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In this talk, Yusha Evans explains the causes of a dead heart, building up Imaan slowly, conversation between two companions RA and a beautiful hadith of Prophet SAW in this aspect of hypocrisy. May Allah not make us among those who have a dead heart.

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The greatest reason for weakness of human, the greatest reason for weakness of human is being detached from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam. This is number one, this will kill you every single time. If you are detached from the book of Allah, meaning you don't read it, you don't ponder upon its meanings. You don't memorize it. You don't try to implement it in your life. Then you cannot be wondering why your Eman is weak, because you have no attachment to Allah. The Prophet alayhi wa sallam said, I leave behind with me, behind me two things, if you hold to them, you will never go straight. The first of them is the book of Allah

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which is like a rope. One end of it with Allah azza wa jal and the other end of it in your hands. If you let go of that rope, then you lose your connection with Allah azza wa jal, you have to continue to keep that connection with the book of Allah. The only way we know Allah is by that which he is revealed to us about himself. And where else are you going to find that which Allah has revealed to us about himself other than in his words, other than in His Word? This is the words of Allah as the origin This is closest you're going to get to being near to Allah, and this life is through your connection to Allah through his book, because even in our Salah people say, yeah, our Salah is our

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connection with Allah, is there any Salaam that is valid without the book of Allah in it? Is there any Salah that is valid without the book of Allah being in it? So you can't tell me that Salah is the only connection you have with Allah, because if you don't have the book, then you don't have the salon. So the book of Allah azza wa jal is the most important thing it is primary, it is primary, I can't stress the importance enough that if you don't pick up the Quran, at least once a day, in the morning or in the evening, or any time and at least thumb through something and try to understand it, then you have lost a severe connection with a loss or when you've lost it. And if you just read

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the oddity, Masha Allah, may Allah reward you with the hassle out of every single letter you read. But if you don't understand it, what is it going to do for you? You don't know what a lie is even telling you. You are saying something that allows commending you and you don't even understand it. It's like you sitting here speaking if I gave this language in a language that made up you wouldn't benefit from it and I wouldn't know what I'm saying. You get the Huston that through his presentation and you get benefit through its understanding. And therefore you must have your connection with the Lord through his book, and you must have connection to the son of the Prophet

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Alayhi salat wa salam, these two things are mandatory. Losing these will cause you to have weakness of humanity or lie every time the farther you The longer you stay away from the book of Allah The more you will find your Eman draining because the book of Allah is like gasoline in the car like the petrol you put in the car. If you don't put any petrol in the car what's gonna happen is eventually going to be stuck in the middle of the road and not gonna be able to go anywhere else. The same without putting the the the heart filled with the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal through His Word, you will find a heart that becomes empty, empty of any energy whatsoever to please Allah, what it

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will have energy for is to disobey Allah azza wa jal, because chiffon will be the one filling it up at that point, with all the doubts in the maaseiah and things of this nature. One thing one of the things that causes weakness of the man is staying away from an imagined nourishing environment for too long for too long, staying away from an environment that will nourish your Eman for too long will cause you to fall into sin will cause you to fall into sin. Because sin was one of the things that we can the m&e, like for instance, if you're sitting in the house of Allah azza wa jal How many times do you think about sending very little if you're sitting in the house of Allah azza wa jal and

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the Quran is being recited the decrees the circles of remembering Allah is going on, then your your mind is not thinking about disobeying Allah. You're almost in Jenin almost in some instances, but the moment you go home and you start kicking it on Facebook and on your on your Xbox Live or ps3 network kicking footy around and things of this nature, what happens, you start thinking about disobeying Allah shaytan comes to you, when you start getting into that mode in that environment and the longer you stay away from the environment that nourishes a man, the weaker you will become keeping away from righteous companions causes weakness of a man keeping away from people who remind

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you of Allah azzawajal as the Prophet later stram said, Be careful of who you take as your companion because every man has the deen of his companion companion. First you spend the most time with someone who does not remember Allah azza wa jal does not remember a lot of the way you should remember Allah. then guess what your Eman is going to suffer because of that, whether it's now or later on down the road. Because one thing I do know in this life, either you're giving that hour or you're getting down, you should either try to bring your companion closer to you. Or if you feel that you're too weak to do so separate that company, separate that company for the sake of Allah

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azza wa jal and let somebody else come and try to nourish that relationship. Because if not, you're both going to get dragged into the ditch. preoccupation with dunya causes to affiliate many calls the weakness of Eman and forgetfulness of Africa forgetfulness of accurate being unmindful of accurate meaning the next life and all you are preoccupied with is this life will be

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calls your Eman to become weak calls you Amanda can weak Why? Because this dunya doesn't do anything but suck the life out of email. It will suck your email out like nothing else it will. It doesn't mean that we cannot have anything from this dunya and have amen No, but it must be in some balance. Robin Athena fiducia Hasina orfila Tierra de hacer una mattina demeanor, we ask Allah for the good of their life and the next but upon that we asked for a lot to save us from the punishment of the next life. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said, he is doomed, who is the slave of the dinar to the drum, that the person who is the slave of money is doomed. They're doomed. If all you do is a

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slave to the job, you're a slave to the paycheck. Every week you are a slave to this check, then you are doomed. You're doomed. That doesn't mean you don't need to go out and work. You must work but work is a bad you need to understand that your work isn't a bad day in and of itself. If you rely on Allah, He will never disappoint you. Allah never disappoints those who rely upon him. He said it in his book. In Allah, Allah usually fooled me I had, I don't break my promise. If you keep your word to Allah, you will find a rub who keeps his word to you more than you can ever imagine. Never mind you'll never worry again. You'll learn not to worry worry for what worry about what? Oh,

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everything's falling down around us. Well, then Allah is tearing it down so you can build something better, Masha, Allah, Allah, we thank Allah for that. If we have a little bit of hardship in between, you're not going to get the agenda with an easy life. Jenna is surrounded by hardship. And some of us think that we can catapult ourselves over the hardship and land directly in the middle of gender is the word like that you need to go through the hardship to get there. One thing we need to understand about a man before I tell you how to fix a man, is you need to understand the Prophet alayhi wa sallam said, faith wears out in the heart. The same way clothes wear out, that he man

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wears out in the heart the same way that if you wear clothes they wear out. They constantly need to be cleaned and cleaned and renewed and you need to put on new ones. It constantly need to renew. So he said ask a lot to renew your heart. Yeah, I'm open about it. Paul the denecke he's Allah he's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told people ask Allah to renew your heart. We also need to understand that it is part of our thida that Eman rises and falls, you have to understand that are you going to always think that you you're a hypocrite and if you do always think you're a hypocrite? It's a sign of human as well. It's a sign of human. Don't always beat yourself up because you think you have

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become a hypocrite. There was a companion named handler who was walking in the streets of Medina and one day in Abu Bakar encountered him in salaam aleikum, Uganda, he said, stay away from me because I become a hypocrite. I have become a hypocrite so please stay away from me save yourself from my magnifique mockers, like what was going on how he said, You know, when with with the Prophet Elisa abdulsalam, I feel like I can see Jenna, when he tells us about Jenna is if we can see it, when he tells us about not as if we can feel it. And then I go home with my family. Yeah. And he and you know, it just goes straight down. The wife is you know, talking about this, and the kids are doing

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that. And next thing you know, my man has fallen back and said, so if this is nifa, then I'm a hypocrite too. So we need to go to the province of mobile honey and sell them. So they went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and told him what happened. He laughed at them. He laughed at me. He said, You know, if you were like you are when you're with me all the time, meaning if you're a man was so high like you are, you know, when you're playing total Acela, how your Eman is floating through the roof, he said, if you like that all the time, then angels would leave the heavens and come down on earth and shake hands with you and give you glad tidings of gentle everyday everything. It's not

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like that. He said, Amen rises and falls, rising fires. The thing we need to try to fix though, is that it doesn't fall to the point to where we fall into sin. It's like a muscle we have to learn that a man is a muscle they must it is a muscle. If I go to the gym, when I pick up the the 50 pound weight first and just start chucking that thing off my head. If I'd never worked out before, No, man, I'm gonna rip every muscle in my body. That's it, I'm that's gonna be the last workout I probably do for at least a month, I'm gonna tear every ligament and tendon if I can even get the things above my head, and then I'm not gonna work out anymore. I will say that's too much, right?

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Correct. No, you start with the little weights correct. And then when those get easier, you go to the other one because what happens is you build something called muscle memory. So that the muscles remember these movements and they get stronger. But if you start working on those muscles will happen. They go straight back down here, a man is a muscle that must be worked on. But if you want to work on the man, you can't start by saying Okay, I'm going to fix my man by reading one just a day, I'm going to pray 20 of pmla You know, I'm going to read 50 ahaadeeth, the this that and the third because why? You're not gonna be able to keep up that regimen. I'm going to fast every other

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day the rest of the world you're going to put it all in at once. You're going to go from being a marginal Muslim to Super Muslim and one day, it doesn't work like that. You're going to jump off the building thinking you're Superman. You're going to splat right on the ground. You need to work at it slowly.

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