Umm Waraqa bint Abdullah (ra) – The Martyred Hafidha

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And all of this will of course be a build up in sha Allah Tada to once we get back to our full episodes Bismillahi Tada and we will go to the life of Asia while the alongside her and her mother Aisha, in detail Bismillah he to Allah. Now the biographies that have been chosen for the next five episodes in sha Allah to Allah, there is a connection between them, they often feed into the next story. But there's one particular question that as we covered the Quran, the reciters around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that came up a few times, particularly from the sisters. Were there any female, half the locks? Were there any women that memorize the Quran? alongside those

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luminaries that we mentioned, that preserved the Quran? And to preface that answer, you have to start off with the fact that literacy as a whole literacy as a whole is not common to the errors, right? So if literacy rates were poor as a whole, then naturally you're going to find that the literacy rates for women would be less than men in that society. So there weren't many people that could read or write at the time. They were few. And those that could read and write ended up becoming scribes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and from the women that number would even be much less of people that could read and write at the time. But there's one particular woman

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who was known to have gathered the Quran to memorize the Quran and to have had been proficient and it's memorization and it's recitation. And her name is Anwar aka bint Abdullah ibn Al Hadith on Waratah binte Abdullah, if not Hadith, but all the Allahu Taala Anna. Now her story is that she was a very wealthy woman, a very noble woman from a huzzah Raj in Medina. And she basically was the sought after woman at the time when Islam came to Medina

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and Subhanallah when she embraced the Dawa of Muslim women are made or the Allah Tada and hold before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, she had unique circumstances that allowed her to excel in immediately memorizing the Quran. For one she was one of the few literate women that existed in Medina, one of the few literate people period, but she also was someone who is literate. The second thing is that she inherited a huge amounts of wealth. So she wasn't someone that had to worry about her wealth or her day to date. And she wasn't someone that was involved in the politics of Medina prior to the coming of Islam. So she wasn't involved in blasts. She wasn't

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involved in any of the wars that took place. So she really had the opportunity to immediately dedicate herself exclusively to the Quran exclusively to the Dawa of Mozambique in Romania, which of course was the data of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, when the prophets like some came to Medina, she was one of those who dedicated herself amongst a Mahajan what we mean amongst the Mothers of the Believers and among some of the female scholars, at the time, with particular proficiency in the recitation of the Quran, and there is something that surrounds her of a controversy of source, which is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her to lead the

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people of her household insula, in prayer. So when you have the controversy, and when I say controversy, it's not a controversy within the tradition. It's a controversy, obviously, a modern controversy that those that tried to suggest that the people that tried to suggest that the prophets lie some had allowed for a woman to lead a mixed congregation of men and woman, men and women use the narration of America or the Allah hotel and had that when she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and She memorized the Quran and she was literate, and she clearly became scholarly and distinguished pretty early on. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded her to lead her

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home in Salah. Okay. The problem is, is that there is no indication it's such an ambiguous narration to use for something so extreme in terms of overturning the amount of the consensus in that regard. To say that on watercolor the lawn has narration justifies that the only thing we have is that the prophets lie some commanded her to leave the folk in her home that could have been children that could have been servants because again, she was a very wealthy woman at the time. It could have meant many things. It could have met unique circumstances but what we do know is that she was someone who was a distinguished reciter of the Quran and she used to teach the women of Medina the

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Quran, and she used to recite the Quran amongst the most proficient of the reciters. Now Subhanallah the next several biographies we're going to cover, all of them have significant twists and turns. Okay, these stories are not all rosy in the sense that there is a lot of difficulty

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These people encountered on Wanaka came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and asked the prophets lie Selim, something very specific. And this is the spirit of the unsought of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at the time of Bangladesh, when the battle of better is taking place, and she says to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ya rasool Allah, then li Phyllis we Marijke O Messenger of Allah, let me go out and battle with you. Let me be a part of the battle with you. And she said, Omar little model bar calm and even if it's just there to treat the sick amongst you, but I want to be there in the battlefield with

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you. Now when she says I want to be there in the battlefield with you. She says something very specific. She says Landal Allah and Yasukuni Shahada. I want Allah to grant me shahada martyrdom, the unsolved the spirit of the unsolved was wanting to be there with the Prophets lie some in his most difficult moments. Remember the story of the man that came to the Prophet slice Allah, and said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was going out in the battle, and the prophets lie some asked him What are you here for? He said, The old role will be Solomon ha ha. Now to be struck with an arrow right here. I'm gonna be with you. And I'm gonna be struck with an arrow right here.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said it was tequila, you're stuck the truthful with Allah and Allah will be truthful with you. Right? So Monica says to the prophets lie, so I'm pretty explicitly I want to be a martyr. I want to be out there and I want to be a martyr with you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responds to her and says, Korea he baited for in Allah Allah Yasuki shahada

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stay in your home and trust me that Allah subhanaw taala is going to bestow upon you shahada for Cana to Santa Shahida the prophets like some told her that you are actually going to be a murderer, but not in the battlefield but you will be a Shahida

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so she actually had the nickname in the time of the prophets lie some amongst the prophets lie some of his companions as a Shahida as the martyr so imagine walking amongst the companions and everyone knows you're gonna be martyred, how Allah who I know, but your nickname is a Shahida. So she goes on and she kind of occupies this position as being the female teacher of the Quran, the greatest authority from the women of the Quran in Medina, teaching the Quran reciting the Quran, she's a half the level the Quran, there are students of the Quran going to her and reciting to her to be corrected. She also becomes famous for her psyllium and for her TM for her fasting en for her prayer

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at night. So she used to pray at night. And people would go by her home, and they could hear her recitation at night. And all of this is very significant for

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the reason of how she eventually will pass the label the Allahu Taala and so on what are called the Allahu taala. And he goes on and she maintains the status in the time Abubaker study called the law, and she maintains the status and the time of our model, the Allahu taala. And, and her home is a wealthy home. And her home is a home of Elena, where people go and study with her. And she aids significantly so she became a very old woman and the time of unlimited capacity. The law I know would suggest that she was elderly one Islam came so she's in her 60s or 70s and the time of almond milk on top of the Allahu Taala on him and a role model the Allahu Taala and who would do his night

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patrols. Right? And our model the Allahu Taala and who

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he says in the morning one day, he says Wallah he masa Mara to Kira Taha Lottie on maraka albaraka

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He said, I didn't hear her Kurata last night

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Subhanallah like that's how much you could depend upon walking by this woman's home and hearing her recitation of the Quran that I didn't hear the Quran of my aunt, and this was obviously an honorific title that he was giving to her last night. And the profit slice I'm used to visit her a Shahida and people used to say, let's go visit a Shahida or Monica let's go visit the martyr and Wanaka so Amaro, the Allahu Taala and who went to check on her home? And essentially what had happened to America Radi Allahu Taala and have this scholar of the Quran, this teacher of the Quran is that because she was so wealthy,

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she had a male and female servant that plotted against her and basically murdered her and took all of her wealth. So almost all the Allahu Taala and who went to her home and found that she had been killed by a cert by two servants who basically stole all of the wealth and Subhanallah obvious

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The as I said there are twists and turns in this this is the half of the of the the female companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she was murdered in her home. Subhanallah and the prophets lie some told her she would be Shahida and Amato, the Allahu taala. And who, when he saw her in the state, he said, sadaqa rasool Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mahina Kenny a ghoul in Pali Kobina and Azuro Shahida Subhan Allah, He said, That was ALLAH Seisen was truthful when he used to say let's go visit the martyr. Let's go visit a Shahida about the Allahu Taala and her so Subhan Allah she's known as the half the love the half either of the female companions of the

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Prophet slice, and I mentioned also, you know, the circumstances under which her martyrdom took place or shahada took place was very unique, or modeled the Allahu Taala and who himself personally found the two that murdered her and they were executed for murdering hurdled the Allahu Tada Anton so she had this reputation of being the murdered Halophila basically the the Shahida and Halophila amongst the companions on the Allahu Taala