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Government Massoud in dunya. Much Hulan missoma.

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How many a famous person in dunya, but it's insignificant in the eyes of Allah. And how many people who are unknown in this dunya who are nobodies in this dunya

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or MA who can be some

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for Allah by Allah.

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And the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was this lady.

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She was African, she was a sleeve, her name was Mexican.

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She was nobody in society. In those days, if you were born a slave, you died a slave. You were zero, you died as a zero, you had no opportunities in life. You had no expectations in life. That's what it was. You had no human rights.

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So she belonged to a a, a tribe.

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And she served these group of people.

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So one day what happened is that the daughter of the leader,

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he had a scarf and his scarf at Golden Brook eats.

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And the girl is sleeping and the client Katie's an eagle cat type of bird comes, and this matches this thinking is a piece of meat.

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So Miss Jen is watching this.

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And she sees all this happening. So when the girl wakes up, she frantically runs around looking for a scarf. You love this scarf, beautiful red scarf brocades in gold in it.

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And they looked around, they couldn't find it. So who do we blame?

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We blame the weakest one.

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We blame that person who has nobody. We want to bully somebody. We want somebody blame in our lives, we normally find the weakest person and that's exactly what they did.

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So what they did is they tied her up, they questioned they interrogated they beat

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to the degree than ration mentioned that they even searched her private pot.

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She said to them, look a kite cane. I saw it with my own eyes. It took took it they said out of all the lies in the world that you could tell us you're telling us this pokey

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They humiliated us

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as a messenger of Allah said look Proxima Hola Hola Hola, Berto.

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After a little while what happens? The kite flies past and it drops that scarf in front of them.

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And they realize that what she was saying was the truth.

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So they feel embarrassed.

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So they free her.

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Now she had heard about this man, the message of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there was a man out there that you could be the lowest in society, that you could be a nobody in society that he had people like Bill Allen above and sumiya Amar and jostle around him and they will love them they will honored GN no family she had nowhere to go.

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So she makes his way to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And he tells the province of Milan a whistling what happened to the Mercy of Allah sees his state.

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And he makes a house in the machine that we sell Allah Allah.

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I imagine this because the Mercy of Allah knew that this woman had nowhere to go. So he makes her a house in the masjid itself.

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She lived in this machine.

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She would sit with a set of the Allah and haunt you always remember the day

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when the kite took it, and she would all every time he would mention and she would make dua to Allah that Allah saved him from the gold mill coffee.

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She will thank Allah

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this woman was a nobody. Remember, all she did was clean the machine. That's all she did.

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She had no status, you had no money. But there's one thing that she could do and that was clean the machine and she would clean the machine.

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And this is what Allah expect from you and I brothers and sisters know Allah didn't expect everybody to give a hoot.

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But Allah does expect his server to serve Allah.

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So the problem is Allah celibacy, saw that this lady is missing.

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So he asked where Rishi they said oh,

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messenger of Allah she passed away last night.

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We buried her

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the Messenger of Allah said why didn't you tell me because angry?

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The narration in Muslim mented

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Umbra it says no they didn't regard her as very worthy she wasn't she wasn't from the unsalted she was for the people of butter oh gee didn't give big massage. She didn't give Well, she all she did was clean the machine.

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So the problem is Allah Salam said Dora from machina we imagined this

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and he said any any walks towards genital Bucky?

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And he said do loony Allah copra still beware of grievous.

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I want to know where her grave is. This is this is her grave or message of Allah. And the bra is Allah Salam stood on how grief

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you know, the Queen just passed away?

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Yeah, the Queen just passed away.

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They said come in maturing with dunya. But you will be Samar

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said Come Come in my schooling for dunya which hula fish sama will come in with Julian Dhulia ma rufen. Is it how many people who are famous in this world known celebrities, but they are unknown in the heavens?

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They are insignificant in the heavens.

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You know, when the Queen passed away a quarter of a million people visit the casket. Sometimes the longest lines work 24 hours 10 miles long.

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Government Massoud in dunya. Much Hulan Missamma.

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How many a famous person in dunya. But it's insignificant in the eyes of Allah. And how many people who are unknown in this dunya who are nobodies in this dunya

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but Allah, Allah,

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Allah by the angels.

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So the problem is Allah alayhi wa sallam stood on this lady's grief

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and he prayed her Janaza Salah

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for nobody else do I know that in this manner, the prophets Allah some stand on the grave, and pray Janaza Salah like this, and then he made a dua for her, and Allah filled her grave with new

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brothers and sisters. This is our teachings.

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This is a teaching of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you don't care for the Masaki let me tell you, Allah does