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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses Verses 21 to 29 of Surah Yusuf where we gather information about him growing up in the house of a very famous minister in Egypt and what happened to him over there.

The person who purchased him as a slave was a kind and gentle person who wanted to adopt him and treat him with compassion. He was in fact the right hand man of the king of the time and was a position of power and influence.his name was Azeez. When Yusuf AS reached manhood at around 18 years of age under the care of Azeez and his wife, he was given knowledge and wisdom by Allah SWT on account of righteousness.

The woman in whose house Yusuf AS lived tried to seduce him on account of his extremely good looks. She tried to force herself on Yusuf AS one fine day. What happens at that time? Yusuf AS says to her – Allah is the One whom I seek refuge in! He is my Lord who has been so generous to me.


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It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to another episode of our series towards understanding through the use of I am your host Yasser Callie. In our last episode, we had discussed the evil tactics of the brothers of use of Allah His system by throwing him into a well and how a caravan had picked him up and then sold him as a slave in Egypt. In today's episode, we will start the story from use of growing up in the house of a very famous minister in Egypt. And what happened to him over there stay with us Lobo the canopy

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding so the use of in today's episode we start the story from the point where use of alayhis salaam is sold into slavery. And as is our habit we first start by reciting these verses from the Koran and then explaining them one by one. So today we will start recite from verses 21 all the way up till 29

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in these series of verses Allah subhana wa tada tells us what happens to him in Egypt the beginning of the story. And Allah says wakad ella dish Tara homie Misra, the one who purchased him from Egypt. So he's now ending up in Egypt. He is now present in Egypt from Palestine, the one who purchased him said to his wife, a creamy mouthwash. be hospitable to him, make things easy for him as an onion Fina, perhaps he will help us out own a tequila Who woulda or maybe we will adopt him as a son. So this man who purchased juicer from the marketplace, he saw in use of some good qualities, he saw in him some some genuine sincerity, so much so that even though he purchases him as a slave, he thinks

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perhaps Youssef will benefit us, or maybe we will adopt him as a son. And from this, the scholars derived that they did not have any children. And so they thought that maybe use could become adopted by them. And this also shows us that the person who purchased Yusuf was a kind and gentle person, he was a person who was not a harsh master. Look now how Allah subhanho wa Taala helped us have from the harshness of his brothers, even though he is in a strange land, he finds a gentle owner, he finds a good Master, somebody who says take care of him make life easier for him, don't burden him too much accademy might be hospitable to this person, perhaps he will help us out or maybe even he

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will become an adopted son for us, we will adopt him as a son, Allah says what can become a canal the use of this is how we gave use of power in the earth. This is how we arranged for him to basically achieve the political status that he did, the freedom that he did, by putting him in charge of a very famous person. Later on, we find that this person has the title of Allah Aziz, which means a respected minister. So Yusuf was not purchased by any average person, he was purchased by somebody who was close to the king, he was purchased by a very important personality, somebody who was a right hand man of the king. In fact, some of them are even said that the man who purchased

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use of was in fact the Minister of Finance, and that is why use of eventually became the Minister of Finance, because he was addressed by the same title as this man. This man's title was as these many verses later, when the brothers come and see use of they say, yeah, utilizes the same title, oh, Isaiah is respected minister. So it is as if he took over the same position that his first slave master had. And this shows us that Allah azzawajal plan this for him to make things easy for him. Allah says, This is how we made it easy for him to get power in the earth. What do you know i Lima human, that we live in a hadith. And so that we may teach him the interpretation of dreams now, that

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we did this could mean interpretation of dreams. And it could also mean so that we may teach him how to understand the verses that we had this ie the verses of the book. So there are two types of knowledge being referred to interpretation of dreams, and also understanding the books of Allah. every prophet has been given a book and Yusuf has also been given a book. So Allah said, We gave him the understanding of these verses of his book. And Allah says, well, la Hollywood either MD he and Allah subhanho wa Taala will do as he pleases. His command will always be effective. Whatever Allah decrees happens, whatever he does not decree never happens. While I can act on nursey la la moon,

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but most of mankind are not aware of this. Most of mankind don't realize they are narrow minded. They only see the immediate future if something happens they start complaining. Why did this happen? What is the reason they don't know? 510 steps ahead, Allah azza wa jal plots and plans and Allah is the best planner will love Hyrule marketing, Allah decides what is best. And so by doing this, Allah subhana wa tada is setting the stage for you to become the exalted person that he becomes

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Allah tells us what a man should do when he reached power when he reached his should and should hear means manhood. So we can assume that when he was sold, he was still a child. And he grows up in the household of this man Aziz and his wife, and he becomes a young man. So I should here would probably mean 18 1920 years old, he becomes a young man at a hookman where

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we gave him wisdom and power, that's what poker means. And then we gave him knowledge, work as it can he still moistening, and this is how we reward those who are righteous. So when you are righteous, Allah will give you wisdom and knowledge. When you are righteous. Allah will bless you with something you don't have. Allah says when you are good to me, when you are pious and righteous, we will give you knowledge and wisdom. Allah says this is what we did two years of work at Arica Nigel Marcin, this also shows us that the son of Allah Subhana, Allah, the closer you come to Allah, the closer Allah comes to you, the more sincere you are to come to Allah, the easier and the more

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blessing Allah azza wa jal gives you to come closer to him. So when you serve was raised in a household, that was not not an Islamic household, that people of Egypt were pagans. They were idol worshipers, but Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, was raised in this environment as a practicing Muslim, worshiping Allah alone, refusing to do any of these evils of society. So Allah says when he was a more sin, when he was a righteous person, we rewarded him. And this shows us as well. That's the general sin of Allah, when you are sincere to Allah, Allah will not mislead you, but rather reward you. Allah then tells us what happened when he reached his manhood. And before we get that we have

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to understand and this is something well known, but to emphasize the point, use of Allah His setup was blessed with one of the greatest blessings that any person can be blessed with, and that is the blessing of being good looking. In fact, he was so good looking that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I saw you surf. When I went up to destroy Mirage and his face was like the shining moon. It was a shining bright as the moon. We need to take a short break. As soon as we come back, we'll continue talking about the story of use of and the wife of ISIS. Stay with us. lampada Ghana fee

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serravalle Kumar, welcome back. We were right in the middle of the story of use of Allah, his salon and the wife of Aziz. And Allah says in the Quran, what are the two Letty who are fee Beatty her, the woman in whose house he lived, sought to seduce her. Look at the power of the Quran, Allah does not say the wife of Aziz sought to seduce him, rather, the woman in whose house he lived. And this shows us the situation that this is not a strange lady, this is her This is his host, this is the one in whose house he is living. So Allah is emphasizing that this is not a a temporary desire that has happened. Rather this woman this lady has been seeing user for many, many years. And so we

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understand that this desire on her part must have been growing and increasing. This desire must have become a raging fire by the time that Jusuf has become a young full blossom demand. It is not a temporary desire that just comes rather the one in whose house Yousuf was living, she sought to seduce him. Moraga means bit by bit slowly but surely, she sought to seduce him to do the very evil deed of illicit sexual intercourse of Xena and she tried to seduce him, what did you do? What alacati now some of the scholars say this was not the first open attempt.

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Some of the scholars say this was the first open attempt but she had hidden attempts before this in other words, she had been flirting with him or doing things that you could read innocence and you could read evil into and this is the the the term of Moodle whether urawa which means that she was doing things bit by bit and use valleys and I was ignoring her and use about Islam was pushing it back and not taking any action, whereas any other man would have taken action at the beginning. Until finally, when that sensual passion and that fiery lust got the better of her. She decided to take everything into her hands, and blatantly forced the act upon use of in a manner that hardly any

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man could possibly refuse.

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And realize this is no ordinary flirting. This is no ordinary seduction, but rather a seduction. That is the height of all seductions how So, first and foremost, use of Allah His Salaam is a stranger in the land with a different culture and a different religion. And it is very easy when you are living in a different culture with a different religion that you show another side of yourself, had he been in his own people in his own land, there's an honor to be upheld. There is a religious status that needs to be maintained. But he is in a strange land, he's in a foreign culture. If he does another thing, if he does a crime or a sin, nobody is going to pay that much attention to it

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which was common in their culture and land. Secondly, he is a slave. He is not a free man. And slaves are expected to be vile creatures. That's what the society consider them to be. Slave slaves are expected to do things that freemen do not do. Thirdly, he is being seduced by a free woman. And generally speaking, free men and free women thought themselves above slaves, and they thought themselves too holy to touch lives. So the fact that a free woman is seducing him, adds to this temptation. And lastly, in this case, the one seducing him was his own mistress, not just any woman, but somebody whom he has seen many, many times he has been with. And to make matters even worse, use

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of Allah His setup is at the pinnacle of manhood. He has just become a full man. And as we all know, the pinnacle of sexual feelings for the male occurs when they are young men, that occurs at the peak of 17 1819. This is when the young man is his most his sexual peak reaches the highest level at this age. And this was when use of Allah His lamp was seduced by his own mystery. So it is not just any temptation. Rather, it is the worst possible temptation. Allah says she tried to seduce him bit by bit until finally she decided to basically do everything in her power to seduce him while

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she bolted and locked. Chanukah has the connotation of severely bolting above the doors, not just one door. So you can imagine she must have thought that the house was empty. She her husband was away from doing his business away doing his usual duties. So she closed all the doors from the outer door and the inner door all the way to the closest chamber. So there were a series of doors, each one of them she locked in tightly, and she made sure that nobody could come in. And then when it was just her and use of all alone in that room that was locked up all alone in that house. She said hater luck, hater luck. Most likely, it is a non Arabic word, but the meaning of hater luck.

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Basically, it is a temptation. It is a flirtatious, it is a call for sexuality. And every language has certain phrases and certain terms in which it is understood that you are basically intending to do this act. And so she tells him I am ready for you. She gives him a very flirtatious look a very lustful look, along with the statement that has unambiguous quite clear, this is what she wants. And it is also understood that she has prepared herself physically as well. She has worn the most tempting of clothes and she has beautified herself, like women beautify themselves in order to seduce him to the maximum level. What happens when she utters these foul and violent evil words in

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the state that she is in in the house that she is in? What is the immediate reaction of use of alayhis salam called a mandala. He said my refuge is a lot. Notice he didn't even say the verb to be more powerful. He said my eyes a lot. And the differentiation is difficult in in the English language. But the point that I'm trying to stress here, use of immediately instantaneously set said Allah is the one who I seek refuge in. He didn't say I seek refuge in Allah, even more powerful mas Allah, Allah is the one who might seek refuge in for all evil. Allah is the one who I turned to to save me from all of these temptations in hora be Sara mathway. He is my Lord, who has been so

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generous to me. In the hula, you have little volume. Verily those who do wrong will never be shown Good. Now, some of the scholars understood that the reference to He is my lord is to his own master. So he is saying that he is my Lord, meaning your husband is my Lord, who has been hospitable to me. But this is not the correct opinion. Because the context very clearly says my eyes Allah, Allah is the one who I turned to. He is my Lord. Allah is my Lord, who has been generous to me. So the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam

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affirms Allah is generosity to him, and he says he is my lord who has been so generous to me that

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Verily if I disobey Allah, if I do some sin, Allah subhana wa tada will never give me any type of blessing. So Yusuf Alayhi Salaam understands immediately that if I disobey Allah, I will face the consequences in this world and the hereafter. If I disobey Allah, this generosity that Allah has shown me will be taken away from me. In other words, use of Allah His Salaam, knows that when you obey Allah, Allah blesses you. And when you disobey Allah, Allah subhana wa tada in the hula, you flip over the moon, those who disobey and do injustice will never be shown any good. So Allah says one of the Hemet bee, he, she had a burning desire for him. She was raging inside, wanting this this

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lust, and brothers and sisters, all Muslims realize that the lust of sexuality is one of the most powerful lusts in men and women. It is a desire that can rage unchecked, unless we have the fear of a law. The only thing that is more powerful than this rage is the fear of a law. That is the only thing that can keep it in check. It is an emotion that becomes so powerful that it overrides your reason and logic, you start thinking irrationally and that is why Allah says in the Quran xuyen earliness. You have Boucher, Guatemala, Nisa, that pleasing it is to men, the desire that they have for women, the most powerful desire that men have has is the desire to be with a woman. This is the

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most powerful lust that a man has. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, matter of to fit Latin, although Allah Almighty, I have not left any fitna any trial or temptation that is more harmful to the men of my own than its women. The most greatest temptation that a man faces is the temptation of a woman. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said sebatu Luma low, if you will, to Yeoman alpha 11. Seven are the people that will be sheltered by Allah, on the day of judgment, the day that there is no shade, other than the shade of Allah. One of those seven is a man who was invited by a beautiful woman to do the deed of evil. And he says in the awful I'm scared of

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Allah, one of these seven people. So exalted is the rank of the one who is pious and disregard that one of the seven people guaranteed shelter on the Day of Judgment, the one who had the opportunity to fornicate opportunity to allow his lustful desires to be met. And he says, No, I am scared of Allah, I am scared of a less punishment. And I refuse to do that. And there is also a beautiful narration, a long Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, once three men were traveling, and they entered a cave to rest, and a huge rock fell onto the, the the mouth of the cave, and they were trapped inside this cave. So each one of them said, we have to make a dua to

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Allah, where we mentioned the best deed that we have ever done, so that Allah can open up this cave for us. So each one of them mentioned the best thing that they had done. And one of them mentioned that he desired his cousin, he desired this lady so much, until finally, when he was able to get her, she reminded him and she said, Fear Allah, and don't do this. And so he left and he did not take advantage of her, even though he was capable of doing so he said, Oh Allah, if you know that I did this only for your sake, allow us out of the cave. And as soon as he said that the rock moved and allowed them to go out of the cave. So this shows us that the lust that a man has, is indeed a

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very powerful lust is indeed a very strong lust, what are called hermits be Warhammer beha. Allah says he would have had the desire for her Lola or Abu hanabi. Were it not for the fact that he saw an evidence from his Lord. Now, this is something this phrase has led to a lot of theological controversy. A lot of scholars found this phrase problematic, why? They say, How could he have had a desire for her, when having a desire for her is actually a type of sin? How could he have had this sin in his heart wanting to do that? And so many of them? They said, No, no, this is needs to be interpreted in a different way. And they bent over backwards, trying to read in meanings that the

00:24:26--> 00:25:00

verse clearly does not say. But the reality is the verse is not problematic in the slightest. In fact, we can affirm like Allah says, Yes, indeed, he would have had a desire for her. He would have wanted to do the deed, but he didn't. Why Lola because so there was a preventing factor. He saw the berghahn the clear evidence from his Lord, he saw the clear signs from a lot. So he would have had a desire to do some evil, but he kept that desire in check. He didn't take that desire to the level that would have become haram and realized

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Brothers and sisters, to merely have an emotion in the heart is not to sin, to merely think of evil thoughts in and of itself is not to sin, until you decide you want to execute it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah has forgiven of my own that which they think about as long as they don't act upon it. So if you think of an evil desire, and you get rid of it, and you say, I will, I will not act upon it, that evil thought does not cause you any sin. It's not good to think about evil, but at the same time, you don't get you don't get the displeasure of a law merely by imagining or thinking. So it is possible that Yusuf alayhi salam, as any normal human being had some

00:25:41--> 00:26:25

attraction as well. And he had that, that that desire that any man would have had, but he controlled it, and he stopped it. How did he stop it? Allah says, when he saw the sign of his Lord, Buddha hanabi, what was this sign? What was this beforehand, scholars have different some of them said he saw a physical sign. Maybe he saw his father in front of him. Some said, Maybe he saw the angel Djibouti, and others gave other interpretations, but it appears that the sign that Allah is referring to is the sign of him being a prophet. In other words, the very fact that he is a prophet, and he knows that this is forbidden. This was the greatest sign. Knowledge was the sign knowledge

00:26:25--> 00:27:09

that this is impermissible was the sign that he saw, he knew that this is not a correct way to fulfill this desire. And so he stopped himself from doing so. So Allah says he would have had that desire, were it not for the evidence that he sought from Allah, because the curliness refine was to our fascia. This is how we turned him away from evil and lewdness. This is how through his knowledge through the blessings that Allah has given him in the home in Riba dnl mahalo seen. He was from the chosen servants of Allah, Allah azza wa jal chose him and preferred him how by allowing him to stay away from this evil by making sure that he remained chest and pious. This brings us to the

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conclusion of today's episode is shallow to Allah. In our next episode, we'll continue talking about the story of use of an incident until next time, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh lafonda ganas de casa de Maria