Just One Good Deed To Enter Jannah

Zahir Mahmood


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And then they can see the mentions that there will be a man who who scaled will be totally and utterly equal. And he will think Who can I go to? Who can I go to to get that one Hassan ah that one good deed.

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Thing wife, man was a good husband. So he will go to his wife and He will say to his wife, and he will ask her remember the mercy of Allah said the Misa is that time where nobody will give a concern about anybody else? It will be totally and utterly nuts enough See, he will go to his wife and He will say to his wife, what kind of husband was I? To say you were excellent, great husband.

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So if you want a great husband Don't even try on that day.

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He's a great husband, excellent first class.

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He will say you know today

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all I need is one action to go into one. Can you give me that one action?

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She will say not today. Asked me anything else but what you've asked me today is too difficult.

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Then he will think Who else can I go to?

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And he will think my son

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so he will go to his son

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and he will say to son What kind of father was I?

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He said my father You are a good dad. you fulfill my rights. You are good to me.

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Now he doesn't even ask you for one good deed. You know what he asked for? I asked him for Miss Carla.

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He asked him for an atom seed of good that's not even a full one deed. Just one at a myth Gala. So give me a myth color of good deed. That's all I need. My my scales are totally an utterly equal myth gala latte will do. So it doesn't even ask for a full details of his color. The

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sun will say that you were a good father. You did whatever you could.

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But today's not seen today what you are asking me is for too much.