Yasir Qadhi – Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 18 – Did The Prophet (SAW) See Allah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet's position on the Day of the Lord is affirmed in the Quran and Sun statement, but the Sun statement is that the presence of the god speaking will not be a problem. The Prophet system is not a fixed view of the universe and the universe is not a fixed image. There is confusion surrounding the Prophet system and its interpretation, and the discussion touches on the history of the Prophet system and its implications for modern day events. The discussion also touches on the idea that the Hadees are arguing over the legality of the Hadeeth system and that the Prophet system is arguing over the legality of the Hadeeth system.
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Somebody was saying that the Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting them. He saw a lot subhanho wa Taala and he's asking is this true or not did the prophets lowball him see a lot on

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polini gala region in Florida, he knew

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the answer to this is that multiple parts first and foremost, this is the Arabic fish of Roja or seeing Allah subhana wa Tada, and one of the key fundamentals of Sunni theology in contrast to non Sudanese Morita Zilla and the twelver, Shia and others they don't have this perspective. The other soon that they say that the belief is that we will see Allah azzawajal in the hereafter. And this is something that we say is affirmed in the Quran and the Sunnah. As for the Quran, there are at least four verses two of which are explicit and two of which are implicit about the issue of seeing Allah subhana wa Tada. As for the explicit one of them, I just recited insalata Leticia will Johann Yama,

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Eden now blitar our behalf now Veera on that date faces will be now there are no button means to be Brighton ihlara behind now we're on with avod because they will be looking at their Lord. So this is an explicit, I have the haoran on the Day of Judgment, the faces of the believers will be bright, shining happy because they will be looking at Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is another verse that is also explicit that Allah says in the Quran, color in whom are robbing him Yama even Lama Jew boon that the people who reject a law the Kaffir on that day, there shall be a barrier between them and alum Jube hijaab amount of shaeffer he said, when the cafe has a barrier between him and a law,

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this implies the Muslim has no barrier between him and a lot on Judgement Day. So he derived from this verse, why would Allah azza wa jal punish can in the home erbium Lama Jeevan Why will there be a hijab? This means those who believe in Allah they will not be that and from the Hadees there are mutawatir there are more than 15 narrations from the Sahaba two from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reported in every book of Hadith Bukhari Muslim every one of them and have the most explicit one. And it is in Sahih Bukhari that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in kome, letter owner of bircham, IANA, you will see your Lord's with your eyes reanna with you will see your Lord with

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your eyes on judgment day. And in the famous Hadith, Abu hurayrah. The Prophet system is walking with the Sahaba there was the full moon outside this is Bukhari and Muslim. And he said, You will very rarely see your Lord the way that you are seeing this moon the comparison is not all the way to the moon and a lot. The comparison is between how the people see the moon and how the people will see Allah subhana wa Tada. And he then clarified and he said, You will not be pushing one another to see him You will not be arguing or having a problem when the moon is full. Everybody is equal they can see the moon it's not as if there's an you know, some celebrity comes in you cannot see no it's

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not like no a lot of xojo will be visible to all the believers, nobody's going to be fighting or anything like this. So you will not be cramping one another to see him lead to long moon and otherwise to donghoon you will not be harming one another to see him. So this is explicit that there is belief in the hereafter. Now the other groups, they deny this and they say Allah says in the Quran, to the recoil absorber who you absorb, eyes cannot encompass a law and a law encompasses everyone's eyes law to recover, absorb. And they say Allah said to Musa lenta Ronnie you will never see me. So they use this Quranic evidence and they say we cannot see Allah Subhana which Allah and

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the response is Allah azza wa jal says LA to the Riku absorbed, eyes cannot encompass and we are not encompassing we're simply seeing eyes cannot fully grasp a law agreed even in the era, but there is no negation of simply seeing a lot. Iraq is not the same as earlier. Iraq is a higher level and when Allah says not to recover, absorb, it is true eyes cannot fully comprehend a lot. They cannot encompass a lot asked for the verse of Musa and in fact we flip it around and we say the very fact that Moosa said the Adeney unbowed a lake signifies that Moosa knew that it is possible to see Allah and Moosa assume since I have been chosen to speak to a lot. Now I want to also be chosen to see a

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law. The very fact that Moosa asks indicates it is in the realm of possibility is not befitting that most asks the impossible.

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Musa alayhis salam knew that people will see a lot he wanted to expedite is that in this world, let me see. So Allah said Len terani meaning in this world you cannot see me This is how the alessian interpret this. Now, as for the Prophet system in particular seeing a lot. This was a controversy that occurred in the time of the Sahaba in a bus and obey and others of the Sahaba. They, in fact, some of them would swear I swear by Allah that the Prophet system saw Allah when he went to Israel and marriage, so they would give custom that he saw Allah Subhana with Allah and Islam, one Mirage, and they interpreted the verse instead of the najem. For Ghana, cavaco St. Elena Nakamura, I'm an

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attribute and COVID are the interpreters suited to najem if you read it, they interpreted those passages as meaning that the prophets of the law who either he was selling he saw Allah subhana wa Tada, one of the students of even abass came to Russia. And he said that the Prophet system saw a lot. And the Arusha said, What did you say this hadith is in Bahati, he repeated what he had heard from his teacher if an Ibis and Isha famously remarked, my hair is standing on end from what you have said, meaning I'm shocked from what you have said, my hair is standing on and from what you had said, Don't you know that Allah says law to the observer, his record absorbed that he that Allah

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said lantronix he quoted the same standard. So the man said, Wait, hold on a sec, doesn't Allah say instead of the najem for Ghana, Papa kasino doesn't unless a certain ninja leopard or I mean adorabile Cobra, so he says, this hadith is in Bahati, I was the first person to ask the Prophet system about this, these ayat. And that was gibreel, not Allah. He saw God, not Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that the najem is about Djibouti. So if he resorted to najem and now you understand that about Djibouti, this hadith is in Bahati. So there seems to be a conflict if an Ibis says one thing, Ayesha says another. Some have said, there's no real conflict, because there is one report from an

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Ibis that he said, who he saw him from his

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the country, he he saw him. And this means that even Abbas is saying that the seeing was not the type of seeing that we understand it was a different metaphysical type. So some have said there's no conflict, and some have had their two opinions. And a lot of soldier knows best. Mmm. And no weak remarks in his commentary on a Muslim. Mm hmm. No, we says, the correct opinion. And the majority of the scholars opinion is that the prophet SAW Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the positive he saw Allah, this is no always interpretation, right? Others commented including imitate me and others. And they said, No, this is not the majority opinion. This is no this assumption is the majority opinion. And

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in fact, they argue the majority opinion is that of a shadow, the loved one, that he did not see a lot of Hannah who went to Allah, and they quote, many evidences of them, the same Hadith of the moon, the prophet system is speaking in the future, in our own or back home, it's in the future, you shall the scene in Arabic means for the future, you shall see your Lord. So he didn't say, Oh, you know, I saw him and you guys are gonna see him No. And also the famous editor of the journal we mentioned many times when he talked about the job that the Prophet system said that you will see that the job he will claim to be your Lord, and know that you will not see your Lord in this world.

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This is an exquisite, how do you but there's a clause for dunya, which means what you will see him in the future so explicitly the process of saying, The anybody who claims to be God, he is not God, and the jazz claiming to be God, so he is saying, don't be fooled, you shall not see your Lord in this world. So the fact that he said this, and he's the one saying it means he did not see a lot of zoid in this world as well. Also, there are other evidences as well of them is the famous editor without RFID. Now your mama no way has a different interpretation. It is in Sahih Muslim, and it is an authentic identify Muslim, without if it asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Yeah, rasulillah

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* are a terrible, you cannot get more explicit than this. * are atera but did you see your Lord in Islamic marriage? And the profitsystem responded, new and

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there was light? How could I see him? Now? The majority of scholars say there was light How could I see him means that he saw the hijab of Allah which was made out of light hijab will ignore it. It is also a Muslim. And the other interpretation is he didn't negate seeing him. He's asking a question rhetorical. And that's not the same as saying I didn't see him and they have their interpretation.

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Allah knows best it appears that Isha and by the way between Asia and even above SR and it shows the more knowledgeable and it shows the one who accompany the process and for much more had been abuzz How old was you in the process and passed away Who can tell me 12 or 13 years old, right? I Isha and in a bus are not the same issue that accompany the processing for all of Medina and she lived with the processing in a bus is a nephew and he is the great scholar Hubble Amaterasu moto Koran, but he doesn't compare without issue. So our issue is saying I asked about these verses that's not correct. So even Ibis had interpretation and ally xojo knows best now this is with regards to seeing in SLN

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Mirage and see there is another controversy about the Prophet system seeing a lot and this is based on the Hadith that is reported by five Sahaba and it is reported in Timothy and Mr. deema, Mohamad and a number of books that died me and it is authentic. There are many Sahaba that reported this in fact, Timothy narrates it and he said I asked him and Buhari about this hadith. telemedia was Buhari his main student actually Muslim was a student in media was a second main student, so Muslim and Timothy our bodies to main students, and Timothy wrote his book while Buhari was alive. And so soon an attempt at Jamia Timothy, he said I asked him and Buhari about this hadith which one I'm going to

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narrate to you. And Mr. mahadi said how the headphone saw hate is an authentic ID. So we have an authentic idea. What is the Hadees say? this hadith says in one version of the Hadith that we woke up, sorry, we prayed for God and the process was delayed and coming out. We waited for him, we pray fresher. He said, stay where you are. I have something to tell you. Then the Hadith goes. My Lord came to me in the best image in my sleep fee is any Sorokin fee in the best image he came to me FEMA Nami in my sleep. And according to the Hadith is intimidate you can look this up, and he placed his hands between my shoulder between my chest on my chest until I could feel the coolness on my chest.

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And he asked me that Yeah, Mohammed I said the Baker was Sadek, meaning I'm answering your call overlock. He said female possible metal Allah, do you know what the highest of the angels are arguing over Hadeeth is very long. It goes on and on. He said, I don't know this and that, then that then Allah gave him that response after the hand was placed. And then the Prophet system said everything became clear to me. And I said, they are arguing over the Dada jots and the kuffaar Arts, that there are jobs out there arguing what good deed is the most precious and bless it to a law that will raise you the highest strengths. And what good deed is the one that forgives most of the sins.

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This is the arguments of the angels that are arguing who has the more money who has the bigger house who has the bigger car, although this is irrelevant. What are the angels arguing about? What deed is the most pleasing to Allah that will raise you high, and what deed will forgive the most sins? So he was asked, what are they so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, As for the dollar jacks for Isabel, who will do a fist subbaraj one devadas seletti battle Salah that perfecting will do when is difficult, it's cold you do the will do properly and in the masjid waiting for the next Salah to come. This is them. And as for the cafaro for an automotive Chateau salam, what Abel qalam

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wa Salatu and Estonian. So he gave the cafaro then the head it goes on so long had this idea is very explicit or eight or be any sore. But it says female anatomy in my sleep. So based on this, the majority of scholars said for the Profit System to see a law in his sleep. His job is because sleep is not the same as awake. And a dream is not the same as reality. So whatever he saw, it was a dream that was true because all the dreams of the prophets are true. And it is permissible for the prophets to see a lot in a dream but not in real life because a dream is not the same as real life. Okay, is that clear? No. The question that arises from all of this before we move on to the last

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one. Okay, Jay, we acknowledge the process of Salalah in a dream he did not see a lot in a wakeful state he did not see a legislated marriage, and the believers will see alone the hereafter. Now, can anyone else see Allah in a dream? And the response is there is no evidence to suggest this. There is no evidence to suggest this and it is not befitting for anyone other than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam There's a famous story narrated from ob deposito Gilani, the famous chef and the famous czar Hayden Abbott, and would tuck in a mom, the famous scholar and the famous ascetic and worshiper

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Other Gilani that one day he fell asleep and he saw a big light in the dream. And the light said to him, I am a law and I have chosen you and you are my preferred of my Ibadan. My Olia and this and that, and you no longer have to do the solo ads and the will do and the Zakat topcliffe is now lifted from you. Abdo cotterell Gilani told his students within our choice that he said to this entity, you are not Allah, you are shavon

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you are shaytaan so the entities that How do you know? I mean, I'm a bright light. How do you know? And abracadabra Jelani said, tech leaf was not lifted from even the prophets, how can it be lifted from me?

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Even the prophets had to worship Allah, how can anybody come and say to me, I don't have to worship Allah, you must be at the jar or shaitan or something. And so he woke up and it was indeed obviously Jani, what he had seen. So in any case, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone other than the prophets can see a lot in a dream and even the prophets do not see Allah in a wakeful state j. That is the first question

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in Fei

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