Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 08

Yahya Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Abraham with another daily Tafseer where Jews number eight Alhamdulillah. Allah begins Jews in number eight, which is near the end of sort of Al anon, by speaking about some of the regulations that are intertwined with issues of either of faith and faithfulness, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about animals that are killed or slaughtered, without the name of Allah being mentioned on them, whether we should consume them or not. Allah speaks about what is halal for us what is haram for us and Allah speaks about the issues of slaughtered animals that have been made as offers for five false deities or gods or rituals of

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worship in other than our scope as Muslims, that they are impermissible a lot also transition so to speak about the Daya guidance, and Allah Subhana Allah makes it known that guidance is only sent from him. And it's not an account of our own doing that we only discover guidance that Allah Subhana Allah has allowed us to come to it. And a loss of Hannah with Allah speaks about inshallah has solid enough to open the chest of a person that they see the truth, their heart is exposed to the truth, and they're willing to accept it because within their heart with the capacity to recognize truth, that is known to Allah so Allah led them to it. And therefore faith is made equal to life, and check

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and disobedience to a law and polytheism and worshipping other false deities is made equal to a spiritual death, a lot speaks about false deviations, of the shape on where a person you know offers themselves in, in in worship to other than a loss of Hannah Montana, where a person prays to other than a law all of these are things that lead a person further and further away from the straight path. Then Allah speaks in two verses about the great 10 commandments and a lots of kind of went to Allah says, Please dialogue at Luma huddle Rama alikum are on booking Comm. Let me inform you all Mohammed tell them our 10 sacred things that Allah has made prohibited upon you and led to surely

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Kabila, hey, don't worship other than a law to be good to your parents. To not click la ola de como, hi, Sasha in law, don't kill your, you know, a child aborted on account of you, and infanticide on account of you fearing poverty or disgrace. A law speaks about the open and private scenes that are vulgar and audacious and and that includes sexual immorality and adultery and things that are condensable by all in society, a law speaks about murder Caitlyn nuptse ability to hook and the law speaks about consuming the wealth of the orphans. And the law speaks about Don't you know cheat people in matters of business, whether tonkotsu michaella don't, you know weigh things wrong and be

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very careful in your ethics in how you do business. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah speaks continues to speak about being upright in your truthfulness, being a person who fulfills their covenants when they have been promises and their contracts when they have been signed. When they had said it was stuck Lima and then Allah says this is the straight path that I call you to and therefore it is a path of life willingness. allottee when Uzuki when haoma Murti in verse 162, Allah says, say to them, that the totality of my life and my rituals, my prayers, and even my death is all for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mean the Lord of all existence, and the sort

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of comes to an end with that admonition. A love then begins the next chapter, the seventh chapter of the Quran, which is in the eight Jews that were studying sold out off what can be translated as the heights the heights that lead to gender or the trespasses up in the up in the elevations? And the loss of Hannah to Allah begins this surah by interrogating the shape on and this is a sort of that begins with four letters. Elif Lam Meem sod and Allah subhanho wa Taala begins this sorta why condemning straight on and interrogating him and it's to show us the mindset of the shape on so that we can be aware of what is the shape tonic mode of thought, and the higher min I'm better than him.

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Racial racialization of this genius and this species I'm better than him. I'm better than this, Adam, that you have created a law. I've always been good, why have you preferred him to me. And when I have been commanded, I have a choice to not fulfill the command of my Lord. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala shows us this mindset, this devilish mindset so that we can be aware of it and distinct from it. And then Allah subhana wa tada uncovered for us the immunity that Tristan has towards us as human beings in particular as it began with Adam and Eve, Adam, and that shaitan wanted to remove the honor of Adam to expose to him his humaneness to show him his privacy. And this

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is a way of saying that you're not you're just a mortal being. Although the shaitan was practice, you know offering him if you eat from that tree if you

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disobeyed the order of Allah, you will be from these angels you will be a live forever in happiness. That Allah shows us that the shaitaan seeks to use our own desire. Adam desires the tree, but uses that own desire and inflate it. So it's something within us we have this neffs and this Hauer but the shaitaan capitalizes on it by pushing us and tipping us over with his whisperings. It's not he that does it. It's you that does it by listening to those incantations and inspirations. Finally, Allah mentions at the shaytaan he's a slinking suit, silent whisper Who doesn't take blame for our faults and the truth on May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us protected from him will come to us from

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all angles that he

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may ID him woman helped him going to come from in front of them from behind them on a man him on camera anymore that tells you to accept a home check it in his aim is to prove and to show to a law that we will not be thankful and have sugar to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and therefore one of the greatest ways that you subdue shaved down in your life is that you are from a shack it couldn't minister could email lawmakers of the law then speaks about Adam and speaks to Adam and speaks to us the children of Adam yeah Benny Adam la leftenant nicoma shaitan are children of Adam are sons and daughters of Adam. Don't let JSON test you and metal with you come out a holiday about equimat

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minella genetti and zero on home. alabasta. Homer as he tested your parents before you and extracted them out of Jenna and removed from them their garments and the law says what the basswood taqwa Delica higher the garments of piety that is what is best meaning you surround yourself with piety and righteousness in your conduct and in your attire. A law mentioned in verse number 33 sort of load off and this is an idea that I want to highlight because it's one that they have said in this one area is all of the categories of what is haram spoken in one verse. The law says in Mr. hora Mara Bellflower hmm da da minha baton, well if no one but he did have they went into Chico Bella him

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lm units will be useful foreigner will enter Julio Allah He meloetta Allah moon, Allah says in a number 33 and sold off a law has prohibited for you alpha alpha Hush, open act of vulgar sin mavado mean home button, whether you try to hide it, whether it's private or open, sexual immorality, intoxication, all of those comes down to that when if mean the Arabic language, it can mean to delay doing an act of obedience or to neglect doing that which is good, meaning it's not just about doing wrong, but it's about not doing the right that you do. And that includes things like not fasting and not praying and not doing the xikar that is offered and not going to Hajj when you should enter the

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coalmine as I mean, then on last week's about Alibaba which is forms of oppression that are inward, that you have anger towards others that you are oppressing them with your thoughts and your your jealousy of them or that it's through your words and your abuse and obscenity, or it through your actions and dealings. And finally, when actually Kubler Ross I don't be from those who worship and take a share that should only be for Allah and divided amongst others. Don't give from that which should only be to Allah towards others in devotion in adoration, in love in fear and so on. And finally while at Hulu Allah Allah He

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will enter hola hola him Allah tala Mon and to speak about Allah in a way that you don't know, to speak about faith to speak about belief to speak about right and wrong and Helen and her arm without surety of knowledge is of the grievous sins and this ayah therefore encapsulates all of the sinful things that a person may fall into. May Allah protect us from it, then a lot of transitions into speaking about a debate between the people of heaven and the people of *, Halloween to Malhotra, bukem haka, and the people of heaven when they enter they say to the people of * have you found what the promise of a law was that if you were to do sinful that you would be punished for called

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Rajaratnam on Donna nobuna haka, because we have found his promise to be true that when we have done righteousness upon Allah, Allah has blessed us dinkelman agenda to all these two more have we been blessed with this gender? Well in the hand, a lot also, and it's very emotive verses very moving. Finally, to end the chapter. Allah then begins to speak about the five prophets that are given as examples to the Prophet Mohammed Salim who the Elisa Lam who was sent to the people of ad slightly earlier Salaam sent to thermowood lu alayhis. Salaam to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, tribe alayhis salam, and finally Musa Musa comes into the beginning of the next Tuesday, and the law

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speaks about those four as a pre pre lewd to move to LA Salim all of them begin by saying, you have comb jacobina our people obey Allah will lead to Chico vj and worship none but him. But all of them are mocked and jeered and treated with oppression and therefore it's as if Allah saying to the prophets, I sell them be ready. This is what happened before and you need to be ready for it or Mohammed sigh Selim and the final example of Messiah comes in the next use which I will share with you in the next day in sha Allah

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I hope you are enjoying the series. It's your brother. Yeah. Hi Brahim with daily tips here are just a day This was juice number eight was said Mr. ecomondo. Not a lie or rocket

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