Ibrahim Hindy – Five Prophetic Advices

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The importance of building an emotional connection with a person is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal health and personal growth. The Prophet gives advice on how to act upon knowledge and emphasizes the need for true worship and giving people the right to give things to their neighbors. The importance of love for oneself and others is emphasized, and the use of technology in media and avoiding punishment is emphasized.
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Welcome to the line I don't want to stand up you want to stop you don't want to study. When are we lying to Ireland Cerulean fusina won't see it I'm Elina inami de la la la la

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vida de la

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ilaha illallah wa de la sharika y shawanna Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu Rahmatullah mean?

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Meaning Mahajan, the Saudi King are detained in Germany in a narrow Mojave Nakul or shahabi, pseudo Wahhabi heat renomia and then on Suman, Haku and wolffer belong mugsy fire homages Eaton ibnr no matter what are sold under what he what he said it

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was only La la la la he was happy with Allah Jimmy minister Nabisco netea whatever via 30 laomi din Am I bad for si como si beta por la Tyler renomia tequila, ej Allah Hamas Raja was hateful let us have

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our praises due to a lot alone in him we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. to Lima Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides them can mislead and whom Allah leaves to go astray, there is none who can guide and then but when it's if there's nothing worthy of worship, save alone, and then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both a servant and His Messenger.

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The prophets a little longer and he will send them

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once gave a piece of advice to this woman.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his life was typically giving advice to people. However, usually, the advice of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came when people would ask the Prophet questions.

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And so often the advice of our Prophet sallallahu Allah He will send them would be curated to the person asking him the question. So a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, advise me. The Prophet said, let's talk about Do not be angry. And so perhaps the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam created that answer for this man because he understood this man was prone to anger. Another man man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, What is the thing you fear the most upon me? And one Hadith the Prophet tells one men drinking alcohol, he tells another men, Xena, perhaps he's curating these advices for him.

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specific people. But in this heavies our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up in front of the people. And he said many, many, how will I can Emacs who will take this advice from me. So he made a general offering of advice, meaning this is advice that applies to everyone, not just one person. It's curated for the entire omo not for one individual. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said many of them in the house can be met, we will be in

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many will be one who will take these five pieces of advice and act upon them. And or, if they cannot act upon them, teach others to act upon them, these five pieces of advice, who will take them and accept them, and act upon them. And this is an evidence for us, that when a person requires knowledge acquires knowledge, they should act upon it. And if they cannot act upon it, then the bare minimum that they can do is teach others to act upon it. For instance, Allah subhanho wa Taala might

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give us rewards for building a Masjid. And you might say I don't have the funds and resources to build the masjid myself. And this is true, does not mean now you are disengaged. From this hadith completely. You can't do anything about this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, whoever builds a messenger of Allah will build for them a home in the next life? No, because even if you don't have any money, and you can't participate at all, and building a Masjid, what can you do? You can teach other people to do so you can encourage other people to do so you can take that knowledge and give it to others. So every Muslim has to be engaged in every Hadith of the

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Prophet. So I said them every instruction of the prophets of the lower Islam, if we can't do it, at the very least we can teach it to others.

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And so here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Who will take from me this advice, and implement act upon it, or teach others to act upon

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the long run said, me, O Messenger of Allah. He said, Felker, that'd be a day. So the Prophet took my hand. And he began, began to count five things on the fingers of my hand. Now, why did the profits a little lower, at least I'm taking the hand over the long run. And he could have told him five things without holding him without touching him without holding his hands. And there's something really powerful about this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would build an emotional connection to the people that he was teaching. You know, it's one thing sometimes people think that given knowledge, here's some information, do that what you want, I don't care what you

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do. But here's the information like your professor in college, he gives you the information, you pass or fail you do well in life or not, he doesn't really care. He's just paid to give you the information. But that's not the role of a moron. That's not the role of someone trying to raise people. And this is really important, particularly for parents, you're trying to raise your children. Right. You can't just give them information and who cares what happens in your life, you have to build an emotional connection with him as well. The profits a little lower isn't holds him by his hand. It's building an emotional connection with him, and counts on his fingers. We know that

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how do you remember the young man who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and said listen to Allah give me permission to commit Zina. What did the Prophet do? And many of our homes if a child came to their father and asked him the same question, how dare you throw a book? You throw a shoe at me like if it's a book? That's the attitude we have with our kids? What did the Prophet do? First, the prophet gave him a logical answer. If your kid comes to you and says, I don't know why I should believe in God, I don't know why I should believe in a sim. Instead of throwing things at them, give them a logical answer. The Prophet gave him a logical answer. He said, Would you like

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someone else? To do the same thing to your sister? He said, No, I would hate him. He said, Would you like someone to do that to your end? Would you like someone to do that? so on so forth, the women in his life that he loves, would you like someone to do this to them? He said, No, of course not. And he said, And likewise, other people don't like that as well. It's a logical answer. Does that worry the profit ends? Here's a logical answer. And then that's it. No, the man said, then the prophets all along where either you send them for what Idaho and he put his hand upon me from Mobile, Alabama, Alabama,

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Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Hudson, Florida. He put in the process I said, put his hand on his chest and made draft for him. You know, the process ending usually when he makes it while he holds his hands up to the heavens, his palms up to the heavens. times of desperation, he lifts his arms up like this. Other times, especially in drama, you would hold his finger to the sky. Here. The Prophet doesn't do any of this. He puts his hand on his chest.

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Because it builds an emotional relationship with him, and he makes to offer him is also a sign of love you make to offer someone to sign of love, or love, forgive his sins or love, purify his heart or love protect his private parts, ie from sin. The young man gets up. And he says later, when I went to the Prophet, there was nothing I desired, had a burning desire for more than this act of how long he said when I left the Prophet for them yeppoon che and unload em No, there was nothing I hated more than this sin. The Prophet turned him around completely, because part of it is creating an emotional connection along with giving information. And so we hold the hand of boring over the

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long run and he begins to count on his hands. What is the first thing he tells him? It took him I had him, take a nap within us abstained from what's how Tom, Templin arobin ness, you will be the most developed of the worshippers.

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When we think of Alibaba, we think of Sona, we think of fasting. We think of reciting port and memorizing port and we think about standing 200. This is what we think of when we think of data. The Prophet tells you, when you stay away from how long when you abstain from what's wrong, that's truly bad. That's the greatest form of Arvada. And Edna Josie Rahim Allah Allah when he was speaking about in commenting on the story of use of alley and center, if you look at Yusuf Ali himself,

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and his story, he is being seduced to come out on and the haraam has been made very easy for him, why she is rich, and she is beautiful, and she is powerful, she has the qualities that a man would want in a woman. And then his her husband, clearly does not demonstrate a lot of jealousy over her. So even if something works, if you were to be found out, probably his her husband is not going to, you know, want to kill him. So the the punishment of engaging in this is low. On top of that he is unmarried. He's a young man who's unmarried. And the desire for this sin is more intense when you're young and unmarried. And on top of that, he's in a foreign country. Nobody knows who he is. It's not

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going to reflect badly on his family on his tribe. Nobody knows who he is, everything to facilitate this, how long was there, and yet use of de Sena stands against it. Even the threat of prison is made to him. And he's still abstains from this hotel. Here in the Josie comments on this, he says when a photo or video, here is where rudia where devotion to a lot makes itself present. True or moody yet makes itself present when when you are tempted to do harm, and you abstain from it. This is where true worship is showing a loss of hemodialysis

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in tenha, and in fascia you want to conquer indeed, prayer prevents one from fashion in morality and non current evil conduct evil deeds, meaning our events all the time we spend in prayer and fasting recited for ad needs to become a barrier preventing us from committing how wrong and if it's not doing anything, then we need to realize we need to fix our data. If it's not preventing us from committing how long something's wrong in that data that we're doing. There's no loss, there's no door, there's no crosswalk in what we're doing. And that's something that's really important that true or Buddha is the one that prevents you from coming along, or at least is some form of a barrier

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against it. Nobody's perfect, but at least there's some form of a barrier against it. The prophets on the lower audio, send them send down them and put them in Oh,

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yeah, 20 Oh, piano, he has an attempt to hammer to the wall. He said that. I know lemons, it's the process enemies emphasizing I know with certainty, that there will be people on the Day of Judgment, who will come with good deeds, as many as mountains with white tops. The mountain is so tall that there's snow always on the peak of it, so that the peak of the mountain is always white. He said I know people bring this many good deeds.

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And then he says fair JATO long had that in them for but Allah will make it like scattered dust. All those good deeds and mountains of good deeds will be like scattered dust. Who are these people? the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described these people to us who are they? The prophets of Allah in the home the one woman ginger Chico, where Amina lady Kanata when he said they are your brothers, and they are from your lineage. They're from your family, your tribe, your offspring. Their you your brothers and your offspring. Well hold on a minute lately. kimata hold on and they pray at night just like you pray at night. Just like you also have a pray at night. They

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also pray to head to that night. But what's the difference? Like it will happen. Number one, the Hello beam had a Mila into hakuho. But they are people who when they are alone with the sanctity of a law, when they are alone with the prohibitions of a law, they violate it, the committee.

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So the Prophet says, it took him I had him take one out within us all that are you bad that they did, the mountains of a bad that he did, did not avail them, because it did not help them from committing how long it took them. I had an algorithm that abstained from what is how long and you will be the most devout of worshipers. And then he said what oh Bobby Matheson Allah will act upon us. Be content with what Allah has a portion for you, you will be the most rich of the people tackling covenant ness.

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And so it is incredibly important for the Muslim to find contentment in what Allah Subhana Allah has given them. No personality, no marisha tone will hire cydonia Allah says we are the ones who have a portion for them their livelihood in this world, a lot ultimately is on one portion who's going to be rich is going to be poor. Kind of life. I see two people incredibly intelligent, incredibly knowledgeable. One person just happened to put money in the stock became very rich, this person did it. Right. It's pure luck. Nobody can really say it's their skill, right? A loss of habitat is the one who apportions this. He says What a fun

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project we gave some people, we preferred some people levels over the others.

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And a lot also says what to demand No, not from Ba ba ba, ba ba don't yearn for what Allah has given.

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How loud some exceed over others don't yearn for it. And a woman should not yearn for Allah has given the men and the men should not yearn for the last panel data has given the women and you can ask and want a loss of data to bless you and increase your status and your blessings in your wealth. But when you look to others have, and you you're in their luggage, view what they have, this causes you to leave the realm of being content. What about me, my personal love will

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be content with what Allah has given you, you will be the richest people. Some people have given them a lot. But every time they see what someone else has, and they might have made a mansion themselves beautiful cars themselves, but they look to someone else was a slightly better car, and a slightly better home. And they feel so bad about themselves. Really, this shows you what the * he's telling me and the person is rich, but his mentality is poor. He feels deprived, because he doesn't have like a slightly better car. When you look at what you have and feel good about it. You are actually the richest of people.

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And one of the most beautiful examples are webinars a bit of the alumni who was invited to go visit the halifa of his time. So him and his son went to Damascus to meet the Khalifa at that time. And so I've had a lot. He was tested significantly on this trip, like a vacation. So I've had a lot of the tests, his son was riding a horse, and the horse kicked him off and his son died. And in the same trip around the world got sick, one of his legs became

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infected, and they had like the gangrene. And so ultimately they had no choice but the doctors had to cut off, I believe his leg or his arm.

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And people felt so bad for him. So imagine coming with your son for a vacation, and then you leave it You lost a limb and you've lost your son. And instead they found out over the long run him the son of two Sahaba

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full of contentment to Allah subhanaw taala. He said to them, if Allah gave me four sons, and he took away one, but he left with me three sword hamdulillah and Allah gave me four limbs, and he took away one and he left with me three so hamdulillah if Allah has taken from me, he took very little compared to what he has given me. And if Allah has tested me, he gave me so much name luxury, versus the amount of times that he has tested me and he has forgiven me even more. This is the mentality of someone who is content to a lot no matter what's taken away. He feels a richness in his soul. He says the process a little low and then continues with the third point. He says wax an energetic

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technical may not be good to your neighbor, show excellence beauty to your neighbor, you will be a woman, you will be a believer.

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I'm loving the Allahu taala

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whenever his family would slaughter an animal slaughter a sheep, he would ask his wives had eaten vegetarian yahoodi did you give a gift to my Jewish neighbor? Did you give some of the meats as a gift to my Jewish neighbor? Why would he say

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Say this, he said fame he said that was gonna last a little longer and he was sending me a fool. He said, because I heard the Messenger of Allah tsayt mezzetta gb you will see an evil job Hector wanting to know. So you will if I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that gibreel continued to instruct me or to advise me, in relation to the rights of the neighbor, until I thought gibreel would make him inherit from me, meaning that gibeah capital, visiting the Prophet, to remind him about his neighbor, to emphasize the importance of the neighbor, to instruct him to be good to the neighbor, that this happens so many different times, that the profit from the long run to send

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him said, I thought the next time gibreel was coming, he would tell me include your neighbor in your will, even though this never happened, and we don't include our neighbors and our inheritance. This shows you the level of emphasis that jovita I sent him continue to visit our prophet to instruct him and inform him and remind him of the importance of the neighbor. And so Abdullah binominal understood this by saying that every time he was thought of that she'd be asked to give something to the neighbor. Even though his neighbor was not even Muslim. He would tell his wives, have you given something to the neighbor?

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And without the long answer in the holiday sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said my best friend, meaning the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was an old sign he gave me advice, either Tabatha Morocco if you are cooking broth, then increase the water put more water in your broth, and then look to your neighbors and see who you can give you the extra broth that you have made to all of them. Give them extra with courtesy and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lisa and woman a lady in eat shavon Xiao Hua, he said he is not a believer, the one who goes to sleep and they are full and their neighbors go to sleep and they are hungry. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam tells us waxing energetic techwin may not be good to your neighbor, you will be a believer, Rosa will lie, lie, lie, lie. And three times by a law they do not believe whom a prophet said the one who their neighbor does not feel safe from their evil conduct.

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john doe,

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their neighbor doesn't feel safe from their evil conduct. They might say something bad, they might damage their property. They might, you know, do things that harm them. They might be too loud for them. All these different types of things, the promises will lie and they don't believe there's no true man in their hearts when they treat their neighbors with this type of conduct.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, Well, I had been a nasty match or head Boolean f6 techwin muslimah love for the people what you love for yourself you will be a woman you will be able you will start you will be a Muslim.

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And realize here, the prophet SAW Allah instead of speaking generally, he does not say love for the Muslim what you love for yourself, love for the movement, what you love for yourself, even though there might be a greater priority for us to be good to our Muslim brothers and sisters. But here the profit leaves in general. Why embeddedness love for all the people you love for yourself. And this is the way of the Muslim you love for all the people you love for yourself, not necessarily in degree of connection to a loss of handle to either. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sometimes he would give charity

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to the one who is far away from the snam over the one who's close to Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law, the author rajul was well how are you I have the alien. He said sometimes I give one man charity. Even though another man I love him more. Why? He said mahathat and a lot of you come on low for now. I'm afraid Allah will send that person to the fire. Meaning I'm giving charity to the one who is all see the one who was sinful, the one who was far away from them. But I'm giving him charity hoping that when he gets this charity, he comes closer to a law. I'm afraid that alone will send them to the fire. So I'm giving him charity over the moment. The moment can be patient. The believer can be patient can bear the difficulty.

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This man is far away from a loss on giving him charity opening, his heart opens and he gets closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And we know that even a Muslim the Prophet slice Allah mentioned, you know the hadith of a man who wanted to give charity and secret. So he disguised himself and he went out at night to give charity to the first person he sees on the street and do it quickly without that, you know, just giving handing it to that person and leaving so that nobody knows that he's the one giving the charity. So he does this on the first night he goes first person he sees he has a head over his head he gives it to the first person he leaves. And the next day he hears people saying

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speaking saying Did you hear someone gave

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sadaqa charity to a prostitute.

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So the man feels panela I gave money, I gave charity to a prostitute, I'm not going to accept this. He's gonna have to try again. So the next day he goes out, again disguises himself at night goes, first person who sees it gives them money he leaves. And the next day he hears people talking. And he said, Did you hear what happened? Somebody gave sadaqa. To a thief.

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Someone gave money to a thief. So again, he thinks I'm giving money to a thief, someone who's committing harm they're far away from Allah is not going to be accepted, I need to go a third time. The third time he goes out, he gives sadaqa to the first person who sees and leaves. And the next day he hears people saying, so kind of like did you hear a man gave to a rich man, the man who was walking was rich, and somebody gave him money. So he thinks again, Allah is not accepted by South Africa. And I went, I gave it somebody who doesn't need it.

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And then he came to leave the forest nights. And an angel came to him. An angel said to him, Allah has accepted your sub Doc, all of it. He said, The money you gave the prostitute made her leave what she was doing because she was doing whatever she was doing. Because she was desperate, she had no other way to feed herself, when you gave herself a thought that made her leave that how long she was doing. And the money you gave the thief, the same thing. He was doing it out of desperation, he got this money, he stopped committing how wrong and the money you gave the rich man made him feel embarrassed that he's rich, and someone else is giving himself up. So he started to give himself so

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it shows you sometimes we think I can only give some thought to the person who's in need, who's a very, very good Muslim. That's the only person I'll give sadaqa to know Allah subhanaw taala can accept ourselves even when it's outside of our community even at times. And so what had been a nassima to Hey, good enough sick tech Muslim Allah for the people that you love for yourself. And you will be a Muslim vocal inequality. how those locals through No, no Hola, foodora

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was a happy woman. Voila. The final advice that our prophets have along wherever you send him gave the fifth one. He said what are tech for metabolic for in the capitalist robotic to me. He said Do not be excessive in laughing and laughter. Indeed, excessive laughter kills the heart. Our religion is the middle way. The Prophet solo Edison did not prohibit us from laughing. And he said the lower you said him himself would laugh. And we joke with the Sahaba. There's many a hadith that show this, you know, some of the Sahaba they said sometimes we would sit and remember the things we did in j helia. And things that

00:27:51 --> 00:28:07

they did that were foolish in the times of Jay Z. And they would remember it and they would laugh. And they said, and the Prophet would be in our gathering, and he would remain sitting with us. And he would laugh. The Prophet wouldn't say, Oh, no, you're talking about the nonsense you were doing. When you were younger. When you were in January, I'm going to leave you

00:28:10 --> 00:28:37

know, rather the prophets I send him would sit with them, and you would hear from them. And he said, Allah, whoever you send them, would laugh with them as well. So the Prophet would engage in laughter. What is the Prophet saying here? excessive laughter. And we live in a society in an environment today where people are addicted. Society is addicted to entertainment. And there's so many entertainment options that people complain about not being able to consume other entertainment options.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:54

People are watching their Netflix in this and not and they're playing their video games. And there's so many different types of these things that people are oversaturated via. And this type of immersed into entertainment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me two kills the heart.

00:28:55 --> 00:29:11

And you find this, if you go to tell the average person, the average person, you go to them, so don't you know, in this country, people are being bombed. And people are refugees. And this other country, people are starving. And even in your own country here there's there's many, many problems. And they'll say yeah, but they don't really care. Where's their empathy?

00:29:12 --> 00:29:25

And you find the same person is so engaged in entertainment, watching television, watching movies, watching comedy shows, right? The entertainment, the overindulgence in entertainment, is something that kills the heart kills even our empathy.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:51

And so this is important, laughing here and they're absolutely engaging in humor here and there absolutely is fine. But when we over indulge in it, it takes us away from Allah subhanaw taala. It takes us away from feelings of empathy. It takes us away from seriousness of this world is short, we need to act upon it to get closer to Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no to Allah Muna alum. If you knew what I knew later he'd come

00:29:52 --> 00:29:59

back to Alina, whatever ketone kathira you would have lost very little you would have cried very much. Another had the the profits on the low end

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I'm setting oh yeah 11 min

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min Nan de la human el arco de mal Toma iv jannetty has even said a Muslim. He said if the Muslim knew if the moment the believer knew the punishment of alized religion, if they truly understood the punishment of a las panatela, not a single one of them, would covet gender. What does that mean? That means if we really knew the punishment of a law, nobody would worship a law hoping to enter agenda, meaning what? Meaning we would only worship a lot afraid of his punishment. If we knew how severe the punishment of a law was, we would only worship a law afraid of being punished. But then the Prophet continued and he said, Well, yeah, and then we'll careful man, the law human arena, now

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one of them in generosity yet, he said enough, the disbeliever The one who was rejected a lot doesn't even believe in I was rejected a lot committed all these sins. If the disbeliever knew the mercy of Allah, not a single one of them would have disappeared from gentlemen. And this shows you span of life we really thought about the intensity of the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala how much laughter entertainment we want in our lives, how much more we want to limit it, and make sure that our lives are serious and trying to attain gender and trying to avoid the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala And finally, inshallah just before I conclude there's a request inshallah to make

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sister as make the offer sister Savita sulphonic Audrey, who is undergoing surgery on February 11, may Allah subhanaw taala provide for her a full Shiva amine and provide her family patients during this time I mean, in the law Mehta is also known as an OB Yeah, you will know somebody who Cinemates NEMA alongside He will send him out of seeds you know whenever you know have you been upended alone sundiata Mohammed Amanda kurata que una abroad masala European

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solidarity hiragana salatu wa sallam and de meanie Naomi Deen. What else have you been avoiding? While I mean while in a better life in a llama to determine a few months? I mean, I haven't been in LA for a while I have many lithology what are the level data with Mr. Elijah feta

00:32:17 --> 00:32:29

feta, well I just admit how Elijah Dhoni will after he left widow predominate I feel sobre la for the tower sorta medical hammer I mean, a long marriage in Islam when was the mean what I mean before they can matter within

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the within an email and was able to follow Vina well, Cara he didn't call for supervision or Jana minashi Dean in a lie motivated to do it. So anyway tell them for about 100 fashion you want to do that when Allah come to the Quran with relias Coco mush a little while and he has it come with it. It will lie along Liana mudstone. I'm blocking Sana

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