Revenge of The Muslims

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A short clip with a powerful and much needed talk to boost Muslims and mankind at large emphasizing on showing mercy as shown by our beloved Prophet SAW and Salahuddin RH when the emotions of Muslims were running very high upon the conquest of Mekkah.

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There was much talk like this. And this is why Nelson Mandela he said,

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he said amazing statement. He said, I fought white dominance. And I fought black dominance. He for both dominance says, and then he created a society

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to the best of his ability, which he tried to create a harmonious society. 27 years in prison is a long time for the venom of revenge to run through your veins, hundreds of years of seeing your people being persecuted. That cave, the Muslims in South Africa, the cape Malays have been there for 300 years they were brought over as slaves. And you can imagine what the blacks went through persecution, torture, murder, and you come out of prison.

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And there's no revenge. There's no bloodshed, whose son is this. This is a son of the believers. Let me tell you a couple of examples in our history. sallahu de Rahim Allah when the Crusaders took the ratios mentioned, that they took babies from the arms of their mothers, and they smash their heads against the walls. They gathered the people in the machine. And the Christian Chronicle has mentioned that they slaughtered them until the blood of the Muslims came to their knees. All this was recorded in history, all this loudly new, and today he comes in as the Conqueror and he enters and there's no revenge and Stanley lane Poole says that the Muslim leader showed the Christian the

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meaning of mercy.

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And then they came to the church where easily slot Islam is assumed to be buried there and they said to allow the they said oh, so now, let's break this church down, we don't believe is buried there. Let's break it down. And the wall will finish. The longest war in history is the Battle of the Crusaders. 200 years it lasted just Christians. 6 million Christians died in the crusades, and many more Muslims. They said let's resolve the issue. Break it. Game over what is louder and say? Loud? He said, a man who was better than me.

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Took good, and he did not break it so I will not break it. Who was that man? That was Omarosa Barbara Lee Allahu. And if nasty Rahim Allah says it is enough for the virtue of Salahuddin that he will remember his name with Omar Abdullah hottub.

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Who will remember your name and my name? How will we be remembered? No Salahuddin is gonna come You know, two weeks ago I was in Syria. I don't have time. But will la he? It was it was minus zero. He should have seen he should with children walk around without shoes. Somebody just sent me a clip

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of a six year old child. And his final words were what his final words were so

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big cliche. I will tell Allah what I've seen.

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10,000 people in one can play so no hot water. 6 million people displaced 2 million outside Syria and you complain about your lot.

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You complain that you have it hard.

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You should you should have Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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one law he so mendala he brought the Sunnah alive. He bought the sin now the province of La Salama live. When the province Allah Salah went back to 40 Makkah.

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And after 10 years in exile today the Muslims are coming back and the Muslims are the superpower. The mccanns don't even put up a fight. They don't even bother with a fight. And when they enter into Makkah, can you imagine all the memories? All the persecution comes back by a law there was never a day where there was not a new persecution? Not a morning with a new trial, not an evening with the new tribulation? Can you imagine they enter into Makkah and they see the place with Sameera Leila and her is Martin. The memory comes back. They see the place where beloved dragged through the streets of Makkah until his skin peeled from his body. They see the place where hubbub is made to

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lie on a hot charcoal until it's killed.

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in the mail from his body, they see where they were boycotted for two and a half years. All these memories come back.

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And once a hub is

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in the heat of the moment, he says a yo yo man Hama Today's the day of bloodshed. Today's that day of retribution payback time. As a province Allah Zelma heard him and he said southcom he said change that into a yo yo mahama Today's the day of mercy. Today is the day of forgiveness.

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And then everybody gathers by the gabaa the Muslims are there, the machete Guna there

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and they're shaking in their boots, they don't know what's gonna happen to them. And the province Allah Salaam says to them, what do you expect of me?

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And they say you will carry your father was carried, your grandfather was Karima honorable, and the brother is Allah 17 is tomato la la de ballet como yo. He said, Go you are free. There is no reckoning upon you, after all the years of persecution. Just go You are free. There is no reckoning upon you.