah and He gave the hotbar which is just amazing. He stands by the grave of Khadija, and he says this was the woman when everybody shun me. She took me in when everybody disbelieved in me, she believed me. When nobody cared about me. She cared about me when everybody deprived me. She was the one who assisted me and

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In the Mercy of Allah said, oh Hadiya you light in my bed

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Oh Khadija you lighten my burden. Khadija lighten the burden of the man who had the greatest or burdens sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And this is why brother's

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marriage in a joke.

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I am telling you marriage ain't a joke.

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How, why we have so many guys divorce nowadays, brothers and sisters. Why? Because you never thought about your marriage. You were more concerned about your Lambo and you're linger.

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Now about how you're going to spend the rest of your life. What's on the menu? Whoa, hold we got to have

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that that's what you were concerned about? No, did you think that this is half my deed

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that I'm taking somebody else in my wedlock, that I'm taking somebody's daughter, and I need to treat somebody's daughter like I would want my sister to be treated now.

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Then I'm taking somebody else's daughter, and I'm a mother and I'm a father.

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And I want to treat this new daughter in law like my own daughter because I want my daughter to be treated like that now.

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Unless you Allah said law you

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have to you HIPAA law, he by your epilepsy, none of you can be true believer. None of you can be true believer until he loves his brother and sister what he loves for himself. You want your child, you want your son to be treated like a son or not son in law. You want your daughter to be treated like a daughter and have a daughter in law, and you treat your daughter law like he's an alien.

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And then you say, oh, there's a problem. I'll tell you what the problem is. The problem is a young your perfect human being. That's your problem.

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You got no insomnia thing you let alone you know you're a Muslim Rasik

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That's your problem.

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You die for your own children and you treat other people children like that pit.

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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elevate the status of creature of the Allah Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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bring Khadija and the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam in the highest place in Jannah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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grant us pious spouses. May Allah s paneled Allah grant his pious children may Allah subhanaw taala makers associate kajaria for our parents, and may Allah subhanaw taala make our children's sources of GRE forest particle coffee from Santa Monica

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