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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum.

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Wa barakato others as they were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2018 day 21

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I really am certainly hope that you are taking advantage of these final days of Ramadan especially the nights the evenings of Ramadan

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and you're making lots of a bad lots of especially the out of action with the llama, llama in the capital one to have one alpha

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or Allah you are the oft forgiving any love to forgive. So a face my sins. For me. This is the day that the Prophet thought he had to say. We're still talking about the CETA or previous from the seat of the Prophet Mohammed also said them today Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is 53 years old. This is the day where he's going to be or the day of the Haitian or the time of the Asia after the agreement you had with the unsolved so he finally decided to migrate to Medina sallallahu Sallam the Sahaba mostly have a lot of them have migrated like almost Alamo Abu Salah man Omar Abu Bakr kept coming to the Prophet Mohammed as I said, asking him if he was or if his if he can leave to Medina.

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And Prophet Mohammed also said I'm kept telling him wait or Abu Bakar maybe Allah subhana wa tada will choose a partner or a companion for you for that trip. And Abubakar was hoping that that companion would be Prophet Mohammed It is sad to see them. So he prepared two camels just in case, one common for him. And one common frog for the Prophet Mohammed also said, what I stayed here because they knew that the Sahaba were leaving.

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And they knew that the Prophet Mohammed was also planning to leave. So they they met in our network, you know, this is the house where they used to meet is like

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the place of meetings, and then they were discussing how to deal with this issue.

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They had three suggestions, the first suggestion was to

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was to let him go. And that suggestion was obviously rejected. Then the second suggestion was to

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was to

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imprison him, some of the largest of them was to stop him and just, you know, like, jailed him, some of them and that was also

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refused. The third option that they had was to kill him some others. But how, because they wanted to make it so difficult for Banu Hashim to retaliate. So they decided to take a person from each Kabila to many leaders, for too many tribes to take one person from each end to Gordon and kill the Prophet Mohammed as one man. So it will be hard for him to avenge the Prophet Mohammed is up to Sudan. And this was the somehow the idea of Abuja,

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of course, Prophet Mohammed was notified that the Gita is up and he said that who came down and told Prophet Mohammed also said, so Prophet Mohammed told me

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that he asked him you know, to spend the night that evening you know, in in the house of the Prophet Mohammed was just me and sleeping in the bed of the Prophet

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and to where to put on the bottle that he says my Hydra Hydra Mia, precisely the it's like that, that I bet that the Prophet used to use the green one, the HUD lamea from remote

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and then he told him

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to stay and not to leave that day after and not to leave until he gives the Mr. NET back to the owners now and they are these are the only he is the enemy of Porsche yet correlations to trust him with their

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minutes of handlebar so he told me not to leave until he gives them back there a minute. And he told all he also told him that don't be afraid, you know, nothing will happen to him. I do the law. I know I will die. In fact, he said that was the most peaceful night I have ever spent for the Allahu Akbar.

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Do not be afraid Nothing will happen to you. But don't leave until you give back the minute.

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and here we can derive so many lessons. Yes, he is your enemy.

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But you cannot take the eminent back and say well you will have taken this for me and what not I'm gonna take this for that Amanda is a man a trust is a trust and the Prophet Mohammed as I said I'm went to Abu Bakar and he told Abubakar Abubakar Allah Xhosa has ordered me to migrate.

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And then I will back set a stop as well Ah, then the profits of a software.

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companionship of Prophet of Allah can be your companion then about pirates, Mohammed says, you will be my companion all abubaker abubaker was so happy he started crying on the level handwash

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but what did the Prophet do? Did he go to Mecca? And he did he go to Medina often did he go to Medina, the same way like the same back the same road? Some of them who did the higher solar system to show him the the some of the shortcuts who used to come to him to bring him food. Where did he go and spend three nights a Lollapalooza

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in what cave we'll talk about this tomorrow and shout out to Hannah at another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2018. Please share this with others.

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