Palestine – The Graveyard of Oppressors

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AI: Summary © The region of the Baraka, Haida, and the region of the West Bank are part of the Baraka region, the region of the West Bank, and the region of the West Bank. The history and characteristics of the region are also discussed, including the rise of Islam, the loss of religion, and struggles with racism and peace in Eastern Jerusalem. The upcoming war in Israel and the loss of peace in the region are also highlighted. The importance of learning the date for decisions and being valued members of Islam are also emphasized.
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When will the Muslims

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reclaim al Masjid Al Aqsa? When will the Muslims finally rediscover their global unified voice?

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The answer to this question we may address at the end of the football, but for now, and in all circumstances,

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Phil is clean and its surroundings remain as a place of Baraka blessing

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regardless of what happens to it in any period of time,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said about the Muslims of bene Israel, where I was an uncommon Latina can who use love iPhone and Russia recall out of the wonderful reality.

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We caused those who were oppressed on the land to become successors of the eastern and western parts of the land that we had showered with our blessings that is Philistine and its surroundings.

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Allah subhana Medina said about the Prophet of Allah Suleyman when he saw a man at the house with 10 TGT every he ll ability bow rockin fe.

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And for Solomon, We subjected for him the raging winds blowing by his command to the land that we had showered with our blessings that is for the spleen and its surrounding regions. Allah Almighty said about the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Well, God will be he Qaeda, they wanted to harm him. For Jana who will accelerate we made them the losers or net j you know, who were looting 11 Out of the Latina, Latina 300 I mean, and we saved him and profit load to the land that we had showered with our blessings for all of humanity.

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How has Allah blessed Philistine and its surroundings a sham?

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What does it mean that it is a land of Baraka? What does that entail? What are the ramifications and consequences? I say to your brother, your sister, that part of the baraka of Phyllis theme

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is that it will honor those who stand in its defense, and it will disgrace those who oppose Allah Almighty and oppose the believers.

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Part of the baraka affinis theme is that it is self purifying, purifying itself from impurity and purifying the Muslims from their sins and disunity Allahu Akbar,

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hooray me but no phatic This is a Sahabi a companion. He said, I have Xiaomi so to La Heaphy Allah He and taki Moby he been Manisha Can you finish? He said the people of greater Syria a sham with Philistine as their capital, the people of a sham. They are the whip of Allah on earth, punishing people how he wills and through whom He wills.

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He said Well haram on Haida Munna if you can hear me and you have a huddle. I love meeting him. And it is never allowed for the hypocrites of this region to ever overcome the believers. Wallen yeah moved to inner Haven, Wareham, and warehousing and these hypocrites will only die in a state of misery and grief and sadness, long

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blessings for all of humanity, a graveyard for tyranny and a place of honor for the believers. This is part of the baraka of Philistine. You say to me, how is it a place of Baraka? I say to you, here is a quick snapshot of history you are aware of it.

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The armies of Gi D losing yon King of Jerusalem, who led the second crusades against the Muslims. His army was not only defeated by Salahuddin at a UB it was actually annihilated

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paving the way for the recapture of Jerusalem and Philistine as a whole. The name of the battle was Halloween. And the name of the venue was Phyllis clean.

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Fast forwarding a few centuries, we have al Mahone, the Mongols

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led by jinkies Han and his children and his grandchildren, they would control most of the globe. Modern day Russia and China and Southeast Asia Indian pageant, Korea, Eastern Europe

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was all under their control.

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Nothing was going to stand in their way

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At the height of the terror, they would arrive at the city of Baghdad in the year 1258. That capital of the Muslim field, they burnt it to ashes.

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1 million men and women and children down to the babies were put to the sword or clubbed to death, which was the end of a civilization.

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Who would have thought, you know, in Allah, that just two years after this event in the year 1260, who would have thought that the Mongols will meet their fate, and they would be delivered the crushing defeat

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at the hands of sayfudine, Kratos and his men, the name of the battle is a hyena dilute and the name of the venue is Philistine. It's worth noting that the first defeat that the Mongols received on the way to Angel loot was in the city of Gaza.

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Fast forwarding, we have Napoleon Bonaparte. We studied him in school taught that he was one of the greatest military commanders that this world has ever seen, leading no less than 70 military campaigns and victorious in almost all of them.

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He controlled most of the powers in Europe, he had Egypt in his control, and he intended to make Paris the capital of the universe.

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Nothing suggested that he would fail in this, why would he but his dreams would come crashing down where

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the Ottoman controlled city of AKQA

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he sees the city. He said to his man in arrogance, two days, we will be in the heart of the city of the Muslims. 63 days later, he was still struggling to break into the city, he lost 50% of his army.

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And then he put his tail between his legs and he made his way back to France defeated and humiliated, the name of the battle, the siege of Africa, the name of the venue Philistine

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which is the land of baraka and and of blessings, a land of purification, and this is what we expect to Philistine

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and this is what we expect of the region. And this is what we expect of a city that we call English Jerusalem. In Arabic we call it an goods and goods meaning a poor purity

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taken from the name of Allah and produce the as a pure, therefore, Al Aqsa, and its surroundings is a place of purity,

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purifying itself from the tyrants, purifying the believers from their sins, purifying them from their disunity. We saw this and preparing them for the global center stage.

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Dear brothers and sisters as Muslims, we have always known where injustice volume lands, individuals and nations we know this

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Imam even imagine the rates on the authority of Java that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said to his Sahaba who'd come back from at the senior

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he said to them either to Hadith only big B Mar 18 B Erbil Habesha

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would you tell me some of the interesting stories that you saw happening in the land of Africa? Have you seen it? What did you see? They said Nam Yes, messenger of Allah. By international Judo Sonia is moderate altos don't mean Igea era heavy him jameelah Allah ROTC Hakuna let me not once a Messenger of Allah We the companions were sat down and then an old woman from their religious clergy, she came passing by carrying a jug of water on her head.

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For Murat to be feted mean home and then a young man walked by her for a

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day he'd been a kitty figure. He placed one of his hands between her shoulder blades from the defy her he shoved her. So I got the high loud hook, but he fell to her knees when Casa de la quinta and the jug of water smashed to pieces.

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And so she got an old lady.

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She pointed at this young man and she said to horrifying what she said so for that animal Yahuda you treacherous man you shall soon come to know

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it Oh Allah, Allah who could see when Allah will establish His chair

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which I know what do you know Allah He read and he gathers the first and the last of humanity. What a calamity it will be made can we see Moon and the hands and feet of people will speak with their doings. So for Dynamo came from you know angry what I'm working

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on that day, you should find out how my situation will be settled with yours. Prophets of Allah, Allah He was sitting was moved when he heard this. And he said Sadad sada but she spoke the truth. She spoke the truth.

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Can you feel your condition

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On life he mentioned it to him. How will Allah ever bless a nation? He said, that does not support the weak ones against those who are strong. How will Allah bless the nation of these doings? So we asked in the same breath,

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a city like us that that has been made into the biggest open air prison on planet Earth. Regularly being on the receiving end on an onslaught majority of the casualties are men and women and elderly, elderly.

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Second Class treatment of the Muslims citizens in Eastern Jerusalem, lawless and violent behavior from the illegal settlers.

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eviction of Muslims from their homes

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racism that is institutionalized

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and appetite wall

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and the constant profaning and disintegrating oval Masjid Al Aqsa, we ask,

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How will Allah Almighty ever blessing a nation of such doing and what is interesting is that

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the non Muslims are now finding the answer to this question.

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The non Muslims are realizing that people of these sins can never prosper and continue. Look at the words of Jewish people, mostly, nevermind Muslims.

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You have the likes of Benny Morris,

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who is a professor at the Ben Gurion University in the field of Middle Eastern Studies.

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He said in an interview with the Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, he said

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this place meaning so called Israel eel will decline.

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Like a Middle Eastern city with an Arab majority,

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take number to the likes of Abraham Berg, who served as a speaker in the so called Israeli Knesset from 1999 to 2003. He said in an article that he titled The End of Zionism, he said, Mark this moment well, the Zionist super infrastructure has to come collapsing down like a cheap wedding hole in Jerusalem. People are dancing above, but the pillars below are collapsing. He said this. Number three, take Henry Kissinger almost a Centurion reaching around the 100 years old veteran. Yeah, who the he is a Jew, a staunch Zionist.

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And he served as US Secretary of State and secretary or National Security Adviser of America.

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He said it is alleged, and this was reported by the so called Israeli newspaper Haaretz, he said in 2012 in 10 years, there will be no more Israel

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for putting aside a specific expiration date

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16 US intelligence agencies with a combined budget of $70 billion dollars,

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put together an 82 Page Analysis titled preparing for a Middle East Post Israel

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and the conclusion of the analysis to what

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the US national interests are at odds with the so called State of Israel eland, sooner or later they will pull the plug on them.

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We know the answer to where voluntarily takes a few people and a nation. The non Muslims are beginning to realize this as well. So the end and the decline of this state is upon us sooner or later, despite the poker faces of its strategic allies were hungry in their head.

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They say

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today we acknowledge the obvious

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that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel eel, as Trump Donald Trump said.

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We say

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I started a book on ulica I do work on my stuff, and if I couldn't fill out we'll be fine. Okay, for damn anyone. It could be that Allah Almighty will destroy your enemies. You will cause you to inherit the land and he will see what you shall do.

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They say my administration will always stand with Israel. And our support for the Israeli state is unwavering. As he recently said. an unconditional as another said.

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We say

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they haven't done the Hodel Amarula Bella Newman Maha

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wala Yatra Kula who beta nada inwall

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However an enlarged hula hula who has a dean, big Aziz in

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this religion will reach as far as the night and they have reached

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an Allah who will not leave a home where they're made out of bricks or hair, except that this religion will enter it, honoring those who are on it and disgracing those who are disgraced.

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They say

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we dropped 400 tons of bombs on the city of Russia, as they said in 2014. And we fired at the city 2.5 million bullets.

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We say let us know if I don't mean on Metallica emit and be amarilla lyoto Rohan Madhava Allahu Allahu Allah for whom had Tiamat Allah wa by uniting us, there will continue to be a group from my own 90 Prophet said some Allah

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who are upon the Command of Allah

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and they will not be harmed by those who abandon them and those who oppose them. Rather they will be dominant till the Command of Allah arrives. In another narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam added had de Hakuna Akira whom when you party and mercy had the Jan to the last of this group will fight al mercy hold the gel the Antichrist. In a third NARRATION The Sahaba they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well you know whom yeah rasool Allah where are they to be found at these people?

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He said debate in Makkah this fee. Now if you bet you didn't mark this in Jerusalem and in the surrounding regions of Jerusalem.

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So memorize these words. Yeah, can Kenny McLean Karim memorize them?

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Oppression von tyranny in Philistine and its surrounding regions. doesn't live until old age. It reaches its shelf life very quickly.

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We recite the Quran we recite in Anna Salah who Caribbean the victory of Allah is near Allah says We asked near to who

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near to those who sit back and think that the minority in Philistine will liberate al Masjid Al Aqsa on behalf of the owner to then hand it over to us on a platter of gold saying here it is we have delivered it

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near to those who involve themselves in the causes of Islam and they claim the cause and they see it as their own.

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Whether in the UK or Philistine or elsewhere, not sort of Allah here or even have

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the victory of Allah is near near to who

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near to those Muslims amongst us whom when they cry, when they see a child being pulled out from the rubble of the home that had been debt upon them, they convert to those tears of grief into tears of repentance is still far and reformation and they make peace with the Lord. The victory of Allah is near to those. The victory of Allah is near and dear to who

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near to those men who see their salah.

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Like that man from Gaza we saw a few weeks ago in the middle of the onslaught standing on the debris, the rubble of the masjid that had been reduced to the ground, making other than the masjid has disappeared, but Salah will continue.

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The victory of Allah is near to near to who near to those Sisters of ours who see their hijab like that young girl in Syria who we saw

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with her home destroyed upon her she is invisible men all around, you're trying to pull her out from the steel and the beams and the columns and the concrete. And you hear her weak voice saying uncle,

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please don't put the camera on me. I am not wearing my hijab Allah, Allah. I heard this from members of my own family and because a few weeks ago during the war,

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we had them they said to us, we are in our hijab since the beginning in the night in the morning in the bathroom, we don't take it off so that when the building comes collapsing down, they pull us out from the rubble in a state that is pleasing to our Lord.

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The victory of Allah is near but to who?

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near to those who think, every evening.

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How do I prepare a project

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for Janna? How do I prepare a project to support the cause of Philistine? How do I justify my tears that I will want on the day of judgment to take me into Philadelphia? What is my role? The businessman asks himself this question the carpenter, the builder, the homemaker, the breadwinner, the male, the female, the resident, the asylum seeker, the old the young, male and female, they're thinking, what is my role?

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How do I live according to the huge values and aims of Islam,

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the victory of Allah is near to these people.

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Their brothers and sisters I am optimistic. In my life I have never been more positive about the situation in Philistine and admits due to luck SA

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and the events of May 2021 or Ramadan 1442 will go down in history as one of the events that played a huge role in reshaping the collective thinking in and outside of Philistine we will see this in sha Allah.

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Therefore my worry is not about Amazon Alexa and for the stream my worry is about me and my worry is about you. And I conclude now with the remaining minutes that we have,

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by returning to the question that we started the hotel with, when will alert you to AXA comeback?

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When will we find our voice again in the world?

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Can we specify a date Dear brothers and sisters we are the ones that by the permission of Allah who specify the date.

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It is not something that you have no role in like a meteor that passes over your head you have no control over that. The date is something that Allah allows us to set based upon decisions we make today, or we delay

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projects we want to establish today or delay, Tang but still have repentance that we make today. Or we delay and my belief is that the owner is choosing to do the former. It is making the decisions today.

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And my belief is that each and every one of us will not make himself an exception. We will become the first of the Reformers evening