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Now let us open our eyes and interview this man

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who's ever gamma.

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Gamma is a man who gave his life for the sake of Allah.

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Allah Kodama is a man who said my life belongs to Allah.

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And then while this the man sitting there you also see everybody coming to him.

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Everybody getting closer to him,

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and then they sit around in a circle.

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And then they waited until he turned. And then now they said, Yeah, about Kodama, we have questions. Can you answer the question?

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About Kodama turn? And he said, Yes. And a young man he asked me a question

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for Korea, Kodama

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RGB shade in row, right.

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Tell us the most amazing thing that you ever witnessed in your life.

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You a man who traveled and then with everywhere for the sake of a law, you met people. You met enemies, you met friends, you met family members, you travel, please, we don't want to listen. Everything that you heard or see, we just want to know

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the most amazing thing that you ever see.

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The most amazing, amazing that he ever witness for Honda about

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He said, I'll tell you that. Now listen to the story.

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Listen to this man.

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He said, I'll tell you.

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He said I went

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in a small village, small city.

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And in the city, there was a Masjid a smoke machine.

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And he said we were going to a place called pursuits. And this was the boring city, between Muslims and the enemy of Islam at that time.

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And there was a war taking between these two countries. And he said we were going there because we were soldiers. And in Matt way to them more of my country. He said, I stopped by that city. And in the masjid.

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After Salatin Asia, I stood up and I say to the people,

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yeah, you harness it.

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Yeah, you Hannah's Oh, people feel a law

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and be part of this. And join us to unhealth and Islam.

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He said not too many people responded.

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And I went,

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and they rent a room for the night.

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And he said some hands on law

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in the middle of the night for either

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Someone is knocking on the door.

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And I said to myself, Who could that be? an

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Amish stranger in the city. Nobody knows me.

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And nobody knows who I am or where I am. And what could this person be?

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He said, I get a little bit concerned. So I opened the door.

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And what did he see?

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A lady in the middle of the night.

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A woman came to my door. Worrying he jumped. He jumped from head to toe wearing niqab.

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And when I opened the door, I was shocked. And I said to her yeah Amata law. What are you doing for audits? And

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are you above Kodama?

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I said, Yeah, I'm not a law or the servant of the law. What are you doing? She said, yeah.

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She said,

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this attitude of yours is not the attitude of the righteous is not.

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And he said I said to her

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Yeah, Amata law or the servant of a law.

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What do you request? She said, yeah.

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I'm a single person,

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and I'm a woman, I cannot fight like you do.

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And I have no money to give for the sake of Allah.

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Take this, and she gave me a sack. And she ran away and walked away.

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For a hold, and I opened this.

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And in it is a letter

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saying about Sudan, I have nothing to offer, except my hair. And I counted for you, to tide you on your horse. And when you're riding your horse for the sake of a lot,

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I want Allah to look at you. Look at your hair, look at my hair, and say that hair belongs to my servant, soul, one soul, and perhaps Allah would be pleased with me yaku

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I was shocked

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by the behavior of this lady.

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And I said, May Allah forgive you. So I put it aside.

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In the morning, he said,

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We walked away.

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And near

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the Palace of a man

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is one of the wealthy people of a Muslim. He said,

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for either being

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a young man, or a writer, I should say. And the writer is saying, Yeah, gamma,

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gamma, and he's writing his tours, and he's coming so fast. And he said, yeah.

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I asked you by Allah wave for me, why for me?

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And the young boy, I say to the people who are with me could proceed, continue, I'll deal with this man. And then the men jump out of his horse. And he's, you know, panting is breathing hard. And he said, and hamdulillah

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who allow me to see you Alhamdulillah that I was able to catch up with you. yahuda let me come with you. Let me go with you. And he said, This man is covering his face. And I realized that voice is a voice of a young man. And he said to him, as he hadn't eaten and watching where we moved out of your face for him.

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If you're a man, we will take you with us. But if you are kidding, we will send you back to your parents.

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And he removed

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he says from Hannah law.

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The only thing that I can compare the face of this young man

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as the moon, the 15th of a stomach count the full moon

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light, radiance coming shining out of his face.

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And I said to him, man,

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boy, go back to your mother. Go back to your parents.

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And the young boy he was shocked taken back

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one lie My father

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died for the same cause that you dying.

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That you're going for.

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Don't turn me back.

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My mother has sent me

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for one to know.

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One boy Indian origin one boy I am a man. Yeah, look at this the mentality of the young man. He said one morning, I'm a man in the half indicated I memorize the Book of Allah.

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See the status the way they think was completely different. To be a man means learn the Book of the Law memorize the Book of the Law then applied the book of the law now you imagine not because we see the facial hair in your face not because your voice became deep now because Mashallah you're strong men and you went to the gym and everyday Mashallah, you know, you know,

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is the principles

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is what do you think of yourself? You know, this sometimes they teach us in psychology and the window in the system and they said, If and when they trying to fool women, they say, Oh, no, no, no, eat whatever you eat, you know, and you just dive in deep and they say you know what? It is what do you think of the food are you eating and I will tell you is not

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how you look from from outside is what you think of yourself.

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He said, Don't send me back.

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For lying. I am memorize. I memorize the Book of standards.

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And he said I had no choice. So I said to him, stay close to me.

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Stay close. He said when we ride

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our horses

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he's riding but he's reading or on

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when we walk and let the horses rest because in this Nam animals, right, was established by the prophets on the long run. He was selling them. So they have right so they knew the horse themselves need Russ. So is it when we walk?

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He's remembering Allah subhana wa Tada. He said, at the end of the day,

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at the end of the day, he said,

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the people

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said, We are fasting and we need to make food.

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We need to make a farm.

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We need to make something that we can break our fast food. And the young boy said, I'm not passing. You know, I'm not passing. I'll serve you. You guys rest. So he said, No, no, no, you're also tired. You know, you were no, no, no, I want to make the food for you.

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So he's we said to him, well go away then. And keep the smell of the food away from us.

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And then,

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when he did that,

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the time of Surat in Missouri was getting close to

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a time of solitude. Nobody was getting closer and closer and closer.

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And then the people say to me, is that about Kodama? yahuda. No, go see, this young boy that you send for food for we don't know is starving. Now. We don't know what he's doing. So he said, I follow the foot, the print of the young man. And I realized this young man, he stopped cooking. And while he was waiting for the food, he got tired. And he just slept right next to them.

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Now imagine in boy, young man, 1617 years old, now sleeping peacefully. He said I felt sorry for him. And I said to myself,

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you know, I'll finish the food.

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And I'm looking at him.

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And then the young boy in his sleeve, he smile.

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And then he's smiling bigger.

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And then I said I'm not gonna disturb and he started moving things. And he woke up.

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I'm sorry, I forgot. I'm going to finish it. No, you're not gonna finish the food. Just relax. He said no, I want to finish. He said, I will let you finish the food under one condition. What is it? You tell me? Why What are you smiling in your dream? You were smiling. You know? Why? Why are you smiling? And that young boy, all of sudden, his face just dropped. And he looked away. And he said, yeah.

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Leave it alone.

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I said no ally. I'm not gonna leave it alone. And I'm not gonna let you cook that said, you don't want me. He said,

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don't deprive me from the edge of cooking for me. He said no. Do you want to cook Tell me about what you saw.

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He said it's between me and my Allah. My Lord. However, I'll tell you.

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He said I saw myself

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being killed right here.

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I saw myself and the senior minister the Day of Resurrection came

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I saw myself that I'm entering paradise. And I saw myself that I am going to enter my palace, my gender, my my my my field those and he said then and when I entered

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and I saw

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who the nine

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young ladies standing there.

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So beautiful. That I never ever thought

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human being can be that beautiful.

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One of them said the most beautiful all said

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this is the husband of Maria.

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This is the husband of Maria.

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And I approached him because she was so beautiful. in paradise. We are going to be beautiful and handsome. But he's extremely beautiful. So I said to her. Are you married? Are you my wife? She's a no no, no. I'm one of the servants of Medallia.

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You want to see her? Come with me?

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He said, she took me to a palace and different paths.

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I can describe.

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And I walk into this palace. It is so beautiful. The bed. It's so beautiful. And there is Malia there. He said what law he, he was not for a law would have died from the beauty of that women.

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Excuse me.

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And he said,

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I said, Are you Maria? She said yes, on your wife in paradise.

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And I got closer to her, because I want to touch her. And she said, No, you're happy? Yes. Oh, gee.

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May Allah protect you from imperfections?

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I'll meet you tomorrow.

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He said, then I realized Tomorrow, I will die

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at this young boy, boy, if you die before me, intercede on my behalf. And ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive me. He said.

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He said that they came. And when that day came, he said, yes, that boy

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or at least, we lost.

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And when we lost him,

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and everybody was concerned about themselves and the others.

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I was only concerned about the young boy. So I looked and I looked and I looked at what I'm walking in, in a in a pool of blood. People die left to right.

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And I'm asking Have you seen that young boy and nobody's willing to identify that young boy for either result? A weak voice came from behind, saying yeah, you are nurse Oh people, please call about Kodama for me. Call Mr. Kodama for me.

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And then they he said I heard a voice. So I ran to him. I threw myself next for haltia Yeah, pony, oh, my son. I'm here. And I looked at his barns almost cut into pieces. And I started wiving taking the end of my soul, and he started wiping the blood out of his face, saying what have you done to yourself? And the young boy he responded yeah about Kodama, don't use your phone. mindstorm is already bloody use my phone. Forget about yours, he said will lie. I cried more.

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I cried more.

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And he cried when you say about Kodama

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praises due to allow me to see you before I die.

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My will please take it away from Take it from me. He said What is it? He said go back to my mom.

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He said I don't know your mother.

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Allah subhana wa. You don't know the latest what lady? He's a you're the lady who gave you the sex. He said the lady who gave you her hair? He said, that's your mother.

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He said yes.

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She told me.

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She grabbed him by the shoulders.

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And she put my head my hair on my head.

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And she said I

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Oh son.

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You are a gift that I gave to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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If you die and you meet your father

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asked him to intercede for me.

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And then she grabbed me and she hugged me tight. And she said you're alone. This is the best that I have. He is yours. You're a law making among the people of paradise. Your Allah is yours. That is my mother. He said.

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He said However,

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my mother would not believe that Allah accepted her gift.

00:19:29--> 00:19:35

So take whatever you can take from my phone from my hair and say this is from your son.

00:19:36--> 00:19:40

And you're about Kodama, you will also see

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a sister of mine.

00:19:45--> 00:19:48

nine years old, sorry six years old.

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When I leave, she cries. And when I come she loves unless I when I was leaving. She said

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don't stay out from law.

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Come for her, and tell her

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you. So it's about Kodama Rahim Allah, I don't know what to do. I went to the city. And I looked through the streets of the houses through the streets of the heart of the city. And I didn't know where to go. But I was searching endless,

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aimlessly. And finally I found a house in front of the houses a young lady. Every time she sees a man who came from a distance of travel, she said, is my brother with you, as my brother, would you? And everybody I don't know your brother? I don't know. Finally, I walked into her and I said, Is your mother home? She said, Where's my brother?

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I said, call your mother.

00:20:50--> 00:21:00

And she called her mother and I recognized her voice. And the latest said, Are you here to give me my condolences? Are you here to give me a good deal? She's I

00:21:01--> 00:21:12

mean, she said, If you tell me you came here to tell me that a lot accepted my gift. As a good news. If you tell him my son is back, that is a condolence

00:21:13--> 00:21:15

call, because a lot did not accept my gift.

00:21:16--> 00:21:27

And the young lady, the younger girls looking at me and are her and when she realized her mother passed away, she also went down and she died on this.

00:21:28--> 00:21:37

And the mother, she grabbed her child inside. And she said, Yeah, Allah, accept them and accept me.

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on the day that you want when you meet your law, if your status is that, that you're so happy to meet Allah, then glad tidings for you. It is not. I will say be like that lady. Raise your child, children in righteousness and teach them how to be a better Muslim.