He Was Looking At What?

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Are we prepared for that? One night? Not one night? 100 years Allah knows best for that night though all of us will have to spend in yes or no that grave. So are we prepared for that? Remember, it's all about the ending. May Allah protect us, me Robert Alameen Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he teaches stuff like that, I'll give an example how we can use that. The following story is an example subjective, I use that you may not be able to use it from person to person Dow has styles correct. So one time I went to a masjid and they have like a youth room like computers, laptops, PlayStation, etc. So then I saw was one brother by himself. And he was looking at something

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he's not supposed to look at something haram basically. And it was not like extremely, extremely haram what I'm referring to, it was actually something like social media, but the pictures of the opposite gender not really dressed modestly at all. And I from what I know and Allah knows best I don't praise and Allah's behalf I felt that brother has failed in him. And Allah knows best. So I came so slowly behind his back, slowly, slowly slowly then I hugged him from the back. And I said if I was the Angel of Death Are you ready to go?

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The brother said, love Allah I am not ready

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Wallahi I'm not ready no way Subhanallah see once again subjective to the person other person like why are you why are you such a creep? Right? Remember it's that was subjective. You know the person you do what you do right is dependent from person to person. Allah knows best and may Allah protect them this brother now it's actually someone who I won't obviously mentioned the name but men into the Dawa and so on. Maybe it was that moment of his sincerity and his truthfulness with Allah that I really did not want to die in that situation. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from sinning and may Allah subhanaw taala make our lives when we are by ourselves. The best moments was Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah and I pray to Allah to forgive us with the moments that when we are all by ourselves, and we mess up May Allah forgive us for these moments. And I pray to Allah allow us to make up for these bad moments also in person and privately with Allah subhanho wa Taala