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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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brothers sisters steam scholars. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Alhamdulillah. We are

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at the threshold of the holy month of Ramadan

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is the month of Rama

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the month of where the last panel of Rama descends, we are last panthella compassion descends, it is that month where the actions are multiplied.

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And many, many times are multiplied. And I want to speak about

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how we perceive this month. How we deal with this month it's very important that how we focus on this month See, often what you hear.

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And it's natural to certain degree is oh the month of Ramadan is here and even if you don't say it, there's people who have that kind of mentality or the month of Ramadan is here. And 18 hour fasts, they long fasts, you know it's gonna be difficult.

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That should not be the approach to this blessed month. We should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah, Allah has granted us the ability to reach this month again, that we reap the rewards of this month.

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You know, last pound Allah says in the Quran in tongues.

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If you help Allah, Allah will help you How can you help Allah you can't help Allah subhanho wa Taala meanings. If you act upon the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah ullas help will be with you.

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Alice help will be with you. If you have a positive impression of the last panel Allah, Allah will be with you. Throughout history.

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Many of the greatest incidents or events of Islam took place in the month of Ramadan

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Battle of

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the greatest battle you could say which ever took place in the history of Islam took place in the month of Ramadan.

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Jabra Li salatu salam descended to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said

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Who are the best of your companions? Is it Allah Vina Shaheed Oberon? Those who participated in the Battle of burdell. He said, similarly, those angels who descended and helped on the day of brother were the best of all the angels. Weather took place in the month of Ramadan. You know, when they speak about the Sahaba of the Alon, often after the name they have buddy, because they have a special status in Islam.

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conquest of Makkah,

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took place in the month of Ramadan. So Pamela you can can you imagine this? That is the harbor of the Alon whom are now coming back. They are conquering Makkah, the birthplace of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When did it take place? They didn't say look, let's just delay it for after the month of Ramadan. No, it took place in the month of Ramadan.

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The conquest

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of Spain on the loose

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took place in the month of Ramadan. 711 92 hegira.

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sucks the conquest of under loose. You know how long Muslims stayed in on the loose all together all together 903 years until 1614 until they removed they expelled the moriscos 903 years. You know Tarik means yard they started on the 28th of Ramadan. They fought through it for eight days.

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And the time came that on the loose became the most powerful place on the face of this earth. When did it take place? It took place in the month of Ramadan, the Battle of Haiti Salahuddin when he demolished the Crusaders month of Ramadan.

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Al Jazeera lute

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The battle against the Mongols. You know,

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the second largest recorded Empire ever in the history of humanity is the Mongols.

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The only Empire which is recorded in the history which is larger than the Mongol Empire is the British Empire Mubarak to you all.

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This is this second largest, they reach Russia. They reached Bulgaria. They had destroyed the Wars of dynasty and the Ambleside dynasty.

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When they went into

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the last Salif of the Ambleside, they were the ones who killed him. When they went into Baghdad historians mentioned they killed approximately 800,000 Muslims, this two strongest dynasties of the Muslims, they destroy it. You had the white Dune in Spain and Northern Africa who had this fragmented at the time, really, there was only one dynasty left, when you could say fairly far left. And that was in Egypt. If they took Egypt, they would have gone straight through or in the entirety of North Africa. And it's amazing how Allah uses people. You know who these people in Egypt were. They were the Mamelukes, you know,

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Mamelukes are actually slaves. They were people who were slaves and then they took over Egypt. Allah subhanho wa Taala stopped the Mongols. You know what the Muslims would say regarding the Mongols. They had become so disheartened, they would say in the penal act in the totara canon has an awful lot to subject. If anybody says to you, that the Mongols have been defeated don't believe them. The Mongols are invincible, and in the month of Ramadan, in ANGEL jar loot, which is the fountain of Goliath, safe adieu sayfudine Woods, annihilated the Mongols and one of the many other incidents which happened in the month of Ramadan, the help of Allah descends in the month of Ramadan, but

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there is a condition here

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the condition is what is your approach to Ramadan? How do you prove perceive Ramadan? Is it your another whole month? I need to fast You know, one like that we should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the miracle of this do you tell me any other ideology, any other philosophy, which can make 100,000 people fast for one day?

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give me any other ideology. Give me any philosophy. The Birth of this being is what? That it stops one six of the entire population on this earth from eating, drinking and having a relationship with their partners, not for one day for an entire day. And

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this is a miracle of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala so brothers, sisters, we all want to fast

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but let's change our perception how we welcome this month. Let's be happy

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that Allah Subhana Allah is giving them a month where the mercy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that our last panelist Allah says that every single action is for the atom Illa song for in the Hollywood exhibit, that every action in the atom does is for him besides fasting.

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As for fasting, he does it solely for my sake, and I am the one who rewards him. Generally the actions are 10 to 700. Besides fasting, here, Allah says, I will give him as much as I wish, there is no cap, there is no limit on fasting.

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So this month, you know we should be happy that Allah has given this this month. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Hadees and this is a general principle, remember this in your life, and are in the app dB. I will deal with myself and how he perceives me to be

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if he has a positive perception of me, that's how I will deal with him. And if he has a negative perception of me, that's how I will deal with him.

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So this month, is here. Thank Allah Allah has granted you this month and welcome it, get ready for this month.

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happy with this month

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regarded as a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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get ready to floss in this month. Like you've never fasted before you heard the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Pray your Salah, like it is your farewell Salah, make this Ramadan, your favorite Ramadan

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make it such that there is no other Ramadan after it. Get ready for this Ramadan. Be happy with this Ramadan because the way you will perceive allies that's the way I will deal with you.

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If you think good of Allah, that's how Allah will deal with you. And if you are negative in your perception about this Deen then that's how Allah subhanaw taala will deal with you.

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So be ready for this Ramadan. Let me give you an example.

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You know the battle, the Battle of the Confederates. This was a battle where all the enemies of Islam gathered against the Muslims and they marched upon Medina

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there was approximately 11,000 of them, the Muslim was 3000 1000 of them will Murawski the machinery Keaton final battle after this battle, they will be no battle. After this battle, the Muslim will be finished. The progress of the La La was dug a trench. And while they were digging this trench, there was this Boulder.

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So the Sahaba came to the Messenger of Allah and they said O Messenger of Allah, we're hungry. We haven't eaten for three days. It was mid winter, there was a famine going on, and they removed their garments, and they had a stone tied to their stomachs.

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And the province of Allah Allah wa sallam removed his government. And he had two stones tied to his Mubarak stomach.

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And then they said a messenger of Allah is a big rock, we can't break it. So the province of Allah, Allah wa sallam leaves, he takes an axe, and he strikes the rock, and the third of a breaks and is a huge spark and a mess, you have allotted a lower quarter.

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And then he struck it the second time.

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And there's a huge Spark.

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And he says, a lower quarter. And then he strikes you the third time and it's a huge Spark. And he says Allah,

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the Sahaba say, mystery of Allah. Allah was that spark? The Messenger of Allah said, when I struck it the first time Allah showed me through that spark, that a day would come, that we would take the policies of Yemen.

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When I struck it the second time.

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Allah showed me through the spark, that a day would come that we would take the Byzantine palaces in Sham.

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And when I struck it a third time Allah showed me a day would come that we would take the White House of the super power of the time, the Persians

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and then when are 15 began to say look at this man is promising them that they will become a superpower. And one of us is scared to go and relieve himself.

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Allah subhanaw taala draws parallels between the manavi keen and the believers. So they're looking at the enemy. Listen to this carefully. They're both looking at the enemy, and they see the enemy across the trenches. So Allah recalls on trafficking, he says is yaku luminati akuna will Latina vivo Luba marrowbone, marijuana la hora, Sula, la hora.

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He says the manana 15

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and those who have sicknesses in the heart, the man is sometimes over there. The man is over here. They're not solid on their belief. When they saw the enemy, they said what Allah and his suit just promised us that we would become a superpower.

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is just a deception is just a lie.

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Then Allah records a state of the believers. Is that what he said? Well, Lumira el momento de la Saba tohru hada Mahajan, a lower Super sakalava Zulu, he said when the believers so the enemies

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they said this is what Allah and he promised us.

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This is what allows us to the Palmer says and alarmism Sula spoken the truth now look at this they're both looking at exactly the same thing.

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Exactly the same thing but there's a difference there's one people have in mind and there's one people whose are manavi whose hearts are sick brothers sisters, there is no spoon here and they know inshallah weak believers here, but this month of Ramadan How do you perceive it?

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Howdy welcome it be happy with this month

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because you know we live in a time social media, you will get all types of fatwas you know 18 hours 18 hours for us will lie with the comforts that we have, you know is not a difficult fast

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Alhamdulillah is not a difficult fast at all, unless there is a problem with the state of your EMR. There is not a difficult fast, but you will get fatwa at 18 hours, you know, let's find some this fellow Saudi we follow them and eat less volume now. You know, shorten is too long.

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Let me take you back to 1961. Tunisia, Abu Eva Baraka Baraka was the president of,

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of Tunisia. He said, the fasting makes the body weak, and they lessen the productivity in our country. So, we should ban fasting Muslim country, Tunisia, we should ban fasting. And he went to the Mufti chef by Edwin Ashu, the famous the famous Mufasa and the *ing and he was the Mufti of Tunisia.

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So he said to Durban Ashu Rahim Allah, He said we need a fatwa because you are the big move to Tunisia. That fasting should be banned in the month of Ramadan.

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Shall I have been a shoe came on TV in 1961. He sat on the chair

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and he said I will be lying in the shape long Hello Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. He will live in Amina kotoba La Masia Kumar kotoba la de la Taku.

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He said, Allah says in the Quran

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Are you believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, like was prescribed upon those who can be for you. And the purpose of this force in law school that you become people of taqwa he said Southern law were covered by a Buddha. He said Allah spoken the truth. And our Prime Minister president has told a lie. He removed

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shift Ivan Rahim Allah from his post as the Mufti he came on TV with a glass of water in his hand in the Ramadan and he drank it.

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And anybody who worked for the government, if they fasted, they lost their job or they didn't get paid. But many of them remained upon their what they believed.

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Because this is the miracle one life of this team, I swear, the day you water it down the day you will lose the spirit of this team, one six of the entire population, one in every six people on the face of this earth fast. Because this bill has a spirit.

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This Dean has a spirit. So we are coming close to the month of Ramadan. Make sure that you make just fasting your final fast. Make sure you lost the entire course. Okay, the entire course. Firstly, I'm going to briefly mention upon the types of fasting among ghazali says

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Imam ghazali says there's three types of fasting I'll just touch on two one is your normal fasting. You don't eat.

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You don't drink and you don't have a relationship with your wife. So that's minimal fast. That is the lowest form of fasting

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then is a special fasting where you don't eat you don't drink you don't have relationship with your spouse, but your tongue fasts,

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your eyes fast, your ears fast, your hands fast that you don't do anything wrong with these things. That your entire body is in this state of fasting Why? Because the month of Ramadan is to train you that's why the month of Ramadan is here. It's the trainer believer this month is a training for the rest of the year that you prepare yourself in this month. That your hands fast that your eyes fast that your tongue fasts. Why? Because see there will be a day when you will stand in front of a lost pantalla and if you haven't trained your hands too fast, your is too fast. Your eyes too fast. That alone will proceed upon your mouth. And then you know these hands which we hadn't trained these feet

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which we hadn't trained ran towards haram performed haram

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I performed Haram is performed on that day they will give a witness against you and I

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so it's important that we chain them

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and that we lost the entire course of the month of Ramadan. Why? Why? Look? Where has Allah subhanho wa Taala put a little puddle

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At the end,

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inshallah, why didn't Allah put it at the beginning of Ramadan? Why not put it the first five days because everybody would have gotten a little cuddle then the mercies are full

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but Allah put it right at the end of the month. The reason for this is why because Allah wants you to spiritually built up right to the end of the month of Ramadan that you fast like it's your final fast. You build up to Laila.

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Otherwise I'm not gonna put it right at the beginning, because Allah subhanaw taala wants you to spiritually develop.

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And this is why Allah, Allah has placed Laila to cover in the last days of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spiritually developed the Sahaba right to the end, the narrations mentioned in the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he would wake up the entire family to pray.

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The Raisa mentioned that he would ties his arm. tying his arm is a metaphor from wrote like rolling up your sleeves to get busy. His worship would increase in the final days in the month of Ramadan. What happens generally with us? Yeah, first day travi lava cover.

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Oh, one hour half hour, the amount braid. Second day you kind of crawl to the machine third day you're gone.

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Third day has read this way. You know why? Because Hazara Mashallah at iftaar time has had such a big plate of food.

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You know, the entire year you eat brothers and sisters entire year. This is one month where you empty your stomach and you fill your heart. I know you and I, we empty our stomach during the day and then we make up at our time.

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The women the whole day they spent cooking.

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Yeah, you don't you can't get spiritually strong. Standing on the stove. It doesn't happen that way. give them time to read or

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have one dish if you've got children who are fasting, then have some special dishes for them. But for you and I have one dish, Mr. ghazali says one of the special fast is this is that you don't over eat in this month. You feel the spirituality among them. The humble Rahim Allah said, he said have you ever seen a pious person who eats with Phyllis and never,

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never ever seen a person who is of high piety that he eats to is full. Now this is the month

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this is the month

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that we prepare.

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Read some Koran. Listen, listen, I've got one, one minute 50 seconds listen.

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You know this.

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Put it away in the month of Ramadan.

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Only use it as much as you need to use it.

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You know research has showed people spend more time generally in the West 170 minutes on their smartphones 97 minutes with their wife.

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many wives or many husbands wish they were a smartphone.

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Many children wish they were smartphone. put this aside You know why? Because this breaks your relationship with your spouse, with your children and with your Creator. Mr. Josie rahima law said a VA can walk out of a mental note wasting time is greater than death is worse than death. Is that how is that possible? So when you die, your connection with the dunya breaks when you wish time your connection with Allah breaks

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your connection with Allah so put this away.

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You waste too much time on this.

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Read what an Why is it

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why 30 seconds why is it that we hear mama Shafi read two arms every single day finish 60 in the end of the month and we find this strange so many of the son of could do this why can you and I do it you know why? We read a quarter juicer we get tired and now we won't go on our WhatsApp. You know what the difference is? When you can work 1416 hours

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If we believe that the money is going to come in,

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we will work 16 hours but we can't read it on what a sell off they could. Why? Because they believe that the rewards will rolling in. We believe that they if the notes are rolling in, we'll do it 16 hours a day. And that's the difference. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the trophy to fulfill the rights of this month May Allah Allah make our state by the time the month is finished better than when it started Baraka Luffy comme salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah