Salahuddin Al Ayubi in His Final Moments

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After the truce allowed, he went back to Damascus. And then ration mentioned that one day he went to visit the hajis. And when he came back, it was cold is wet. He became ill, and every day he stayed got worse. And Alomar mentioned out with Salahuddin when he was ill, he says, He says By Allah, every time so now he became more ill.

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It was as though his trust in the era of increased. He said the weaker his body got, the stronger his trust law became. And even in that state, so now they couldn't go to the machine anymore. But he insisted of breaks the law with Gemma and they would bring it in mom. They would help him up and he will play salon in JAMA on the ninth day.

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surrouding became unconscious and she Jaffer mentions that I was reciting the Quran by his bed and when I reached the verses, who Allahu La Ilaha Illa, who I labeled A B was Shahada. He is Allah and no Lord besides him the Knower of the unseen he says Salahuddin had been unconscious for a while, and I heard a faint voice thing. He

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had spoken the truth Yes.

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And he mentioned for three days I recited the Quran by the bed of Salah Hadid and he said on the final day when he passed away, I reached the verse La Ilaha Illa who la he took Koto there is no God but Allah and upon him, I trust. And I saw Salahuddin phase become radiant, and he recited the Shahada. And he left this dunya and ignition had mentioned that this was the greatest calamity to befall the Muslims, since the demise of the whole of fire Rashid Dune. And Misha mentions that many times I had heard the saying that I wish I could die on this place. And I always thought that this was an exaggeration. But he said I realized the reality of that statement. When Salahuddin passed

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away, he said, I wish I could have died on the place of sala de abdullatif. The famous physician says that he was more like a prophet, because everybody loved him. The good love the the bad, love them, then Muslim loved them. The non Muslims loved everybody loved sallahu tea. And what did this king leave behind him? king of Egypt, king of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, what did he leave behind him? He left one dinar and 47, Dellums, some armor and a horse. This is only left behind. They had to borrow money for regionals. But tell me what he left behind him. He left the nikiski behind him. He left a legacy behind him. And this is why we are gathered here today. He passed away at the time of

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fudger. And after they bought his body out. And then reasons mentioned that people screamed and cried as though the whole dunya had just become one place. And many people when they saw his dead body, they couldn't believe it. They became unconscious. They did attended janaza because they couldn't, they couldn't believe that Salahuddin had passed away the liberate of the holy lens.

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And how was allowed in Barrett de mer to borrow money for a janaza. And curvy father gave a fatwa that Salah D should be buried with his sword,

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so that on the day of judgment when he's resurrected, and one of the seven people who is under the shade of Allah is Mr. Moon ardillon, a just ruler, when he's under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He's leaning upon his sword. So everybody sees that this is the liberate of the Holy Land. And on his tomb, they wrote, because this was the man who liberated this was the man who flung open the gates of fortress and castles of the Christians, one after the other, and on his tomb, they wrote, Oh Allah, as his final victory, open for him, the gates have

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opened for him the gates of Gemma and my dear respective brothers and sisters listening at home.

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sallahu de

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is one of, you know, the greatest heroes of Islam. And this is why we have gathered here to remember this. But the problem with many Muslims has become today or with all Muslims, is that we live off our legacy. You know, as a poet says, He said the Muslims come to the grave of Salahuddin and they come again and again. And what do they do? They stand by the grievous Loudon and they say komiya Salahuddin

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Salahuddin Stan standard for Salahuddin we need you. Can't you see what's happening Iraq? Can you see what's happening Afghanistan? Can't you see the supine, spineless leaders that we have allowed in we need you to liberate the Holy Land. The poet says they come. And they say Kumar Salahuddin Hata. Shaka Mercado been holding a funa it says, they've come to his grave and they say, oh, Salahuddin Stan Stan,

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until his grave began to complain about the stench around it. And the poet says cammarata and Phil army to

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come my rotten allergy Juanita chili tuna who are Jacobo?

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owner. He said, How many times in the year are you gonna wake Salahuddin up? He said, How many times are you gonna whip slow down for your own cowardice? And then he says like a Young Global young woman and what the man said as they come to the state that the living have started asking the dead for help.

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The Living have started asking the dead for help. Nobody aspires to be a Salahuddin. Nobody's tries to be

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a Buddha Buddha,

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or a Khadija or a Fatima

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nobody aspires to be like that. We live our legacy.

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You know, we remember these people, but none of us aspire to be like them. We can't be cowardice because we believe in a hereafter. You can't celebrate the life of salado D and over a block above and then be cowardice yourself.